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As partially depicted in the post-credits scene of The Incredible Hulk , a disgraced Ross sits drinking in a bar, when he is approached by Stark, who annoys Ross so much that he tries to have Stark removed from the bar.

In reply, Stark buys the bar and has it scheduled for demolition. The next day, Coulson informs Sitwell that their plan worked, and that Blonsky will remain in prison. What better character to represent this idea than Agent Coulson, the first S. The actor noticed that the One-Shots could then provide more information on Coulson, to "build the audience's relationship [with] him" before his impactful death. To help with this, Pearson included Sitwell in the short, who had a minor role in Thor , and had him and Coulson "brainstorming a way to deal with this red tape bureaucratic politics of the Avengers Initiative".

While Coulson shops for snacks in the back of the station, two robbers enter and demand the money from the register. When the robbers ask whose car is outside, Coulson reveals himself, surrenders his keys, and offers to surrender his pistol as well. As he is about to turn over the gun, Coulson distracts the robbers and subdues both men in seconds. He then nonchalantly pays for his snacks while subtly advising the clerk not to mention his involvement to the police and leaves the station.

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The First Avenger Blu-ray release on October 25, The couple use it to rob a few banks, drawing the attention of S. Agent Sitwell tracks the couple down to a motel room that gets wrecked in the subsequent confrontation, and the stolen money gets destroyed. Instead of killing the couple, Sitwell invites them to join S. Item 47 was released on The Avengers Blu-ray on September 25, There must be weapons everywhere". One year after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger , [10] Agent Peggy Carter , now a member of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, is stuck compiling data instead of working field cases.

One night while alone in the office, the case line rings, informing Carter of the location of the mysterious Zodiac. She goes to the location, and is able to retrieve the serum single-handedly. The next day, her boss, Agent John Flynn, reprimands her for not going through the proper procedures to complete the mission. Carter explains that the mission was time-sensitive, but Flynn is unmoved, dismissing the indignant Carter as an "old flame" of Captain America 's who was given her current job out of pity for her bereavement.

The case line rings again, this time with Howard Stark on the other end, who tells Flynn to inform Carter that she will co-head the newly created S. In a mid-credit scene, Dum Dum Dugan is seen poolside with Stark, marveling at two women wearing the newly created bikinis. Agent Carter , released on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray release on September 24, , as well as part of the digital download release on September 3, , [17] was seen as a good way of bridging that film with the then upcoming Captain America: It had previously been considered to be released on other home media releases as well.

The First Avenger to save money.

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He also composes the music for the MCU television series Marvel's Agent Carter , which is directly related to the short. Trevor Slattery , having been captured at the end of Iron Man 3 , is now being held in Seagate Prison. At the prison, he is living luxuriously, having his own personal "butler", Herman, as well as other inmates who act as his fan club and protection from other inmates. Looking on at the attention Slattery receives in the cafeteria is Justin Hammer , who wonders what makes him so special. Slattery has been talking with a documentary filmmaker, Jackson Norriss , to chronicle the events of the Mandarin situation seen in Iron Man 3.

Trying to learn more about him personally, Norriss recounts Slattery's past from his first casting as a child to his starring in a failed CBS pilot. Norriss eventually informs Slattery that his portrayal has angered some people, including the actual Ten Rings terrorist group, which Slattery did not know existed. Norriss tells him the history of the Mandarin and the terrorist group, before revealing that he is actually a member of the group. The real reason for Norriss interviewing Slattery is to break him out of prison so he can meet the actual Mandarin.


Hearing this, Slattery still has no idea of the full ramifications of his posing as the Mandarin. In October , Ben Kingsley said he was working on a secret project with Marvel involving "many members of the crew that were involved in Iron Man 3 ," [21] later revealed to be the short All Hail the King , [11] which was released on the digital download release of Thor: The collection was released on December 8, It's about four minutes of Coulson being a badass, if the definition of 'badass' is performing needless slow-motion action stunts and then pausing to consider something normal people would consider — like which donuts to buy.

Andre Dellamorte of Collider called Item 47 "silly". With a longer run time, the short film doesn't have to rush to show us everything that it wants to — we get a clear understanding of both the S. Andy Hunsaker of Crave Online said, " Agent Carter is a fun treat which could lead the way for some female-led Marvel films and, if nothing else, it gives its title character the send-off she deserves.

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  • She kicks so much ass in this short story with such aplomb, using not just brawn but also brains, and it's all very clever and fun. He said that it's "a return to the loveable personality of the hapless Trevor and a step forward for the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has its twists that should satisfy both lovers and haters of Trevor Slattery. But it's the approach that Pearce takes with the material, from the kung-fu movie style credit sequences to the light-hearted tone that takes a sudden and jarring turn.

    Kingsley once again shines in the role of Slattery, aloof and ignorant, but more than happy to slide back into Mandarin mode if it will please his adoring fans. Pearce does go for some of the same jokes from Iron Man 3 in a sort of referential way, but it's nothing too damaging. Wu, from Iron Man 3 , who only appeared in 10 seconds of the film outside of China; Xueqi appeared in three minutes of the Chinese release of the film. The Prologue would be composed of sequences shot during the production of Iron Man 3 and would elaborate on Wu with the short set before the events of Iron Man.

    DMG added they were unsure of how they would release the short, saying rumors claiming The Prologue could possibly release on television or a future MCU home media release were "speculations". Marvel , and Black Widow. It's just impossible for us cost wise. The short would be 30 seconds, and it's over. One shot of Loki on Asgard. And designing the costume, getting it going … We tried. We were there in development, and we tried, but they were very difficult for all the reasons I gave.

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    In May , Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige stated that there were "no active plans for the One-Shots to return", but added that the studio was not opposed to continuing the series, [38] and there was already "a backlog of ideas" for potential One-Shots. I don't know how much beyond that we can go It's just about finding the time and the place. Ragnarok , also stated there had been discussions to resurrect the One-Shots, creating one centered on the characters Korg and Miek from Ragnarok. Feige also noted that the One-Shot films could potentially "morph into extra content that's created prior to a film's release instead of for its home entertainment release", noting the successful " Team Thor " mockumentary shorts directed by Waititi, which "were great fun, and are quite doable, and in some parts helped redefine Thor into what he's become in Ragnarok in a fun way.

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    • The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. This form of working is particularly common in the ICT sector. Such consultants are often called "contractors" since they are usually providing technical services such as programming or systems analysis that could be performed in-house were it not easier for the employer to operate a flexible system of only hiring such technologists at times of peak workload rather than permanently.

      While many consultants work for firms, there is also an increasing number of independent consultants. Many of these professionals also join networks or alliances that allow them to find collaborators and new clients. Though most of the back-office research and analysis occurs at the consultants' offices or home-offices , in the case of smaller consulting firms, consultants typically work at the site of the client for at least some of the time.

      By spending time at the client's organization, the consultant is able to observe work processes, interview workers, managers, executives, board members, or other individuals, and study how the organization operates. The governing factor on where a consultant works tends to be the amount of interaction required with other employees of the client. If a management consultant is providing advice to a software firm that is struggling with employee morale, absenteeism and issues with managers and senior engineers leaving the firm , the consultant will probably spend a good deal of time at the client's office, interviewing staff, engineers, managers and executives, and observing work processes.

      On the other hand, a legal consultant asked to provide advice on a specific property law issue might only have a few meetings at the client's office, and conduct the majority of his work at the consultant's office and in legal libraries. Similarly, the growth of online, highly skilled consultant marketplaces has begun to grow.

      This means that many consultants have become much more flexible in where they can work and the nature of their work. There is no single qualification to be a consultant other than those laid down in relation to medical, psychological and engineering personnel who have attained this level-degree in it or professional licenses.

      Consultants may hold undergraduate degrees , graduate degrees , professional degrees or professional designations pertaining to their field s of expertise. In some fields, a consultant may be required to hold certain professional licenses e. In other types of consulting, there may be no specific qualification requirements. A legal consultant may have to be a member of the bar or hold a law degree. An accounting consultant may have to have an accounting designation, such as Chartered Accountant status. On the other hand, some individuals become consultants after a lengthy and distinguished career as an executive or political leader, so their management or government experience may be their main "credential", rather than a degree or professional designation.

      Consultant Peter Block defines a consultant as "someone who has influence over an individual, group, or organization, but who has no direct authority to implement changes. Internationally the accreditation of management consultants is overseen by higher education training and accreditation organizations. For management consultancy services, the ISO standard has been available since From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.