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I didn't even imagine who the killer would be, where he'd live, how would he act under certain circumstances of the story. Tess is one of the best and I am so honored to have the opportunity of reading her books. View all 7 comments. This one grabbed me from the first chapter and kept the pages flying. Not since "The Silence of the Lambs" have I felt so compelled to finish a book. This one creeped me out! I found myself hearing noises in my house late at night.

Genoten van dit boek! Van begin tot eind spannend. Das Ende war bisschen schnell aber trotzdem top. This is a pretty creepy, fast paced medical thriller. Three years previously Catherine Cordell, an emergency trauma surgeon survived a viscous rape and attack by a depraved junior doctor who had raped, butchered and killed three other young women in Savanna. Living now in Boston, Catherine is slowly regaining her confidence and starting to feel safe when the police call to inform her that a similar series of murders have been occurring in Boston.

At first Catherine doesn't believe there could be This is a pretty creepy, fast paced medical thriller. At first Catherine doesn't believe there could be a link with the man who attacked her as she fought back, shooting and killing him. However, soon it becomes apparent that the present day killer is interested in her The first book in the Rizzoli and Isles series, introduces us to Homicide detective Jane Rizzoli, a plain looking, dowdidly dressed but feisty woman with a chip on her shoulder from being unappreciated in her large family of brothers and constantly harrassed by her male colleagues.

The writing is excellent with the medical and surgical scenes realistically described and the torture scenes almost too real. The plot moves along at a good pace gradually building the terror that Catherine feels as she worries that her worst nightmares about her past torture may be repeated.

An excellent start to this series! While you may not identify with Jane and Maura you can't help but like them and want to know more.

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Jane and Maura are completely different in personalities - and also very different from other book characters in this genre. Gerritsen's Rizzoli and Isles is more of a gritty mystery suspense than romantic suspense. Do not go into either the show or book thinking it will be like the other.

In der Schwebe 1v2 (Roman) Hörbuch von Tess Gerritsen

I love them both. This first book will have you reading through the night so start this book when you have time. It is among my favourite in teh series. Excellent, loved this book. It came to no surprise that The Surgeon is a "medical suspense" kind of detective story. The prime suspect is nicknamed "the surgeon" because he likes to do surgery on his victims.

He's a real sicko. Boston Detective Thomas Moore and his partner Jane Rizzoli are put on the case to solve a series of murders. There are other members on the team that create tension with mostly Rizzoli because she is the only female detective in the department. Moore sticks up for her because she's his partner and he doesn't have a problem working with a woman. The characters are all pretty well developed both in their on-duty and off-duty personas. The story grips the reader right away and keeps that tension right through to the ending.

The plot is multi-layered and keeps the detectives on their toes. A potential target is Catherine Cordell, a trauma surgeon at a local hospital. She is the only person who has survived an attack by the The Surgeon. Therefore, she is a strong person of interest in the investigation and plays an integral part in the story. There are a couple scenes where she is treating patients. There is a lot of medical terms thrown around and the work that doctors do to kind of provide a canvas for the story.

I listened to audio book and the narrator does a credible job with all the characters. The female voices were a little on the weak side in my opinion. This isn't a major distraction though and makes the audio version a worthwhile choice. The story is a gripping suspenseful read. If you like this genre, I recommend this book. Detective Jane Rizzoli has only been in the Homicide division for six months, and has been getting a lot of flak from the male detectives. They couldn't handle a woman in their midst, and never let her get close to a case. So when women are being murdered, with the same MO, they know they have a serial killer to find.

He slips into homes in the dead of night, always in the heat of summer, when people are vulnerable He then subjects them Detective Jane Rizzoli has only been in the Homicide division for six months, and has been getting a lot of flak from the male detectives. He then subjects them to their worst nightmare, using precision and medical knowledge, before murdering them.

The Surgeon

The Boston newspapers dubbed him 'The Surgeon'. Jane, along with Detective Thomas Moore, discover an almost identical crime committed two years ago. Dr Catherine Cordell was attacked in the same manner, but she fought back, and killed her attacker before he could complete his assault.

Now it seems this killer is after her She knows she killed her assailant, why is she being targeted again? This new killer is re-creating, with chilling accuracy, the ordeal Catherine went through two years ago Tess Gerritsen writes a top class thriller, and this one was no exception. This fast paced, suspenseful thriller steadily builds to a terrifying climax!! View all 5 comments. Gerilim okumak isteyenlere mutlaka tavsiye ediyorum. Oct 02, Cara St.

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As a huge thriller buff, I cannot believe I just discovered this author. The novel starts in the voice of the beyond creepy killer and hooks you immediately. You will never sleep with your window open again. We are introduced to Jane Rizzoli, smart, tough, and her own worst enemy.

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In fact, I did not love her in this debut but grew to adore her character in later books. Together, she and the very lovable Detective Moore hunt one of the scariest and disturbing criminals you have encountered in lit As a huge thriller buff, I cannot believe I just discovered this author. Together, she and the very lovable Detective Moore hunt one of the scariest and disturbing criminals you have encountered in literature.

This book has all that we crave from a "killer" build-up to a smashing climax. To add icing to the cake, the author is an actual doctor. That means the horrors are realistic and calculated. I broke my arm and I've been glued to my kindle. Fellow readers, I am on the 7th book of the series now in just a few weeks and I promise it does not disappoint!

I would highly suggest reading them in order for maximum experience, but if you have already started with another, no big deal.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The premise is one of those - like the buried-alive theme - that is almost too horrible to imagine. The Surgeon is a serial killer, with a horrific spin: It's an interesting premise, and it reads well. The author's own medical background gives a strong sense of realism and adds nicely to the "eww, squick! The charact The premise is one of those - like the buried-alive theme - that is almost too horrible to imagine.

The characters are compelling and likable. It's well worth the time. I began with book six in this series which prompted me to read this, the first. This author has shifted genres from romance to medical thriller to crime novel.

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  • The previous genres have left their fingerprints. It almost seems like the author comes into her own in this genre as the novel progresses weaving events together with increasingly focused tension. As the novel nears the end, specific scenes become edgy and tense as she demonstrates her ability to deftly introduce new characters and settin I began with book six in this series which prompted me to read this, the first.

    As the novel nears the end, specific scenes become edgy and tense as she demonstrates her ability to deftly introduce new characters and settings, merging them seamlessly into the plot. I gave it five stars rather than four due to skillful writing, tight plotting, and a lack of dead spots that sometimes dull an otherwise good story.

    I loved the characters in it and plot.

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    She was who she was, and either you accepted it or you could just go to hell. This was a new occurance for me, picking up this book. And while they are castly different, I loved it just as much as the series. Fo She was who she was, and either you accepted it or you could just go to hell. For example, Rizzoli is a bit more of a hardass in the book. I loved how hardened her edges were, she literally did not take any shit from anyone, ever. You really grew to respect that fact that she is the only female officer on the homice squad and could appreciate how difficult things must have been for her.

    I really grew to enjoy her so much as not only a character but also as a woman. And then there were moments that despite her rough exterior, I could see so clearly through that to the person underneath that. The person who had flaws and faults and was just at heart, a woman with insecurities and who always strived to do her best. Rizzoli stopped, her temper hissing dangerously toward detonation.

    And she saw, with startling clarity, that no matter what she achieved or how she distinguished her career might be, this one moment would always represent her reality: Jane, the trivial daughter and sister. This was a great book, with fantastic character development and a detailed and well crafted plot that kept me really engaged the whole time.

    I am very much looking forward to continueing on with this series. View all 3 comments. Catherine Cordell has moved from her dark past in Savannah, been raped and the victim of violence by pyscho killer. Now she tries to live her new life in Boston as surgeon. The killer was dead but the same cases that happened in Savannah repeated again. I love the story, its so creepy and cool. The writing was brilliant with some medical descriptions. The feeling of being haunted by the pyscho killer is so scary. Doch damit nicht genug: Sein Opfer sind junge Frauen.

    In der s Boston. Dort wird sie jedoch erneut mit ihrem Trauma konfrontiert, denn die Vorgehensweisen der beiden Killer gleichen sich bis ins kleinste Detail. Doch nach weiteren Morden deutet alles darauf hin, dass Dr. Dementsprechend laufen die Ermittlungen auch erst einmal ins Leere. Als Frau hat sie es bei der Polizei nicht leicht. Andererseits macht sie es ihren Kollegen aber auch nicht einfach, nimmt sie Hilfe doch nur ungern an und bringt ihren Kollegen nur wenig Vertrauen entgegen.

    Ihr neuer Partner, Detective Thomas Moore, scheint jedoch anders zu sein als die vermeintlichen Macho-Kollegen, und so wird im Laufe der Ermittlungen aus den beiden doch noch ein gutes und funktionierendes Team. Mehr darf man von einem Thriller fast nicht erwarten. Gerritsen macht eigentlich alles richtig und ich werde garantiert auch zu den Nachfolgeromanen greifen. Mar 08, Ladysmartypants rated it it was amazing Shelves: Denn ein Psychopath begeht in Boston mehrere grausame Morde. Genau wie damals in Savannah. Und noch fehlt jede Spur. Das ist mal ein verdammt spannender Thriller.

    Oder Krimi, wie man lieber mag, die Geschichte hat etwas von beidem. Die Story ist wirklich genial aufgebaut, von der ersten bis zur letzten Seite spannend und einfach unwiderstehlich. Doch trotz dieser Einblicke tappt der Leser, genau wie die Mordkommission, im Dunkeln. Denn es ist nicht nur ein Krimi und nicht nur ein Thriller, es ist die optimale Mischung. Andere Kritiker haben aufgezeigt, dass durch Gerritsens medizinische Kenntnisse die Geschichte wesentlich realer erscheint und ich kann ihnen nur zustimmen.

    Very few authors have the ability to inspire me or grab my attention in the first 20 pages. Even as an aspiring author, I have difficulty opening a book and sticking to it. Tess Gerritsen changed that in recent years, skyrocketing to become my favorite author. And so I pried open The Surgeon and embarked on a twisted journey following the investigations of Detective Jane Rizzoli.

    What makes the book so disturbing is the control the Surgeon claims over his victims and the evidence of his rituals that he leaves in his wake. Catherine Cordell becomes the focus of the investigation as the killer displays increasing interest in her, taunting her with emails and photographs as her grip on sanity slowly erodes. Gerritsen researches her topics before writing, which adds an intense level of realism pertaining to forensics and police work—not the glamorized forensics that look obscenely easy on TV.

    Another fascinating aspect of her work is the element of fear. Altogether, Gerritsen carves out a thrilling story with, dare I say, surgical precision. I would recommend The Surgeon to anyone looking for a novel that stands above the bland crime thrillers of today. But you may want to lock every door in your house before you read this, check the sex offender registry in your neighborhood and keep a machete under your pillow. I know I did. This is a breathtaking Thriller which i highly enjoyed: It's about a serial killer who targets women and torture them in a horrifying way and then finishs them!!

    As the investigaton goes on, all the clues seems to link this killer to Dr Catherine Cordell who was a victim of a similar attack!!