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Ghiandina announces to Dorina and Giannino that they have been discovered and claims again that she will become the wife of Poppone Aria: Dorina and Giannino are ready to flee, but Falco appears and announces that the father of Giannino is died, leaving to Giannino a large fortune. Falco advises to apologize to Poppone for the deception and the beating Aria: Giannino is sad for the death of his father, and Dorina for abandoning her mother, but both are sure to find consolation in the love Duet: Falco explains everything to Poppone.

He forgives Dorina and Giannino and accepts to marry Ghiandina Finale: Johnny Maldondo Countess Nastri: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. La diavolessa Opera by Baldassare Galuppi Illustration from the publication of Goldoni's libretto. Doerthe Maria Sandmann Falco: Retrieved 16 March List of operas by Baldassare Galuppi. Retrieved from " https: CS1 Italian-language sources it.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 5 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Opera by Baldassare Galuppi. Illustration from the publication of Goldoni's libretto. Nevertheless, the joint work of Galuppi and Metastasio prospered, and was staged in other countries.

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In Vienna, their Demetrio and Artaserse were great successes, and "Artaserse" in particular generated a great deal of profit for its investors. The musicologist writes, "He was already a very successful opera composer and with his duties at the Mendicanti he must have had enough to do. The salary at St Mark's was only ducats. At this time it was not a very distinguished cappella. The choir probably numbered about 30; but since their posts continued up to death, a fair proportion of the singers were old.

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In addition to the prestige of the position, Galuppi was given a house near the basilica in which he and his family lived rent-free, and as he had very few firm obligations as vice-maestro, the position left him with the flexibility to compose for other venues, including opera houses in Venice, Vienna, London, and Berlin.

By the time of his death, Galuppi and Gluck were two of the highest paid composers of the 18th century. See Heartz, [14]. Galuppi was fortunate that when he turned once more to comic opera in he collaborated with Carlo Goldoni. Although an established and eminent playwright by the time he worked with Galuppi, Goldoni was happy for his libretti to be subservient to the music.

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For the next ten years, Galuppi remained in Venice, with occasional sorties elsewhere for commissions and premieres, producing a series of secular and religious works. Of the British premiere of Il filosofo di campagna in Burney wrote, "This burletta surpassed in musical merit all the comic operas that were performed in England, till the Buona Figliuola. In April Galuppi was appointed to the leading musical post in Venice, maestro di capella of St Mark's, [5] and in July of the same year he was also appointed maestro di coro at the Ospedale degli Incurabili, at whose school his teacher Lotti had also taught.

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He persuaded the Basilica authorities, the Procurators, to be more flexible in payments to singers, allowing him to attract performers with first-rate voices such as Gaetano Guadagni and Gasparo Pacchiarotti. Early in Catherine the Great of Russia made it known through diplomatic channels that she wished Galuppi to come to Saint Petersburg as her court composer and conductor.

There were prolonged negotiations between Russia and the Venetian authorities before the Senate of Venice agreed to release Galuppi for a three-year engagement at the Russian court.

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The contract required him to "compose and produce operas, ballets and cantatas for ceremonial banquets", at a salary of 4, rubles and the provision of accommodation and a carriage. Mark's were secure until as long as he supplied a Gloria and a Credo for the Basilica's Christmas mass each year. In June the senate granted Galuppi formal leave to go. He resigned his post at the Incurabili, made provision for his wife and daughters who were to remain in Venice, while his son travelled with him , [18] and set off for Russia.

He made detours on his journey, visiting C.

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Bach in Berlin and encountering Giacomo Casanova by happenstance outside of Riga, before arriving in Saint Petersburg on 22 September For the empress's court, Galuppi composed new works, both operatic and liturgical, and revived and revised many others. He is reported to have exclaimed, "I'd never heard such a magnificent choir in Italy". On his return to Venice, Galuppi resumed his duties at St Mark's and successfully applied for reappointment at the Incurabili, holding the post until , when financial constraints obliged all the ospedali to cut back their musical activities.

Dramma giocoso.

His output continued to be considerable in both quantity and quality. Burney, who visited him in Venice, wrote in It seems as if the genius of Signor Galuppi, like that of Titian, became more animated by age.

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He cannot now be less than seventy years old, and yet it is generally allowed here that his last operas and his last compositions for the church abound with more spirit, taste, and fancy, than those of any other period of his life. Galuppi told Burney his definition of good music: The last opera by Galuppi was La serva per amore , premiered in October Thereafter he continued to compose, despite declining health.

His last known completed work is the Christmas mass for St Mark's. After a two-month illness, Galuppi died on 3 January According to The Musical Times Galuppi, with operas, was the sixth most prolific opera composer.

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He was called "the father of comic opera" by musicians of the generation that followed him. Il filosofo di campagna , which has been defined a "masterly opera", [2] obtained a great success, with many performances throughout Europe. Tritemio wants his daughter Eugenia to marry Nardo, a rich farmer, known as "the Philosopher", but Eugenia is in love with the nobleman Rinaldo. Lesbina, housemaid of Tritemio, in order to avoid that Nardo meets Eugenia, takes the place of the girl. Nardo, who has never seen Eugenia before, ends up falling in love with Lesbina, convinced that she is the true daughter of Tritemio.

After a series of misunderstandings Nardo learns of the true identity of Lesbina, but he accepts the housmaid all the same and remains in love with her. Lesbina persuades Tritemio that she wants to marry him and a notary is called. When the notary arrives, without Tritemio knowing it, a double wedding is celebrated, between Nardo and Lesbina and between Rinaldo and Eugenia.