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The way she downplayed her love for roger at the end didn't make sense because of the way she was toward him throughout the whole book hence the "instafeelings" towards chase. I mean he left without even a proper goodbye and she ends up with a guy we didn't even feel deserved her or shown any love toward her except those moments in the book the author snuck in! May 13, PepperP0t rated it it was ok Shelves: I was massively unimpressed with this book and 2 stars may be overly generous.

When Chase turned 18, he left everything and everyone behind. He came back 15years later to claim Zoe. By all rights I should have enjoyed this. It is short enough to be an eraser - a respite from marathon series reading. The story could be intriguing. The characters were nice enough. Such a neutral and non-committed word, maybe that is what was wrong with it. It didn't matt I was massively unimpressed with this book and 2 stars may be overly generous. It didn't matter if they got back together. The ending felt so rushed and thrown together as if the deadline was reached, so here is everything and I do mean everything to finish it off.

This book must have been approved on the editors day off, the typos, the syntax, the incomplete sentences were distracting and only added to the displeasure I had reading this. I think I deserve a treat just for finishing it Really good second chance 'happily ever after'. It is pretty predictable in that if you read the description of the book you can guess that it is young love lost, adults meet again after a long time, tragedy occurs and love is found again. It is not that simplistic but to say much more gives away the bulk of this short story is a sweet but sad read.

Second Chance Beautiful second chance love story! Jesse and Zoe were childhood sweethearts, then Jesse had to leave. How they find love again is a great love story between a man and a woman and between friends. I didn't enjoy this book as much as I hoped.

Although it is a sweet read, if you're in the mood for something that isn't much of an emotional roller-coaster Loved it Shiloh Walker as usual does not disappoint. A really well written book a great story the pages turn themselves. I recommend you read. Jun 26, Dark Faerie Tales rated it liked it Shelves: A short story of love and loss and the potential to love again.

A Forever Kind of Love is a short contemporary romance story.

Official site of Paranormal Romance Author, Caris Roane.

It is all about the human heart and its infinite capacity for love, old and new. It is about a man ready to claim the woman he has always loved, and finds out that she has moved on and married his best friend. And most importantly, it is about second chances. Chase ran away from his hometown when he was 18 years-old; leaving his home, his father, and his girlfriend Zoe.

After a year hiatus, Chase returns to the small town of Warren, looking for what he so casually threw away in his youth; a home. Though he knows that Zoe is married and his main reason for coming home is gone, he still tries to make life in a small town work. Chase feels like he lost his chance at love, yet despite that, he still tries to be a friend to both Zoe and her husband, Roger. I like his willingness to accept that the love he feels for Zoe may never be returned.

Zoe has had rough times in her past. He mother despises her and the one man she thought would always be there for her left.

Unconventional by Isabel Love

Love followed after a time and Zoe thought that that would be the end of it. The idea of love is a complex one. A person can love multiple people in many different ways. When love is given a room is made inside the heart, whether or not they stay matters little; once touched, the heart remembers. To say that you can only have one love in life is a fallacy.

Zoe loves her husband, but that does not negate the love she once cherished with Chase. Chase has always loved Zoe but was willing to set aside his feelings for her happiness. This is a wonderful contemporary romance story. The feelings it invokes are heartwarming laced with sadness and loss. Wanted to bring this by. Still so fucking beautiful it made his heart ache just to look at her, but tired.

Like she could sleep for a week. Tired and frazzled and frustrated. He felt like a major prick because he wanted to offer to hold her for the entire week. Guy used to be your best friend? Still is your friend. I know you too well. How are you, really? The author provided me with a copy of A Forever Kind of Love. The only payments I receive are hugs and kisses from my little boys. Apr 12, Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: Review originally posted here: April 29th How I got this book: Chase is back in his hometown after years of being away.

The one thing he wants more than anything is a second chance with his high school sweetheart Review originally posted here: The one thing he wants more than anything is a second chance with his high school sweetheart Zoe, but she has since gone and married his best friend. Zoe wanted nothing more than to go with Chase when he left after high school, but she stayed and eventually fell in love with his best friend Roger. But now her seemingly perfect life is falling apart, and she finds that Chase is the one who is helping to pick up the pieces as her heart breaks once again.

This is not the typical Walker kind of book. Although her main characters are all a little tortured and wounded like always, this story strays away from her standard sexual heavy plot and focuses on the emotions. A Forever Kind of Love is chalked full of heartbreak and self discovery. Without giving away too much, Zoe is going through one of the most difficult parts of her life, and the last person she wants to have to learn on is Chase, but she inevitable finds herself having to do just that. For the most part I really enjoyed both Zoe and Chase.

They were both a little selfish at times, but overall were fabulous characters. My heart bled at times for Zoe, especially once the details of her past were revealed. The book was powerful in that aspect. He was quick to realize that when he left he left behind more than just the town, and accepted that things had moved on without him. He was also very selfless in the end, letting Zoe go out and heal before coming back to him. I wished we would have had a little more time and insight into the new relationship between these two.

They do not end up together until the last few pages, and I would have liked to see a little more of how their relationship changed from when they were younger, how the events of the story as a whole impacted them on a bit deeper level than we were shown. Those Walker fans who are looking for a steamy and sensual read might be disappointed, however those who are looking for an emotional read with lots of heart and a few tears, this novella is right up your alley.

May 08, Jackie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Fans of those who like second chances and stories to tug on your heart! Returning to his hometown 15 years after leaving at 18 Chase finally feels at ease with life in a small town, he has outgrown his wander lust and hopes to rekindle the love with his high school sweetheart Zoe whom he left behind Of course Chase never expected that when he left Zoe would marry his best friend Roger!

I am still reeling from the impact that this novella had on me after simply devouring it in on A Forever Kind of Love is a novella from master story teller author Shiloh Walker. I am still reeling from the impact that this novella had on me after simply devouring it in one short sitting! Shiloh Walker takes your heart in her hands and wrings every drop of emotion out of it when you read Chase and Zoe's story, she has created a truly wonderful story of what could happen to two people who find themselves finally able to act on their mutual lasting love for each other that has spanned years and a tragic ending to Zoe's marriage to Roger Readers will enjoy this emotional story that brings tears and laughter as well as gasps of dismay during certain scenes where revelations of past events come to light Every long time fan of Shiloh Walker will once again get what they wanted, a beautifully written tale that satisfies but still leaves you wanting more at the same time May 27, Judith rated it really liked it.

Bearing the unmistakable stamp of Shiloh Walker's uncanny insights into people, this novella is an emotional foray into the situation of two people who were inseparable in high school--a three-year-going-steady-I'll-love-you-forever kind of connection between Chase and Zoe, until the day after graduation when he took off--and he didn't return for 15 years. This story is about loving and loss, about living and dying, about the pain of shattering hearts and grieving over what can ne 4. This story is about loving and loss, about living and dying, about the pain of shattering hearts and grieving over what can never be, about disappointment and betrayal and accepting the truth that those who should have loved just don't.

It is not an easy story and was one of those that had me in tears. Walker's ability to make words come alive in the mind and imagination is unsurpassed. The reader will finish this novella knowing what is in the hearts of every one of the main characters and while there is love and acceptance, there are those sad and bitter edges that reality often imposes. Imperfect people manage to form imperfect relationships and those are often sad and hurtful.

I think readers will think on Zoe and Chase and Roger long after they have finished this read. Apr 24, Carrie rated it really liked it Shelves: The warning in the book's synopsis says it all. This story is mostly heartbreaking, but with a happy ending in the end. Once upon a time Zoe and Chase were the golden couple, but Chase wanted something more than following in his father's footsteps.

He left town and Zoe moved on - with his best friend, Roger. Fifteen years later, Chase comes back to town and realizes that he is still in love with Zoe. The relationships between Zoe, Roger, and Chase are complicated. Their love for each other as friends and more is lasting and not easily dismissed. I loved the amount of emotion that this story has. I was in tears for most of it and smiling happily in the end. This is a great romance book and perfect for when you need something that will really make you fell as you read.

Chase left Zoe behind 15 years ago with no warning. Now he's back and still in love with her but discovers she and his best friend, Roger are married and quite happy together. However, things aren't always as they seem. When Zoe's world comes crashing down around her and Roger, Chase provides the support they need while hoping he may get a second chance with Zoe he never expected.

The tim I can't for the life of me understand all the star reviews. The timeline wasn't defined, its like they met and fell madly in love in what? There was no character development. I am not by any means an expert on grammer but the book needed some serious editing. There was literally no emotion. The dialogue was monotone at best, at least thats how it came off to me. I don't think the Author knows what a contraction is I am vs I'm and that people us them when talkig to each other. I thought maybe it was just this book but after reading reviews on her other series I see now it is just her writing style.

The lack of emotion killed this story for me and mutilated the sex scenes as seen in the example below. It's simple word placment try: Lily ran her fingers through my hair, pulling and tugging as my mouth devoured every inch of her. I don't usually listen to negative reviews preferring to make my own opinion but in this case read the reviews on all her stories before you spend your money. Was the couple Lily gave her tickets to Luke and Callie? If yes, well thats genius right there. Lynn you have a gift for coming up with intreaguing storylines, please get your books edited by someone who is not afraid to hurt your feelings.

Its a shame to see such potential being wasted. View all 9 comments. This book needs work I liked it, I will read the next one for shiz but still.. One moment people are bloody furious then the next they are winking at each other.. And I was like getting fucking whiplashes because of these bipolar bitches. I LO This book needs work View all 5 comments. My name is Lily Gilmore, and I was supposed to be getting married today. I grew up with a father who was a womanizer and cheated on my mother every moment he had the chance.

He would even stoop as low as to take me and my sister with him on his trysts when we were younger. Cheating was all I grew up with, and I vowed never to live the life my mother did. My life and all my dreams had died with her in the accident. I exist, and I play my guitar to try and ease the pain. My love was taken away, and I will never get that back. Kindle-freebies currently over books https: He is totally Swoon worthy for sure. Meet Lily, all her life she has been surrounded by cheating, her father was a womanizer and cheated on his mom through his whole life.

Vowing to never live her life like her mother did, Lily packs up and moves to Santa Monica 4. Vowing to never live her life like her mother did, Lily packs up and moves to Santa Monica putting her family out of her life and men as well. Luke Matthews, a year ago he lost the love of his life in a tragic car accident. He lived his life this last year being sad, playing his guitar and trying to ease the pain of his loss.

Luke is totally Swoon worthy in my book. He is caring, supportive, and says all the right things. Lily and Luke meet when she moves into the building they live in. Sam and lily become instant friends. When Lily first meets Luke he is rude to her. She becomes rude right back to him. As Lily and Sam get to know each other Lily learns that Luke has had a rough last year and Sam explains a little to her about what happened. Lily also explains to Sam what has happened to her. Thanks to Sam and his pushing them a little Luke and Lily start to become friends, and things grow from there.

As they work through their past and issues they come together stronger as a couple. We watch a friendship grow into a love where neither one likes to be away from each other. This book does not end here, there is a book 2 BUT you are not left with any kind of cliffhanger. It ends in a good spot. Thank you Sandi for sending this my way before release. Sep 05, Chris- Bookaddict Mo wrote: I hate when I'm in the minority.

I loved the premise of it, but I couldn't get into it. How in the world did she get the impression Sam was gay on their first meeting??

ASMR - Masquerade (Contract) [Part 2 Preview] [Erotica] [My Bad Girl]

I re-read that and couldn't find anything other than he says Luke is his BF, which maybe she thought was boyfriend instead of best friend? The potential was there, I don't know if it was my frame of mind or what, but I quit because I felt like I had the whole thing figured out before I got started and didn't care to f I hate when I'm in the minority.

The potential was there, I don't know if it was my frame of mind or what, but I quit because I felt like I had the whole thing figured out before I got started and didn't care to find out if I was right or not. Lily thought she was going to have the prefect live, marry the man she loved, working at a school and working at a career in photography, but when she walks in on her soon to be husband in the church minutes before walking down the aisle having sex with her sister her world changes in an instant. Luke Matthews has kind of had his life on hold for the last year.

He lost the one person that he thought would be forever. Luke has always wanted to own the bar that his band plays in, his sister works in, and they all hang out in. But when that dream might come in between his life with Lily there are some choices to be made. Luke and Lily have a great friendship, she is putting her life back together, teaching, loving being around her 2 BFF's. Lily doesn't want to be left behind, she wants to be someone's first choice, she doesn't want to cost Luke his dreams but she wants to be part of them.

I am so excited for Sandi Lynn.. I know she was worried that he wouldn't be loved like Connor Black but Sandi I am going to tell you hat I never once thought about Connor while I was with Luke! In my opinion, Sandi Lynn has written another winner! Luke and Lily are what I call a perfect couple. It wasn't love at first sight for them, although the mutual attraction was obviously there. Their friendship developed at a realistic pace, which made it more believable for me.

I absolutely loved the fact that there were no major misunderstandings, that took a big part of the book to resolve. This seems to be a common event in romance novels these d "Love in Between" is an incredibly good book. This seems to be a common event in romance novels these days and it was refreshing to read a book where the main characters have disagreements but they resolve them quickly and sensibly!

The secondary characters added a great deal to my overall enjoyment of this book. Charley was a particular favourite of mine. I love reading romance novels which have children play a major part in the storyline. Ms Lynn has successfully written a child into this book that isn't precocious and doesn't distract the reader from the main characters. I really enjoyed this book and can't wait for Luke and Lily's story to continue in "The Upside of Love".

I highly recommend this book. View all 3 comments. Well, perhaps enjoy is too tame of a word how about I Lily get's the hell outta of dodge and she does it the right way! Packs her stuff and just goes! Lily loves photography but she also is a substitute teacher. The kind where woman This is where we get our first introduction to Luke Matthews. He comes across gruff, rude, and just downright mean and personally I agreed with Lily on that. When we first met him I was We learn more about Luke and what he has been through the past year. The love of his life had been tragically killed in a car accident and Luke is still in mourning.

His heart is utterly broken with the belief it could never mend. So here we are with two characters who have shut down their hearts to protect themselves from the immense pain life has dealt both. It was really fun watching the two of them interact I had a few I sat back and watched as they opened up to one another. Lily has real "Daddy" issues but I was happy to see she recognized that and took the steps needed to rectify. What I wasn't expecting is what happens near the end of the book where I was There's a few loose that where not rectified by the end of this one.

It will be interesting to see where the supporting characters relationships go and what happens from there. So yes I did do this Love In Between is a 4. Although, you know the emotional aspects of this book from reading the synopsis I was expecting a little more "resistance" to things then what I got. The author could've delved further into the back stories of both but then again there's a fine line between too much and too little so I guess it's almost right. I loved the other characters and hope to see so much more of them in the future! So if your looking for a new series that doesn't really have a cliffhanger per se but you know there is going to be more and it ends with a good for now then Love In Between is the book for you!

This has to be one of the worst books I've ever read. I read a LOT and I read a lot of independently published books, so I'm not new to writers not having a good editor. It completely took away from what was a promising premise to a book. The writing was so stiff and uncomfortable. I felt like I was being told feelings and emotions, rather than feeling them along with the characters. One huge thing that annoyed me was This has to be one of the worst books I've ever read. One huge thing that annoyed me was the time line. The author would point out specific times and then an activity that shouldn't take more than 30 minutes or so and all of a sudden, it would be 3 hours later.

I really wanted to like this book - I thought the premise and the basic storyline had real promise, but the writing killed it for me. I couldn't even finish it - not that I needed to, I knew it how it would end before I even started reading it. Your power is a wave over me, plucking at my skin, my nipples, stroking my neck, now low, so low…oh, God. The orgasm flew then retreated to build and fly again until she was screaming at the wood beams of the ceiling, her back arching, his back arching, his body slamming against hers.

The orgasm drifted away, like the last note of a beautiful song, something French, La Vie En Rose , perhaps. A moment later, he lifted the veil of thrall, Fiona blinked several times. He was poised above her, holding himself away from but still connected. Perhaps soon I can do this without the thrall but for this moment, perfection. But even as he remained within her and held himself just inches away from her chest, the fierce wild thing in the pit of her stomach began to wriggle around. She fought for her next breath and the next. He seemed to collapse within himself, though he did not fall on her.

His head dipped forward and in a smooth movement he pulled out of her. But at the last second her body seemed to cling to him, very low and tight. She met his gaze. She was startled that she clung. She shook her head, trying to ignore the swirling in the pit of her stomach. He completed his withdrawal and folded a washcloth into his hands and pressed it gently between her legs. This gesture, so normal, so absurdly normal had a strange calming effect on her and she chuckled softly. She had forgotten how messy and how embarrassing sex could be and yet as she met his gaze, she saw only tenderness.

With the thrall gone, she looked at him, his flushed complexion, the sheen of sweat on his forehead, his throat, his chest, his eyes very bright and his glorious warrior hair hanging about his shoulders. The vampire had muscles and she cooed. She lifted up and put her hand on his bicep and squeezed. A wave of coffee scent flowed over her. But this was ridiculous. She sat up the rest of the way. She was suddenly aware how few clothes she wore and that the room was cool. She covered her chest with her arms. He held out his arm and a moment later another blanket appeared.

He wrapped her up so that she felt warm and safe. He held the front together with his hands. He was a very attentive man, in every respect, and her heart reached for him, an almost physical leap in his direction. Would it be so very bad to make a life with this man? But Endelle had helped her to release a new power and in that release, some of her resistance to the demands of the breh-hedden had fallen.

I want you to sleep. She knew what the last five months had cost him and this she could give him, just a little peace of mind so that he could sleep. And now, have a wonderful day and an even better night! For more information about my books, keep scrolling! Do you enjoy free books!?! I also run subscriber-exclusive giveaways, so be sure to sign up on my home page in the right hand column where it says: Subscribe to Our Mailing List! Enjoy and hugs, Caris Roane! Be sure to look for your welcome letter which has the link to your free e-book!

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More about Caris Roane and her books!!! Blood Flame — 1 Flame Series. Because the woman possesses the ability to kill him with the tips of her fingers, how can he possibly fall in love with her? When a double homicide throws them together, he soon finds his deepest fantasies fulfilled as Iris succumbs to his seductions. Amethyst Flame — 2 Flame Series. Vampire Officer Vaughn of the Crescent Border Patrol gets called to a triple homicide in a deadly place called the Graveyard.

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He sought death a thousand times because of it, but was denied when the Ancient Fae brought him back repeatedly, forcing him to train her evil army. When a beautiful fae-slave, Sandra, tells him to live, he begins to believe his life could have more meaning…. Caris Roane is the New York Times bestselling author of thirty-seven paranormal romance books.

Writing as Valerie King, she has published fifty novels and novellas in Regency Romance. Caris lives in Phoenix, Arizona, loves gardening, enjoys the birds and lizards in her yard, but encourages the scorpions to inhabit elsewhere! He has a devastating French accent and has been craving this moment for a long, long time… Do you enjoy sensual scenes? You will make me come. He put his hands around her small waist. He smiled because his fingers touched. His muscles flexed and released. Good , he sent. He suckled, hard and fast.

He placed a finger between her eyebrows. What is the matter? He covered the hand over her throat. I worry only that you are in such sudden distress. Something had to give, had to change. I do not understand.

I will not take you like this. The last word had resonance and she watched him close his eyes and weave on his feet. Jean-Pierre , she cried out in his mind. There was great beauty in making love. She rolled her head from one side to the other. Fiona , he whispered inside her mind.

Oui , she sent. She heard him groan and his thrusts were faster now. I want to remove you from thrall.

Love in Between

Will you allow it? This is so wonderful. His voice was but a whisper. But after all you have been through— She cut him off. But are you certain you are ready?

A Forever Kind of Love

You taste exquisite, cherie. His movements grew quick. He left her neck and drew back.