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Lily and me Moses Aaron tells the story of how he met Lily, a cancer patient in the Children's Hospital, and how he told her stories throughout her treatment. Does my head look big in this Amal is a typical sixteen year old. When she decides to wear a head scarf to school, her Islamic faith, personal strength and friendships are tested. An insight into contemporary Australian ethnic and religious issues. Strong language in context. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 and above. Friendship matchmaker goes undercover, The Lara's friendship matchmaking days are over, until things get complicated.

The playground is in chaos, kids are arguing and crying all over the place and when a recently arrived refugee students starts in Lara's class, the challenge of finding him a friend is too much for her to resist. Friendship matchmaker, The At her school, Lara has a mission to help other children make and keep friends.

Lara gives advice and rules for friendships, and is even writing a manual about it. When a new girl comes to school, everything starts to unravel. As Lara embarks on a competition to find a best friend for the most difficult client ever, she comes to see the true value and importance of friendship. A mysterious book that writes itself, just for them. Jodie's life is difficult enough. Her father is in a new relationship and Jodie is trying to get used to having a stepsister.

The advice the book is giving Jodie is so confusing. She is perplexed about the ghostly writer and what it wants. Noah's law Sixteen year old Noah is a troublemaker. His father is a hotshot barrister. This is not a good combination. When Noah gets caught misbehaving at school, his dad sends him to work at his aunt's law firm, during the holidays, to learn responsibility and fix his attitude. Rania works hard at school, has great friends and is happy with her life.

Rania is delighted when her favourite cousin joins her at school but now Andrea seems to be competing with her. There is so much going on that Rania struggles to know just what to do first. Ten things I hate about me Jamie hates lot of things about her life, her dark hair, her dad's Charter of Curfew Rights and her real name. Jamie has hidden her Lebanese background from everyone at school and it's only with her email friend, John, that she can really be herself.

But, things are getting complicated. The most popular boy in school is interested in her, she keeps thinking about Timothy, the school loner, and the school formal is coming up. When Michael met Mina When Michael meets Mina, they are at a rally for refugees, standing on opposite sides. Mina fled Afghanistan with her mother, via a refugee camp, a leaky boat and a detention centre. Michael's parents have founded a new political party called Aussie Values.

They want to stop the boats. Mina wants to stop the hate.

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Michael and Mina will need to overcome their differences to find some common ground. Usually read by students in Years 9, 10 or above. Where the streets had a name Thirteen year old Hayaat is on a mission. She believes that a handful of soil from her grandmother's ancestral home in Jerusalem will save her life. The problem is the impenetrable wall that divides the West Bank, as well as the checkpoints, the curfews, the permit system and Haany's best friend, Samy, who always manages to attract trouble.

Yassmin's story At twenty-one, Yassmin worked on a remote Australian oil and gas rig. She was the only woman and certainly the only Sudanese born Muslim woman. When she was two, Yassmin moved to Brisbane and has been tackling barriers ever since. She founded Youth Without Borders, helping young people to work for positive change in their communities. This is the story of how she got there, where she's going and how she wants the world to change. As I grew older Ian Abdulla tells of his life and experiences growing up in a traditional Aboriginal family, living the Nunga way of life on the Murray River in the s.

Tucker Telling the story of his childhood spent living along the Murray River, Ian Abdulla's pictures speak of fishing and hunting with his Aboriginal brothers in the s. Ghost club series Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books and up to five more can be read as personal choice books. Got a problem with a ghost or poltergeist. Angeline and Edgar are the experts to call. A slightly spooky but mostly funny series about the mischief ghosts can make - and the kids who take care of the mess.

Grimsdon A group of children, led by the gutsy Isabella and inventive Griffin, are eking out a living in Grimsdon, a flooded city, abandoned due to rising sea levels. When newcomer Xavier arrives, events are set in motion from which none of them emerge unchanged. Max Remy super spy series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen. Max Remy super spy: Blue's revenge Blue is locked up in the world's most secure prison but that has never stopped him from making his evil plans before. But they don't have too much time to think about it because Spyforce is sending them on their first mission.

The next day during Spy training, Max Remy is found unconscious. Did she fall or was she attacked? Why are famous monuments and buildings crumbling around London? Who is behind it, and will Linden survive a madman's deadly plans? This could be the end of Spy force. This time, Max is in Hollywood but it's not all glitz and glamour as she tackles high-speed snow chases, earthquakes and an evil plan to use the movie industry to destroy the world. Despite the remote location and extremely high security, their top secret location is discovered by Mr Blue.

Max is unhappily bundled off to her country relations but finds they are not the hicks she thought they would be. But, this just might be Max's most dangerous mission yet. Most marvellous spelling bee mystery, The India Wimple won the Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee and is now invited to London for an international spelling showdown. The town of Yungabilla join forces to help her and her family travel to London. India and her family are invited to Buckingham Palace and she meets old friends and new spellers.

When some mysterious incidents threaten to jeopardise the finals, the group sets out to discover who is involved and why. New city Isabella and her friends have escaped the floodwaters of Grimsdon for the modern world of New City. Uncertainty and fear have brought dark times, with refugees fleeing the world's rising waters and becoming imprisoned in a miserable camp.

Isabella and her friends face new threats, with eyes watching them everywhere. They have been there for decades but a developer is working to have the fair and the Bonhoffen's removed. Stupendously spectacular spelling bee, The India Wimple is a brilliant speller. When her family tries to convince her to enter the Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee competition, India is reluctant.

She remembers the stage fright she got in the school play and she certainly doesn't want to repeat that experience. And, there's also Summer Millicent, who's determined to win and isn't afraid to step on anyone who gets in her way. Teresa, a new Australian During the war, Teresa and her family survived the bombing of their home and went hungry during the long siege of their island. But, life in peace time is still hard. Her parents want a better life and apply to migrate to Australia.

But, after the long voyage to Sydney, there are more testing times ahead for Teresa as she tries to learn Australian ways, avoid the bullies and do well at school. She is not about to let anything stop her from making her family and her nanna, back in Malta, proud of her. Finals, The Depicts the story of a soccer team and their quest to make the finals. A new, enthusiastic coach is enlisted, who employs coaching tactics that a number of team members and supporters believe are too rough and inappropriate.

Game of life, The When a new girl, Lil, joins the team, Jasper thinks he's found someone as obsessed with soccer as he is. But there's one hitch - Lil's dad is the reason Jasper's dad has lost his job. Jasper Zammit series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books. Striker, The Depicts the story of a soccer team and their quest to make the finals.

T.M. Hunter (Author of Heroes Die Young)

A new player joins the team and suffers the taunts of others because he cannot speak English. He is a very proficient player and helps to achieve some victories on and off the field. Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, The The hilarious saga of a pair of Earth refugees who stumble on the meaning of life after the planet is destroyed. Pigs and honey An account of an Aboriginal family on a weekend outing. Battlefront One hero lost in a raging tsunami. One sign pointing to a deadly battle. One day left until the end of After escaping from security officers, they must race to their final destination- Felix Scott's mega-ship Infinite Horizon- and decode one last deadly sign.

If they don't get this right, then it's game over- not just for them, but for the whole world. But after a mind-blowing secret is revealed in Antarctica, they're in for a heart-stopping final face-to-face battle with a unimaginable enemy. Who will live and who will die? Carnage One missing, presumed dead. Two in trouble with the law. Only four remain to solve the Second Sign. Too late, they learned that the First Sign predicted catastrophic attacks which have left Egypt in chaos. Many more lives are at stake. If you could be a hero, would you DARE?

Seven days to save the world. Crimewave While Zander lies dying on the ground, the rest of the DARE Seven are left to defend themselves with only small zap guns against a massive swarm of crazed robot animals-monkeys, tigers, growling lions, wolves, gorillas, and more. It sounds like an awesome video game With the increasing intensity of The Signmaker's sinister scheme, the next sign will lead to something even more dangerous than facing a pack of deadly robots.

Three days left to save the world. Killswitch A city in chaos. Seven in a desperate battle for survival. Billions across the world on the brink of apocalypse.

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Or will they fall victim as The Signmaker becomes ever more ruthless? Four days left to save the world Terrortide Trapped in a cargo plane. High over the jungle. The DARE winners have no choice. If they can get off the plane alive, and survive an attack by the remnants of Marco Bravo's army, the DARE winners will have to confront Felix Scott with all the evidence they have that he is The Signmaker.

What will their enemy do if he's backed into a corner? But it's not just the clock that's against them The tide is turning and they're about to face their most deadly challenge yet. Two days left to save the world. Wipeout Exploding oil wells. Millions of cars out of control. Two DARE winners in mortal danger. But the evil mastermind is far from their only problem, with the DARE winners now on the run from police, government agents and sinister suited thugs.

No-one can be trusted. Can they stay free long enough to decode the Third Sign, stop the next attack and reveal The Signmaker's true identity? Five days left to save the world. Watership down A warren of rabbits is being chased from its home by a land developer. The rabbits have their own language and culture which is as complex and fascinating as human society. Titanic Discover the secrets of the luxury liner, Titanic, from life on board to its watery grave.

Packed with photographs and fascinating facts that bring this exciting and, often, dangerous time to life. First-hand reports and contemporary photographs of the battles that slaughtered millions, as nation upon nation sent their young men to join the carnage. Skyfire Seven excited contest winners from around the world meet to receive their prizes: Things, it seems, couldn't get any better.

But they certainly get worse. What the group realise too late is that they are trapped in an international race against time to decipher the first mysterious 'sign' and halt an unseen enemy known only as The Signmaker who is intent on death, destruction chaos. He became president of the people he helped to free and, in so doing, earned love and respect worldwide. It concludes with his life in retirement. Having seen the last of Lord Aldor, the town is keen to celebrate and enjoy the circus, but the circus is not as it should be and the children of Drabville find themselves in a grim world.

Shadow thief, The Milli and Ernest live in Drabville, where the houses and people are all the same. Milli yearns for adventure and when they get kidnapped to Hog House, they need to outwit Lord Aldor to escape and save their town. Strangest adventures series Millipop Klompet lives in stultifyingly boring Drabville, with her slightly offbeat family and spends her days longing for adventure.

Any two books from this series may be read as Challenge books; up to five more can be read as personal choice books. Go to the Series lists for individual book titles. Millie and Ernest encounter a small band of toys that are hiding and a cohort of discredited surgeons, all of which begins to point towards a scheme to eradicate all children. Songs of A War Boy is his story, filled with adventure, heart break, and bloodshed, but also with resilience, compassion, and persistence.

Deng recounts his experiences as a child soldier in Sudan, and his fight for education and for justice in Australia. A powerful, important book, this memoir is a must read for every Australian. Book For centuries, I've told other people's stories. Now it's time to tell my own.

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Discover the evolution of the printed word, told by one who knows - Book. Book takes us on a wonderful journey, from its origins in oral story and doodling in clay, to papyrus, parchment and paper, and to the e-book of today. Previously A fascinating backwards walk through familiar narratives that would appeal to multiple age groups, the read to and the reading. A sound knowledge of fairy stories and nursery rhymes and a willingness to think in new ways are prerequisites for enjoying this book to the full. Pencil, The A lonely little pencil creates things which have a life of their own.

All is well until pencil draws a rubber which then creates mayhem. Pencil must work out a way to stop the rubber from rubbing out every drawing. Foot in the grave Eight handsome, ambiguous pictures provide inspiration for eight creepy ghost and horror stories. Includes a cautionary tale for anyone who has been unkind to a younger sibling. Upside of unrequited, The Seventeen-year-old Molly Peskin-Suso knows all about unrequited love - she's lived through it twenty-six times. She crushes hard and crushes often, but always in secret.

Because no matter how many times her twin sister, Cassie, tells her to woman up, Molly can't stomach the idea of rejection. Fat girls always have to be careful.

Gunfight at the OK Corral was result of a Black Country bust-up, research reveals

Then a cute new girl enters Cassie's orbit, and for the first time ever, Molly's cynical twin is a lovesick mess. Meanwhile, Molly's totally not dying of loneliness - except for the part where she is. Luckily, Cassie's new girlfriend comes with a cute hipster-boy sidekick. Will is funny, flirtatious, and just might be perfect crush material. Maybe more than crush material. And if Molly can win him over, she'll get her first kiss and she'll get her twin back. There's only one problem: He's an awkward Tolkien super-fan, and there's absolutely no way Molly could fall for him.

Love, Simon 16year-old and not-so-openly gay Simon Spier prefers to save his drama for the school musical. But when an email falls into the wrong hands, his secret is at risk of being thrust into the spotlight. Now Simon is actually being blackmailed: Worse, the privacy of Blue, the pen name of the boy he's been emailing, will be compromised.

With some messy dynamics emerging in his once tight-knit group of friends, and his email correspondence with Blue growing more flirtatious every day, Simon's junior year has suddenly gotten all kinds of complicated. Now, change-averse Simon has to find a way to step out of his comfort zone before he's pushed out - without alienating his friends, compromising himself, or fumbling a shot at happiness with the most confusing, adorable guy he's never met. Also published under the title "Simon vs the homosapiens agenda".

Eight cousins Rose's guardian, Uncle Alec, makes her eat healthy things like oatmeal, and even tries to get her to give up her pretty dresses for drab, sensible clothes.

Rose doesn't think she will ever get used to her uncle's crazy notions and all her noisy relatives. Jo's boys The adventures of the boys from the school and more of the story of the March family, set at Plumfield School, run by Jo and her husband on the lines of her husband's theories of education. Little men The adventures of the boys from the school and more of the story of the March family, set at Plumfield School, run by Jo and her husband on the lines of her husband's theories of education.

Little women The classic story of the four March sisters, growing up in a close, American family during the Civil War. Even though money is short, times are tough and their father is away at war, the girls' infectious sense of fun sweeps everyone up in their adventures. Through sisterly squabbles, their happy times and sad ones too, the sisters discover that growing up is sometimes very hard to do. Little women series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Rose in bloom The world seemed a beautiful and friendly place, and fulfillment of her brightest dreams appeared to be possible for Rose. Of course this could not last, and disappointment was inevitable, as life presents all its highs and lows. Girl from the sea, The An intriguing summer adventure where thirteen year old Beau meets wild, irrepressible Lelee, a girl from the sea. Together with Beau's younger sister, they search in their boat for a box believed to contain a fortune, but smugglers are looking too. True story of Lilli Stubeck, The The life of a Romani family living in squalor in an abandoned shack.

Lilli is removed from her large family by a wealthy old woman who helps to civilise her. But, there's an ongoing battle seemingly for possession of Lilli's very soul. True story of Spit MacPhee, The Spit, the barefoot grandson of old Fyfe, has other ideas for his future after his grandfather dies and the town wants Spit to go into an orphanage. After the tragic death of Kitty's mother, everyone rallies to help with her pain.

The building is owned by greedy witch Hecate who will do everything in her power to own the cafe's Good-Luck-Conch. After Hecate steals the shell and the cafe burns down, the girls have a series of adventures in eSide where they must travel through dangerous digital worlds before they can recover their conch. But, in September , her happy life disappears. The Nazis have invaded Poland and are herding all Jewish people into ghettos in the cities.

Hanna's family are forced into hiding in the country but this means trusting others. Hanna and her family are caught and sent to the Warsaw Ghetto where they must use whatever skills they have to survive. My horrible cousins and other stories The short stories feature girls as the main characters, girls who are strong and resourceful, overcome adversity, solve problems, and are determined and passionate about causes.

Neptunia Cassie is a great swimmer but has to move to a country town with no swimming pool. But when asked to deliver an important message to the underwater city of Neptunia, Cassie has to use all her strength and skill to survive a marathon swim. Starship Q After initial mistrust, Jackson, a human boy, joins forces with young, telepathic aliens, Iyaki and Aari, to overcome a mutiny aboard a starship.

A fun-packed, fast-paced, courageous adventure to save the imprisoned crew results. Cow-pats Red is obsessed with painting but life on the drought-affected farm, combined with his father's need for expensive heart surgery, makes it unlikely he will pursue his artistic dream. Then a mysterious stranger buying artistic cow pats arrives. Bullies, bigmouths and so-called friends Bullies push you around, bigmouths make sarcastic comments about you and so-called friends tell your secrets. Don't feel like a loser, just build up your defences. This book shows you how. Black cauldron, The The evil death-lord Arawn is threatening the peaceful land of Prydain.

Taran, the pig-keeper and hero of the Chronicles, must help find and destroy Arawn's powerful black cauldron, which creates an army of warriors who cannot be killed as they have no life. Taran must overcome the huntsman of Annuvin and the enchantresses, Orddu, Orwen and Orgoch, to fulfil his mission and protect Prydain. When the magical pig, Hen Wen, disappears, Taran embarks on a death-defying quest to save her from the evil Horned King.

His perilous adventures bring Taran new friends, an irritable dwarf, an impulsive bard, a strange hairy beast and the hot-headed Princess Eilonwy. Together, they face many dangers. Castle of Llyr It's time for Eilonwy, Princess of the Royal House of Llyr, to become a lady, although she'd much rather seek adventures with pig-keeper, Taran. With his faithful companions, Taran must negotiate the lair of the giant cat, Llyan, and the cavern of the King of Stones in his quest to win back Eilonwy before he loses her to the feeble Prince Rhun or, worse still, to the clutches of the evil enchantress, Achren.

High king, The Death Lord Arawn has stolen the black sword Dyrnwyn, the most powerful weapon in the kingdom. At the request of Prince Gwydion, Taran rallies old and new friends to raise an army to march against Arawn's terrible warriors. Together, they must battle through a frozen wasteland to Mount Dragon, where a deadly confrontation awaits and Taran's true destiny will at last be fulfilled.

Taran wanderer Assistant pig-keeper Taran has fallen in love with Princess Eilonwy. But, he is yet to discover the truth about himself. Determined to prove worthy in her eyes, he sets off on a quest for knowledge of his birthright. With his loyal friends, Taran meets three enchantresses who send him to consult the mysterious Mirror of Llunet, to find the truth about himself. The Chronicles of Prydain series Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Nymph An idyllic Greek island. Merope, a beautiful but faded star nymph, is banished to Earth for displeasing the gods. She tries to fit in, go to school and live a normal 'human' life. And then she meets Lukas - but relationships between men and goddesses are forbidden. Will their love grow or will Merope and Lukas feel the wrath of the gods. Littlest witch, The Thirteen year old triplets, Gwen, Nel and Rain discover that they are a witch, an elf and a vampire. Their lives take an extraordinary twist as they are thrown into another world in their quest to defeat Driath, the most evil witch of all.

Blue death, The A doctor turns detective to solve a mystery around the cholera epidemic in London, Life is hard during the Great Depression, Victor's father has lost his job and the family is moving to Sydney. Victor keeps a diary that includes his meeting with Don Bradman. My name is Mina and I love the night Mina empties her thoughts, stories and dreams into her notebook, creating an extraordinary journal of her transition from school to homeschool and of life in her neighbourhood. Blue's grief is angry and violent and inconsolable. Strangely though Blue does find relief from his suffering and the record of his journey is here.

Strong language and images used in context. Skellig Michael and Mina care for an extraordinary being when it seems to have given up on life. His life is in turmoil with his baby's illness and his new found friendship with 'a girl'. The strange creature affects his life. Michael wonders if it could possibly be an angel. Wild girl, wild boy: Boy who swam with piranhas, The As Stan journeys away from the life he's always known, he mingles with a carnival full of eccentric characters and meets the legendary Pancho Pirelli, the man who swims in a tank full of perilous piranhas.

Will Stan be bold enough to dive in the churning waters himself and choose his own destiny. Mouse bird snake wolf In a safe and calm world, three children conjure, from twigs and leaves and stones, a mousy thing, a chirpy thing, and a twisty legless thing. But as the children's ideas grow bolder, the power of their visions proves greater and more dangerous than they, or the gods, could ever have imagined.

Crime thrillers mystery - Meleketh: The Shadow Lord Series 0. A Speculative Flash 0. An Apocalypse Tale 0. Escalation New free Time Travel Kindle books for today: Part 1 - Problem with Solaris 3 4. An Ancient Evil 0. Huntress of the Star Emp… 4. Champions of Power 3. A Galactic Coalition Academy Series 0. Trapped Premium Flash-Fiction 0.

Biology vs Technology 5. An Interplanetary Adventure 5. A Martian Murder Mystery 4. A science-fiction espionage horror tale The Dossier…. Jun 19, Tales From Before the Swarm 4. Prequel Short Stories 0. Clean and Sweep 0. City of Ash 0. A Short Story of Time Travel 4. The secrets of the universe revealed 0. Moon, fair ruler of the sea, over the sky's round vault you gl… 0. Thinking of You [A Romantic Suspense] 0. Abducted By The Alien: A Bite-Sized Cyberpunk Satire 4.

A Fault Lines Story 4. Deception of the Celestial. Jun 26, A Hyper-Violent Crime Thriller 5. A Space Odyssey 4. Staircase Premium Flash-Fiction 0. The Journey of North Star 5. You can't kill murder 5. The Legends of Nipperia Episode 3: Last Drop of… 5. Invasion of the Shimmers 4. The Sacrifice Trilogy 4. Historic adventure-time travel novel Heroes of The Fourth … 4. To Russia for Love: An Espionage and Pulp Fiction Politi… 4. Jun 28, Death was only the beginning! A Novella by Alex Bergauer 3. Once Bitten Lilly… 4. Book 1 in the Cody Doyle Series 4. Epic Fantasy and Science Fiction Adventure… 4.

Dystopian Post Apocalyptic Romance 3: Paranormal Fantasy Series Book 2 4. Jul 03, The Long Road Home 4. An Urban Fantasy of the Apocaly… 0. Suspense - Suspense thrillers and mysteries: Crime - Mystery Crime Thriller: Crime Fiction Mystery Thril… 0. Science Fiction - Crime thrillers mystery: Lesbian time-travel Romance 0. Pierwsze kroki Polish Edition 5. Bound The Collector Book 1 4. Fight the Power 0.

Rewolucja Polish Edition 0. Book 1 Boone Nova and the 5th Prime - Th… 0. Episode 4 - Funeral Series 1 0. Scream Premium Flash-Fiction 0. A Military Thriller Short Story 5. The Lucia Chronicles Book 1 5. A Pair of Cole Sudden C. Legends of Future Resistance 4. Shakespeare Goes Punk 4. A Dystopian Nightmare Comes True 4. The Android Defense 4. Jul 10, The Saboteur Chronicles 5. A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Novel 0. Rise of the Death Troopers 5. When death did not exist, nor yet eternity, Part I: The Hunt for Saturn Eternal Horizon: A Star Saga Boo… 0.

Agony Premium Flash-Fiction 0. A Creed Novel 5. Earth Subject to Change 5. Character Description Guide Game of thrones, Game of…. Jul 12, A Dystopian Science-Fiction T… 0. Once Upon A Red World 0. Prison Break Mars Starship series Book 1 0. Reality Bites Book 1 5. Book One of the Kato's War series 4. Rescued By The Alien: Jul 19, A Post-Apocalyptic Novella 3. Stars of the New Gods Book Three 0. A First Contact Story 5. Introductions, Inventions, and the Most Awesome Adv… 5. The Orion Codex 4. Stars of the New Gods Book One 4. Saving Sarah A Novel 4. A Science Fiction Adventure 4.

Book Four Life After War 4 4. A Story of Science and Fantasy. Jul 25, A Survival Story 4. Being of Bravery 0. The Deeper Truth 4. A Short Story 0. No Ordinary Queer 0. Highlands World in Crisis 4. Genetic Engineering Meets The Law. Chronicles Book 1 3. Jul 26, Jul 29, An ongoing post ap… 5.

The City of Fire 4. The Complete 1st Season 0. A Time Travel Comedy 0. Benedict Sons of Abra… 3. The Dark Fragment Science Fiction 0. Rescue New free Science Fiction Kindle books for today: The Chosen Ones Book 1: Aug 04, I enjoy this series because I'm taking a different look at how intelligent computers could emerge. I got tire of the 'evil computer' so I've written a series where it begins.

Aug 05, A short story 0. Wells, Secret Agent 4. Into the big empty. Escape from the Shadows 5. Book 1 of the Opalstar Chronicles 5. Any Means Necessary 5. War of the Heroes Part 1 5. Farpointe Initiative Book One 4. A Short Story 4. Escape in a Motorhome. Aug 13, Book One Parts 5.

The Blood of Gems 4. A Dystopian Fiction Series: Ice Moon Serenade 0. A sci-fi short 5. A Supernatural Crime Thriller 0. Something Like the Truth 4. A Space Regency Short Story 3. Kavaliro Cousins, Book One 0. A sci-fi horror novella New free Science Fiction Kindle books for today: Scifi Alien Invasion Romance Collection … 5.

Quest for Truth, Book 1 4. Perfect Partners, Incorporated Book 1 4.

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The Ascent of the West 4. A Novel Haven Seekers Book 1 4. The Warrior's Path 4. Rise of the Free Fleet 4. Every one needs a hobby 3. Aug 17, An Ongoing Apocalyptic F… 3. A Better Future Book 3 0. Key and Lock 0. A Memory of Time 0.

The Sunken Tomb - Critical Role RPG Show Episode 44

Volume 1 BioMech Series 3. A Science Fiction Adventure Comedy: Space Opera on Mount A… 3. Riders of the Silences 5. An epic journey into a future Australia. The Beginning of the End 3. Aug 19, Part 3 The Chronicles of Kinch 4. Escape from the city New free Time Travel Kindle books for today: The Old World English Edition 5. A Global Pandemic Apocalypse 5. An Infinite Golden Light 4. Abducted by the Alien Army menage military s… 4.

Aug 21, A Sci-fi Comedy Short 4. Tales From Epsilon 0. Volume 1 of the Midgard Cycle 0. The Strong Man Book 1 5. Worlds Apart Series - Soul mates with telepat… 4. Fantasy and Science Fict…. Aug 23, Faith, Lies and Blue Eyes 0. Lesbian Romance, Lesbian, Lesbia… 0. Seth and Chloe 3. Book 2 of the Jax Jensen Trilogy 5. Era of the 88's 5. A science thriller of international disease, politic… 4. Ebony Persuasion Little black romance Book 2 4. Aug 26, Baptism Of Fire - Book Two 0. The Slough of Despond 0. Interstellar Dad 2 5. The Last Payload 4. An Action Adventure set a long time ago on a planet far far awa… 4.

The Beginning Xarrok Series Book 1 4. Rescue Hoppers Lightsihp Chronicles… 0. BBW Werebear Shi… 4. A Sci-Fi novella 4. The Geographic Cure 3. Aug 29, A Botanicaust Short Story 4. Life continues, even as society changes. On Dagger's Wings 0. Beachhead The Expansion Series Book 1 0. The Order of the Star Knights 4.

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