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When employed as part of a combined military formation, its main duties included observing and reporting information about the enemy, screening movements of its own force, pursuing and demoralizing a defeated enemy, maintaining…. Infantry , troops who fight on foot, even though transported to the battlefield by horses, ships, aircraft, tanks and other motorized vehicles, skis, or other means.

The term applies equally to troops armed with such hand weapons as the spear and sword in ancient times and with automatic rifles and rocket…. This little game of hers would be an easy victory. He almost went straight for her breasts. His hands were right above her hands and ready to pull them apart to dig into the meal she prepared for him.

With a heavily restrained look, he willed his hands back. Issei put more lotion on his hands, which he had forgotten about before being given permission to work on her front. To him, he was still putting on sunscreen. For a boy who can read and hear feelings… he was still a teenage boy with extremely limited experiences with the female sex.

She nearly squirmed at the first touch. His hands worked on her waist and spread the lotion around. While they worked she could tell he was reading everything about her through his fingertips. His pace was a lot slower than it had been with her back and a lot gentler. It was teasing her and making her anxious for him to get on with it. She let her hands drop to her side as she closed her eyes, focusing on all of her will to keep herself from reacting.

So firm, so tough, so strong, yet somehow so gentle and tender. They were driving her insane. I would love it if you can cover me with your white sticky lotion. Akeno licked her lips as she gazed dreamily at Issei. The draconian Devil's face lit up like a neon sign at her words. The sunscreen lotion on his hands was a clear color. Her words could only mean one thing…. Please, don't mind me.

I just wanted to know when I can have my turn. King and Queen glared at another. Sparks lit up between their eyes as their demonic signatures warped their presences. Holy and crimson lightning cackled around them. A wicked smile crossed Akeno's face. That means I'll be in the nude for some time. Would you mind using your hands to reach every corner of my body? Issei was rendered a gaping fish. The image in his head was too much. An Akeno with pearly white skin, fully naked bathed in sunlight, and him rubbing every inch of her with sunscreen.

Something inside his brain broke. Some nerve or membrane. Blood began to fill his cranium, build pressure, break his mind further, and leak out. These nosebleeds he keeps happening is the result of serious cranial damage. Because, as a dragon, his senses are transcendently more profound than most sentient beings walking this planet. Even imagining something will produce the same results as though they were real.

And with someone who's imagination for perversity may reach the realm of the gods', where earthbound rules no longer apply, his senses were overloading. Hence, nerve damage and seizures. Such a thing only exists in anime. Luckily, this isn't the first time the girls of the Occult Research Club have done this before. They nearly killed him the first time they overloaded him this badly. As a dragon, who grow stronger the deeper their wounds become, Issei had gained a sort of resistance to this. Already his body was working to undo the damage and he will be stronger than before.

Akeno only laughed with delight at Issei's reaction. Rias' brow twitched for her friend getting one on her and because her boyfriend was leaning towards it. P-P-Please put some on me! She shook with her face steaming as she shouted this, almost forcibly. But she was seeing the one she loved most dear being taken away by those who she knew were prettier and more developed than she. She had to do something or lose her position as his lover. If they could request such things boldly than so too could she! Issei's head swiveled around. More blood gushed out of his nose as he saw the ivory incandescent beauty that was Asia's exposed flesh.

She was stripping down just for him. With her school swimsuit half on. Just how many doujinshi has he read featuring this specific fetish? How many times had he fantasized about this moment?! Now Akeno frowned beside Rias. But it was only for an instant. Her smile returned as she eyed Asia in a new light. She respected the former nun and happily accepted the challenge. If he had something flat and hard he would be banging his head over it right now.

When he said there was too much they kept adding more. The forest is on fire? Let's try to put it out with fertilizer! Adorable, quiet, timid Koneko was there as well. She sat on her knees and pulled down the straps of her swimsuit around her shoulders. She didn't drop her suit like how Asia had done. She just let it hand over her chest, dangerously low with the lining at the edge of covering her nipples. Koneko was small, but he would never deny she had great potential.

He gladly took the beating that one day when he spied on her changing in the locker room. He didn't know what to do. The blood continued to flow out of his nose. The world was getting dark. The World wasn't telling him he was going to die but if this continued he was going to pass out. He just got the okay to get out of bed and they were prodding him already.

If they did anymore then he would surely—. Just like that, he came back to reality. The wounds in his head were removed as though they had never been there in the first place. It was an impossibility. It defied the Laws of the World. But this had happened once before. The same conditions had been met and Issei once again activated a Defiant Work— an overriding command that dejected the authority of the World— and achieved a temporary use of Evolution.

In simpler terms, he used sheer force of will to make his body heal in order to condemn the blasphemy that was Kiba Yuuto. The filthy handsome had the audacity to ask the same thing! The horrible memory that took place less than an hour ago forced itself back to the front of Issei's mind. Those hands… those fingers… the places Yuuto touched…. Realization donned on him. Ise-kun is yours… yours alone…".

Issei leaned against the wall of the shack and slid to the ground. Definitely not physically— he felt more powerful than he had originally been. Rias was his girlfriend, so her behavior was expected. He wondered if this was how couples were supposed to act; her request right now sounded like something straight out of an h-scene. He still had difficulty believing someone as beautiful and stunning as Rias Gremory was his lover.

Asia Argento was the other. Rather, she was the first. Just like Rias, he had just as much difficulty someone as lovely and sweet as Asia could be with him. He felt like he didn't deserve either of them. Both girls were captivating and the apple of everyone's eyes at Kuoh. Issei was a schmuck who was ignored at best and hated on an average day. He ended up becoming an extreme pervert because he couldn't find a girlfriend.

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And now he had two of them. In the span of three months at that. Ever since he became a Devil things have been looking better for him. But, at the same time, just as he was finding warmth and light in his life, there was an equal amount of darkness and blood as well….

He lifted his head to see Irina coming out of the shack with Xenovia close behind her. They looked amazing in their swimsuits. Xenovia had a firm body packed with muscle and Irina had a slender build with large breasts. Both beauties chose swimsuits that looked a little too small for them. Their breasts looked ready to pop at any moment. He knew better than to stare directly at them. That handicap only improved his skill as he adjusted his draconian vision. While his eyes locked on theirs, he could still stare at their cleavage to his heart's content.

And it looked like he was being the perfect gentleman. It suddenly became tremendously difficult to keep his eyes locked with hers as her breasts jiggled and the angle permitted him to stare into that great abyss. In honesty, he didn't know how to treat the two of them. He was aware the two of them had made amends with Asia regarding her poor treatment.

Xenovia even offered to be struck. And Asia forgave them both. If Asia forgave them, then so too would Issei. But that didn't mean they were his friends. Their slate was clean and they were neutral in his books. As far as he could tell, they were a pair of girls Serene cared for at her apartment with good looks and nice breasts.

They rarely mingled with him and spent most of their time chatting about religion with Asia. They were more her friends than his. However, he couldn't ignore Irina had tried to chat with him as though they had always been friends. He replied enough to be polite but couldn't really delve into any conversation with her. She always got upset and either walked away or tried another topic. Mostly ramblings about her childhood. As if he had been there the entire time.

She wrapped her fingers around her chin as she observed Issei. Irina's face turned red in an instant. She became flustered, "X-Xenovia! B-B-But I… my heart isn't ready for this! Irina and I have a request we would like to present to you. You don't want to achieve your dream? It's right here before you. His eyes sharpened as he stood straight with his head held high.

His eyes changed from a mundane brown to a luminescent green as he channeled his draconian might through his body. Both girls' eyes widened and shifted over his body before returning to his gaze. Xenovia looked pleased while Irina looked nervous. He wondered if they had gotten to become Asia's friends just for this moment. The idea upset him. But Serene would have told him something… or would she? Did she even know? He was his own man and had proven himself against his seniors to stand amongst them as their equal. He could handle a pair of girls to either accept or reject their request.

But then his back hit the wall. His eyes scanned around, looking for a window to escape from. There were a few and he could leap out of them in a flash. He had led them inside the shack. Such a cozy little place it was. It was more of a beach house than a shack. Then again… this whole island belonged to the Gremory family so of course something that should be called a closet was the size of a bachelor pad.

It had a nice little living room, a dining room, an entertainment room, a whole upstairs with a few sleeping rooms, a number of bathrooms, and a large bath. Least that's what Rias had shared with him before coming here, mentioning these things on the chance anyone wanted to use them. She grossly undermentioned how extravagant everything was. She had discarded her bikini top the second Irina had shut the door.

But I like living. And my girlfriends will kill me if they find out about this. Why don't you go after that damn handsome?! You should do these things on a bed! Fortunately I've scouted the area and have found everything we need. She went to the side of the room, reached up, and pulled a lining that he believed had been decoration this whole time.

It turned out to be a sort of lever that flipped another wall over. A king-size bed flopped with sheets and pillows ready to be used. Her body was stiff as though she were prepared for battle instead of seduction. A personal habit of hers. Still, her rocking body couldn't be ignored. It still captivated him. He frowned… after clapping his jaw shut, that is.

Every bit of logic was telling him to get the hell out of here before any of the girls just a few meters away came in here looking for him. But… since when did he ever listen to this overcomplicated concept known as logic? He's done everything thus far through his gut instincts and it hasn't failed him thus far. The feelings he was reading off of the two of them… he could sympathize with them. So he agreed to listen. However, I don't believe either of our hearts are in it.

Mine is not after being exposed to the memories of the Earth Mother…". She stopped talking for a moment. Her eyes glazing over as she recalled things she didn't want to. She shook her head to force those back down. Irina came to her side and put a hand on her arm. It was appreciated by Xenovia. Though we might be accepted for our history as Exorcists, there is another problem we would like to avoid. Sir Rolan's oath of vengeance has been transpiring. The major factions of the Church have already been destroyed. If the Church cannot manage to fend him off I do not believe the two of us could survive against him.

She has agreed to care for us until we are capable of doing so ourselves. Lady Gremory has even provided us with uniforms and has permitted us to attend school. She has also offered us a position of peerage as her Rook and Knight. That, however, we turned down. If Xenovia was self-conscious of her modesty, she didn't show it. This is your territory. As Madam Serene is to be your Queen when your new Evil Pieces arrive, as we still follow Madam Serene, is it not wrong to assume we follow you then? Certainly it was some warped logic. Serene wasn't a member of the Church any longer. She had gained her freedom because of Issei— twice if being technical— and chose to serve him as his servant and Queen for all eternity.

These two still relied on Serene almost like a foster mother instead of their superior officer.

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So, if Serene was to be his servant, they believed they should serve him too? She even raised a finger to add emphasis to her statement. I've thought about this as well. The Church is well aware of your exploits for the past three years and I have seen personally your power. That dragon trait is rich. I am sure any child of yours will be strong. There was something… missing. He couldn't piece things together. He had Point A and Point C but his mind just couldn't fit together whatever the hell went between them.

He also knew it was painfully obvious and he was going to hate himself once he learned what it was. We would like you to have our bodies. You can do anything you want to them whenever you want and for however long. But so long as you give us your seed and grant us a child. And finally comes the middle ground on how these two come together. But he hadn't figured out time travel. For now he had to worry about the present. And the present was telling him he was in deep shit.

Where, oh where, did he go wrong? If any of the girls find out about this he was going to be a dead man. Xenovia's offer kept ringing in his head. To be able to do anything and however long he wanted. To the both of them. Together if he wanted. He was highly sure Rias and Asia weren't willing to do a threesome. Xenovia and Irina seemed to be content with it.

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The little voice that was his conscience telling him this was a bad idea was being shadowed by the symphony of a thousand voices within his deep psyche. He thought hard about this. Harder than he probably should. While his eyes were fixated on Xenovia's breasts. They were really nice. And he wasn't just saying that because he loved all breasts of all shapes and sizes. Xenovia had a pair she should be proud of. Irina too, for that matter.

He wondered how they would feel. And he meant it. As much as he would have loved to claim them both right here and right now, to taste their flesh and slip away into long hours of carnal passion, it was the one thing that ruled over both his logic and his instincts. As much as he loved breasts… he could never make love to someone who didn't love him. The first time with Rias… just to have a chance to get out of here marriage.

It really hurt him back then. But her body stiffened as if she had been insulted. She probably had been. But… from what he could tell, it wasn't for her sake. Irina looked like she had been slapped. She cupped her hands together in her lap and bowed her head. Her lips quivered for a moment. But a new fire began to grow in her eyes. Fierce determination lit up. Even if you don't remember me. Even if I can't be your Iri-kun again. If it's Ise-kun, I want to give my everything.

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He didn't know what to say. He searched her feelings with his draconian senses. He was frightened to find out he was at the line between picking up body signatures and mind reading. His power… the part that makes him a dragon… it had gotten even stronger. True and undeniable love swam through Irina.

Along with it came the myriad of emotions he was more than familiar with. Irina loved him, for a long period of time as far as he could tell, but he couldn't understand why. Everything before that reminds me of my parents…". Irina had a sad look on her face. But she couldn't sympathize. She didn't understand what it meant to have her parents killed in front of her. But, given Rolan was out for blood against the Church, her parents were already dead. If he had a name he could use the World to search for them and find out if it were true or not. It'd be better if he didn't.

He also forced his draconian might back into his core. It was a dangerous ability to have, to perceive another's feelings so intimately he could almost read their thoughts. Useful if he could use it in battle, pointless against the perpetually monotone Predators who ran off of one emotion, and significantly dangerous against those he loved. He couldn't think straight right now. He had almost, just almost, cheated on Rias and Asia. But he didn't deny them either. He practically told them he was still open to the suggestion of bedding them instead of doing the right thing and denying them.

Inward, he was a pervert and always will be. Even if it would damn him. He was surprised to see Koneko standing there as soon as he opened the door. Her Nekoshou ears were standing up against her hair as her tail swayed around. He had crossed the room so quickly for the door that she didn't have a moment to gather herself. He had caught her peeping on them. A look of disappointment crossed her face.

She scorned at him. She had heard enough of the conversation to understand the situation and had heard his departing answer. The words coming from her hurt him. He wished she punched him instead. Even if she put her all into it and he lowered his defense to the lowest possible limit. Even if she ruptured one of his organs and made him puke blood. And only a small number of things could something hurt him this much. Shortly after his little episode with Irina and Xenovia, someone had come over the hills to retrieve him.

He didn't know what was going on and almost ignored the messenger hadn't Rias told him otherwise. The messenger escorted him back over the hill, through the neighboring forest, and down a windy path until he arrived at an open field with a plethora of people running amok. Even with his limited intelligence he could tell this was a filming crew. It was then he was brought to Serafall Leviathan, who was dressed in her Miracle Levia-tan outfit, and was introduced to the director of her show. He'd shake the man's hand and praise him. The show was good. But then he remembered it was Miracle Levia-tan and withheld his kind words.

He'd die before admitting he liked the show. Instead he bowed and did his normal courtesies. It's nice to meet you too, please take care of me. But, uh, can I know what this is all about? He swung his megaphone around as he talked. We've brought in our best writers and hypnotized a few humans who worked in Sunlight Studios for the Dragon Knight Heroes show. This will be my masterpiece! He didn't know whether to be excited or disgusted. A mixture of both, in the end. Miracle Levia-tan was a show with Serafall Leviathan portraying the main protagonist; a magical girl who paraded around the Underworld battling Angels and Fallen, saving Devil children, and declaring everything to be in the name of love, peace, and the power of moe-moe.

It was a seriously controversial show that portrayed every Angel and Fallen as pure evil while Devils were innocent. There was a lot of political brainwashing within. Dragon Knight Heroes however— and Issei cringed at the reminder this god-awful thing existed— was an anime dedicated to animating his most remembered exploits as a hero for the past three years. The Red Blur, the name of the hero the internet started to call him and eventually became official when Sunlight Studios produced the show, flew around the world finding trouble and solving problems.

Mostly with him battling epic monsters with his fists. It pissed him off because someone knew about his adventures enough to make them into a three-season show with OVAs, spin-offs, a live action movie coming out soon, and another damnable season in the makings. Every event produced was a reenactment to aforementioned monster bashing. Even in the battles where humans weren't around, where he knew he had been alone, and where no one else except maybe some of the other Predators could follow him. Such as that one time he had to fight that magma monster in the heart of a volcano.

Swimming in lava was like trying to walk through cement. Like, holy shit, hot as fuck. But… perhaps this was what he needed to renew his image. If he could partake in some convoluted episode with Serafall and battle a few Angels Devils dressed as Angels anyways in the name of sisterhood or some other nonsense… Well, it would be far better than what Sunlight Studios had made him into. He brushed his fingers through his mustache. We have a costume of your armor ready.

We want this to be as realistic as possible. Almost as if it were the real thing. Can you do that, Dragoon-chan? She added a new tone at those words to apply emphasis. A hint to what he was to expect. There was also a sharp look in her eyes even as she kept her childish smile present. It was a look he could never match as she was centuries older than he and he could tell by the permanent scent that may never wash away from her body. Serafall Leviathan was soaked in it to the point it was a part of her and had never faded throughout the ages.

The Dragoon Pub and Restaurant, Huntingdon

He nodded and took a few steps back, giving himself space away from the people around him. Everyone stopped what they were doing to look at him as though they had sensed something in the air. He hadn't released any of his power just yet. It was almost an instinct triggered from their most primal consciousness that danger was about to approach. The power came flowing through him without so much of a thought as it was a natural reaction.

It came and channeled through him as easily as how he breathed. There was a shockwave as raw and untamed power exploded out of his body. The pressure surrounding him was enough to leave a crater on the ground and blow a heavy gust of wind throughout his surroundings. He watched as this wall of air splashed over as far as he could see in every radius. Is this restaurant good for large groups? Is this restaurant wheelchair accessible? Does this restaurant offer takeaway or food to go? Does this restaurant have a TV?

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