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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Learn more about Amazon Prime. The thrilling sequel to the horror bestseller, 33 A. Yet not even Theron can slip into town unnoticed, and the Council of Thirteen sends Ramah to deal with the two renegades once and for all. But unknown to the Council, a much older enemy is also in Londinium, and this time even the great Ramah might not be safe. Set against the backdrop of the Iceni uprising in Roman-era Britannia, 61 A.

David McAfee is the author of the bestselling horror novel, 33 A. The next novel in the Theron and Taras storyline will be released in David lives in Tennessee with his wife, daughter, and infant son. Read more Read less. Books In This Series 3 Books. Page 1 of 1 Start Over Page 1 of 1. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

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The Rise of Imperial Rome AD 14-193 Overview

Read reviews that mention david mcafee well written taras and theron theron and ramah look forward wait for the next saying goodbye goodbye to the sun enjoyed this book really enjoyed story line book in the series character baella great read new character historical events twist on an old thoroughly enjoyed next installment keep reading. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I purchased After and 61 AD on the same day and read through both from start to finish. The writing here reminded me more of Saying Goodbye to the Sun than 33Ad, and in a good way.

The story takes off from page at a breakneck pace and does not slow down. I appreciate how compact the time span of the story is here. The author chose an excellent time and place to put the characters and builds from a rushed pace to a nearly frantic one by the end of the book.

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You will feel the clock ticking away for everyone and they react as you would expect, changing from calm and collected to making snap decisions in order to achieve their goals as soon as possible to avoid the rising sun. In most ways the book delivers and then some. If you wanted to see Taras adapt to his undead situation we do, if you wanted to see Theron continue his reign of terror and get a little payback of what he deserves, you certainly will see that here. But what certainly stuck out for me here was Baella and Ramah. Baella is certainly an interesting new character for the series which has been dominated by men.

Neither a member nor servant of the Council nor a renegade who had no choice in being a Bachiyr she represents a new paradigm and depth to this universe. Ramah is particularly well handled here, while not fully fleshed out that is for the best By the end of the book you not only know there is a rich, dark history AND future to these two but you will simply demand to know it! I cannot recommend this series enough to anyone looking for a complicated vampire tale and very much look forward to future books.

I really wanted to like this book because I liked 33 A. This is not the case here. The author fails at building a world and fleshing out the characters. You skim the surface of who they are what their motivations are and in a world being what it is at that time things just flowed way too conveniently. If anything the whole thing reads like a bad SyFy movie. You get glimpses of what could be a really good story, but aside from the concept?

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Also, the editing, or rather the LACK of editing in this book is staggering. Typos, bad wording, repetition, gaping plot holes first Theron is OK with dropping bodies where he wants but a few chapters later he's oh so mindful of what he does with them and how he disposes of the evidence? When did that happen?! One person found this helpful. D; and read them before going any further!

As expected 79 A. D continues with Theron and Taras' Bachiyr adventures. It too sees th Disclaimer: It too sees the return of Ramah, Herris; sorry Headcouncil Herris!

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There are some new characters too, some who are quite likable some that you just want to die already!! The plot is fab and I was hooked from the beginning. Mr McAfee has some interesting ideas and twists throughout, and I loved reading who each one played out. This is one author that I'm unable to second guess what's going to happen next. Mr McAfee's writing style is fantabulous too, he's not afraid to be mean to the main characters and I love how the Bachiyr are depicted as cruel, blood thirsty demons not sparkly lovable creatures! The plot moves at a good pace; for me there was no slow parts; no where I felt like skimming over or skipping a page or two.

The details given are enough to enable my mind to conjure up a very clear image of the scenes and characters, and to enable me to feel a part of the story too. D was well worth the wait and I wasn't disappointed, that said I would have liked it to have been a bit longer, but all good; no sorry; all great things come in small packages!!! In conclusion 79 A.

D gets a huge 4. See below for the other books in this series and other books by Mr McAfee too. Thank you to Mr McAfee for allowing the chance to read and review 79 A. Aug 02, Leslie L. Allen rated it really liked it. I loved the characters, their development, the twists and turns of the storyline, and she editing was fantastic, but I truly feel the description of the action could have popped a lot more. Despite that, this entire series was well-researched and extremely we'll written.

If you like horror that makes you think, this series is for you. Due to graphic writing, I would recommend readers of 18 and up. Sep 09, Thea Marquetta rated it liked it. For this to have been the last book in the series it sure was a let down in the end. I was expecting so much more. Jul 03, Bear Stevens rated it liked it. I have conflicting feelings about this book.

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On one hand, I find the story itself to be good. The plot is original and has good characters. I did not predict many of the plot twists. The character of Baella is well constructed and seems like she can grow much more in future books. On the other hand, the editing in this book is disappointing to say the least.

Bachiyr Series

It took the Mr. McAfee about three years to write this book, which comes in at a little more than pages, yet I encountered multiple gram I have conflicting feelings about this book. McAfee about three years to write this book, which comes in at a little more than pages, yet I encountered multiple grammatical errors.

I would estimate about one every pages. What is more disappointing is that the author States in the Forward that this book was the first time he hired an editor. Furthermore, the author released advanced copies for review to multiple readers. One would think that these two factors combined would fix these problems.

The worst example of poor editing I could find was the fact that the author doesn't even seem to know where the story takes place. Multiple times it is mentioned that Vesuvius is in Greece. Clearly this is incorrect, as the volcano is in Italy. If this happened just once in the book I would chalk it up to a typo, but when I see it multiple times I can only assume you legitimately don't know where the volcano is. Was the extent of the author's research to Google "What year did Vesuvius erupt? I would think that if you were going to base your plot around possibly the most famous volcano in history, as well as putting a picture of it on your book cover, not to mention naming your book after the year it erupted, you might take the time to figure out where on the planet it is actually located.

How could this be missed in the editing process?! All in all, I like the story itself, but find it hard to get past obvious editing flaws. How can you justify multiple delays on your book by saying that you refuse to release anything that isn't up to your standards and this is the final result? It just makes it appear as though your standards are not very high. Dec 01, Sharon Phelps rated it it was amazing. Captivating Set in Pompeii with Vesuvius on the verge of erupting, the story also erupts into action with Theron tests his theories for control against fire.

He has established a base in the caves of Vesuvius and with his slave vampire Gaelle he uses her to be his test subject.

He feeds her only young children, just enough to keep her alive but not strong. Taras hears about all the young children being taken from Pompeii by Baella and goes to investigate.

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From there it is nonstop action. The stor Captivating Set in Pompeii with Vesuvius on the verge of erupting, the story also erupts into action with Theron tests his theories for control against fire. The storyline doesn't disappoint and while some of our questions are answered more are introduced so be prepared for the next book. Sep 23, Paul Gerlitz rated it liked it.

I wanted to give this book, the series even, but I just can't. Not really in to the vampire genre but it was a unique concept and I enjoyed it. After that though it goes down hill. My problem is that one of the main vampure characters, the only one you can really like, is apparently an idiot and continually puts him in deadly predicaments. The author tries to pass it off being because of his humanity but in the end it's because he is an idiot.

I found myself walking I wanted to give this book, the series even, but I just can't. I found myself walking away from reading this for long periods of time because I just couldn't take it anymore. Aug 24, David Biondi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Man I forgot how much I liked these books. The story is original and just gets better with each novel. I feel like each time David brings us back to visit our vampire buddies you can tell his writing style keeps improving.