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But New Zealanders should expect a fine Saturday with the exception being the northern tip and the east coast of the North Island. With Auckland getting to 20 degrees and most places in the South Island getting to degrees. MetService says late Tuesday, another front is forecast to approach the far south of New Zealand, and the west to southwest flow ahead of this front should strengthen.

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Five dogs have been in action since March, searching for ever-changing psychoactive substances smuggled into prisons. Since then, the dogs have retrieved 33 samples of synthetic cannabis, nearly one a week.

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But that's nowhere near as high as other drugs that are found. But the Ministry of Corrections said it's front-footing potential prison deaths from synthetics after inmate fatalities overseas. So we are constantly staying ahead of what's out there today," dog trainer Ricky Trevithick said. Training for the five dogs will be on-going, with ingredients constantly changing and new batches constantly coming onto the drug market.

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Ten primary school children in Carterton have been taken to Wairarapa Hospital after a plane is thought to have accidentally sprayed the school with pesticide. Wellington Free Ambulance says 10 children with moderate symptoms have been transported to the hospital in Masterton and paramedics are treating 40 other people - children and adults - with very minor symptoms.

All the children and their families are being well looked after with extra food and water," he said. One-hundred-and-seven people are going through a decontamination process, consisting of washing down, and fresh dry clothes, Mr Procter said. Symptoms the affected children have are generally low-level, consisting of nausea, vomiting and itchy eyes, he said. Parents have been seen arriving at the school with a change of clothes and children are slowly coming out one by one in towels.

Carterton Fire senior station officer Wayne Robinson said local people have been presenting to the local medical centre after the incident. A 1 NEWS reporter at the scene says there are numerous appliances there and roads are blocked in several directions.

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Police say they are investigating and are going door to door in the area checking on residents' welfare and trying to locate the source of the smell. A statement on the school's Facebook page read: Some Auckland dairy owners are optimistic that limiting where tobacco is sold could reduce the number of robberies. Early findings from a Regional Public Health survey of Auckland dairy owners suggest they may be on board with legislation that will only permit the sale of tobacco from specialist stores. While the idea has received support from some, others said it would drastically reduce sales and force some shops to shut down.

The owner, who asked not to be named out of fear her store would be targeted for stocking tobacco, supported the idea of specialist, tobacco-only stores.

So what is normal behaviour online?

Just under 20 Auckland dairy owners were surveyed - and most of those businesses were family-owned. Dean Adam, from Regional Public Health, said despite some owners being in the business for 35 years an increase in dairy robberies had caused anxiety for owners and many were happy to ditch the products.

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Prototype website So What is Normal? Suggesting new kinds of resources on disability and architecture http: Making Discursive Spaces http: The University of Brighton's College of Arts and Humanities leads the internationally-reputed provision of arts from the institution. History of Art and Design.

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