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Oftentimes we look back at a certain point in our lives with regret. We feel that if only we had known then what we know now, things would have been different. As we grow older, our view of the world is altered through experience and maturity. As an adult the speaker has come to understand what regretfully had escaped him as a boy. The speaker now understands how difficult and lonely the duties of parental love can be and how they are borne out of selflessness and without expectation of reciprocity.

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  2. Those Winter Sundays | Modern American Poetry.
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The poem is in open form with no rhyme scheme. It consists of four sentences broken up into three stanzas.

Sunday of the Prodigal Son - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

In all its simplicity it could almost be mistaken for prose. Each stanza contributes to evoking different emotions and builds to support the underlying theme. The title of the poem is appropriate in several ways. First, it suggests that the poem is a memory in that it contains the word "Those. Secondly, Hayden writes of "Winter Sundays" as opposed to warm, sunny summer ones. Winter, a time when everything normally fresh, beautiful and alive is dead and covered with snow, connotes both coldness and gloominess.

The final word in the title is "Sundays.

Those Winter Sundays

In the first line the speaker tells us that "Sundays too my father got up early" 1. And in the book of Genesis, Chapter 2, Verses 2 and 3, it is written that "He rested on the seventh day, and sanctified it. Another religious association with Sunday is how Christ died on the cross to save the souls of mankind. This was his obligation, his duty in life for the benefit of his "children. Each man performed his harsh service in the name of love.

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As Christ died on the cross for his children, the father labored and suffered to care for his child, and in neither of these instances did the children recognize the sacrifice until it was too late. In the opening stanza the speaker introduces his father. Our Heavenly Father is waiting and ready to receive us with His loving forgiveness and His saving embrace.

The icon of the Sunday of the Prodigal Son shows the prodigal being received by his father upon his return. We are presented with an image of a warm and loving embrace, the son showing his need for his father, an attitude that represents repentance, love, and hope for renewal and restoration. The father is shown full of compassion for his son, having born the burden of his sin and suffering, but now filled with joy that he has returned. A Great Vespers is conducted on Saturday evening.

The hymns of the Triodion for this day are added to the usual prayers and hymns of the weekly commemoration of the Resurrection of Christ. The naming of the Sunday is related to the reading of the story from the Gospel at the Divine Liturgy.

Sunday of the Prodigal Son

Scripture readings for the Sunday of the Prodigal Son are: At the Orthros Matins: The prescribed weekly Gospel reading. At the Divine Liturgy: For the week that follows the Sunday of the Prodigal Son, fasting is observed on Wednesday and Friday. This is the last week that meat is allowed on non-fasting days. It is the last day that meat can be eaten prior to the fast of Great Lent. When I disobeyed in ignorance Thy fatherly glory, I wasted in iniquities the riches that Thou gavest me. Wherefore, I cry to Thee with the voice of the prodigal son, saying, I have sinned before Thee, O compassionate Father, receive me repentant, and make me as one of Thy hired servants.

Icon of the Feast The icon of the Sunday of the Prodigal Son shows the prodigal being received by his father upon his return. References The Lenten Triodion.

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Journey to Pascha Crestwood, New York: Conciliar Press, , pp. Until one day, he called and revealed to his children, Allan Aga Muhlach , Bryan Dingdong Dantes , Cha Cristine Reyes and Dex Enrique Gil , that he was diagnosed with cancer and will soon be dying, claiming that he only has seven weeks to live.

Father-son time

Because of the news that hit the family, the Bonifacio siblings reunite and help each other in order to spend their father's remaining days with him. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Seven Sundays Theatrical release poster.

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