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This list of South Pacific hot spots has been curated by our own team and includes some of their most favourite destinations from their own travel adventures! See Tonga Holiday Package Deals. Boasting stunning waterfalls, tropical jungles and a huge array of wildlife above the water, and an equally stunning landscape below the water, Taveuni is the perfect South Pacific hot spot for travellers who enjoy being outdoors.

Sari Pacifica Beach – A Paradise with White Sand and Clear Waters

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Tikehau is a coral atoll located in French Polynesia, kms northeast of the main island of Tahiti. See Tahiti Holiday Package Deals.

Sari Pacifica Beach

Tanna is home to Mount Yasur, one of the most easily-accessible active volcanos in the world. Just 30 minutes from San Juan, this mile-long beach is a local goldmine.

2019 Chrysler Pacifica S

The wave quality is solid, the peaks are everywhere and the atmosphere is completely serene. You have to pay a few bucks to get in, but waves like this are worth it. The offshore winds work the tides perfectly, and the nearby river is responsible for the surf-enhancing sandbanks. Plus, the area is great for grabbing a drink and chatting with the other surfing aficionados. An iconic Nicaragua surfing experience needs an iconic name, and The Boom sums up the area perfectly.

Sari Pacifica Beach – A Paradise with White Sand and Clear Waters – Redang Island Guide

Seasoned surfers, however, will find plenty to love about the place, and its remote location makes it ideal for kicking back and soaking up some sun before you move on. Surfing in Nicaragua doesn't get much better than Popoyo. Located near the sleepy town of Las Salinas, this classic spot is made up of both an inner and outer reef, and each offers a slightly different experience.

The outer reef is a pro's paradise, and only the most experienced surfers should give its tough barrels, huge breaks and shallow reef a whirl. Locals and tourists alike love this beach for its Lake Cocibolca winds, consistent swells and pristine atmosphere. The graceful waves speak for themselves. This one is another San Juan del Sur treasure, and both old pros and beginners can benefit from its smooth swells and medium winds.