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Unfortunately, i can only remember 2 stories from it… Story 1 — Naughty brother bears that really like honey, but the parents kept it on the top of the kitchen unit out of reach…so they opened the draws on the unit to use them as steps to reach the honey.. Story 2 — A little girl needs new shoes so she goes shopping with her mum…her mum wanted to buy ordinary coloured shoes…but the little girl insited of having other ones? If anyone could help, Please respond! Hi guys, I was wondering if any one knows about 2 books I want to find the first book has a boat in it carved out of a walnut? Who uses a upturned umbrella as a boat?

I was so sure that if I was determined I could find the storybook I remember reading to my older children when they were small. One of the pictures at the beginning is the bear in his cozy plaid pajamas just getting out of bed in his cute cabin with the sun peeping in and I think a bowl of beans in hand.

The Little Red Hen

But I do believe it was a golden book. Does this ring a bell for anyone? One is about people thinking that they are on a nighttime boat trip to Africa, but they end up in a nearby zoo. Can anyone help me? It is about 2 children walking around an English village searchiing for a castle which contains treasure.

It is a an interactive book in that at the bottom of each page the reader has to choose on of two or three roads to follow. The choice determines which page the reader goes to next. The story is cleverly written in that it follows on, no matter which choice is made. The pictures were not in full colour but were very detailed and had things relevant to the story hidden in them. I recall that page 18 was the target page which got the reader into the castle. The book was hard cover about the size of A4. Hey there, looking for two books from my childhood — in my twenties now.

The few details I can remember are as follows:. Book 2 A dog steals a skeletons bone, and the ghost of the man chases the dog all over trying to retrieve his stolen leg… Mr. McGreeby was the mans name, or something of the like. Wondering if you could help me please. It was possibly something else but was quite ugly or misshapen? I seem to remember it as an elephant though?

Whose job it was to push up the crocuses in the spring. It had very detailed pictures and a fairly lengthy text. I think it was from outside US , probably the UK. A story that is about bubble gum and sqaure shaped bubble, a machine maybe that makes giant bubbles and a child 2nd. A monster race where the smallest monster wins? At least competes with the bigger monsters. They use like big wheels. A story about monkeys a brother and sister at least who make paintings…. Thank you so much!!!!! I have been trying to remember and find the book that had the story about the littlest monster who wanted to ride a motorcycle for ages years now.

We had it growing up, but after my mom died, well,a lot of things are gone. I appreciate you wanting to find it as well, Anna, and your help knowing what book we were looking for and sharing the titles of the duology, Mama Squirrel. I am looking for a book where an old lady felt bad for the all the animals in the winter and decided to bring them all inside her house for the winter.

Are You My Mother

The cover was brown and showed all the animals inside the house and the pages had pictures on them. Some of my new favorites, not as well know books to read to my children: I always give the kids bubble gum at school when I read to them The Storytelling Princess Thanks Everyone for the other great suggestions.

I have already ordered a few online. It shows animals going to sleep in different venues forest, desert are 2 I definitely recall , and then people going to sleep in a village. I know it was definitely a color. It was about a girl who was considered weird by her class. I remember one part where the most affluent girl in the class was bested for the first time in an art contest because Violet if that is indeed her name had more skill with five crayons than the other girl did with twenty or something.

It was beautiful and I really want to know what it was, if anyone knows please tell me! All I remember about it is a picture of a little girl in a little car driving all her dolls. Hi, I am looking for a book I read about 30 years ago, in my tweens….. I know it also features a teetotal gardener. The main thing I remember in the story is that it features 4 ghosts, or spirits, of children who passed away young and were siblings.

I remember a chapter about the time when a marble was rolled across the floor and was stopped and rolled back to the living child in the house. I really really want to know what the name of this book is. It seems to me that the book would have been quite popular, because I remember my teacher reading it in class, too.

I really hope someone will help i forgot to leave my email address on the site, so that I will be contacted in case someone remembers and leaves a reply. There are several books in the series. I really hope someone will help. I recall the picture of the house with the windows open and children in the open windows, and flowers blooming all around the house, with snow in the background.

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It was summer all year. I would love to know the name of the book. So one time there really is a spider and no one Comes to help her. If any one could help me remember or find this book it would be very very much appreciated. Does anyone know or remember this story? It would mean a great deal to me if I could find out the name. I think I am looking for the exact same book as you! It holds a lot of fond memories from my childhood and I would like to get it for my niece. Did you ever manage to find out the name of the book?

It was about a snake and a bird and the colours of the snake were transfered to the bird in thanks for its help of rescue. In the end the colours were returned. The only part that I can remember is when a bunch of barnyard animals go to a party at night.

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Does anybody have any idea of what it could be. Does anyone know about a book in which a cub or a tiger discovers that there is a leak in his house? He does so and has a party, inviting all the friends he went to go live with. I definitely have read that book to my son, now 17…. Anyone out there know this story?? Two little girls go to find him and he ends up living in the same town as them and the girls go see him with a new baby. One girl asked him if that was his only child and he said yes.

Does anyone remember this? Her name was Balooky? I am trying to remember the title of a book I used to read to my son who is now It was about a little girl who either took a penguin home from a field trip she was on or he followed her home and she tried to keep him. She realized after a while she could not do it and he would have to go. She gave him either a hat or a scarf and later on TV she saw a group of penguins and 1 was wearing her exact hat or scarf and she knew it was him!

I would love to buy it again as a special gift for my son. Penguin and Pinecone by Salina Yoon sounds similar to this, but not quite the same. Give it a look. Great book about friendships that have to change but love still exists from afar. In this school someone the girl or a teacher twists anagram twists? One of my all time favorites! Was it the McDuff books by Rosemary Wells? She also wrote and illustrated the Max and Ruby series which might be where you are getting the Max from? There is a picture book that I read to my daughter a long time ago.

It was about a dog, a white west highland terrier I think , who got lost and ended up being taken in by a couple. The illustrations were gorgeous and the dog was particularly endearing. There were a few books with the same dog, one in which the couple had a baby and another one in which he gets lost.

In this one, an old woman on a motorcycle helps him to find his way home. He barks to indicate which way to turn on which streets. If anyone recognizes this book from my brief description I would really appreciate hearing from you. Does anyone remember a book about a boy who wants to go to a costume party but is too poor to buy a costume? And all the kids in the village give him a piece of their costume. And he sews all the pieces together to make a beautiful multi-colored costume.

I would appreciate if anyone could help me. Thanks to you and everyone who gave their list of favorites. I just started using Goodreads this year, mainly to keep track of the books we read together. Up to unique picture books for this year, but many of them are read again and again and again of course: How many times my daughter requests to read a book in the two weeks we have it from the library is part of the indicator of how much or little she enjoyed a book.

How else does everyone find great books to read? Anyone want to connect on Goodreads to share what they are reading? Does anyone walk around the book stores with their smart phone and photograph the covers of all the new releases and recommended reads? I am a desperate granny! Does anyone know a storybook about a little girl who wishes she could have a star of her own. She learns that to be beautiful she has to give it back to the night sky. I read it to my class of 5 year olds about six or seven years ago. Please help if you can. The little girl wants to hold onto the moon, but decides to give it back to the night sky as it starts disappearing little by little each day.


I remember that book as well and was looking for it. It is not the one about the moon.. If anyone has info, I would love to find this book! The images of family life, reading, studying, chores, playground games, and neighborhood social events are rich and warmly drawn in a jazzy, impressionistic style. Eastman — taught generations of my family and friends to read. I almost cried when I read your comment. It was one of my very favorites. Thank you so much. My top 10 in no particular order except how they come into my head: More than 10, but we love them all! This is a great site! Here are a few favorites: What a pleasant present!

Munsch and Michael Martchenko Not just for girls! A fun magic adventure in the Edgar Eager, E. Nesbit tradition The Enchanted Castle — E. Deserves a place right up there with the best christmassy snowy books. Absolutely beautiful, just check out the trailer: Who can read this and resist putting their opinion? Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss—I can still recite the whole dang thing by heart. My youngest is Jamberry by Bruce Degen—beautiful, dancing rhyme 3. Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey—kerplink kerplank kerplunk 4.

Barn Dance by Bill Martin jr. Shoes by Elizabeth Winthrop—rhyming, illustrated by William Joyce. Here, in no particular order, are ten books that we love in our home: Falling for Rapunzel by Leah Wilcox 8. Miss Suzy by Miriam Young 9. Thank you for the post. Mostly because of my son or students loving them, I guess.

This is from memory so apologies for scratchy details or spelling errors. Are You My Mother, P. Owl Babies, Martin Waddell 4. Where the Wild Things Are, Sendak 6. Feathers for Phoebe, Rod Clement 8. Mirror, Jeannie Baker For All Creatures, Millard and Cool. Thanks for sharing these, Susan! More on that later…. Beegu by Alexis Deacon 2. Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers 3. The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson 4.

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell 5. Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper 9. Kipper Nick Inkpen 5. Harry the Dirty Dog Gene Zion 7. Pumpkin Soup Helen Cooper 8. You have a few classics on your list. The kids and I enjoy Harry and the Dirty Dog. Please, feel free to re-mention! Those books and authors mentioned by more than one of you will get a bigger shout out in my December 1st post.

Oooo, tough to limit it to ten!!!! It is pretty much impossible to stick to Thanks for sharing your picks! Our current library lets us check out books at a time per library card — which is pretty amazing. So many to choose from! Thanks so much for sharing your picks! Great list and your web site is a wonderful resource!

Many of your top 60 are my favorites as well. Really enjoyed you sharing all these — where has the year gone?! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite books! Seuss books on your list and that may be by design. But I love to read The Lorax to my children. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a beautiful love story and always makes me cry. Some solid choices here! I absolutely did not exclude Dr. Amy, it was so great to meet you at the conference! I love so so many of the titles you have already put up. Yay for picture books!

I look forward to seeing your list! I hope I have the opportunity to see you again at a future conference! Hi, I,m new and just reading all the posts and loving it. I love books and love to read. I have nine grandchildren and they all love books. What conference are you making reference to? Is it a book cconference. Ihave many children books and are always looking for more great ones. Many of yours are our favorite also. Thank you for your recommendations! Caps for sale slodbodkina ox cart man Donald hall , stone soup? It took a lot of mulling and fiddling for me to narrow my list of great books down to 60…and still I try to avoid claiming that these are my favorite books.

This is sort of like trying to choose a favorite children, but—Frog and Toad! Seriously, what can't Mo Willems do? I thought it first it might be a bit too morbid, but apparently Olympia preschoolers eat morbid for breakfast. Oct 20, Alex rated it liked it. I did not like this book because I do not like foxes.

I enjoyed this book because I like ducks I think I probably listened to the baby geese. I also enjoyed this book because I liked the part when the duck pushed the fox into the soup I knew that the fox was thinking about putting the duck inside instead. Jun 22, Carole P. Roman rated it it was amazing. I love Mo Willems.

Not only does a deliver, his books arrive with a great story, humor, and a good lesson as well. I don't want to give the ending away, but a parent should read it alone and decide if it's appropriate for their youngster. There is lots of room for discussion afterwards. Mo Willems you are a treasure! Feb 19, Kathryn rated it really liked it Shelves: Very humorous little cautionary tale. Love the expressive illustrations--his characters have such personality. The silent movie format for the dialogue was fun.

Knowing Willems' style I figured there would be a "twist" and I guessed most of the ending. May 27, Jocelin rated it really liked it Shelves: Another great one from Mo Willems. The story is really hilarious; it's presented as an old timey film. Mo Willems has such a great sense of humor. His humor transcends both young and mature audiences alike. Absolutely loved the ending. Jan 23, Shawn Deal rated it really liked it Shelves: A classic tale of chicken versus wolf.

However, not everything is what it seems and warnings are given. Told with fun and merriment like most of Mo Willems work. Another cute and funny story. Jul 01, Donalyn rated it really liked it Shelves: Loved the silent movie-style layout and surprise ending. Dec 21, Laurie rated it it was amazing Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. As Retold by Mo Willems. Here he uses a silent-movie motif, with dialogue presented on black title cards mid-scene to show the goose inching toward peril in a soup pot. With every step closer, a chorus of concerned goslings shouts warnings of "That is NOT a good idea! In a comic twist, the goose stuffs the wolf in the pot, and readers learn that the goslings were actually trying to warn him all along. A fun, interactive read aloud. Educational value Gives kids a feel for what silent movies were like -- and gives parents an opportunity to tell kids about the time when movies weren't shot with sound and dialogue appeared as white words on black title cards that would cut into the filmed scenes.

Positive messages Be careful of strangers who seem nice but may have mean intentions. Use your wits to make your move and outsmart someone who wants to eat you! Positive role models The baby geese are wisely cautious as well as kind and caring to warn, "That is NOT a good idea! Language Not applicable This is from commonsensemedia. If anyone is going to pull off a picture book built on the conventions of old-time silent movies—exaggerated facial expressions, telling body language, and, of course, blacked-out dialogue pages cut into the story—it would be Willems.

At each step of the way, an increasingly frantic litter of chicks warns That is really, really, really, really not a good idea! By the time the story reaches its peak, you can practically hear the Wurlitzer throbbing, and kids will be squirming with tense glee, primed for a classic Willems gotcha that turns the whole thing on its head for the poor, unsuspecting fox. A quick, crowd-pleasing lark that should be a hit at group storytime. And as much as everyone loves Elephant and Piggie, fans will be pleased to have a new offering in a picture-book format.

But if one is a member of the hunting set, the answer involves more than ordering a pizza. Fox spies an innocent goose, it appears his problem is solved. All charm, he asks her to go for a walk, visit his kitchen, and critique his soup. These scenes play out like a silent movie, with all conversation between the two shown in title frames white text against black background on one page and action in full-bleed illustrations on the facing one.

Five times the smarmy fox cajoles; five times the coy goose responds. Interspersed between each sequence is a double-page Greek chorus of frenetic goslings warning, "That is NOT a good idea! There's a trifecta of reading possibilities here: Fox asks an innocent goose to critique his soup. Five times the fox cajoles; five times the goose responds, while a Greek chorus of goslings repeatedly warns, "That is NOT a good idea! Kirkus Reviews April 1, A new offering of guaranteed laughs from three-time Caldecott-honoree Willems.

From the cover to the cast credits to the title page, the story presents itself as a movie in book form, observed not only by readers, but by a gaggle of excitable goslings. The action begins when a dapper fox and a plump goose meet--successfully establishing the field of a traditional tale. Dialogue between the characters, showcased as ornately framed white text against a page-filling black background, harkens back to the design of silent films.

Double-page spreads picture an increasing number of goslings gazing out at readers and admonishing, "That is NOT a good idea! The goslings' antics grow progressively frantic--and hilarious--as their warnings increase in intensity. The climax proves that appearances can be deceiving, as the anticipated conclusion is turned on its head. Using signature bold lines, Willems' illustrations are as satisfyingly expressive and comic as his previous work featuring fowl his pigeon makes a cameo appearance here, though not an obvious one.

Exceptionally observant readers may anticipate the twist, but that won't spoil the enjoyment of this fun-loving fractured fable. Minimal text makes this book ideal for read-alouds and discussions of fable and fairy-tale motifs. The sequence concerns a dastardly villain, played by a smirking fox in a top hat, and an ingenue, played by a coy duck in a blue headscarf.

The fox invites the sweet-looking duck "for a stroll. Each time the duck accepts the fox's invitations, an increasingly alarmed audience of six yellow peeps pops up to shout some version of the title: Cinematic conventions, like neatly framed white-on-black intertitles and gauzy iris-eye close-ups of the eyelash-batting heroine, join allusions to classics like "Henny Penny," Rosie's Walk, and perhaps even Mighty Mouse.

Trust Willems to blend silents, animation, and comics for a wickedly droll poultry-in-peril yarn. School Library Journal April 1, K-Gr 3-This charmer is lovingly composed as an homage to silent movies and the concept of picture books as the "theater of the lap. A gentlemanly fox and a demure, peasantlike goose meet. The setting is an old European city reminiscent of Budapest or Amsterdam, replete with fin de siecle gas lamps, stone-arch bridges, and wrought-iron terraces, executed in signature matte hues and strong lines the chicks, though, are bright yellow.

Heightened expressions dramatize their meeting, and it is desire at first sight. In this way, the well-mannered fox proposes a series of formal invitations, "Would you care to. Each time the goose accepts, "Hmm. The wily goose's actions, defying common sense, arrive at an absolutely unexpected and riotous surprise ending.

This time, all the previous non-participants eagerly volunteer, but she refuses them, stating that no one helped her with her work. Thus, the hen eats it with her chicks, leaving none for anyone else. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on February 11, Retrieved from " https: All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Commons category link from Wikidata.