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By injecting strains of anti-government sentiment into his platform, Gale created a powerful message designed to appeal to a broader swath of Americans who might have otherwise been turned off by the purely racist ideology.

Posse Comitatus, 1969-1980s

A diffuse collection of armed men and women who believed their own government had turned against them. The movement overlapped heavily with white supremacists and the anti-tax philosophy of the Sovereign Citizen movement. In , the nation was just emerging from a recession, which had deepened economic instability for many Americans. Then, the botched siege of a white supremacist and his family in Ruby Ridge, Idaho in and a deadly raid on a compound of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas the following year enraged those who were already mistrustful of the government.

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In , President Bill Clinton signed the Brady Bill, the first major piece of modern gun control legislation. The moves seemed to confirm what those with anti-government sentiment already suspected: Militia groups proliferated across the country, and their members engaged in paramilitary training, wilderness survival and other skills. Some of these groups contained violent extremists who engaged in criminal activity and violence. There was one final standoff in , by a group called the Montana Freemen, which ended peacefully after 81 days, with several arrests.

Far-Right Extremism: CQR

Then the movement began its slow decline. In the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, the federal government cracked down on militia groups, infiltrating their membership and making arrests. As the year approached, militia geared up once more, anticipating a societal collapse brought on by the Y2K computer bug. But when the millennium dawned like any other day, the movement petered out.

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In , as the presidential campaign got underway, the militia movement flickered back to life. Hundreds of paramilitary training videos started popping up online, featuring tips on weapons handling, survival skills and medical training. Militia groups swapped information on upcoming field training exercises.

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They also released propaganda videos that discussed attacking the federal government, and lynching judges and other government officials. Unlike in the s, when militias gathered in person or networked by phone, recruitment and radicalization was increasingly happening on YouTube or through social media.

That made it easier for militia groups to proliferate — and for dangerous lone wolves to emerge. In , the housing bubble popped, plunging many Americans into economic peril.

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Then, Barack Obama was elected. The first black president, a Democrat, re-ignited concerns that the federal government was on the wrong side of issues important to the movement: The threat of violence has spurred debate about the strength of the government's efforts to fight extremism and whether it should try to prevent far-right radicalization of young people.

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Meanwhile, Life After Hate, a group founded by former racist skinheads, is working to help former white supremacists find a new path in life. Take a Tour Permissions. By Barbara Mantel Introduction David Allen Brutsche, an adherent of the anti-government sovereign citizen movement, was sentenced to five years probation in Las Vegas in April after plotting to kidnap and execute a police officer. Read the Full Report Subscription Required.

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The crucial factor is to consider the implications which follow from this recognition. Lyons, and Lane Crothers, have applied recent developments in social movement theory to right-wing groups the militia movement among them.