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Assistant Commissioner 2 episodes, Michael Hughes Llewellyn 2 episodes, Peter Hughes Paulson 2 episodes, Frank Jarvis Diemschutz 2 episodes, Jon Laurimore Inspector Spratling 2 episodes, Mike Lewin Duty Guard 2 episodes, Rod Lewis Mortician 2 episodes, Gary Love Derek 2 episodes, George Malpas Old Man 2 episodes, Eric Mason Publican 2 episodes, Bernadette Milnes Woman in Doorway 2 episodes, Jonathan Moore Benjamin Bates 2 episodes, Richard Morant Acland 2 episodes, T. O'Connor 2 episodes, John Normington Dresser 2 episodes, Ronald Nunnery Davis 2 episodes, Sandra Payne Acland 2 episodes, Neville Phillips Cabinet Secretary 2 episodes, Iain Rattray Tough Cop 2 episodes, David Ryall Bowyer 2 episodes, Gary Shail Pimp 2 episodes, Gerald Sim Bagster Phillips 2 episodes, George Sweeney John Netley 2 episodes, David Swift Lord Salisbury 2 episodes, Norman Warwick Richardson 2 episodes, Brian Weske Edit Storyline During the latter half of , a notorious serial killer nicknamed Jack the Ripper terrorises the East End of London by murdering prostitutes in a terribly violent way.

The hunt is on for the world's most infamous murderer.

How Jack the Ripper Worked

Edit Did You Know? Trivia One of the final filmed productions of actor Edward Judd.

Goofs Unlike the film states, Mary Ann Nichols, the first victim, was not completely disemboweled and had no organs removed. In reality, she only had various cuts and stabs at the lower abdomen, but there was no actual removal of the organs as with several of the other victims. I'm not responsible for the papers! No, you're responsible to me! And I want this case closed, Inspector! Yes, and why is that, Chief Superintendent? Mary Nicholls was a shilling whore.

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She wasn't killed for money, she didn't have any, her neighbours don't remember any enemies, and according to the doctor, she wasn't even sexually assaulted, yet somebody tore her to pieces in the streets! Alternate Versions Both parts were re-framed in 1.

The ‘Whitechapel Butcher’

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Jack The Ripper - Michael Caine (1988)

Audible Download Audio Books. Inspector Frederick Abberline 2 episodes, Richard Mansfield 2 episodes, Sir William Gull 2 episodes, Sergeant George Godley 2 episodes, Robert James Lees 2 episodes, Catherine Eddowes 2 episodes, Emma 2 episodes, Coroner Wynne Baxter 2 episodes, Mary Jane Kelly 2 episodes, Rodman 2 episodes, Drunken residents spilled from the pubs into streets where children played.

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Violence was commonplace; cries for help of "Murder! The living conditions in the East End reflected the poverty of its residents.

Battle of Britain

There was precious little access to clean water , and disease like tuberculosis and diphtheria spread easily. Some women engaged in casual prostitution to supplement their families' incomes. It was a bleak, depressing and often menacing place to live. Which makes it all the more significant that in the fall of that year, a series of murders were committed that were so brutal -- so contrary to any degree of humanity -- that they stood out starkly against this grim backdrop and captured the attention of the entire world. In the East End's Whitechapel district, a string of prostitutes were butchered.

The crime scenes were a gory tableau; the brutalized bodies were perversions of the human form.

Jack the Ripper - HISTORY

One theory links the murders with Queen Victoria's grandson, Prince Albert Victor, also known as the Duke of Clarence, although the evidence for this is insubstantial. Violence to prostitutes was not uncommon and there were many instances of women being brutalised, but the nature of these murders strongly suggests a single perpetrator.

A quarter of a mile from the scene of Catherine Eddowes' murder, the words 'The Juwes [sic] are not the men to be blamed for nothing,' were found scrawled on a wall in chalk, and it was suggested this was written by the killer. A police officer ordered the words to be removed, fearing an anti-Semitic backlash in an area with a large Jewish population.

Jack the Ripper (?)

The murderer is also sometimes thought to have made contact by letter with several public figures. These letters, like the chalk message, have never been proved to be authentic, and may have been hoaxes. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled.