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Lines are spoken from memory and participants must move as they would in a fully produced play. The scene selected for presentation must be presented without costumes, makeup, lights, or properties other than an available table or desk as a substitute and chairs if required. Hand props, music, electronic sound effects; and costumes are not permitted.

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Physical actions are pantomimed. The contestant should choose a poem or group of poems centering on a specific theme or emotion. Original material is allowed. The contestant must read their selection s from a manuscript. A selection from prose literature, including short stories, cutting from novels, essays or non-fiction work centering on a specific theme or emotion is to be read. A cutting from drama or other literature adapted to a humorous dramatic format, with brief transitions allowed. Original material may not be used. Quality material must be used, which is characterized by insights into human motivations, relationships, problems, and under-standings, and not by sentimentality, violence for its own sake, unmotivated endings, or stereotyped characterizations.

Tables, chairs and other props and costumes are prohibited. A cutting from drama or other literature adapted to a serious dramatic format, with brief transitions allowed. Students prepare four different stories on four different topics story about a holiday, a Latin American story, a story about a force of nature, and a story about a quest and deliver a different story during each round. The storyteller must sit in a chair, and may use vocal variation and movement to illustrate details of the story. Original material is allowed, and notes are not permitted. The speech is instructive and presents valuable and significant information on how to do something or how something works by exhibiting objects or physical activity.

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This speech includes well-developed material, which has the primary intent of informing, although persuasive elements may be present. The speech is to be coherent, unified, and clear.

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A range of support materials should be used which can include quotations, statistics, examples, comparisons, and analogies. The speaker selects an historical topic within the limits of the specified time period, OR the 's. Students are encouraged to use primary sources, archival records, diaries, personal interviews and letters and secondary sources, academic journals, newspapers and books. The speaker uses this research information to compose and present a well-organized, informative speech.

Visual materials may be used, but not worn. A thoroughly prepared, well-composed, well-expressed persuasive speech on a significant topic.


The student must choose one of four situations speech to the UN, speech at a charity event, speech at a self-help seminar, OR a political victory or concession speech and write and deliver a speech to that hypothetical situation and audience. Limited Prep Categories 30 minutes to prepare!

Students may also qualify for National level contests as well. Participants are required to meet with a coach weekly to practice their delivery and attend events.

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Forensics provides students with valuable life skills, improved public speaking, acting opportunities, team building, and lots of fun! Skip to Main Content. Forensics Forensics is a competitive speech event. Our team scored well and four students traveled to Madison in April to compete at State. Madison Vandenberg is competing in poetry with a selection of Holocaust poems, Alexandra Nassios is competing in Farrago with pieces centered on the theme of love and insanity Christian Gehri is competing in Prose with a powerful war piece entitled Ambush Mikayla Berg is competing in Storytelling with a selection of self-written stories.

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