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A movie in two parts; watch it one at a time or all the way through. Choose your own adventure. With this package, you get two versions of the video: Spirit Quest 1h 22m Spirit Quest. Spirit Quest - the Theatrical Cut.

The Spiritual Quest

Spirit Quest - Bonus. Spirit Quest - Bonus 29m 30 minutes of outtakes and behind-the-scenes from Spirit Quest. Spirit Quest - Trailer. Spirit Quest 4 videos Spirit Quest. God of Mischief 4 videos The cult hit of Watch on your Television. Watch on your Computer.

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I enjoyed it very much. It fed my soul.

Vision quest

It spoke my language. Thank you for producing a program of such depth. It is a rare commodity.

Professor Soap - Spirit Quest Journey

I hope to see more of the series soon. This is exactly what this country needs at this time. A spiritual quest that is selfless and about gaining knowledge.

Spiritual Quest - Spiritual Measures - Spirituality in Higher Education

Two truly tender people and so much truth wrapped up in many funny moments. Thank you, Phil, for this.

What a relief to be engaged in a stimulating conversation without a scripted agenda — phil, you made it look easy. Maybe these two guests could be paired up with another two other guests in a future program, since they are both straight talkers. An element that I think should be explored or at least noted which was not is the difference between individual spirituality and organized religion.

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