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Muerte de un papa 1 Mar Tutorial para Ami Pro 3. Guerra de Estados Spanish Edition 11 Jan El Convenio de Vergara: Not in stock; order now and we'll deliver when available. Levantamiento del velo corporativo. El caso colombiano 14 Jun Marcela Anzola Gil and Mr. Jaime Alberto Arrubla Paucar. Lecciones contra el olvido. FairPlanet tries to connect human rights, animal rights and conservation together in one summer festival.

The conference's aim is to be a place where academia, businesses and Free Software hackers meet, make new friends. The keynote will be on Wednesday 11 May from Op 9 mei is er om Erlang is een zogenoemde functionele programmeertaal die rond PABX telefooninstallaties in bedrijven is ontstaan. Op dit gebied worden er extreem hoge eisen gesteld aan stabiliteit, voorkomen van uitval en fouttolerantie.

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De ontmoeting staat zoals altijd open voor iedereen die zich voor Vrije Software interesseert. Er is geen agenda. Meer informatie vindt u op onze wiki-pagina. This time at Lokal K https: More information can be had on our wiki page. Explaining typical misunderstandings" and FSFE will be present with a booth. It will be from You have to buy tickets to attend the conference. Simon Hornbachner, local coordinator Linz, will be talking about Copyleft - what it actually means, some common misconceptions and why it isn't only beneficiary for "the community", but also for companies.

There will also be a FSFE information booth and the local team is looking forward to everyone to meet! The event location is the FH Joanneum.

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FSFE will be present with an information booth. The Event starts at Daarbij zijn er meerdere computers aanwezig om het zelf te beleven. Het evenement vindt plaats van De ontmoeting vindt plaats op 27 april vanaf Wie later komt, mist dus iets. Gasten zijn zoals altijd hartelijk welkom. The event takes place on 16 April from 9: Linux Presentation Day in Basel. The talk will give an overview of FSFE's work from the past 15 years, and give you inspiration how you can work with the FSFE for software freedom as an individual as well as an organisation. The talk will take place at Peter Bubestinger and Till Jaeger from FSFE and others will give insights on how memory institutions and cultural heritage organisations worldwide are increasingly empowered by Free Software licensed tools.

This workshop is part of the PREFORMA project, in which 3 format conformance checkers have been developed to check and validate document-, image- and audiovisual files. Topics like format obsolescence, vendor lock-in or interoperability issues of proprietary implementations are being addressed in this workshop. On Thursday, March 24, , starting at 7: The booth will also come with brand new merchandise and promotion material. To get a ticket please visit the page of the event.

For the time and place please see the event page. Main topic to discuss: In case it is your first time at the meeting, please notify about this on the mailinglist: On Friday, February 12, , starting at 7: Thema's zijn deze keer onder andere: Oude bekenden en nieuwe gasten zijn van harte welkom ook niet-Fellows. Als het gaat om uw eerste deelname aan deze ontmoeting dan vragen wij u zich kort voor het eerste bezoek voor te stellen op de e-maillijst https: This is our monthly meetup held in the Athens Hackerspace.

At this meetup we will discuss mostly around the two recent events that many community members attended. We'll talk about new projects we learned about on these events, highlights and best presentations to watch. On Friday, January 8, , starting at 7: On Saturday, December 12, , starting at 7: Dezember ab Alle Freunde Freier Software sind herzlich eingeladen! Linuxtag und Free Software Fotobuch. Altbekannte und neue Gaeste sind herzlich willkommen auch Nicht-Fellows. Sollte es sich um die erste Teilnahme an diesem Treffen handeln, wird darum gebeten, sich kurz vor dem ersten Besuch auf der Mailingliste https: Fellows und Interessierte sind immer recht herzlich Willkommen.

On Wednesday 18 November from It will take place in the Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin, Niederkirchnerstr. OpenRheinRuhr is een beurs met congres rond het thema "Vrije Software". In de bevolkingsrijkste regio van Europa biedt OpenRheinRuhr e. Ook niet-technische thema's zoals "burgerrechten op het net" en de handhaving van licenties komen aan bod. On Tuesday 3 November at Referent wird Andreas Schreiber sein.

Eingeladen wird am Successful collaboration, Free Software license compliance and innovation management go hand-in-hand for large and small innovators. The events will be held in Berlin on October 21 and Warsaw on October Attendance is limited — please confirm your attendance until October 14 to Nicola Feltrin. The Free Software Foundation was founded in and since then promotes computer users' rights to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer programs.

It also helps to spread awareness of the ethical and political issues of freedom in the use of software. To make sure that FSFE's donor Endocode can provide enough birthday cake and coffee, please register before 15 September for the event by sending us an e-mail with the subject "FSF30". The local group will represent FSFE with a booth and information material. On Friday, August 28 at 7: You can find a map at our local group page at http: All friends of Free Software are welcome to join us! Werner Koch zal een voordracht houden over wat je, behalve e-mailversleuteling, allemaal voor zinvols kan doen met GnuPG-versleuteling.

Dus ook voor zij die dagelijks e-mails versleutelen belooft Werner Koch interessante gezichtspunten te bieden. Gasten zijn bij deze ontmoeting zoals altijd hartelijk welkom. The FSFE will be present with a booth and is looking forward to meet interested visitors. DebConf is the annual Debian developers meeting, an event filled with discussions, workshops and coding parties — all of them highly technical in nature. DebConf15, the 16th Debian Conference, will be held from the 15th to the 22nd of August at Heidelberg International youth hostel in Heidelberg, Germany.

FSFE will be there with a booth at the weekend of 15th to 16th August. The camp presents itself as "an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms". FSFE will be present with an own village throughout the days to welcome every interested person, friend and sustaining members. The village will offer promotion material, merchandise and contact with people from the FSFE. You can use the village as a meeting point, to hangout or to have a chat about current activities as well as your own ideas. You will find power supply and ethernet connectivity as well.

You can also use our village for a self-organised session, please contact eal fsfe. On Friday 7 August at More than gamers are filling a huge exhibition hall. Besides, there are some talks and an exhibition area. FSFE will attend with a booth, together with friends from safecreative. On Saturday, July 25 at 7: The Fellowship meeting will take place in Bamberg's Hackerspace "Backspace" which is conveniently located near the train station and the downtown area, Spiegelgraben On Saturday 25 July at The organisers also did an interview with Matthias about his background, motivation, how he joined Free Software, and some of his hobbies.

It is a good occasion to meet us and inform you about Free Software! Dazu findet am Wir treffen uns ab etwa Ebenso wird die Frage eine Rolle spielen: FSFE will also be present with an info booth. The Chaos Cologne is a conference for hacktivists, artists and makers and takes place in the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne. The FSFE will be present with a booth and is looking forward to have interesting talks with you about Free Software and society. With more than lectures and workshops the Linuxwochen Vienna in the FH Technicum is one of the biggest community-organized events in Vienna.

FSFE will be present with a booth and is looking forward to interesting discussions and informations about Free Software. The admission is free. Der Vortrag beschreibt einige der Neuheiten, die mit Version 2. Achtung, das Treffen findet nicht im Chaosdorf, sondern ab Our meetings are a good possibility to meet other Fellows as well as other Free Software enthusiasts. You can get good food and best drinks at e-lok for a reasonable price and good mood for no cost.

Official start is at Themen werden diesmal unter anderem sein: Die Fellowship-Gruppe Bonn setzt sich bei jedem Treffen ein Thema, das mit einem kurzen oder langen Vortrag vorgestellt wird. On the 21st of January the Fellowship Group in Hamburg, Germany, will have their regular monthly meeting.

Start is at 12 am, language is English. Komm' vorbei, wir freuen uns auf Deinen Besuch! Es steht das Thema Gesundheitskarte auf der Agenda.

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Our guides focus on and have been tested with hardware sold during the u: For more information on that see www. Bringing your own hardware is a requirement. Find more information on the website or get in touch at contact free-your-ubook. Welches Paket vermisst du ganz dringend in Debian? Free speech is a human right, and a cornerstone of any democratic society. To enable communication, it is important that documents can be opened and read by the people who are meant to receive them.

In today's world, it is equally important that we have the ability to ensure that documents are read only by the people meant to receive them, to prevent a scenario where both censorship and self-censorship degrade the ability of citizens to speak freely to each other, develop new ideas, and drive the progress of our society. The event, which includes a presentation of the DebianParl project, will run from Attendance is free of charge. Pre-registration is required in order to enter the Parliament.

The event takes place on 23 March from 9: The Open Data Day is a gathering of citizens in cities around the world to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and publish analyses using open public data to show support for and encourage the adoption open data policies by the world's local, regional and national governments. While the consultation attempts to cover all areas of user's and creators' experiences, some questions are specifically relevant for Free Software advocates. At this meeting, we will have a look at the questions we find interesting, discuss them together and submit answers in our own name.

We will meet at On December 11, Come, present your work and meet FSFE volunteers who will attend the event! On the 19th of November there will be a second session of the MutterWare, which Hugo started back in March. The MutterWare is a meeting of users of the mail client mutt, either long-time experts, just beginners, or even not-yet-users.

It's about discussing the functionalities, exchanging tips and hacks, and enjoying a good talk. The meeting will take place in Mozilla's Parisian new offices near the Grands Boulevards, starting at 8p. On November 14 there will be next Berlin Fellowship meeting that is going to take place at e-lok next to Ostkreuz. Silvan will discuss variuos opportunities with us to use Free Software for your calender management. In addition we will talk about FSFE's last months activities. As usual, the Fellowship meeting is a good possibility to meet other Fellows as well as other Free Software enthusiasts.

The event will take place at the Rheinisches Industriemuseum in Oberhausen, Germany. Entrance fee is 5 EUR. On Saturday 26 October from Harald Welte from gpl-violations. The event is by invitation only, if you want to participate contact Matthias Kirschner. At LinuxCon Europe in Edinburgh, Karsten Gerloff will discuss how technology is shifting power in our society , and what we need to do in order to put it where it belongs: The GNU project started on September 27, This month, its anniversary is celebrated around the world by the GNU community and Free Software activists.

Join and take action everyday with GNU-a-Day , six more software freedom actions until the end of September. From July , , several thousand people will come to Brussels from all over Europe to participate in the Libre Software meeting , one of Europe's largest conferences for Free Software developers, technology entrepreneurs and civil society activists. Come and meet us! He will also describe FSFE's work to build public awareness for Free Software, and to create the foundations of a free information society.

Am Mittwoch, den Das Treffen findet ab The THSF is one of France's biggest general public meeting dealing with creative and political uses of technology. The event will take place at Mix'art Myrys. All Fellows, new and old, are invited to participate and to establish the new group and to plan our work. The meeting room is booked in the name of Marco Brushes. On 11th of April there will be the next Berlin Fellowship meeting and it is going to take place at e-lok next to Ostkreuz.

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Various topics will be discussed, among them the DFD, the Berliner Linuxtage as well as a coordinators meeting. It is open for everyone, novizes and experts alike. Another way of presentation are two talks which will be given by Matthias Kirschner and Erik Albers. Matthias Kirschner's topic is "Vom Aussterben bedroht: On 14th of March there will be the next Berlin Fellowship meeting and it is going to take place at e-lok next to Ostkreuz. On this occasion we are celebrating a GnuPG-Key-signing party with the slogan: If you like to take part in the awarding ceremony, don't miss to come to the Fellowship meeting to discuss all details.

You can get good food and best drinks at e-lok for a reasonable price to spend a happy evening. Afterwards, the participants will be able to host FYA workshops on their own and will do so in April. The event will take place in the 'Krautspace', Jena, on On 14th of February there will be the next Berlin Fellowship meeting and it is going to take place at e-lok next to Ostkreuz.

There will be the possibility to meet other Fellows as well as other Free Software enthusiasts. This can be quite some fun, especially as it is "I love Free Software" day. In addition, you can get good food and best drinks at e-lok to spend a happy evening. If you have a good software in mind, you would like to share with us and you can explain it in 3 minutes, you are welcome to promote it at our meeting!

If you are thinking about liberating your phone, you shouldn't miss this event. And if you have already liberated your phone, there will be an opportunity for you as well as for everyone interested to make professional recordings of testimonials running free software on mobile devices. You have to register, but registration is open and public. To begin the GNU year, FSFE fellows and free software activists will gather for a meeting in Paris to discuss topics such as how to promote freedom and privacy-respecting Android mobile systems, and engage a debate on how to deal with social networks in the internet age with the GNU Consensus initiative.

But it is also a nice opportunity for a relaxed and informal moment together, open to everybody. Das Seminar beginnt um For this year's last Berlin Fellowship meeting, we've prepared something special for all Fellows and friends: Volker, having CACert Assurance Points, gives us insights on daily security using encryption, key-signing and certificates! Also, there's going to be a nice retrospective about the Free Software Year If this is still not enough: Free Gluehwein for everyone! As always, you'll find more details about the location and time at GriCal. On December 11th at The talk is organized by Spline Talks and is open for public at no charge.

The talk, in German, will be held in Raum K60, Takustr. The event, hosted at IN-Berlin e. Matthias Kirschner is invited as an expert on Free Software, to talk about the role of Free Software for the public administration. The talk, in German, will be held at c-base and is open for public at no charge. On November 15th at Despite the fact that computers and - more and more - portable devices are universal machines, todays hardware often comes with anti-features or Digital Restrictions Management.

This track by the FSFE will focus on this ongoing and increasing process of users restrictions. Thereby it concentrates on current trends and what we are in need of to stop them. This time, we meet again at our new default location IN-Berlin. As always, location details can be found on the GriCal event page.

There is no fixed agenda for the meeting, so expect a free-minded, happy come-together! If you have any general discussion topics or announcements they are also welcome. Please come and join, it's free for all and everyone is welcome! On November 7, Richard Stallman will give the talk "Copyright vs. Community"at the Reykjavik University. The speech will start at He will give a talk about "Trends in programming: Free Software and practices" at Richard Stallman will give another speech, in the same venue, that evening at On November 3rd at The talk, in German, will be held at He will attend and comment the presentation of the Positive Agenda for Copyright reform in Europe, a collaborative system.

The talk will explain the current problems and will point out other countries experiences relevant to take into mind for Finland's LibreOffice future development. Also, it will cover Helsinki innitiatives, like Helsinki OpenOffice pilot in This time, we'll be hosted by LinuxWorks! Friedrichshain at the E-Lok Jugendclub near Ostkreuz. The discussion about whether "patents enable innovation in the computer software field" is organised by the European Patent Organisation.

The Finnish think tank Visio organizes in Helsinki on 25th of September at FSFE is an co-organizer in the event. From 10am until 7pm we will be answering questions at our information desk and giving out leaflets and live CDs from different free operating systems. We will bring notebook computers as well to show interested passers-by how well Free Software works and how good it looks. The workshop is open for all attendees of the conference. FSFE will again maintain a booth.

Coordination is done via the the Fellowship Wiki. The talk will be at The speech, at 11 a. The speech, at We're looking forward to meeting many of you! On July 11, Richard Stallman gives a talk talk about "Copyright vs. Community" at Campus Garching, Munich. Focus of this talk will be threats deriving from actual copyright law on scientific publishing. More transparency in the heart of Europe: The European Parliament has built a software tool which lets the people working there track the development of proposals into laws.

Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required in order to enter the Parliament building. We are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Please, register in order to attend the event. Everyone is invited to partake and help locate, remove, and replace advertisements for proprietary software on the websites of public bodies. The event is part of our effort to stop public bodies from restricting the users' freedom and unfairly distorting the competition in favour of certain proprietary software makers.

As part of the event, participants will be introduced to finding offending sites, contacting offending sites, listing offending sites on our web site, and keeping track of responses to the memoranda to offenders. Please, register in order to participate in the event. The event will take place at the room 1. On June 22, Richard Stallman gives a talk about "Copyright vs. Community" at Forward company venue, Camden. Topic of the lecture will be "An endangered species: The lecture will begin at Information, merchandise, and a friendly chat will be available. Torsten Grote gives a talk about how to regain control of your Android device and your data by running almost exclusively Free Software on your phone at the LinuxTag Berlin, Saturday Participation is free of charge but limited by its size.

Therefore, registration is requested. The panel discussion will be recorded by Inforadio rbb 93,1; broadcast is on 27 May at 9. Please join us on Saturday April 28 at for a relaxed evening of drinks and conversation. Focus will be on consolidating the fsfe. Please notify the Web mailing list if you're attending. On April 12 and 13, FSFE will be organizing its fifth edition of Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop in Amsterdam, which brings together legal experts from all over the world to discuss the future of Free Software, its licenses and the best practices in the field.

On Thursday, April 12th, at Come and join us! On Thursday, April 11th, at The British Computer Society is hosting this series of talks between UK Coordinator Sam Tuke will open the event with an international historical perspective on the use of Free Software in the public sector. There will be a Free Software talk and booth at each event and a live link up bringing environmentalists together via Free Software systems.

It is a day which is dedicated to promote the importance of Open Document Formats and Open Standards in general. Various kind of activities are planned by a grassroot movement all over the world. If you like to participate, look how you can get involved. The event takes place on 24 March from 9: The event will take place from Martin Husovec, our current legal intern will be giving presentation at workshop V 4 paradigm shift in copyright organized by Asimov Foundation. On Thursday, March 8th, at Our online campaign aims at rising awareness to Free Software and the passionate, hard-working people behind it.

You can participate in our campaign from all over the world. Show them that you appreciate their work — it could make all the difference! We would like to invite all supporters of Free Software to celebrate this day together with us. During the day, there will be workshops and talks concerning various topics about Free Software. In the evening there will be a live concert with four bands that are willing to play in support of Free Software.

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For more information have a look at our event-page. On Thursday, February 9th, at Like every year, we're looking forward to many great meetings and discussions, and a very good time for all. Want to do something for Free Software? Then you can help us make FSFE's website better! Join us for our regular Web Friday today from We'll meet on Jabber conference jabber.

Afterwards, it's "pick a bug and squash it"! Drop in, enjoy great company, and meet people who are as passionate about Free Software as you are. Whether today or at any other time, you're always welcome to contribute to the web team's work. Read here to find out how stuff works. We're looking forward to seeing you around! As usual, you will find more detailed information on the wiki page.

For regular meetings, we recommend you to have a look at the wiki page and maybe also to subscribe to the mailing list. Than this is the track for you. Registration is still possible on fscons. Contact will seek to explore and realize the greater promise of social media to promote new forms of culture, commerce, collective action, and creativity. Technologists, artists, activists, businesspeople, funders, and other stakeholders have been invited to discuss the networked future, and come together to hatch new ideas, connect with new collaborators, and forge an ongoing community for innovating social media and beyond.

On Thursday, October 13th, at At the EuropeanaTech in Vienna, a conference about exploring the technical challenges of making digital cultural and scientific information easily accessible for the public, Peter Bubestinger will give a talk titled: Fellowship meeting at Gerry Gavigan, chairman of the Open Source Consorium , will travel from London to open the meeting with a talk.

All Fellows and non-Fellows are cordially invited to attend. The event will take place at Pl. Politechniki 1, , Warsaw, Poland. Its goal is educational, teaching people why Free Software is the best choice when it comes to using Software. Organised and coordinated by the Software Freedom International, SFD invites everyone to participate and take action on a local level. Expect booths and workshops in the afternoon. There will be a program with some talks and several free software projects as exhibitors as well as examinations of the Linux Professional Institute.

Everyone is welcome to visit us, no matter if you're beginner or already have some free software knowledge. Detailed information in german language can be found at http: Two FSFE representatives will be present at the cross party discussion in Edinburgh, discussing Free Software and Open Standards with a wide range of other public and private organisations.

September Open Sessions organized by Igalia. It is open to the public, no admission fee. On Thursday, September 8th, at The Braderie of Lille is a popular event every year in the streets of Lille north of France. Read all the information about the event.

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Don't hesitate to join us! If you plan to come and see us, let us know! FSFE will have a booth at the event. Join Free Software advocates on Saturday between Cake and Pizza provided! On Thursday, August 11th, at Come and meet up with a new intern! Please have a look at the wiki page for more detailed information. It is recommended to pay attention on the hints at the wiki page and may also to subscribe to the mailing list. Several other speakers have also been invited to talk about topics around the decentralisation of the Internet. Whether at the booth, at the conferences or for a drink on evenings, we look forward to seeing you there!

On Thursday, July the 14th, at Come and debate with us! The concept — removing advertisings for non-free software from public sector organisations' websites — will be explained in detail, as well as the keys to succeed in a similar action. The talk will take place in "room A fisl 1" on the 1st of July, at Many international speakers such as Richard Stallman will be present and give talks on open knowledge, open data and Free Software.

With June of this year, the Hamburg Fellows start a new kind of Meeting, where the day in the month and the location may change from month to month. Thus it is important to pay attention on the hints at the Wiki-Page and may also to subscribe to the mailing list. Detailed information can be found on the fellowship wiki german only: Come and celebrate your freedom in Ljubljana! Please drop us a line to president-assist fsfeurope. For this month's fellowship meeting, Michiel de Jong, who also recently gave us an interview , will talk about his project: How free software can compete with today's hosted software" in English.

Unhosted is a highly significant Free Software project for the future of personal data as well as online applications! Please be welcome to come and listen to his talk, as well as to take part in the following discussion. Meeting is next Thursday, June the 9th, at 7: Flashed with Free Software, these robots can be programmed very easily to explore the room, follow a black line on the ground, avoid obstacles… The aim being that the participants can then offer such a nice workshop in schools. Include Out of Stock. Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more.

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