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A veteran of the 82nd Airborne, Rindo brings military characters and their explosive battles to vivid, three-dimensional life. Taylor's science background and profound knowledge compliment Ringo's military realism with scientific realism, filling the novel with breakthroughs and theories from the frontiers of today's science, as he did in The Quantum Connection , praises by Publishers Weekly as "dazzling Special kit mailing 8.

Consumer advertising in Locus , Kliatt , more Teaser chapter for Claws That Catch The former SSBN Nebraska has been converted, using mostly garage mechanics and baling wire, into a warp ship ready to go "out there. That is until they land on an alien planet, get partially wiped out and then load back up again. The monkeys are out in the space lanes and ready to rock. As soon as they get another roll of duct tape. By clicking 'Sign me up' I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use.

Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Must redeem within 90 days. I love how this shows how the world has evolved since humans have encountered aliens. Ringo does a great job with making these people normal in the most bizarre environments. But that is just a small part of the greater story line. If you liked the first one you definitely need to check out the second. Dec 01, Ron rated it really liked it Shelves: Ringo does Star Trek. While a sequal to Thru the Looking Glass, it is really a very different kind of story. Namely a spaceship - in this case a converted submarine - goes exploring the galaxy.

Instead the Marines do the dirty work. We see navy life from the top and bottom. While the body count is high eventually, I was shocked to be in a Ringo book and half way through with no one dying. Very hard SF, and if you don't like physics mixed into your fiction it isn't for you. Otherwise good book all around. Apr 06, Sallye rated it liked it. I liked the first book in the series Through the Looking Glass well enough to search this book out and pay full price for it.

It is another hugely enjoyable, hard science fiction book. Travis Taylor adds more science to this story, and a few in-jokes for those readers from Huntspatch. The story rattles along as merrily as ever on a Star Trek style series of adventures. I completely derailed my bellydance class this week talking physics who comes up with those particle names, anyway? Sep 21, Darin rated it did not like it Shelves: Made up profanity is more offensive than the real thing especially when it sounds so idiotic!!!

Jun 18, RhC rated it liked it Recommends it for: Military Space Lingo Lovers. Vorpal Blade is combination military action and hard science fiction novel. A little slow at first. In fact, the first half is bogged down in character over development and lots and I mean a lot of military lingo -- military lingo containing expletives derived from the alien society befriended in the first book in the series. So much so that the banter begins to become irritating -- and why? To keep a PG rating? Thankfully, the story, and action, finally begin to pick up as the adventure finally gets underway even with physics lingo also going a little overboard considering the obvious fictions abounding throughout the science.

Anyway, it's no Starship Troopers but the second half of the book brings the rating up from barely a two to a soft three stars.

Vorpal Blade (Looking Glass, #2) by John Ringo

Maybe, with all the introductory bull shit out of the way the next installment will be more interesting. Sep 01, PCress rated it it was amazing. Great continuation of one of my all-time fav series. Very creative, great fun. Exploring space, saving humanity, what's not to love?! Oct 23, Collin rated it liked it. Didn't do much to further the plot set up in the first book. Dec 15, Frank rated it liked it.

Space Marines on a reconfigured Nuclear Sub. Nov 30, Jared rated it really liked it. The book Vorpal Blade is an excellent book one I recommend to those who like to read sci-fi. It is the 2nd book in a series of four. Just after their war with a hostile alien force the Dreen whom they met after a portal appears on earth and when they manage to destroy the portal that the Dreen come through, America with their alien allies, the Adar build a secret spaceship to go and explore space and find the Dreen or allies to fight against the Dreen before the Dreen find them.

In this essay I The book Vorpal Blade is an excellent book one I recommend to those who like to read sci-fi. In this essay I will speak of the hilarity and intensity of this well written book. The book Vorpal Blade is a very well written piece of sci-fi literature using well descriptive words allowing the reader to visualize the characters, and the environments that the characters are placed in. The hilarity of this book is quite pleasing being able to keep a good mood on even the worst days for the team or just in general.

The humor as shown in the examples of this book is of excellent quality. I will next talk of the intensity of the book. The book can often be intense and the fights often short and leave you wanting more so you keep reading. For example when what looked like a dragon attacked them it killed half the squad before Berg was able to put it down all in the space of about two minutes according to the book.

The fights are often short and leave you with a quickening of the pulse and still wanting more. The book is excellent and the series is a must read, one that I enjoy thoroughly and hope others will too. The book has a comedic feel to it and provides a good measure of action all the while explaining how things work without making it to boring. The story however, is just so implausible that it drags down a lot of the book.

However, in the last book, the humans where almost invaded and conquered, possibly on the brink of extinction. Yet, in this book, instead of starting a massive space program, the cobble together a spaceship from an obsolete navy submarine. They even built it in secret because the humans still seems to engage in petty politics and national secrets.

This is just not believable. The science also continues to be nonsensical. Heat does not dissipate quickly in vacuum. Normally not a big deal but it was really annoying in this book. As I mentioned above, the characters and action is still in the John Ringo style. Mar 17, Alex Shrugged rated it liked it Shelves: It was good but not as good as the first book.

Nevertheless, it expanded the role of the little girl the author introduced in the first book and then used only sparingly. I was glad to see her return. It also brings back two other major characters and introduces many new ones. Using a warp engine design they have refitted a boomer submarine to be a spaceship.

They are off to explore amongst the stars and to find their mortal enemy. Any p "Vorpal Blade" is 2 in the Looking Glass series. Taylor which usually means that John Ringo outlined the story while Taylor did the major work. That is my sense of it since the writing style lacks the tongue-in-cheek sort of humor I enjoy from Ringo. Nevertheless the writing is good.

The cursing has been replaced by other words like "maulk" which apparently means "feces". But there is regular cursing on occasion and a rather crude Russian curse which remains untranslated thankfully but I know what it means anyway. There is no sex in the novel, specifically, though it is talked about in a crude manner as Marines sometime do.

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The action is weird at times because the author is describing a problem created by physics and a change in dimensions. Be prepared to be twisted around a bit. The ending is an exciting one, but somewhat mystifying. It was not exactly pulled from a hat, but I never would have had the intuition to do what they did and it was not clear how the characters had that intuition either.

In fact one of them said something like "Why are we doing this? I liked it anyway. There is also a long set up for the third book in the series. It doesn't spoil the ending for this one. I'd read this book again. Oct 10, Balkron rated it liked it Shelves: I can't believe I read it once 3 Star - Average book, Was entertaining but nothing special. I can't wait for the next book. I Will Re-Read this one or more times. I wanted a series as good as Troy Rising but found a mediocre story.

Characters - The characters are poorly developed. You never feel any connection with them. The characters are 2 dimensional with nothing really interesting about any of them. Ringo failed in this series with his characters. Story - The story was predictable and not all that interesting.

There are a couple of interesting areas but there are not enough of these areas to carry the rest of the story.

Vorpal Blade

I am very disappointed in this series. Overall - An average sci-fi series. There is really nothing to remember about this series. I am disappointed and will not be re-reading this series. Jan 03, Robert D rated it it was amazing.

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John Ringo returns to characters he created in the book "Into the Looking Glass". I would categorize it as military science fiction, but with actual science. Ringo builds a coherent story that relies on actual theoretical physics.

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It is seven years later and Dr. And what do you do when you have a new spaceship. The mission of the Alliance Vorpal Blade the ship name is to explore the local stars around Sol and try to determine what is out there. There are various obstacles to be overcome and that is what drives the bulk of the story. Encountering aliens but sentient and non-sentient poses special problems for the Space Marines. I liked the realistic approach in displaying the problems early space flight may face when exploring strange new worlds. Apr 22, Benjamin Thompson rated it it was amazing.

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Amazing piece of science fiction. I say "fiction" in a rather loose sense because the amazing thing about this book is that it is almost entirely based on real theories and scientific discoveries known today. There is quite possibly enough information in this book to fill an entire textbook.

This gives me an idea, perhaps science would be most effectively taught to public and high school students through science fiction novels like this one. What's perhaps even more amazing, as this book shows, i Amazing piece of science fiction. What's perhaps even more amazing, as this book shows, is that reality could be far stranger than fiction. There is "stuff" so mind-blowing in this book I've never seen or read anything like it in the genre, and theoretically, at least it could really happen.

One last thing I will mention, while I recommend this book to anyone interested in a good sci-fi novel, I would recommend, perhaps more, the prequel to it "Into the Looking Glass". Read that one first, otherwise Vorpal Blade won't make any sense.

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Sep 06, Seth Tucker rated it really liked it. This book is a great follow up to Into the Looking Glass. Combining actual science with a great premise, we explore the worlds beyond our solar system and see how other worlds have evolved. I loved the portrayal of the converted submarine and the lives of those who serve aboard the Vorpal Blade. With Travis Taylor on board, the physics involved are explained in a very understandable manner, which I enjoyed. So I definitely recommend this book for fans of classic science fiction, in the tradition of some of the greats of the genre.