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Shailla Sato of East New Britain holding the milliliter container and family members make their living from the moringa herb with products including body oil and pain relief capsules.

I have seen too many women die while giving birth, or while on their way to seek medical help, children die because we could not get to a hospital on time. The nearest hospital is too far away.

And to go, we needed car, and to go in a car, we needed roads. Namba Mel is in her mid- eighties and is based in Trolga, Western Highlands Province, here she describes some of the interconnected challenges she and her community face.

Andrew Adeleke (Author of PROSPERITY CAPSULES)

Similar challenges are experienced by many people across the country. By increasing income, people can better eat, pay school fees and have better health. Bernard Gunn, a former nurse and director of the NGO Integral Community Health and Development, describing the importance of income generating activities at the community level.

But what makes a good product, and how can we choose amongst the hundreds, possibly even millions of weight loss products that are out there in the global market? It is indeed true that the competition between different weight loss products is really tight. There are some who has proven themselves, while some are trying to build a reputation out of their products.

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Some are natural, some are based from chemicals that were tagged as safe. But if you would ask me, and the experts, it is still best to choose products that came from natural or herbal ingredients. Take the FX15 herbal weight control capsules for instance. Over the years, FX15 products had been made popular — Turkey is one of the countries who can strongly agree with the benefits and effectiveness of the product.

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Although people have been trying to search for alternative ways on how to lose weight effectively, reviews have shown that individuals still prefer the herbal method and the advantages of losing weight that FX15 have shown and given them. It usually costs from 2, yen to 4, yen per night.

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Since they offer comfortable stay for cheap lodging fees, capsule hotels are getting increasingly popular among budget travelers from abroad. Most capsule hotels are found in central city areas, mostly within walking distance of a station.

Hope Capsules

It has everything needed for the night in space, compact and non-soundproof. Privacy can be kept after closing the blind or curtain. In mid- when Japan boasted its high economic growth and prosperity, capsule hotels became well-known in Japan and were built for the businessman who commuted long distance and often worked late to miss the last train home. It was built on the idea that structures, much like in nature, could be created out of cells which could be replaced when necessary.