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Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The poor rating is for the disappointing manner in which this edition syncs or, more accurately, does not sync with the Kindle functions. At the bottom of the Kindle page, you only get the location number or time left in book i. If you use the "go to" function, it just take you to page 2 of the book not to the chapter in the table of content you have been reading.

Given the length of the book and the number of characters, this has been a disappointing failure. I would recommend trying a different edition. Bleak House itself is an excellent novel with social commentary as relevant today as it was when written. This can be tough going at times, even for a long-time Dickens devotee. As ever, Charles tells a compelling story, but gets bogged down from time to time with too much detail. Sometimes it is just incomprehensible 19th century stuff, or weird English stuff. But when he gets back to the main characters, it is mostly pretty good.

The story is very convoluted, though, and the frustration felt by the parties to Jarndyce and Jarndyce is too often felt by the reader, as well! I am reading the unabridged edition, of course, but thinking that a good abridged version would have been the better choice. I had never even considered that before "Bleak House". This truly was, and remains, a monumental task; both for the reader and the author. Charles Dickens, with his classical style of creating characters that literally jump off the page and into your psyche, outdid himself with this critically favored tale.

The BBC presentation actually did some things better than even Mr. Esther, the protagonist of the tale, is depicted in a more highly realistic manner. She is a somber, less than educated survivor who, while welcoming the protection provided by Bleak House, does not extol on its every detail as done through the printed text. In the book, however, and because of the 1st person singular that is represented through Esther, her personality is portrayed as one of complete loving, caring and giving. While Dickens was attempting to establish the theme of 'universal goodness' he seemed to stretch the symbolic cord to its breaking point.

Any person coming from a background similar to Esther's rearing by Miss Barbary would not be 'pure goodness' but would, at best, portray BBC's more cynical and realistic characterization of her. Harold Skimpole, likewise, was depicted in a more realistic manner in the filmed production.

No, his characterization remains the same but the persons around him are less forgiving and accepting of his selfishness and irresponsibility as depicted by Mr. But, the remaining characters of the novel, without a doubt are some of the most colorful and unforgettable that the reader will ever encounter. Grandfather Smallweed, who has to be physically 'shaken up' periodically, is the greediest and most opportunistic of mankind. Snagsby tolerates more marital abuse than any character previously encountered.

Chadband portrays all of the repetitive liturgical nonsense the Dickens has railed about in other novels and Jo, the parentless child of the street, represents man's pathetic but inevitable inhumanity to even is most vulnerable. Read the text and then view the BBC eight hour production. Knowing in advance the various twists and turns of the story, the televised characters can be fully appreciated for all their eccentricities and foibles Bleak House isn't anything like it's name implies.

It's full of happy situations. There are downers, as usual, but they don't last long. There are only 4 orphans and 3 of them are very well treated. The main story is about a debilitated and corrupt court system. In this story it has to do with a large inheritance gone awry over a minor detail. It languishes in the courts for years frittering away the money in court costs and lawyer fees. There are other stories that weave in and out of the main story. This book is long and complex, so you need to pay attention.

Despite that, it has very likeable characters and is an enjoyable read. Dickens' prose is amazing in this one. I may re-visit this one again someday. I suggest taking notes on new characters as they arise. You may not see them again for a while in the story, though they have important roles. I got confused with who was who now and then. This is one of my favorite Dickens novels.

One person found this helpful. This was one of the few Charles Dickens books that I had yet to read prior to purchasing this kindle edition. It is an excellent, albeit lengthy book. Print edition is plus pages. This is supposedly one of the original editions with the original illustrations interspersed throughout. It is well written and gives one a real taste of life in Victorian England. It's has numerous characters who appear and reappear chapter by chapter. Keeping track of them all is somewhat difficult. Nevertheless, Dickens develops each character thoroughly nuanced such that one gets to know them with a pleasant level of intimacy.

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Most of the characters' ultimate dispositions are brought together adequately in the last few chapters. There is humor, sadness, melodramatic at times, and a few surprises. It is worth the trip through its pages. See all 53 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published 2 months ago. Published 5 months ago. Published 10 months ago.

Published 1 year ago. Published on August 21, Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Download a free sample for yourself and compare it against samples of other Kindle editions: Don't settle for a version with spelling errors, missing punctuation, bad formatting and no illustrations!

The story is about an orphan Oliver Twist, who escapes from a workhouse and travels to London where he meets the Artful Dodger, leader of a gang of juvenile pickpockets.

OLIVER TWIST by Charles Dickens - FULL AudioBook

Oliver is led to the lair of their elderly criminal trainer Fagin, naively unaware of their unlawful activities. Oliver Twist is notable for Dickens' unromantic portrayal of criminals and their sordid lives. The book exposed the cruel treatment of many a waif-child in London, which increased international concern in what is sometimes known as "The Great London Waif Crisis": An early example of the social novel, the book calls the public's attention to various contemporary evils, including the Poor Law, child labor and the recruitment of children as criminals. Dickens mocks the hypocrisies of his time by surrounding the novel's serious themes with sarcasm and dark humor.

The novel may have been inspired by the story of Robert Blincoe, an orphan whose account of hardships as a child laborer in a cotton mill was widely read in the s. It is likely that Dickens's own early youth as a child laborer contributed to the story's development. Read more Read less. Customers who bought this item also bought.

Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Great Expectations AmazonClassics Edition. Wuthering Heights AmazonClassics Edition. Kindle Edition File Size: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Including the cover, everything about the book Vintage edition is fake. If you want to detect the authenticity, look for - the silvery grey cover - bright, real red vintage Vintage side - compare it with any of your other Vintage books - uncondensed text The book that I received didn't satisfy any of these conditions.

SO I returned it. I am still reading it. But quality of book is pathetic. I received a damaged one with bad binding. Two pages are coming out of binding as you can see them in photos.

Please go for fingerprint classics instead of Collins classics. It is a world famous book so no need to comment about its content. The book packaging and delivery by seller was excellent. I would recommend this book for kids and elderly people as well. The front cover of the book was folded in half Other than that the book is fine..

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