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As the secrets are revealed, the dynamic between the characters change. Together the vivid worldbuilding, and the unexpected plot twists creates a riveting, fascinating story. Oct 23, Alexey rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is easy to read, it pulls you in and you have the just one more page feeling - which is something you want from a book. While this is another epic coming of age story it's very well done and the characters are quite unique. But there's my gripe with this book - it's very black and white, the Good vs Evil, and while the author tries to introduces shades of gray it didn't feel real to me.

But that's pretty much the only downside and different books are suitable for different moods - read This book is easy to read, it pulls you in and you have the just one more page feeling - which is something you want from a book. But that's pretty much the only downside and different books are suitable for different moods - read this one when you want an engaging story, imaginative world and clear cut distinction between heroes and villains. Feb 16, April rated it it was amazing. My brother gave me this book to read and told me that I would probably like it I found Covenants to be extremely intriguing with many twists and turns that you can lock yourself in.

If you like elves, mages and a good dose of main character embarrassment and power, this is the book for you. Sep 17, Caspian rated it it was amazing. Best fantasy I've read in a long time. I am hoping she will write another book. Please please write another book in the series. Feb 27, Lynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: A superbly written, can't-put-down fantasy novel.

The story is interwoven with complex social structures and lots of political drama, xenophobia, betrayal and double-dealings. In several places I found myself holding my breath during tense moments. Written in a first person narrative, the characters are very human with uncertainties and individual idiosyncrasies and are easy to identify with. May 08, Bryce Jones rated it it was ok. The main plot of the book, at its core, is actually really engaging. Unfortunately, not only is it executed poorly, it's also hidden behind heaps and mounds of tedious stuffing.

The book has a very odd mixture of being both fast-paced and exhaustively humdrum. I'll try to explain what I mean by this. After the first 50 pages of the page novel, my first complaint was that events happened way too quickly; without any characterization background or any kind of setup to make events seem organic The main plot of the book, at its core, is actually really engaging. After the first 50 pages of the page novel, my first complaint was that events happened way too quickly; without any characterization background or any kind of setup to make events seem organic, the events that kept piling up just seemed confusing.

And yet, by the time I reached page , I was nearly ready to put the book down for good, I was so bored. Despite a lot of "stuff" happening, it all ended up seeming devoid of any substance. Which brings me to my next complaint - general writing style. The main character, a soldier, encounters and hangs around at LEAST a dozen different officers and comrades throughout most of the book. This led to a lot of small scenes and lines that left me thinking, at first, "Gee, that seemed REALLY out of character for that guy to do. One character's "ass smile" is mentioned about 20 times.

As in, "It's a nice day out, what? I'm not even joking. Like, "Lieutenant, gather characters A thru X in my tent so that we may discuss vague unimportant things. This author is awful in that regard.

I could go on and on but I'll leave it at that. In conclusion, if a competent author had received a one-page brief on this book's core plot, he could have done something wonderful with it. THIS author created about 75 compelling pages and pages of tedium. Sep 12, James rated it liked it. Rabbit starts as a soldier on the border in small town. From there a magical creature faena emerges, befriend him, and tells him and his troop that he needs his help to stop a war from re-occurring between the border magical place and the humans.

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All because Rabbit's from their homeland The plot quickly thickens and we discover Rabbit possesses many emerging powers. One being, the ability to piss off lots of people. The story then manages to draw out major climax Where to start? The story then manages to draw out major climaxes for long periods of time and blind major characters to the obvious evilness and schemes of others.

I won't spoil the book for you, but it takes ages for stuff to finally go down. This book was fairly enjoyable, I liked it. But I found it didn't have any real substance. The lack of actual action and refusal to kill, even when someone clearly deserved it also frustrated me. Powers and magical elements were either poorly explained or added in as afterthoughts.

Only appearing when the plot demanded thought scrying is just one example. Action scenes were poorly written this is a cardinal sin for me. Throughout the book some characters were quite likable but rather one dimensional. I didn't dislike any of them really, but I didn't really love any of them either. In some ways the ending is redeeming, because the main problems are resolved.

However it ends with the main character feeling wildly over-powered. In conclusion, I may pick up the second book and give the series another go, but I don't feel particularly excited about it. Apr 18, Kari Chapman rated it it was ok Shelves: I often have a hard time getting into very long books - the story set-up can take a very long time with very little reward in plot progression. We jumped right into the story and took off. The trade off is that instead of a lot of world building at the beginning, we get lots of info dumps as the book progresses.

For the most part I didn't mind. It gave the world building in easily digested bits. The world was a fun one. I enjoyed the flexibility of the magic I often have a hard time getting into very long books - the story set-up can take a very long time with very little reward in plot progression. I enjoyed the flexibility of the magical creatures - the rules and forms were very fluid and almost anything could fit into the book.

Rabbit made an interesting character to follow around. I enjoyed all his trial and tribulations. However, as the book progressed things got a little more shaky for me. Rabbit had been the novice in all things, but toward the end, he would occasionally lecture people on topics that they'd be lecturing him on previously - usually when they momentarily forgot anything they'd known about that particular field. I found that annoying. The ending of the book got a bit too chaotic for me - too many bad guys with too many different things going on.

Not to mention, from being a nothing at the beginning, Rabbit far too easily because far too strong. I didn't like that. However, on the balance, the positives of this book outweigh the negatives and I'm going to give book two a try. Jun 14, Gail rated it it was ok. This is a page teen power fantasy, which is a story type that long since lost any appeal for me. Our hero, Rabbit, is the specialest of special snowflakes. The fate of nations revolves around him, mostly because of who he was born to be, not because of anything he does.

The politics of the novel are clumsy and unbelievable, and the author tries to show that Rabbit is clever by having everyone around him be fairly dense, so that his suggestions seem insightful when they really aren't. And the This is a page teen power fantasy, which is a story type that long since lost any appeal for me. And the novel would have been half the length if they didn't let the bad guys go again and again and again so that they can cause trouble again later at the worst possible time.

As I said, everyone around Rabbit is pretty dense, and there is a very unbelievable lack of consequences for actions throughout the book. If I had read this when I was fifteen, it's quite likely I would have enjoyed it. But as an adult, there were too many holes and problems for me to find it satisfying.

Apr 15, Ptdog rated it it was amazing. Amazing, intriguing, complex, captivating, creative, well written. I gave in and sent away for the paperback. I don't have space for many more hard-copy books. There are two more books in this series! I'm going to read this again after I finish the last book available about Rabbit. Most of the good-guy characters have enough depth to make them interesting. The bad guys are one-dimensional making them hard to care about or identify with. There's no love interests for main characters.

Th Amazing, intriguing, complex, captivating, creative, well written. Though I hope Rabbit will find a good man to settle down with. It's adventure and struggle against persecution, prejudice and fate. It's not the best book in the world - that would be Name of the Wind - but it's one on my most very especially favorites. Oct 01, Stephen Press rated it it was ok.

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So frustrating I want to scream. I nearly didn't finish this book. The world building is good the writing is nice but for goodness sake its an endless procession of meetings. Black Dragonscale Shield Cover 1. Black Opal Eye 1. Black Thorn Whip 1. Blackiron Scale Armor 1. Blade of the Braggart 1. Blade of the Serpent Lord 1. Blade of the South Wind greatsword 1. Blood-fueled Power Tools 1. Bloodcrystal Raven Skull 1. Bloodcut Hide Armor 1.

Bloody Maul of Kord 1. Bolt of Splashing 1. Bolts of Shattering 1. Bonds of Fear 1. Book of Doors 1. Book of Drow Psychology 1. Book of Exalted Deeds 1. Book of Ineffable Foulness 1. Book of Knowledge 1.

Book of Planes 1. Book of Understanding the Gnomish Language 1. Book of Years 1. Book of the Damned 1. Boon of Sune 1. Boots of Crashing 1. Boots of Deadly Leaping 1. Boots of Goblinkind 1. Boots of Traveling and Leaping 1. Boots of Tromping 1. Boots of the Winter Jarl 1. Bottle of Elemental Imprisonment 1. Bottled Mephit Essence 1. Bowl of Blood 1.

Bowl of Quality 1. Bowl of Watery Death 1. Box o' Darkness 1. Bracelet of Absorption 1. Bracelet of Rock Magic 1. Bracer of Flying Daggers 1. Bracer of Missle Snaring 1. Bracer of Protection 1. Bracers of Brachiation 1. Bracers of Defenselessness 1. Bracers of Dimension Door 1. Bracers of Exit 1. Bracers of Falcon's Aim 1. Bracers of Immobility 1. Bracers of Law 1. Bracers of Mighty Striking 1. Bracers of Quickness 1. Bracers of Specters 1. Breastplate of Blinking 1. Brooch of Begoing 1. Brooch of Protection 1.

Broom of Sweeping 1. Brown Bag of Tricks 1. Bucknard's Everful Purse 1. Candle of Darkness 1. Candle of Daylight 1. Candle of Healthy Restoration 1. Candle of Methven 1. Candle of the Brave 1. Candle of the Faithful 1. Candles of Truth 1. Candy Cane of Protection 1. Cap of Protection 1. Cape of Protection 1. Carving of Restful Sleep 1. Cask of Cold 1. Cat's Eye Ring 1.

Catechism of Heresiarch 1. Cauldron of Blood 1. Cauldron of Desecration 1. Cauldron of Plenty 1. Cauldron of Serpents 1. Chalice of Communal Dweomer 1. Chalice of Elanir 1. Chalice of Harmony 1. Chalice of Plane Travel 1. Chalice of the Gods 1. Chariot of Vix 1. Charm of Silence 1. Chime of Hunger 1. Chime of Interuption 1. Chime of Storm Calling 1. Chime of Time 1. Chocolate of Health 1. Choker of Silence 1. Circle of the Forest God 1. Circlet of Clairvoyance 1. Circlet of Martyrdom 1. Clarion of Youm 1. Claw of Orcus 1. Claw of the Revenancer 1. Claws of Raking 1. Cloack of Etherealness 1.

Cloak of Deception 1. Cloak of Earthstriding 1. Cloak of Fire Resistance 1. Cloak of Minor Displacement 1. Cloak of Morphing 1. Cloak of Nightmares 1. Cloak of The Helper Elves 1. Cloak of the Accident Prone 1. Cloak of the Cobalt Kingdom 1. Cloak of the Demon 1. Cloak of the Empire 1. Cloak of the Marshlands 1. Cloak of the White Dragon 1. Cloak of the Winter Wolf 1. Club of Stunning 1. Club of Taige 1. Club of the Drow 1. Coat of Eyes 1. Cobalt Dwarven Longsword 1. Codex of Gamber Dauch 1. Coffin of Creation 1.

Coin of Favour 1. Coin of Satisfaction 1. Coin of the Untrodden Road 1. Collar of Armor 1. Comb of Desnarling 1. Communicator Talk Box 1. Compass of Guidance 1. Conch of Teleportation 1. Cookboo of Arcane Augmentation 1. Corrupted Flamesoul Crystal 1. Croc Folk Armor 1. Crook of Cildhureen 1. Crossbow of Distance 1. Crown of Black Pearls 1. Crown of Compulsion 1. Crown of Domination 1. Crown of Dream 1. Crown of Dust 1. Crown of Eyes 1. Crown of Power 1. Crown of Souls 1. Crown of Swords 1.

Crown of Winter 1. Crown of the Apprentice 1. Crown of the Grand Cornu 1. Crown of the Peaceful Mind 1. Crown of the Sea 1. Crysalar the Protector of Hal'om'shir 1. Crystal Ball of ESP 1. Crystal Hypnosis Ball 1. Cup of Idiocy 1. Curse of Endless Regret 1. Curse-Touched Bag of Wishes 1. Cursed Backbiter Spear 1. Cursed Backstabber Dagger 1.

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Cursed Ouroboros of Gurdenund 1. Cursed Ring of Evasion 1. Cut-Proof Purse Strings 1. Dagger of Assassination 1. Dagger of Deceiving 1. Dagger of Draining 1. Dagger of Elf Slicing 1. Dagger of Impact 1. Dagger of Sacrifice 1. Dagger of Throwing 1. Dagger of the Shadowlands 1. Dancing Hut of Baba Yaga 1. Daoud's Wondrous Lanthorn 1. Darts of the Hive 1. Dastard Full Plate 1. Dawn Warrior Armor 1.

J. M. Coetzee's Foe: a tale of an outcast, survival and the ways truth can be told

Dawn Warrior Weapons 1. Dead Man's Dice 1. Dead Man's Hands 1. Dead Words Manacle 1. Death Ray Revolver 1. Decanter of Khostia 1. Deck of Harrowed Tales 1. Deck of Merry Things 1. Deck of Mortals 1. Deed to the Keep 1. Defending Bladed Scarf 1. Demise's Staff of Ruin 1. Demogorgon's Bilious Sphere 1. Diadem of Eyes 1. Dicerion of Light and Darkness 1. Dorje of Crystal Shard 1. Dorje of Psionic Restoration 1.

Dragon Backpack of Holding 1. Dragon Crown of Durge Maggotsmasher 1. Dragon Hook of Eathe 1. Dragonhammer Major Artifact 1.

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Dragonstaff of Ahghairon 1. Dream Pod Major Artifact 1. Drill of the Mighty Oak 1. Drill of the Slender Willow 1. Drow Chain Mail 1. Drum of Deafening 1. Drums of Panic 1. Dust of Darkness 1. Dust of Illusion 1. Dwarven Hammer of Retribution 1. Dying Woman's Leather Ensemble 1. Earplugs of the Bulette 1. Earring of Hearing Behind Closed Doors 1. Earth Elemental Gem 1.

Egg of Desire 1. Egg of Wonder 1. Elemental Power Gem 1. Elf Spider Cord 1. Elixir of All-seeing Doom 1. Elixir of Fire Breath 1. Elixir of Health 1. Elixir of Madness 1. Elixir of Shadowstuff Protection 1. Elixir of Stone to Flesh 1. Elixir of climbing 1. Emblem of Ossandrya 1. Emerald of Magic Detection 1. Engagement Ring of IIse 1. Errant Wand of Magic Missiles 1.

Essence of Darkness 1. Ever Fresh Beaker 1. Eye Patch of See Invisibility 1. Eye of Auras 1. Eye of Inner Truth 1. Eye of Penetration 1. Eye of Traldar 1. Eye of the Certain Path 1. Eye of the Serpent 1. Eye of the Sun 1. Eye of the Unseen 1. Eyes of Baltor 1. Eyes of the Old Gods 1. Eyes of the Spider 1. Face of Gorm 1. Failbhe the Sentient Halberd 1. False Blood Amulet 1. False Sword of Air 1. Fang of the Nosferatu 1. Fangs of the Serpent 1. Fearsome Mask of Lo-Athard 1. Feather Token Anchor 1.

Feather Token Bird 1. Feather Token Swan Boat 1. Feather Token Whip 1. Feather of Diatryma Summoning 1. Fez of Holding 1. Field Provisions Box 1. Fiend Axe of the False Barrow King 1. Fiery Plate Armor 1. Figurine of Wondrous Power Golden Lions 1. Figurine of Wondrous Power Ivory Goats 1. Figurines of Wondrous Power Chessboard 1. Figurines of Wondrous Power Lovebirds 1. The boss monsters and villains featured in the module. Strahd Von Zarovich Vampire 6. Undead Magic User 4. Adult Void Dragon 2.

Lizard man shaman 2. Orc Eye of Gruumsh 2. Sir Jameson the Defender Spectre 2. Sir Matthew Mummy 2. The Lava Queen 2. The Tortured Vestige 2. Vecna the Maimed God Lich 2. Warlock of the Great Old One 2. Adult Green Dracolich 1. Adult Green Dragon 1. Adult Rime Worm 1. Aketheti Planar Spider 1. Anandak Red Dragon 1. Ancient Red Dragon 1. Angel of Rust and Corrosion 1.

Ann Campbell Ghost 1. Avatar of the Opal Goddess 1. Avatars of Orcus 1. Bad Fruul Hill Giant 1. Bakemono No Ko 1. Baktar Ulmus Orc 1. Balipur Wizard Lich 1. Baron Isambart de Belame Necromancer 1. Big Green Eye 1. Black Earth Priest 1. Bloodbeard Dwarf Wererat 1. Bone Spider Queen 1. Burton Wescote Warrior 1.

Chagmat High Priest 1. Chief Gulab of the Shattered Stone Orcs 1. Core of Wermuth 1. Corrupted Ark Colossus 1. Crone of Chaos 1. Daknakriss Master Thief 1. Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath 1. Deep One Archimandrite 1. Victor Mordenheim Mad Scientist 1. Edgar Allen Poe the Necromancer 1. Elder Shadow Drake 1. Elemental Flame Mage 1. Elias the Carver 1. Elwyn the Ardent Cleric 1. Emissary from Beyond 1. Emissary of Kezef 1. Fallen Star Spawn 1. In two versions, it comes upon the characters in the submerged wreck of the ship, lifeless, only Friday is still barely alive.

The speaker's point of view then travels out into a dimension of experience and sensation beyond humans and island and sea, beyond both speech and writing. It is the home of Friday". The idea of authorship emerges in the play on Defoe's name, and the author of Robinson Crusoe was a man of many roles and journeys who created a resourceful "economic man" in his memorable hero.

Resourcefulness is both necessary and business-savvy. Playing, as well, with the untrustworthy status of Coetzee's writer-figure, Foe seems purely self-interested, exploiting all resources. Coetzee, through the medium of Susan's direct addresses, first sets up the shadowy figure of Foe, the author claiming to partner Susan in creating a book in the first two parts. Enterprise and ownership play a large role in the disputed shape of the story, with Susan wishing to be true to events and Foe wanting to mediate and to foster interest and sales, including a more interest in exotic Bahia than the island and a prurient interest in Friday as a cannibal and whether there was much sex on the island.

He argues that Friday should be taught to write, but it is too late for his colonised body. Foe colonises Susan's story and she colonises Friday's unknown story. As a woman, Susan is already the marginalsed Other. Yet she also objectifies Friday in her varied perceptions. She wonders if he was a cannibal, where he actually came from, what he understands, why he dances and most significantly, why he has no tongue and whether it was slave-traders or Cruso who cut it out.

She projects some of her own answers on to him, but also opens herself out to absorbing information about him through observation and awareness. He is like a blank slate in many ways — as is often the case with Others, those from different cultures and races. White people project their readings on to him and create a story for him, maintaining his actual silence and virtual invisibility.

Freedom is a core value in Foe. Exploitation and marginalisation of various kinds underpin the story and ideas — profit, money motive, slavery, nature, natural resources, other people's lives, histories and words — Susan and Foe are caught up in the system. Susan needs to find her daughter and is imprisoned by her search, which takes another form when she returns to England. Physical safety is an obvious concern for a woman. Friday is her burden, but he paradoxically represents lost freedom; he remains a slave, constrained by loss and a world that is alien to him.

Leaving the island does not represent freedom and his life with Cruso was simple and safe. But how is Friday to recover his freedom, who has been a slave all his life?