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How To Manage Your Wealth (According To Cyrus The Great)

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We need not wonder, then, that with such opinions his ambition was to excel mankind in courtesy and care. Croesus chastised Cyrus for giving away too much instead of accumulating more wealth for himself.

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He asked Croesus how much money he should be in possession of. And Croesus named an enormous sum.

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Bid each of them write down the amount he can give me, seal the letter, and hand it to the messenger of Croesus, who will bring it here. I have made my fortune, thanks to your letter! They have loaded me with gifts.

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Cyrus sent his assistant to various friends asking how much money they could pledge to him. His assistant comes back, ecstatic, saying that the gifts alone given by those friends has made him a rich man. In addition, the amount pledged by his friends exceeded the vast sum that Croesus originally stated, revealing that Cyrus, through his style of rule and approach to wealth, was far wealthier than the amount of gold in his vault.

And I have somewhat else to say; I tell you, Croesus, there is something the gods have implanted in our souls, and there they have made us all beggars alike, something I can never overcome.