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Translation of "es très belle" in English

She later has another dream: The Prince announcing that he and the Princess will have an heir, but when she reminds him of his promise, he seems to have forgotten. During dinner, the Beast apologizes for his previous behavior. Belle makes the Beast a proposal; she will dance with him, if she is allowed to see her family one last time.

The two begin to dance though amidst it all, the Beast asks for Belle's love. Jarred, Belle demands to see her family as she had bargained. When the Beast refuses, Belle fervently rejects him once again. That same night, she witnesses the Beast prey upon and devour a hog. In shock, she attempts to escape by running into the enchanted forest only for the Beast to catch up to her on the frozen lake.

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As Belle is suddenly knocked down and pinned, the Beast attempts to kiss her when suddenly the ice beneath her breaks as she sinks into the frozen lake. The Beast pulls her from the water, and brings her back to the castle. The Beast agrees to let Belle return home, giving her a small vial of healing water. He tells her return to him in one day or he will "die".

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Belle arrives home, where her father is bedridden, and seems to be dying. She pleaded for him to wake only to fall asleep. Belle's eldest brother, Maxime Nicolas Gob finds a jewel on her clothing, positing that the castle may contain further treasures. He wants to find it to settle his debt to gangster Perducas Eduardo Noriega.

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He knocks out his youngest brother, Tristan, who tries to stop him, and meets with Perducas and his gang, leading them to the castle. Belle has one final dream about how the Prince broke his promise and killed the golden deer. While dying, the deer transformed into the Princess, revealing she was the Nymph of the Forest who became human because she wanted to experience love. She begged her father, the God of the Forest, to spare the Prince from his wrath.

But he transformed the Prince into a beast, changed the hunting dogs into Tadums, and his friends into statues. The God of the Forest proclaimed that only the love of a woman would break the Beast's eternal curse. Belle awakes and gives her father the vial of water, reviving him. She attempts to return to the castle, and discovers that Maxime has taken the horse to meet with Perducas. Tristan takes her to the castle, arriving just as the Beast is about to kill the invaders, including Belle's brothers.

The Beast stops his attack when Belle begs for mercy. Perducas stabs the Beast, mortally wounding him. Suddenly, vines sprout about the castle destroying anything in their paths. Perducas's lover, Astrid, is killed when he abandons her, but not before cursing him of his fate. Perducas is soon killed by the vines and turned into a human tree.

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Belle and her brothers carry the Beast into the castle, and place him into the healing pool of water. Dying, the Beast asks whether Belle could ever love him, and she counters that she already does. The Beast sinks into the water then resurfaces, transforming back into the Prince and the Tadums back into dogs. When Belle arrives in place of her father, she finds herself both prisoner and guest - she's given beautiful gowns to wear and the run of the entire castle, but must spend every evening having dinner with the prickly and recalcitrant Beast.

When the Beast finally allows Belle to see her family again, she inadvertently opens the way to the castle for people bearing prejudice, greed and, quite possibly, disaster.

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  • There's no denying that Gans' film looks good - Belle is draped in rich, velvety fabrics, ivory-hued statues lie wreathed in ivy and tears, and the castle stands starkly Gothic against lowering skies. Cassel's Beast make-up - which makes him look like a cross between a cat and a wolf - is decent enough, though it doesn't give him much room to emote.

    There are moments when the film and its ideas seem to flare to life too. When Belle dreams of the people who lived and loved in the castle before her, she becomes witness to a climactic scene in which a horrible curse is cast - a girl lies, dying and naked, on the ground, cradled in the arms of her broken prince, bleeding a gleaming, scarlet trail of blood. It's a stirring image that might give viewers hope that the rest of the film can be as good and as daring.

    But Beauty And The Beast seldom reaches those same heights. In busying himself populating the entire universe of his film with greedy vagabonds and comic-relief sisters, Gans forgets to enrich and develop the central relationship between Belle and her Beast. They share a few stilted, frankly terrifying dinners in which the Beast loses his temper or creepily breathes down Belle's neck.

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    Slinking into her room to watch as she sleeps, the Beast comes across more as her pervert jailer than a legitimate romantic interest. In fact, none of their encounters suggests that Belle could ever find a place for him in her heart, so it's odd when Gans takes it as a given and barrels on towards his literally gigantic, CGI-overloaded ending. Indeed, Gans spends so much time on the visual effects of his film - from the droopy-eyed puppy-like creatures that trail after Belle wherever she goes, through to the huge stone statues that come to life to defend the Beast - that he seems to have forgotten to get his actors to act.

    Cassel and Seydoux, who have both delivered arresting performances in other films, don't seem hugely invested in the proceedings or in each other.

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    The film as a whole isn't helped, either, by the dreadful dubbed version playing in Singapore - moments that might have felt more organic and engaging in the original French feel stilted and almost ridiculous when recited in either monotonous or heavily-accented English. Sometimes, it's easier to understand when directors lose sight of their characters in the flash and tumult of an action blockbuster - the focus, after all, is on spectacle rather than heart.

    It's less forgivable when the point of the entire story is the relationship between the two title characters.

    Learn French with Beauty and the Beast Bonjour Belle (English and French dual subtitles)

    Without careful, gentle treatment, this centuries-old tale of Beauty and her Beast would have some pretty nasty overtones - which Gans fails to really remove from his film. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I've been learning French since 5 months ago. I have this question about French usage. Let's consider the following translations, for instance.

    My question is very simple: So in your example, the gender explain the difference:. You may also find " bel " as a male singular form, when the adjective appears before the vowel-starting noun. For example, you will say " c'est un bel homme " and not " c'est un beau homme ". If you're a starter, do not focus on this, but you may read it here and there By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

    Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Je suis beau — I am beautiful. Elle est belle — She is beautiful.