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If a typical white family in the US has dollars, how many dollars does a typical black US family have? Why are we so bad at guessing levels of inequality in society? How much of a role does your class play in preventing wise decision-making? Are upper and middle-class people especially bad at taking wise decisions? Why does more education equate to less wise reasoning in interpersonal affairs?

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Michael Kraus joins Igor and Charles to tease economic fact from fiction, discussing accuracy of class signalling, implications of new marshmallow-based research, woeful underestimations of inequality, and the roots of our convenient blindness. Igor breaks down surprising research suggesting that we should both pay more attention to how working class people approach interpersonal clashes and be wary of disruptive hipster beards, Michael forces us to look at the dark underbelly of the American dream, and Charles has questions about Jay-Z and the validity of cockney impersonations as a measurement tool.

Welcome to Episode 6. Do 'wise people' even exist? Do we have 'wise characters' or is our behaviour more influenced by 'wise situations'? And if so, what kinds of situations best support wise behaviour? Eranda Jayawickreme joins Igor and Charles to discuss the classic battle royale of the person-situation debate, whole trait theory and the ever-controversial Stanford Prison experiment. Igor outlines the actor-observer bias and suggests that westerners should be more sympathetic to grumpy waitstaff, Eranda considers the motivations behind blaming bad apples vs bad barrels and the implications for the justice system, and Charles learns that overestimating the robustness of his own virtue can lead to all manner of perilous situations.

Welcome to Episode 5. Are emotions simply bugs in the system that prevent us from taking wise decisions? Or do they play an essential role in guiding us towards the wisest path? In short, should we be like hyper-rational cool-headed Mr Spock, or more like the emotionally sensitive Master Yoda?

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How much can we even observe and guide our emotions as they unfold anyway? And are emotionally intelligent geniuses necessarily more moral than the rest of us? Welcome to Episode 4. Why do we avoid thinking about our own death? How does contemplating our own mortality change our day-to-day behaviour?

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Why do drivers, when reminded of the fact that they will die, actually drive even faster? Whilst society typically hides death from us, might certain death reflection scenarios actually lead to the development of wisdom? Laura Blackie has considered these and many related questions, and joins Igor and Charles to discuss Terror Management Theory, Death Reflection, and the potential upsides of contemplating our own demise.

Igor dismisses a death clock which tells him he won't live as long as Charles, Laura outlines the possible prosocial benefits of imagining a painful and horrible death, and Charles admits to spending too much time thinking about whether his funeral will be well attended. Welcome to Episode 3.

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  • Does wisdom really come with age? Or is this an outdated myth from a bygone era? How might wisdom develop in a brain that's ageing? Or perhaps by 'age', are we really talking about 'experience'? If so, do all experiences lead to wisdom, or only bad ones?

    If old people can be foolish, can young people ever be wise? And how on earth do you even gather reliable evidence across generations? Igor brings sad news of declining brain function to anyone over 25 and cautions against seeking out traumatic experiences as a strategy for developing wisdom, whilst Charles is forced to rethink his whole position on Jude Law. Welcome to Episode 2. Identify the word pairs with a common ancestor.

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    Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! Synonyms for wisdom Synonyms: Noun 1 discernment , insight , perception , perceptiveness , perceptivity , sagaciousness , sagacity , sageness , sapience Visit the Thesaurus for More. Choose the Right Synonym for wisdom Noun 1 sense , common sense , judgment , wisdom mean ability to reach intelligent conclusions. Examples of wisdom in a Sentence Noun 1 She has gained a lot of wisdom over the years. I fail to see the wisdom in doing that.

    He shared a valuable bit of wisdom with his daughter. These stories offer plenty of wisdom to readers. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The skeptics who questioned the wisdom of this debt-fueled spending spree were drowned out by one magazine cover after another marveling at someone so young taking such breathtaking risks.

    But is it worth it?

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    Who knows, but Virginia cops stopped traffic for it," 20 June Some stayed silent while others openly questioned the wisdom of the policy. First Known Use of wisdom Noun 1 before the 12th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1d Noun 2 15th century, in the meaning defined above.

    Learn More about wisdom. Resources for wisdom Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. From the Editors at Merriam-Webster.

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    A Drudge of Lexicographers Presents A Drudge of Lexicographers Presents: Collective Nouns What do you call a group of cats? Phrases Related to wisdom in someone's infinite wisdom pearl of wisdom. Time Traveler for wisdom The first known use of wisdom was before the 12th century See more words from the same century. English Language Learners Definition of wisdom. Kids Definition of wisdom. More from Merriam-Webster on wisdom Thesaurus: