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Each devotion begins with the inspiration of a S As Steve retells some of his best hunting stories, you'll gain valuable insights on relationships, success, and most important, spiritual growth. Now this bestselling author of "A Look at Life from a Deer Stand" more than , copies sold shares ideas, tips, suggestions, and pleasures related to the hunt, including: They use this information, their own experiences from 28 years of marriage, and biblical principles to help couples crack the communication barrier to— find spiritual wholeness in marriage create a partnership in love, cooperat Being a dad requires love, humor, wisdom And thats only the beginning.

Turning to the only manual that comes with children, Steve Chapman shares his top principles drawn from the bibles wisdom and practical experience that helped him raise a son dedicated to the Lord.

Outdoor Insights Pocket Devotionals: With God on a Deer Hunt by Steve Chapman (2001, Paperback)

Youll discover how to share your love verbally, even if youre the strong, silent type, innovativ Written with artistry and sensitivity for life, it is a joy to read. More importantly, however, it puts in proper perspectiv Hit the trail with Steve and Don as they share aboutEscaping nature's fiery wrath by miraculous meansDiscovering new interests at midlife and beyondExperiencing the highs and lows of tracking wounded gameDepending on God's perfect timing in a The author also has a new book on praying for your kids that you might want to look at.

Though not explicitly written for men, this is one of the great devotionals for fathers who are looking for a heavy dose of theology in their daily reading.

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Tozer was one of the finest Christian minds to ever put pen to paper and now we can use excerpts from his teachings as part of a daily study of scripture. This year-long devotional might be the best choice for anyone who has already read and enjoyed the C.

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Lewis collection listed above. Every close relationship needs nurturing, none more than that of a spouse. This quick devotional from Gary Chapman will give you the opportunity to strengthen your marriage every day over the course of a year.

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Have you ever wanted to truly get alone with God? When we push out the rest of the world and communicate with him, it is both peaceful and invigorating.

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Author Bob Barnes has written several devotionals over the years, including a few specifically for men. This book provides men with a short, but thorough, reading plan that will start the day off on the right foot.

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Focusing on a new Biblical man each week, the book allows you to dive deep into what made each man special and how it relates to us today. For those who have served in the U.

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Over the years, this devotional has been instrumental in ministering to soldiers around the world. After receiving a recent update, the book is full of even more great devotionals for fathers to read. The Outdoor Insight Pocket Devotional Series provides men with several devotional books that combine scripture with the best of the outdoors.

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    Song of the Hunter. Skipping in the Dark. Little Foxes and Big Toenails. And So They Prayed. He Never Did Anything.