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From its beginning in until roughly , the downtown skyline of the city of Cincinnati stood in as Monticello. In later years, the Los Angeles skyline replaced that of Cincinnati. The skyline motif was eventually eliminated altogether in the final two years of the show, as was the word "The" in the title.

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While most soap operas centered on extended families or large hospitals that tended to be insular in their scope, The Edge of Night was probably the only daytime serial to truly capture the dynamics of a medium-sized city. During most of the show's run, viewers were treated to an announcer enthusiastically and energetically announcing the show's title, "Theee Edge The two voices most identified with the show, however, were those of Harry Kramer — and Hal Simms , who announced until the series ended in The Edge of Night played on more artistic levels than probably any other soap of its time.

It was unique among daytime soap operas in that it focused on crime, rather than domestic and romantic matters. The police, district attorneys, and medical examiners of fictional Monticello, USA, dealt with a steady onslaught of gangsters , drug dealers, blackmailers, cultists , international spies , corrupt politicians, psychopaths , and murderous debutantes, while at the same time coping with more usual soap opera problems like courtship, marriage, divorce, child custody battles, and amnesia.

The show's particular focus on crime was recognized in , when, in honor of its 25 years on the air, The Edge of Night was given a special Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America. The Edge of Night had more prominent male characters than most soap operas, and included genuine humor in its scripts to balance the heaviness of the storylines. The show's central protagonist was Mike Karr , tireless crimefighter, introduced as a police officer who was finishing law school. This character evolved from the earlier Perry Mason character on radio.

Karr was portrayed by three actors: Over the years, the show featured many notable performers and celebrities, usually in small cameo appearances, but some in roles important to the storylines. For the show's duration, the stories either revolved around or touched upon Monticello lawyer and former Monticello police officer Mike Karr. Adding a complication for Mike Karr, Sara's family was involved in organized crime. In the early years of the show, Sara's younger brother, Jack Don Hastings , was drawn into the criminal world by corrupt uncle Harry Lane Lauren Gilbert.

RYAN'S HOPE (1975-1989)

Nevertheless, Mike and Sara eventually married. Their happiness was short-lived when Sara was written out of the show, killed as she saved the life of their daughter Laurie Ann, who ran into the street into the path of an automobile. By the s, Laurie Ann was a teenager, supplying many plots for the show, and a young wife and mother by the s.

GUIDING LIGHT (1937-2009)

Mike later married Nancy Pollock Ann Flood , a journalist who helped in many of his cases. Other important characters were Police Chief Bill Marceau Mandel Kramer , who was one of Karr's best friends and shared a tremendous mutual respect, rare between a defense attorney and a chief of police perhaps because Mike had once been a police officer himself , Marceau's secretary and later wife Martha Teri Keane , fellow attorney Adam Drake Donald May , his client, then secretary and later on, his wife Nicole Travis Maeve McGuire ; Jayne Bentzen ; Lisa Sloan , and wealthy socialite Geraldine Whitney Lois Kibbee.

Nancy had two siblings: Nicole was then accused of murdering Stephanie Martin. Adam Drake defended her and proved her innocence, when he proved Pamela Stewart had murdered Stephanie. Adam then broke away from Mike Karr's law firm as partner and opened his own law practice. He hired Nicole as his secretary, and a romance blossomed. When Nicole sensed his lack of interest in marriage, she went to work for another attorney, Jake Berman Ward Costello.

She continued to date Adam and told him if he did not propose to her by New Year's Eve, their relationship was finished. She soon got another marriage proposal from her new boss, widower Jake Berman. She did not accept, but moved to New York City with him when he was going to partner at an existing law firm. Adam then searched for Nicole in New York until he found her at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve and proposed to her.

When Adam and Nicole returned to Monticello, so did Jake, determined to prevent them from marrying. Adam and Nicole reunited and settled into married life. Sometime later, she was believed to have died in a boating accident in the Caribbean, but was discovered alive 18 months later by Kevin Jamison then played by John Driver in France at the same time Adam proposed to Assistant District Attorney Brandy Henderson Dixie Carter. Adam and Nicole eventually reunited about six months after Nicole was discovered alive, and Brandy left town another six months later.

Their marriage ended as Adam was murdered. The character of Nicole was replaced with a new actress and was subsequently reduced in age a decade, a rarity for an adult character in the genre. Now younger and more vibrant, Nicole was suitable for a relationship with young doctor Miles Cavanaugh. Nicole was eventually killed off when her makeup powder was poisoned.

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Another important relationship was that between Nancy and her younger sister Elaine Cookie , who was married first to Malcom Thomas and later to Ron Christopher, whose dealings with loan sharks affected Mike's good friends Louise and Philip Capice. In the show's later years, Mike's beautiful daughter Laurie Ann Emily Prager , by now a young adult, was an important character.

Her relationship with Jonah Lockwood, a sociopath , almost cost her her life, but he was revealed to be an alternate persona of Keith Whitney, scion of the wealthy Whitney family, nemesis of the Karrs and Marceau. Schollay over a shipment of drugs which led to Vic being pleading guilty to murder and going to prison to conduct undercover work where he was almost stabbed to death in a prison shower but his life was saved by inmate Johnny Dallas. The Alden family ruled life in the Corinth, Pa. Despite the fact that it never scored in the ratings, the show lasted 12 years. And eventually they eliminated half the cast through a serial-killer story line that heralded the end of the show.

Morgan Fairchild starred in the first year, and when her contract was up, soap powerhouse Jane Elliot General Hospital stepped in. But neither that nor the provocative transsexual story line quel scandale! It was the first network soap to feature an African-American family from day one, as it looked at the lives of two Chicago families — the black Marshalls and white Whitmores — across three generations.

It never did well during its two-year run on NBC, but with the help of actors like Kelly Rutherford and Debbi Morgan, it found new life and a cult following in syndication on BET, where it aired until Just about everyone was a suspect at one time or another.

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Martinez, pictured , along with clever use of pop music, that brought in the viewers and garnered them numerous Emmys. Theresa what is wrong. My head is killing me. I'll ask the nurse if she can give you something. It's alright I'm just glad you're here. Did you find out is the baby alright? You and the baby are just fine. Is that what Dr. Russell says or are you not telling me everything.

She told me something but I'm afraid to tell you. Who would do that to me? Are you coming home soon? Mija are you sure. With everything that just happened I think he'll be better with Gwen.

12 Soap Operas We've Loved, Lost

Your brothers are coming over now. So why you say goodbye to Momma T and you and your Mom get home. Theresa I hope you feel better soon. Momma, Ivy, Ethan can I talk to Gwen for a moment alone? They all leave GWEN: I hear you were drugged. No of course not, but I want you to do me a favor. I think it's Juanita. She is the head of the Mexican mob and she magically disappeared. You have a point but how can you be sure. Jane, of course wow I didn't expect this.

Passion's Prey

That daughter of yours is too smart for her own good. She is a Vasquez after all. What are we waiting for? I am so glad you are back. We do have another major problem. Martin Fitzgerald he knows our secret. I know we have to take care of him and his wife first. You want to kill Katherine Crane. I see you want to break Pilar's heart before you kill her.

Absolutely not I will not put my sweet pea through this. I can do it Mom. She'll be fine Tabitha plus we are all here. We won't let anything happen to her. That's comforting but what if the dark side tries to take control of her what then.

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We won't let that happen. She does have a point we need some more reassurance that Endora can stay grounded. What does that mean grounded? What I mean is we need to keep you happy. When you are happy you are stronger. What dark spell were you casting. I said move on! I know it's crazy to ask but if EJ was here I could stay grounded. Because she loves him.

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That is so sweet. Is this true my dear are you in love with Little Ethan? We are in love he said it first. That is so precious. Just like a Bennett. I'm so happy for you Endora. As long as you are happy my angel. What if the dark side tries to possess him?