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Speakers and jumbotron television screens were placed along both the north and south edges to encourage the crowd to spread out rather than press against the main stage.

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Portable toilets and first aid stations were also provided. Because the rally was held the day before the previously scheduled Marine Corps Marathon , the rally planners originally requested to share the portable toilets planned for the marathon runners. The marathon organizers refused, so a second set of portable toilets was ordered.

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While both Colbert and Stewart were tight-lipped as to the event's schedule and guests, Metromix 's Washington DC website published a tentative schedule on October 27, with guest performers said to be confirmed for the event including musicians Sheryl Crow , The Roots and Jeff Tweedy with Mavis Staples along with actors Don Novello appearing as Father Guido Sarducci and Sam Waterston. Satirical comedy was woven throughout the rally with Colbert expressing, in parody, that fear was superior to Stewart's reasonableness. The theme started with Colbert—costumed like Evel Knievel —emerging from his "fear bunker" in a capsule reminiscent of the Chilean miners' rescue.

One of their battles was waged over three songs about trains.

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My hybrid electric scooter does m-p-g. From gay men who like football Peter Pan —played by John Oliver —then appeared and led the crowd in a chant that caused Colbert and his puppet to melt into the stage, thereby handing final victory to Stewart. Stewart gave out "Medals of Reasonableness" cast in bronze with an image of an owl and the Latin motto Sit vis nobiscum, liberally translated by Stewart as " May the Force be with you ," to:. Colbert awarded "Medals of Fear" cast with an image of a naked man running with scissors and the Latin motto Cave ne cadmium sit, which Colbert translated as "Warning: May contain Cadmium," to:.

Zuckerberg's award was presented in absentia. The media outlets' award was accepted on their behalf by "someone with more courage—a seven-year-old girl. After defeating Colbert's "Fearzilla", Stewart closed the rally with a "moment This was not a rally to ridicule people of faith , or people of activism , or look down our noses at the heartland , or passionate argument, or to suggest that times are not difficult and that we have nothing to fear.

They are, and we do. But we live now in hard times, not end times. He criticized the role the press plays in polarizing political debates, stating that the media—which he described as "the country's hour politico—pundit perpetual panic 'conflict-inator'"—only amplifies problems and no longer makes a distinction between "hav[ing] animus" and "be[ing] enemies. Much of the speech was devoted to the idea that "[m]ost Americans don't live their lives solely as Democrats , Republicans , liberals or conservatives. According to local news outlet TBD TV , "Massive turnout for Saturday's rally quickly overwhelmed the Mall, forcing thousands of people into nearby streets and, eventually, just giving up and leaving.

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority , which maintained its normal Saturday service schedule, announced that Metrorail ridership set a Saturday record of , trips, as compared to about , on a normal Saturday, [56] and beating out the previous record set in of , trips during the Desert Storm rally. The Comedy Central live broadcast reportedly drew 2,, total viewers, with an additional , live video streams on the Internet.

Keith Olbermann was prominently featured in a video montage shown at the rally that focused on the anger present in cable news. Two days after the rally, he decided to suspend his "Worst Person in the World" segment on Countdown with Keith Olbermann in the interest of turning down the volume and anger.

Obama Urges Ohio Residents To Vote To Restore Sanity To Politics | TIME

However, he defended the content of his show by claiming that MSNBC the network that hosted Countdown at the time differs from Fox News in that "sticking up for the powerless is not the moral equivalent of sticking up for the powerful. On Real Time with Bill Maher , Bill Maher criticized the rally, saying that while Stewart and Colbert meant well, the message of the rally promoted a false equivalency between the left and the right, noting, "the big mistake of modern media has been this notion of balance for balance's sake. That the Left is just as violent and cruel as the Right On November 11, Stewart appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show and clarified the message he intended to convey at the rally: Several websites, such as The Huffington Post, dedicated a page to collecting "the funniest signs from the rally.

The rally was nominated for four Daytime Emmy Awards: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The National Mall , Washington, D. Comedy portal Politics portal. Retrieved November 14, Rallies Not a Response to Glenn Beck". The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Retrieved September 18, Retrieved November 6, Retrieved October 15, Retrieved September 20, Retrieved February 25, Retrieved November 13, Retrieved September 21, Retrieved October 29, Jon Stewart on His March on Washington,". The Wall Street Journal. The Globe and Mail.

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The New York Times. Retrieved October 20, Facts Behind The Controversy: Retrieved October 31, This timely book is not for politicians or pundits like O'Reilly, Beck, Maddow, Obama, Palin, or Pelosi - behind their podiums and on their stages.

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It is for anyone with opinions to share - at the kitchen table, in the office, on Facebook, at the gym, and in the carpool. Yes, you can talk about politics Learn how to respond and you are empowered. I blog daily when I have a lot to say. When I don't have much to say, I stay silent. Kind of how it outta be, don't you think?

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