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Yep, the sequel is still in the works! I've been taking a small break to work on a racing game while I have someone review the dialogue script; I'm hoping to have the narrative in this one carry some more weight than the first one. I'll definitely check both those out once they're done!

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Sorry to hear you're having trouble finding health upgrades, keep looking! And yes, saving is disabled for the demo - because you've got access to the entire game.

The Rescue Princesses

If you can beat it on one life, in one sitting, you deserve it for free! This game will surprise you, I promise. At first I was prepared to play a quick platformer for some laughs, but it turned out to be a pretty tough game! You'll shoot some robots and see some artwork, but the next thing you know, you're fighting some bosses difficult enough to make you look back on your ineptitude and shriek as you strive to become a better 2D PewPew Guy.

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Expand your arsenal as you collect upgrades to your trusty arm cannon and armor! Out for Android and PC now! Keep an eye open for an iOS version in the future! Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Sep 14, Alicia rated it it was amazing. A very good story about a spoiled princess who is way to willful and diafiant for her own good.

When she defies her father and her grandfater and runs away she is attacked and subsequently saved by the man she was running away from. Niber knows just how to deal with spoiled little girls and thats with a good long spanking. Katy Beth Mckee rated it really liked it Aug 19, Lori Tipple rated it really liked it Dec 31, Christina E Scotland rated it really liked it May 03, Sarrina marked it as to-read Sep 14, SassySami marked it as to-read Dec 16, Lisa added it Oct 03, Beverly marked it as to-read Jun 06, Julie Pickett marked it as to-read Nov 15, Bingleboy marked it as to-read Oct 07, And since Haggar is the mayor, Jessica is the local princess, and you are off to rescue her.

Bringing back the classics though in a hilarious, over the top way through Castle Crashers. This time there are four princesses, and an achievement for getting the Smooch of Victory from all four!

Save the Princess

Which is incredibly funny when all the people playing it don't care at all about it, and just stand around waiting to be killed in order for someone to smooch the princess and end the level. Pretty much all the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games have you rescue April, though only the first and third Game Boy ones have you save her at the end of the game. In Vigilante , you had to rescue your girlfriend Madonna not that Madonna.

A girl who owns two Funny Animal ducks is kidnapped, and the ducks must rescue her. Shadow of the Wool Ball has you fight your way through the entire cat army and eventually visit the gloomy cat planet in order to rescue your imprisoned girlfriend. Time Crisis has the President's daughter as a hostage of the bad guys who must be rescued.

Arino comments that the Haggleman princess gets captured an awful lot. And he hates that Haggleman 3 ''doesn't'' have a princess to save. In World of Warcraft , a quest charges you with saving the dwarven princess Moira Bronzebeard from the emperor of the dark dwarves. It turns out she's pregnant with said emperor's child and doesn't want to be saved While she's not exactly a princess, the Elysion arc of Elsword involves rescuing the El Lady, a goddess in human form. The original Super Mario Bros. In fact, the plans of pretty much every villain in the Mario universe always involve kidnapping Peach at some point.

In fact, in some games she's even somewhat of a Barrier Maiden. At the very beginning of the Mario franchise, Pauline in Donkey Kong , who gets kidnapped again in the Game Boy version and in most Mario vs. Apparently he only got a license to kidnap Peach. Peach was Late to the Tragedy , and thus puts it on her shoulders to bail the brothers out.

In her place, however, are the seven Sprixie Princesses, who Bowser bottled before snatching away.

Princess the Rescued Miracle Kitten

Robotnik and Metal Sonic. Sonic Rush further averts this trope by introducing an actual princess character, Blaze, but having Sonic team up with her. In fact, Sonic and Blaze rescue Cream together in that same game. Played straight with Princess Elise of Sonic the Hedgehog Braid is ostensibly about this, but the truth behind Tim's pursuit of "the Princess" is a bit more complicated and considerably more depressing. It's possible that the game is actually a Deconstruction of the standard "save the princess" plot. This is the initial premise of Eversion.

The endings will make you wish you hadn't saved her. This was uncannily anticipated by the ending of Monster Party: And, more monsters followed her. Done in an antiheroic way in Wario Land: The Shake Dimension , where saving the queen is only Wario's secondary goal, with him being promised treasure at the end.

In fact, at the end where Queen Merelda congratulates Wario, he stops her in the middle by grabbing her and tossing her out of his way. So is the villain. This notably doesn't start till after you've beaten the first level where the goal is to find a lost kitten which it turns out was Fat Cat's way of distracting you , and the game goes on for three more levels after you rescue Gadget.

You have to rescue your love interest in Gish. You have to rescue your love interest in Meat Boy. The Clonk level "Dragon Rock" plays this unashamedly straight , right down to the evil mage-with-a-dragon doing the kidnapping. In "Tower of Despair" it's the king, and the dragon itself is the capturer, but otherwise it's pretty much the same.

Ghosts 'n Goblins and its sequels begin by showing Princess Prin-Prin getting kidnapped by some horrible demon.

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You must save princess. Averted in Little Nemo: Nemo has to get to the princess, but she doesn't need rescuing. In Hunchback , Quasimodo's objective is to save Esmerelda. In Mighty Bomb Jack , the princess has been kidnapped by a demon, but so have the King and Queen, who must be rescued first. Chuck Rock begins with the villain hitting Chuck's wife Ophelia over the head with a club and dragging her off By the Hair. Chuck, of course, has to get off his stone lounge chair and go save her. Nefarious inverts and subverts this trope.

Instead of playing The Hero to save the princess, instead you're Villain Protagonist Crow, who's attempting to kidnap them.

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Meanwhile, Crow's usual nemesis ends the intro stage all but stating that saving the princess isn't worth the effort. The web adventure platform game Phoenotopia has an inversion where the prince is kidnapped and Gale the heroine must save him. The children that Gale is friends with think this means that then have to fall in love. In The Legend of Kage , the title character has to rescue the kidnapped princess, Kirihime. Inverted in the browser platformer Sugoi Princess Ushiko.

You're saving El Presidente's Daughter in Guacamelee! You're also unable to save her from being sacrificed for the Big Bad 's master plan, and whether you can revive her or not depends on whether you got the Golden Ending. I'll fight the evil empire army all by myself. While I'm doing that I'll also manage to save Princess Babs. Babs Bunny walks on Buster: Wait a minute, Princess Babs? You mean I have to rescue you again?! Well hurry up then. The show's getting ready to start.

Time for me to get captured. Tower Of The Sorcerer , an indie puzzle game masquerading as a dungeon-crawl RPG, plays this straight, complete with the opening line "A brave man is walking for to save the princess". The plot from there is actually not too bad, but it's clearly an Excuse Plot , as the princess is hardly mentioned thereafter and seen only once before the endgame. Then the trope is subverted in the game's Twist Ending: The "princess" is an inanimate statue. The Big Bad's real goal was to get a sufficiently-powerful hero to the top of the tower so as to help him Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence.

The first Knightfall game has the protagonist literally drilling his way to Hell to save his princess girlfriend from the Devil. Kickle Cubicle for the NES actually has four princess to rescue, one at the end of each of the lands. In it, you solve block puzzles much like the ones in the "Nightmare" segments of the main game, except there's no enemies, and instead of a time limit you have a limited number of moves with which to make a path to the top of a stack of blocks so your Prince Charming character can get to the titular Rapunzel.

Gender-inverted in Rescue The Prince - the protagonist, Princess Selene, must venture across unknown lands in order to save fifty different princes who are being held captive by five wicked dragons. Lampshaded in Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance , in one mission you must fend off the alien attackers from Princess Rhianne Burke's personal palace, Mission Control tells you that "You have a Princess to save, Commander. Dragon Quest I essentially has only two objectives: Save the Princess, and kill the Dragonlord. Unlike most Save the Princess games, however, you actually rescue the princess from a dragon usually the first one you kill in the Marsh Cave long before you beat the Big Bad.

Final Fantasy Tactics starts off with you needing to rescue Princess Ovelia. Then it gets complicated.