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Annie has struggled to pay off debts, sold her dream home and moved into a smaller home in Shelter Rock Cove that is just perfect for her needs. On the day she moves in she meets Sam. Sam was a stock broker framed for the shady dealings of his bosses. Sam shifted loyalty and aided agents in the investigation of his firm to build evidence against the real crooks. Sam also lost his parents at a young age, and has worked hard his entire life to keep his siblings together. Sam became the sole provider for his family, therefore he had to be driven and although he was not proud of the fact, but he had turned a blind eye to underhanded dealings within his company.

He only had to make it through long enough to get his siblings through school and off on their own. Agents tell Sam to take a quiet vacation until his services are required which lands him in Shelter Rock Cove. Annie and Sam are on a collision course that will forever change their lives. Sam notices there is a fire in the cottage up the street from his new home. He breaks the door down to fine Annie passed out on a bottle of cheap Champagne.

He catches the fire before it does too much damage and manages to save Annie again from nearly drowning in her drunken stupor. Although they do not know each other he stays the night just holding her close and keeping her safe. They cannot deny the attraction they feel towards each other and eventually fall into a love affair. The area Doctor Hall has had a thing for Annie since he was a teenager. Sam is kidnapped and his life is in danger. Meanwhile Annie discovers that not only is she in love with Sam but she is pregnant with his child.

You have to read the book to see how the story turns out. This was a well written story, with very likeable characters. Even though each person has made mistakes they were with good intentions and out of self-sacrifice. Annie Lacey Galloway is getting on with her life.

A Soft Place to Fall (Shelter Rock Cove, #1) by Barbara Bretton

Widowed for two years, she has finally sold her too big house and paid off all the gambling debt her husband Kevin had accumulated in their 20 yr marriage. She's moving into a small little house near the water in Shelter Rock Cove. Town patriarch and philanthropist, shipbuilder and museum designer, Warren Bancroft has sold it to her for a price she can afford. Now, on with her life as the owner of Annie's Flowers, a thriving floral business in th Annie Lacey Galloway is getting on with her life. Now, on with her life as the owner of Annie's Flowers, a thriving floral business in the small, sometime tourist attraction, town in Maine.

He needs a place to blend in, disappear if you will, for a while. Same worked for Warren repairing boats when he was a young teen. Then he lost his parents and rather than let the state split up his family of 5 brothers and sisters, he continued to do what he needed to do, at nineteen, to raise them, provide for them and see them all into adulthood.

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Now, he finds himself wishing he hadn't made some of the decisions he did to support his family. He has giving over documents and findings to the government as they investigate the illegal and immoral practices of the investment firm in NY where he worked. I am in the minority of most of the reviewers here on Goodreads.

I enjoyed this story. Yes, there was plenty of different characters POV, but I knew at the beginning it is Book 1 afterall that there would be. That's OK with me. How else do you get the feel of the main characters? The writing is mostly good. The editing of this Kindle edition, not so much. I find that a lot andI am not sure why. But if you can over look the fact that one of the bad guys, Adam Winter, becomes Adam Walter on one page and then goes back to being Adam Winter again There is some grammatical mistakes and then some just weird sentence structure.

I try not to fault the book or the author. Over all, this book was all I expected it to be. Romantic, a bit of sexual tension, some great character development, a beautiful setting, and a ending that left me looking forward to Shelter Rock Cove Book 2. Jul 16, Patti K rated it liked it Shelves: I definitely liked this story and I'm inclined to read book 2, mostly because I wanted to read more about Ellen I'm still not sure I like Hall for what he did to Sam.

I liked Sam and Annie and their story was great. But I think this suffered from the same issue that all stories with too many POVs does - sometimes, it's better to know the story from fewer people. I'd love to hear Claudia and Warren's story, but I didn't need it to be part of this one. Likewise, hearing Susan's voice 3. Likewise, hearing Susan's voice seemed pointless, as did hearing Hall and Ellen's.

It wasn't as if all those extra POVs made the story too long, but they dulled the impact of hearing from Sam and Annie. I understand the desire to bring in the POV of secondary characters, but not every story is better for it. This one, I think, would have been a 4 or 5 star story if it'd had less people muddying up the canvas with their voices. I'd have liked to hear more from Sam and Annie and less from others.

It would have made their story richer. Wow, and, once again, I learned writing lesson from reading and feel less bad about my lack of writing today, LOL. Well, I write reviews so that I can recall how I felt about a book, but as will all my writing, it helps me think. Overall, I enjoyed the plot and most of the characters. I wouldn't mind visiting Shelter Rock Cove again.

It didn't really take me that long to read this; I started it, went to other things and then came back today. It was a quicker read than it looks if you go by my read dates, but I guess that's honest; I didn't devour it, anyway, but it was a decent read. Maybe along the lines of a Barbara Delinsky book in that respect - easy enough to plow through when I take the time to concentrate on it.

Love allows you to do many amazing things.

A Soft Place to Fall

For Annie is was her mother-in-laws kindness that took her in when she was only It was the kindness of a rich old man Warren Bancroft to help her get on her feet in the world with a scholarship for college. And her love that hid the pain and sadness she drowned in as her marriage fell apart because of his gambling. Now two years later her husband is gone, the house is sold, and all the debt is paid off so she finally feels free.

Sam Butler, hiding and w Love allows you to do many amazing things. Sam Butler, hiding and waiting. He had 6 brothers and sisters to raise, but now that they were grown he had to make amends, and in doing so it put him in danger. Danger from the previous employer, and or going to jail for a very long time. Warren Bancroft takes him under his wing, and not the first time. The second time he is saving her life from a house fire. The third is the charm, will they survive their pasts in order to enjoy the future they could have.

Jan 21, Jo Notary added it Shelves: Annie has never lived anywhere else, and her life is tied to the small community, which is a blessing and a curse. Her mother-in-law took her in at sixteen when her parents died, and she feels grateful for her love, but her husband was not the saint that everyone thinks he was. When she meets Sam Butler, a Manhattan invest 1 of 2 books p It's been two years since Annie Galloway's husband died, and she is finally putting her life back together, even though she stays in Shelter Rock Cove, Maine.

When she meets Sam Butler, a Manhattan investment broker hiding out in the small town and reevaluating his life, they instantly connect, but some townspeople are suspicious of the newcomer and his relationship with Annie. Sam and Annie do keep secrets from each other, hoping to keep their newfound love separate from the past, but prying neighbors may tear them apart.

Once again Bretton creates a tender love story about two people who, when they find something special, will go to any length to keep it. What a wonderful read this is my third book by Ms. Bretton and boy I was not disappointed. Annie is a 38 year old widow for the past two years. She decides to move on and sell the home she and her husband shared.

Her mother in-law is not very happy with this idea and tried to talk her out of it. Everyone though Annie and Kevin was the perfect marriage until his death but what many of them didn't know Kevin was a gambler and left Annie in death and that one is the reason she was forced to move. S What a wonderful read this is my third book by Ms. Sam has come to shelter rock with his own pain in his life and secrets. The first meeting of him and Annie his dog parks into her car and would not move is so full of chemistry and attraction is like me the reader see them right before my eyes.

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As with Barbara's books she has a slew of co-characters whose live intertwined with the love interests. Widowed for 2 years, Annie Galloway is selling her big house and moving to a beach side cottage under the disapproving eyes of her in-laws. Annie has spent years protecting her husband's image and hiding his gambling addiction, but his death left her a mountain of debts which the house sale cleared.

She is ready to move on but his family is not. Then she meets her new next door neighbor and begins to come alive. Sam Butler has left his high powered life on Wall Street and is renting while he dec Widowed for 2 years, Annie Galloway is selling her big house and moving to a beach side cottage under the disapproving eyes of her in-laws.

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Sam Butler has left his high powered life on Wall Street and is renting while he decides what to do with his life. When he meets Annie he also comes to life. As these two work on a second chance at happiness the people around them have a lot of adjustments to make. This is a heart-warming story of love at first sight for 2 people with a lot of baggage. Some of the secondary characters were a bit annoying at the start, but the dog Max was a scene stealer.

After Annie's husband's sudden death, she is left lonely and confused, and now she's finally decided that it's time to move on with her life. She moves to a small place that barely accommodates her furniture, herself, and her two cats. When she has an awkward meeting with a stranger in town, her life begins to turn for the better.

This is a great opening to the Shelter Rock Cove series. Annie is burdened by her husband's past but decides to keep his secret to herself rather than tarnish his famil After Annie's husband's sudden death, she is left lonely and confused, and now she's finally decided that it's time to move on with her life.

Annie is burdened by her husband's past but decides to keep his secret to herself rather than tarnish his family's memory of him. His family is caring and warm towards Annie but fearful of her decision to move on. This is an enjoyable, well-paced novel that will keep you turning the pages.

If you enjoy a heartwarming romance, this novel is for you. Over all the story was very good. I felt the pairing of Sam and Annie was sweet as they found what was lacking in their lives in each other. Annie, a young widow has been living with the secret of her dead husband's gambling addiction. She moves to a small cottage as she tries to start over. She meets Sam, a handsome stranger, who is in town trying to lay low as he hopes that secrets from his past don't come to light.

The attraction is something that neither expected or can seem to fight. We wat Over all the story was very good. We watch them grow closer and closer. The only issue I had is that the author had many POV's and sometimes they bogged down the story. It seemed like everyone had an opinion about Sam and Annie's relationship.

Jul 19, Pilar Seacord rated it really liked it. Surprisingly enjoyed this story. Annie is a widow who is very close to her husband's family even though mother-in-law is a bit domineering.

by Barbara Bretton

She is moving from the house that she shared with the husband to a small shack on the beach. The setting is in Maine. Sam left Manhattan and is staying next door to Annie on the beach that he is trading rent for work with Warren.

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Warren is an older retired gentleman with money who is secretly playing matchmaker. Love how Annie and Sam and Sam's Labrador retriever meet. Great chemistry from the beginning and there is quite a bit of humor. This is such a romantic story. Annie has lived in this small Maine community her entire life. They managed to hide his gambling problem After Kevin died Annie struggled to pay off the money owed to despicable characters.

Then one day a dog managed to eat the pizzas she had in her car. The owner of the dog becomes a romantic fixture in her life. He is hiding out from his past. The story becomes almost This is such a romantic story. The story becomes almost a page turner. Almost everyone loves Annie and wants to save her from this stranger.

The result is interesting. Apr 11, M. I found A Soft Place to Fall a delightful read. Barbara Bretton did a wonderful job in creating very believable characters. It was easy to relate to everyone in the small town of Shelter Rock Cove. The way she described Sam and Annie's feelings towards each other brought me into the story as if I were there watching them. The storyline was great. It was a very hard book to put down and I found myself with a sappy grin quite often.

I'm also a sucker for a great dog added into the mix. I will be looking for other books in this series. If you enjoy a sweet love story with secrets kept and revealed, you will love this book! May 10, Theresa rated it liked it. Parts of the story were terribly cliche, but the author's strength lay in characterization, especially for secondary characters.

She seems to have a good handle on how difficult it is to be the aging parent of adult children and what it means to be the surviving spouse of a troubled marriage ended by death. They'd both faced unexpected trials in lives most people around them envied. And they had both earned the friendship of Warren Bancroft, a wealthy local entrepreneur, who had decided it was time to bring two of his favorite people together. That's why Warren had brought down the price of Annie's cottage to a level she could afford, despite the crushing debts her husband had amassed before he died.

Warren figured that Annie and Sam deserved whatever happiness they could find -- but even he never anticipated the miracles they would share amid the heights of passion and drama that their newfound love inspired. Soft Place to Fall Author s: A Soft Place to Fall Author s: The Berkley Publishing Group Availability: A Soft Place to Fall: