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He had no wars, as David had before him, but at home and abroad his great realm was at peace as long as Solomon reigned. Soon after Solomon became king he went to Gibeon, a few miles north of Jerusalem, where the altar of the Lord stood until the Temple was built. And that night the Lord God came to Solomon, and spoke to him. The Lord said, "Ask of me whatever you choose, and I will give it to you.

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I am only a child, O Lord. I know not how to rule this great people, which is like the dust of the earth in number. Give me, O Lord, I pray thee, wisdom and knowledge, that I may judge this people, and may know how to rule them aright.

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And because you have asked this, I will give you not only wisdom, but also honor and riches. And if you will obey my words, as your father David obeyed, you shall have long life, and shall rule for many years. But it was a dream that came true, for God gave to Solomon all that he had promised, wisdom, and riches, and honor, and power, and long life. Soon after this Solomon showed his wisdom.

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Two women came before him with two little babies, one dead and the other living. Each of the two women claimed the living child as her own, and said that the dead child belonged to the other woman. One of the women said, "O my lord, we two women were sleeping with our children in one bed. And this woman in her sleep lay upon her child, and it died. Then she placed her dead child beside me while I was asleep, and took my child. In the morning I saw that it was not my child; but she says it is mine, and the living child is hers. Now, O king, command this woman to give me my own child.

He taught him important lessons about how to rule the nation. But most importantly of all, David taught Solomon to love the Lord and to worship God.

Solomon wanted to be a good king, so he listened very carefully to the words of his father. He learned to love the Lord with all his heart. King Solomon made a journey to a place called Gibeon to worship God and make his sacrifice offerings. While he was there, GOD appeared to him in a dream that night. Solomon talked to the Lord about how his father David had been a righteous man, and how the Lord had blessed him, and been merciful to him.

Solomon told the Lord that he also wanted to be righteous and rule the nation of Israel in a godly way just as his father did.

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Solomon told the Lord the one thing he wished for. He wanted to be a WISE king and make good decisions. He wanted to be fair and just with the people he was ruling. And most of all, he wanted to be righteous. In fact , God gave Solomon much more than he had even asked. God said to Solomon, "You have asked for wisdom instead of other things, and I will give that to you.

Solomon awoke from his sleep. What a wonderful dream!

1 Kings 3:28

Then he arose and went to offer his sacrifice offerings to the Lord. What he didn't realize was that it was more than just a dream. God had truly been with him and spoken to him during the night. God blessed King Solomon with great wealth. He lived a long life. During the time that Solomon was king over Israel, he had no enemies.

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King Solomon became known as the wisest man who ever lived! Who was King Solomon's father?

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Why was King Solomon going to Gibeon? What did King Solomon dream? What did King Solomon ask of God? Was it just a dream or was it real? The most important thing in all of life is to love God.