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Did not many of the Pentecostal Church do this very thing? They were concerned that Peter had been imprisoned by Herod. God was graciously pleased to answer this prayer and release His servant, who thereupon came to the house of Mary the mother of John, where "many were gathered together praying" verse twelve , and knocked at the door of the gate. When the damsel Rhoda, who recognized Peter's voice, ran to tell them, they said to her "thou art mad" verse fifteen.

Now this was praying, but it was certainly not watching and praying, for when the answer came, they were unprepared for it. However, we have no stones to throw at these believers, for how many times in the experience of both the writer and reader has this not been repeated? May God keep us wide awake to recognize immediately His answers to our petitions.

True prayer has an intensity and earnestness behind it We know little of Epaphras and his ministry, but of two things we can be certain; his keenness and practical love for the saints at Colosse and Laodicea Col. While it would be going too far to translate this word "agonize" as some have done, it has in its composition the word agon meaning "a race or contest", and it brings before our mind the fact that effective praying has behind it an intensity of effort compared to an athlete running a race.

Does this characteristic truthfully describe our praying? An apathetic or spasmodic prayer life accomplishes nothing, and often we may be convicted of laxity in this respect. How often have we heard in public, prayer finished with the phrase "for Christ's sake, Amen" and so rushed over as though it was of little importance and merely a formal or correct way of concluding.

Do we realize that it is only because of the Lord Jesus Christ and His precious redemptive work that prayer is possible at all? If we do, then we shall be very conscious of this supreme fact as we pray and ask that all His fragrance should be cast over all our spiritual breathings to God. Literally the words read, "I have prayed peri around thee". Peter was, as it were, surrounded with a wall of protective prayer by the Lord and in spite of his weakness and failure, his faith was preserved thereby.

No wonder he was so soon to be smitten with remorse and turn back to Him, from his grievous fall, with true repentance. The Lord uses the same expression in John Paul, in his concern for the Thessalonian and Colossian saints uses the same thought 2 Thess. Do we uphold in prayer those who are in special need in this way? It may be that distance separates such from us, but prayer can annihilate the greatest distance and protect them from harm and danger. True prayer makes doctrine real and experimental In Ephesians 1: But this did not exhaust what he had to teach the Ephesian saints. Before he proceeds further, he begins to pray that the truth so far given may become real and experimental to each of his readers verses Every public Bible reading and every private reading of the Scriptures should send us to our knees and make us realize the increasing responsibility that every revelation of Truth brings, and the need that we should not only receive it as Truth Eph.

Reading about our inheritance in Christ, is like viewing it afar off. Prayer brings it near and makes it our own possession. True prayer will conform to the will of God On reaching this point, we have come to the center of the purpose of all prayer, that is, to bring each one of us into conformity to the Lord's will, whatever that may involve. Alas, so many of us journey such a long way along the road of Christian experience before we reach this point.

When we can honestly and truthfully say we long for nothing so much as His will in our lives, whatever that may cost, and when our wills are completely submerged in His, we have progressed far towards the goal of spiritual maturity. We shall not reach this stage until we know something of the deception, frailty and sinfulness of our own hearts, and, at the same time, the boundless love and infinite concern for our eternal happiness that exists in the heart of our Heavenly Father towards each one of us.

Then, and not till then, can we say as the Saviour did, "Thy will, not mine, be done" Luke There must be an abandonment of all known sin in our lives The Old Testament saints had to learn this lesson. Both John and James, in their epistles, stress the same truth: There must be a practical realization of the truth of Sanctification The root meaning of sanctification is separation , with its twofold aspect of being separated from the world and separated to the Lord, for the fulfillment of His will in daily service. When the judgment upon the cities of the plain was impending, there were two believers who figure largely in the story.

One was inside the city of Sodom, namely Lot, and one was outside t he city, namely Abraham.


Although Lot was vexed every day by the sin which surrounded him 2 Pet. He is a type of the believer who is not only in the world but of the world and knows little of sanctification in practice. It was left to Abraham, the separated one, to intercede for these wicked cities Gen. It is impossible for a believer who has too close a contact with a world which is under the domination of Satan Eph. We must, in practice, be outside the enemy's camp if we wish to accomplish anything for those who are still inside it.

There must be no self-motive in prayer "Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts" James 4: The Greek word hedone translated "lust" is elsewhere rendered "pleasure" and is used in the parable of the Sower to describe those who fall among thorns and are choked with cares and riches and pleasures of this life and bring no fruit to perfection Luke 8: Sometimes it is a good thing to take stock of ourselves, searching our hearts and asking whether the things we constantly ask of God are for His glory, the blessing of others, or are they for the gratification of our desires?

Is He and His service first and last, and self excluded? Undispensational praying We have before commented on this very prevalent source of denied petitions. If dispensational truth means anything at all it will have a practical bearing upon every phase of our life including our praying. We must learn to pray in harmony with our calling. It is not sufficient to quote any verse from the Bible and expect it to be a sufficient basis for the Lord to answer our requests. How many believers have claimed such promises as Matthew It is easy to explain the failure by reading into the promise conditions which are not there.

The answer to the problem is to be found, not in tampering with the Lord's words, but in rightly dividing the Word of Truth. Again, if instead of a slavish adherence to the "Lord's Prayer", the magnificent prayers of Ephesians one and three were used by God's people more frequently, would there not be a greater growth in grace and a deeper appreciation of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, and also of His will?

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There must be perseverance with our praying The Apostle Paul exhorted the saints at Colosse to continue in prayer 4: The word here is proskartereo. It occurs in Mark 3: Just as the purpose of this little ship was to be put at the Lord's disposal and wait for Him to use as He willed, so the believer, when he reaches the point in his spiritual growth where he earnestly longs for God's will, will likewise wait upon Him by continued prayer and watch for every indication of His hand to this end.

However, we must utter a word of warning. Persevering prayer to know our heavenly Father's will is one thing, but persistent praying that is outside His will may bring an answer that is terrible in the extreme. We think back on Israel's experience when, not satisfied with the gracious provision of the manna, "angel's food" as Scripture terms it, they longed for flesh such as they had in Egypt.

The whole of Numbers chapter eleven should be studied in this connexion. Did God answer their prayer? Yes, indeed He did, but with dreadful consequences as the context indicates. The Psalmist's comment is: And He gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul" Ps. Here was a terrible answer, consequent upon their determination to get something that was outside the will of God.

Let us ever remember that He is always more ready to answer than we are to pray, and that persevering prayer is necessary, not because He is aloof and unwilling, needing constant worrying that the answer may be wrung out of Him, but rather that the waiting time is for our spiritual growth, discipline and appreciation of His goodness. Let us not interpret beseeching as though it were besieging. Just as a wise and loving parent makes every provision for the needs of his child, yet he trains that child, to ask for these things and say "please", and "thank you" when they are granted.

Likewise our Heavenly Father deals in His grace and lovingkindness with us and teaches the true reason for prayer, to realize our utter dependence upon Him for all things necessary to Christian life and service, and a desire to be filled with a knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding Col. This lesson is not peculiar to the dispensation of the Mystery.

Through the prophet Ezekiel God had made known His will to Israel and showed what He was willing to do for them in restoration and blessing Ezek. But, although this was true, the earthly people had to learn the lesson of prayer: There are two opposing schools of thought among believers regarding prayer. One stresses the fact that God is sovereign and is working all things after the counsel of His own will Eph. To such, prayer cannot forward or retard His purposes and is likely to be under-valued. The other lays stress upon the responsibility of the believer and the fact that unbelief limits the Holy One of Israel Matt.

Such will talk of God being unable to work because of prayerlessness and of true prayer "moving the Hand that moves the world". It is very much like the arguments for free-will set up against election. The truth lies, as it so often does, midway between these two extremes. It is important to realize that God has a glorious plan for both the heavens and the earth, and that, finally, this plan cannot possibly miscarry.

Not to appreciate this would cause utter despair and make mockery of all Christian effort. At the same time, if redemption means anything at all, it signifies that the believer is not only alive spiritually, but free ; free to choose the way of the flesh and self-gratification as well as the will of the Lord.

And it is here that the supreme importance of prayer becomes manifest. If God is working to a plan and chooses to use redeemed human lives to carry it out, then the question arises as to what part each of us is going to play in its unfolding. The importance of this can hardly be overemphasized. Does it not mean that we must go to the Throne of Grace constantly and ask "Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do? We are assured by the Apostle Paul that it is according to the "effectual working in the measure of every part " that the Body grows Eph.

What this involves can only be discovered by prayer and waiting upon God. As there are no useless members in the physical body, so there should be none in the spiritual Body. That prayer does make a difference, the following Scriptures make abundantly clear. Now it could be argued that it was obviously the Lord's will that His Word should run unhindered and be glorified.

If so, then why the need for prayer? But the Apostle knew how easily the human factor could enter in and the flesh and the Devil intrude, and so hinder God's work. The same thought occurs here, but this time Paul is thinking of himself and any possible failure on his part to make known the great Secret.

Whether we take salvation to mean Paul's deliverance from prison or in a much deeper sense, his salvation with age abiding glory 2 Tim. It is clear that the suffering he was undergoing in his Roman prison was for the Lord's gain and the furtherance of the truth, and the prayers of the Philippian saints contributed a vital part to this great end. Whether this would have happened if the church at Philippi had not constantly remembered the Apostle in prayer, it is idle to speculate, but it is quite evident that Paul took them as a factor to be reckoned with in the outworking of the Lord's will "But withal prepare me also a lodging: Here, quite obviously, the Apostle is contemplating the possibility of his being set free from prison and in a position to visit Philemon; and this possibility is inextricably woven with Philemon's intercession for his release.

If prayer makes no difference to the daily happenings in our lives, why should Paul say, "I trust that through, or, on account of dia your prayers, I shall be given unto you"? Here Paul asks prayer for four important things concerning himself and mentions God's will regarding them. If the fulfillment of this will was automatic, there would be no need of such prayer, but it is evident that the Apostle did not so regard it, but rather that the petitions of the Church at Rome could materially help forward the fulfillment of his desire.

We trust that careful consideration of these passages will impress upon the mind of both writer and reader how vastly important our daily prayer-life is and how it can very practically affect not only our own Christian service but also the service of others. From time to time we come across believers who are exercised about their sphere of service and witness for the Lord.

They are rightly concerned about these things. It is not our province to direct the conscience of such, but this we can say that here is a supreme ministry we can all engage in, namely that of intercession. It will cost us something in time and perhaps in other ways, and we shall get no human commendation for it, as it is a thing only known to us and our Saviour.

Just as in our physical bodies there are organs like the heart and lungs doing vital work, yet are never seen like the external members as the hands and feet, so believers who engage in this vital activity behind the scenes may be doing as much in the Lord's sight as those whose service is in the open and manifest to all.

The reader will remember the wonderful type given in Exodus Joshua and his men were fighting strenuously with Amalek in the valley, but it was the man unseen at the hill top who controlled the battle , namely Moses. But Moses' hands were heavy; and they took a stone, and put it under him, and he sat thereon; and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands , the one on the one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun" verses 11, Do we who value dispensational truth and the glories of the dispensation of the Mystery, uphold our leaders like this in prayer?

Oh, the need today for many like Aaron and Hur! As we look around us we see a growing apathy to spiritual things in general and to our calling in particular.

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Christian walk and witness is getting more difficult as the weeks and months pass. We may put this down to the increasing apostasy and declension which marks the end of the age and we may be right in so doing. But can it be that we have not yet fully realized the possibilites latent in a vital prayer-life and that the lack of results which we deplore may be due to the fact that we have sown the seed of the written and spoken word and then forgotten to water it by the ministry of prayer?

Only then can we expect the increase or growth that God alone can give I Cor. This book has helped me sooo much! I don't even know where to begin this review. I usually don't enjoy this type of book. Sure, I've read several, but it's usually not a good, enjoyable experience and something that takes me forever to accomplish. That wasn't true with The Battle Plan for Prayer. I'll admit, it did take me awhile to get into this book, but once I did I thoroughly loved it. The book is chock-full of helpful prayer guidelines, amazing Bible verses, and lots of inspirational sto This book has helped me sooo much!

The book is chock-full of helpful prayer guidelines, amazing Bible verses, and lots of inspirational stories that really grabbed and held my interest. The writing was great; it really kept me wanting to read more. And everything mentioned by the Kendrick brothers is backed up with powerful Scripture references. All in all, this was an amazing book. It has really strengthened my prayer life. I underlined many places and scribbled in the margins. If you want to be challenged to grow closer to God, actively seek Him, and strengthen your prayer life, read this book. Feb 07, Crystal Scott rated it it was amazing.

I will admit I struggle with prayer, I don't like praying out loud, in front of people even my family. I don't know if its because I'm afraid I will not say the right thing. In the Battle Plan for Prayer, the Kendrick brothers will show us how to have a powerful prayer life. Guided by scripture we will learn to have a closer relationship I will admit I struggle with prayer, I don't like praying out loud, in front of people even my family.

Guided by scripture we will learn to have a closer relationship with Christ with the words we pray. Prayer should always be the first thing we turn to for attack in all of life's battles. With all these tools that Christ has given us along with His word, we will be ready for Battle. I highly recommend this book for anyone, young or old, man or woman. You will not be disappointed. Thank you the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book for my honest review. This book has been one of the most useful tools in transforming my prayer life.

I highly recommend reading this book. I believe it is useful not only to those new in their faith but those who have been following the Lord for years. I tend to be hesitant towards "fad" type Christian books. I was iffy as this was based off of the movie War Room and I wondered if this was just another way they were trying capitalize on the movie. It has surpassed my expectations in every way. I have a better unders This book has been one of the most useful tools in transforming my prayer life. I have a better understanding of prayer and how my prayer life was hindered.

You will not regret the time you spend reading and absorbing this book. The Battle Plan For Prayer is one of the best, most Biblical books I've ever read on a specific topic and the best one I've read on prayer!!!!!

I'm pretty sure every page had Scripture references which I think is so important and was very encouraging to me. It starts with "basics", but I still learned a lot from those chapters. It then goes to deeper "targeted strategies". The chapters are only a couple pages which was really nice. Overall, I would recommend this book The Battle Plan For Prayer is one of the best, most Biblical books I've ever read on a specific topic and the best one I've read on prayer!!!!!

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to learn Biblically about prayer, have a deeper prayer life, and see God do amazing things. It's good for "beginners" and also for people wanting to go even deeper. This is a study guide designed to help you on your journey of learning how to pray more biblical and strategically. To help in using this book as a study guide here are suggestions on how to use it: Prayer time should be both scheduled and spontaneous There is a battle plan page where you can list you scheduled This is a study guide designed to help you on your journey of learning how to pray more biblical and strategically.

Prayer time should be both scheduled and spontaneous There is a battle plan page where you can list you scheduled time and place for prayer and then prayer targets that helps you develop a specific, personalized and ongoing prayer list. Each focus area is further explained in the chapters they contain. For instance, the first chapter under Enlistment is the Legacy of Prayer. In this chapter we learn that there's not an issue we're facing that prayer can not address because nothing is too difficult or impossible for God to handle.

It also explains that the greatest and most spiritually successful men and women of the Bible were always people of prayer. We are reminded that no church program, religious event, political effort, or humanitarian cause can trump the awesome power of what God can do in response to the prayers of His people. Then the chapter ends with a prayers. This is a wonderful study for either a small group or an individual. It's set up in an easy to follow format. The verbiage is both easy to read and understandable.

Each area is backed up by biblical scriptures that you can reference to. The section of Ammunition offers an array of references such as: This area alone you could spend several hours if not days delving into the scripture. The last section is Reinforcements which consists of discussion questions.

10 Guidelines for Christian Living

This is a book that when you finish will be placed close by for easy reference. Would I recommend it to anyone? I can't think of anyone who would not benefit from this book whether you are new to Christianity or faithful believer. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. Jan 10, Austin Walters rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed The Battle Plan for prayer by Stephen because it deals with serious subjects that most people can relate. The book is organized well, which helps track all of the ideas and strategies.

I like how the author gives the reader a feeling that he is talking just to you. As the book goes on, I love how they use real life problems as examples. The main events in the story are about how you should not fight with people but pray to have your problems fought for. The main idea is about how important it is to keep a relationship with God. They talk about how your friends are there for you, but you should not fight with each other but with God to have problems solved. The reader is also told that only God can change people.

There is a main section on how to pray. The book is told the third person point of view. The main development is about becoming a better, more faithful person.

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They start with just praying and creating a relationship with God. They then talk about praying to get through the many hardships that many struggle to get through. They talk about how to handle pressure the best as someone can and finds ways to cope with the harshness of life. I would recommend The Battle Plan for Prayer to eighth grade and beyond because some of the subject matter and concepts are more mature. Both males and females would enjoy this book it has universal subject matter and no gender based content.

Besides the fact the book is associated with the Kendrick's "War Room" movie release, it comes with a clear mandate: It begins with a wonderful testimony of answered prayer which had serious implications for the two brothers and their family. Often our prayers can become unfocused and generic and this book provides a blueprint for a more strategic biblically based prayer life. The 35 short chapters are spread out across seven sections: Enlistment, Besides the fact the book is associated with the Kendrick's "War Room" movie release, it comes with a clear mandate: Enlistment, Basic Training, Conditioning, Strategies, Targets, Ammunition and Reinforcements and the authors encourage you to read a chapter a day.

Each chapter starts with a bible verse relating to the topic, moves into a short commentary and ends with a specific prayer. The 35 prayers alone make the investment in the book extremely worthwhile. I'm hoping the authors may provide some form of abbreviated resource that records only the prayers and chapter headings.

I found most of the topics were covered in enough detail however, there were some could have had more. There are also a number of excellent appendices providing bible verses and pointers to specific prayer points which I expect will be used by many readers. This is a book that will help all people pray more strategically whether or not your new to it or a veteran.

But it's important to always remember that the best way to to get better at prayer is by having your Bible open and start praying. Mar 09, Shannon rated it it was amazing. This study has revolutionized my experience with prayer. It's helpful to have strategies and a better understanding of something so fundamental to the Christian faith.

I feel changed having put a focus on communicating with God in better ways. It helped being involved in a small group going through the workbook as well. I also used the prayer cards that go along with the study that seemed to say exactly the things my heart needed to say at the time. I found the movie War Room pretty entertaining This study has revolutionized my experience with prayer. I found the movie War Room pretty entertaining a little cheesy but cute , but the resources available surrounding the movie are really great.

I just have to add that the narrator they got to do the audiobook sounds like a robot. That's my only criticism. Nov 12, Nay Denise rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is such a phenomenal book that focuses on prayer and doing so strategically and being specific. I loved every chapter and how it gave tips, ideas, prompts and scriptures to help me understand the different layers of prayer. Though prayer is complex, it's fairly simple as this book shares. I love the Kendrick brothers because their movies are amazing.

This book was just as great, if not better than their movies. This book has definitely embedded some key points to and of prayer that I will f This is such a phenomenal book that focuses on prayer and doing so strategically and being specific. This book has definitely embedded some key points to and of prayer that I will forever keep with me. I love the appendix ammunition as well.

It's packed with so many scriptures and prayers. This will help you hone in on praying and being more effective in it -- more than you could have ever imagined. Definitely a faith arsenal need! Feb 26, Kells Next Read rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another powerful book on prayer and it's effectiveness to a believer once done right. Great tools for Christians and those that are thinking about joining the faith to have and put in practice.

Obviously if you are not a Christian , for you this book will not be relevant as it is very scripture based. If you are, it is an awesome resource. There is nothing here that was new to me but it is a really thorough guide! The prayers are really useful and the appendix too. I really do need to be a bit more methodical. I am sure there are many things I could have prayed for but didn't think to. I loved the film that this came from.

I intend to keep the book and dip into it to keep me feeling Obviously if you are not a Christian , for you this book will not be relevant as it is very scripture based.