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These aerial images of industrial beef farming operations look less like shots of land and more like a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Micro-apartments are in vogue today. Read more of our best stories of the year in these categories: Top stories , infographics , photography , maps , buildings , design , cities , food , transportation , innovative workplaces , bikes , collaborative consumption , energy , crowdfunding , robots , environment , health , education. Business women signature at document 26, 1 years ago.

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Cropped View of Hands Typing on Laptop 31, 1 years ago. Pencil with an open book for literacy day 5, 69 2 years ago. Writing your curriculum vitae 26, 3 years ago. Illustration of pen icon 5 3 months ago. Boy and girl reading and writing illustration 33, 1 years ago. Hands writing in open book and leaves 4, 10 months ago. Entrepreneurs with big pencils 5, 40 3 years ago.

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Successful computer gadget digital close 16, 1 years ago. Close-up of hand holding a pen to write 12, 1 years ago. Flat clipboard, money and calculator 7, 1 years ago. Office banners 31, 3 years ago. Working in the office design 4, 85 2 years ago. Green writers logo 16, 2 years ago. Business man drawing a block diagram plan 5, 13 months ago. Vintage background for the world book day 3, 62 7 months ago. Vintage book sketches background 80, 1 years ago. Project planning 2, 74 1 years ago.

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Writing banners set 4, 61 1 years ago. Blogging tips concept 11, 1 years ago. They know what books the images come from. But they don't know much about the particulars of each visual.

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And so they're turning to crowdsourcing for answers. In fairly short order, the Library plans to release tools that will let willing participants gather information and deepen our understanding of everything in the Flickr Commons collection. A study of the American Commonwealth, its natural resources, people, industries, manufactures, commerce, and its work in literature, science, education and self-government.


And the picture features, according to the text, a "Typical figure, showing tendency of student life--stooping head, flat chest, and emaciated limbs. We're hoping to rely on our loyal readers rather than erratic ads. To support Open Culture's continued operation, please consider making a donation. In America, these images had been in the public domain for some time, because they had been published before But in the UK, the BL still owns the copyright to scans of images in its collections, so these images were not free of copyright restrictions until the BL decided it was.

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  4. International copyright law is quite complicated, and has to do with the owner of the physical object, as well as the date of creation of the object. These images were already in the public domain. They really did all that scanning work and then reduced the quality so that there are just a few tones of black on that pant leg?!!? This is a perfectly fine digital facsimile of a bad reproduction of a photo.

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    In fact, give me a credit ;-. You missed one small detail: Just curious, does anyone know which Facebook page gave this a mention this morning? Do you have to be a member? Or am I just missing something here? To save the images: It is common enough and commonly used out of a combination of pretentiousness and tastelessness.

    Just enjoy them and quit whining about who, what, when, and where. Thanks to the responsible parties who made available to me. I love reading about public domain resources and will link with them once I get going. Youtube disregards the fundamental rights of TV and film makers world wide, passing the buck of responsibility to the person uploading the video. If roles were reversed and it was a non-US company doing this we would never hear the end of it and the US courts would certainly take them to the cleaners.

    The Youtube generation think they can have something for nothing — wrong — film makers need paying, actors need paying and standards suffer if they cannot get their dues. Wile the original work copyrights have expired, the work of others based on that work has not expired.

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    So you -can- use the orginal images…if you get them yourself. In July , following a statement clarifying WMF policy, Commons voted to the effect that all such photographs are accepted as public domain regardless of country of origin, and tagged with a warning. Readers of this piece might be interested to know that researchers at Cardiff University, working with the British Library and Arts and Humanities Research Council, have created a database to actually search and classify the 1m images at: Nope, not under current U. There has to be an element of original human creativity involved.

    See Bridgeman Art Library v. There have been similar rulings in other countries most notably, the United Kingdom. Your mileage in other countries will vary.