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Would pay to see a whole movie like that would cost a fortune to make though pretty disappointed in that trailer. Protos all the way. That was a phucking awesome trailer, especially with the Archon. Would pay to see a whole movie like that would cost a fortune to make though Goddamn this is making me want to play SC2 again. Protos all the wayNever could play it got bored after 1h why am I the only teenager who dosen't enjoy video games.

Don't see it Maybe because I suck ayyyyy. Use commiesubs for s2. Horriblesubs dont do it justice at all. The artwork for s2 is so good man. Studio Feel did a much better job imo, the character interactions animated were top notch. I think everything about s2 was done incredibly better than s1. It's really character driven more than anything else. Goddamn this is making me want to play SC2 again. Protos all the way yea i sucked dik at melee in both sc1 and sc2. New chapter of Shokugeki no Souma is out Hnngh fragile Erina. Damn that plot twist though.

With all the hype surrounding Classroom Crisis, i'm gonna start it. Same writer of White Album 2 and Saekano, in case anyone needed another reason to start. White Album 2 if you're a real man white album 2! Dropped mushishi u mad fnck Your loss brah. If you have chit taste, you have chit taste, not much you can do about it. If anything, I feel sad for you that you were born with such a handicap, must be hard. Shimoneta - ep 11 Lol wot at the final fight.

This anime is so ridiculous, lmao. Show ended on the second-to-last-ep crew. Ending almost as bad as Seishun Pop! So much fun playing SC brood war custom maps, like the one with waves of enemies and you bought units with marines as currency. Played those for hours and hours. Phuck, so much fun Dropped mushishi u mad fnck So Jitsu Wa Something - ep 11 We phaggytime now. Reccing OD this episode. Will throw him like this if he claims rec: The topic is kinda hard, so no one really has any great ideas.

I bonuce ideas off the two girls and the quirky guy just sits there. I turn to him and say, "wot do u think. He doesn't say a thing and shrugged his shoulders, but when he shrugged them, it was like he was vibrating. Was like ," ayy lmao dats sweet brah". S2 will deliver for you Can't wait, probably going to watch it later today after studying. Honestly, I only use kissanime. I only watch anime on my phone; kissanime is the only site that works well. We'll, other than crunchyroll, but no one got time for all those ads.

I also enjoyed season 1, but I feel like the characters weren't really created thoroughly, if that makes sense. It seems life every other episode a new character was being introduced. Of the three main characters, we only know that Hachiman is a loner, but has a smart side, Yukino is smart, but a out shadowed by her sister, and that Yui is an average girl with a possible thing for Hachiman.

I haven't really been invested in any of the characters yet. So many are being introduced, how can you? I feel like my favorite are Totsuka and Ebina, but only because they're the funniest. Fkin lol hard when Ebina acts all perverted. Hopefully, from what I'm hearing, s2 will focus more on relationships and character development.

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Was like ," ayy lmao dats sweet brah" Probably not going to join the WHH crew. That said, I do enjoy when Totsuka gets air time. It's so funny how all the dudes acts around him. Even Hachiman is set off pace when he's around. It's cool that you talked to the dude, you never know he might even be cool. When I used to work retail, there was this one dude.

Super shy and awkward. He's one the guys who spends all his time playing video games. I was one of the few people that talked to him. Wow was I suprised, he was fun to talk to. Other than my two gym Bros that also worked there, I'd want to work with this dude. Once the ice was broken he wasn't shy and passed the time quickly.

Sure he was still kinda nerdy and did like talking about nerdy things, but to be fair I'm kinda nerdy too. Would rather hang out with a nerd that has a decent personality, rather than a brah with chit personality. Was like ," ayy lmao dats sweet brah" T-thanks for talking to me ;.

Probably not going to join the WHH crew. That being said, the kid I tried to talk to wasn't even nerdy. I guess you could say that though Legit, he gave off a vibe of "my mom might still dress me" and I got the feeling he has never touched his penis before in his life with sexual intent lololol T-thanks for talking to me ; i know wot u look like phaggyflex, and I know that wasn't you ;. Lawwwdd who knew a cooking manga could be so good???? Anyone not reading Nanatsu no Taizai manga is a queermosexual fuuuuu that last chapter: Gangsta - ep 10 Ehh.. Show hasn't really met my expectations though.

It's a bit too slow, kinda emo, and anticlimactic. Ichigo Mashimaro - ep 4 Fukin lol at the restaurant episode. Miu is the ultimate troll. Guys, I found the perfect actress to play the Vice President in that upcoming Prison School adaptation. In spoilers 'cause they're big pictures. Saw his picture, don't remember anything about what he looks like. Like, not even a little bit.. If you're not reading Shokugeki no Souma, I don't even know what you're doing with your life.

Sht has gotten completely real. D Hnnnghh finally saw it. Had blue balls this whole time. Checking in Dude looks like a cool and chill af person IRL. Show has really grown on me since the first few eps. Hnnnghh finally saw it. Was so phucking good. Had myself a mini-celebration over it. The show is definitely one of my favourites this season.

Just watched the whole s2 of Oregairu. Brb no sleep lol. You guys were right that they focused a lot on character development. One thing I liked a lot was the whole reading between the lines. There was so much meaning behind the words and actions that I could write a 10 page essay and still have things to say.

I won't bore you guys with my rambling, but there was so much subtle meanings I was actually amazed. I didn't think anime could get that deep, but it did. In b4 weaboo lol Please tell me there is going to be a season 3. Don't leave me on that cliffhanger. Luckily, the subs on kissanime were the good ones, so it's all good there!

You still watched both seasons and enjoyed it. You still watched both seasons and enjoyed it Watched both seasons. Did not enjoy it. It's entertaining, but it's a show where I want MC to lose. Hayato crew checking in. Eh, show was meh. And once I realized how little time he got in S2 I dropped it. S2 felt a lot more "edgy", too serious not enough light hearted, Saika filled moments. And when her sister asks her why she doesn't work there That was a dope episode of Overlord. The buildup this episode is about to explode in the remaining two episodes.

Pandora's Actor Swag Level is over Loved how they went in depth regarding the "World Items" and how there are obstacles that stop Ainz in his track for a bit. I really hope he doesn't kill Shalltear and instead brings her back to normal somehow. A king must never forget his comrades. Overlord - ep 11 Slow start to the ep but it picked up towards the end. Final two eps should be pretty solid judging from the way things are going.

Had no idea that Albedo was considered weaker than Shalltear. I thought Albedo was the leader of the servants so naturally she'd be the strongest? Nobue is growing on me too. She's pretty funny too Might have to checkout Kill Me Baby as well. Love SoLs with chibi chars http: Good episode of Overlord. Instantly recognized the voice actor of Pandora's Actor as being the same one that plays Tsukiyama in Tokyo Ghoul. The dude can really play over the top dramatic characters.

Ichigo Mashimaro - ep 5 Miu stole the episode: She was getting all jelly because Nobue was giving Ana Coppolla more attention than her http: Lol das it mane. Love SoLs with chibi chars [img]http: Is it gay to watch shoujo? But shoujo is the best when there is romance. The males can actually interact with the females. It depends on which show you watch and why. Something like Akatsuki no Yona is fine but if you're into stuff like Ouran Koukou Host Club as a male you need to kill yourself.

I can't do shounen's or seinen''s with the male MC's. Charlotte Sorta hnnng seeing Tomori half-naked and tied up Can't imagine the whole animation process to make 60fps possible seems like a pita. Terna, sent you SC request. I see it all the time in anime, don't know why that particular move is so popular. Anyone know if there is going to be a season 3 of Oregairu? I wouldn't mind a movie, I just need some closure mayne.

I hate cliff hangers so much. Instead of a beta MC you have a beta FC. These are some of the shoujo's that I've enjoyed. Fruits Basket this one kinda holds a special place in my heart, only seen it once, but it's the first "real" anime that i've seen. I'm watching Akagami no Shirayukihime and my heart went doki doki Every ep my heart does. Love Konata KonataxKagami crew. Show is so good. Just then, they receive death clips of all of them dead. What a way to ruin a beautiful friendship. The final big Septentriones boss is here, Benetnasch. Despite knowing going out means sealing their fate, the kids will still do so because they believe they can change their death fate.

Meanwhile Hibiki dreams of his past. As a kid he seems somewhat meek. Luckily he had Daichi to rely on. Makoto leads the kids to attack Benetnasch. It could have destroyed the whole of Tokyo had not Yamato unleash his power. Too bad all those fat ass guys in the Diet Building got blown away. Everyone summons their demons to hack and slash this giant turnip. It regenerates and also seals their demons. Not only that, it can reproduce previous Septentriones and attack them!

Fumi observes the frequency waves it is using and uses her Trumpeter to seal them. However Benetnasch spots her and destroys Trumpeter. She saw it coming. She even had time to call Makoto to take care of things. In the face of death, she is so cool. Not a single nerve panicking. Never seen death up close before? The blast hits her. Yamato is trying to hold his ground while the rest make a run. One by one, Airi, Jungo and Hinako get killed by the mini Septentriones. The rest would too had not Hibiki unleash his Suzaku and Byakko to protect and go on the offensive.

Once he learns the others are dead, he flies into rage. As they attack Benetnasch, they even have time to argue about their different beliefs. Yamato stands firm in changing this selfish world. Somebody needs to do the job. What would be the meaning of everything if they survive this? Since the two are loggerheads, it gives Benetnasch enough time to fire a big blast. But surprisingly, the giant turnip is knocked away. Combining his power with Hibiki and Yamato, they finish off the final Septentriones for good. Mankind has survived the 7 days of judgment. Of course Hibiki still wants to stop him so Yamato dares him to kill him.

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And if Hibiki continues to stand in his way, he will kill him. Yamato maintains his stand to rewrite the laws of the world and since Alcor is just a tool, he should stop thinking. They both receive death clips of each other. Makoto tells the kids that she will aid Yamato. Because she lost hope in this world, Yamato took her in and gave her a sense of purpose. All she can do is rely on the hopes of others. I guess she was probably lying just to sooth them that her death can be avoided. Otherwise, why give them her final request to take care of Yamato?

Cerberus has finally healed so Yamato summons it to take down Alcor. Unfortunately it was easily defeated. But Yamato has another ace up his sleeve. This means he can download the most powerful demons, no? Just when he thought he has Yamato in his grasp, Makoto uses her body to defend her chief. Her last words thank him for giving her a reason to live. Her death has bought him enough time to summon Nebiros and Zao Gongeng. The demons send Alcor to his defeat. Alcor feels sad Yamato has never felt fun beside him. Yamato asks why he followed him. Because he was interesting and thought was the Shining One.

Alcor asks one more time if he would have a change of heart. He is going ahead with his plan. The world was already corrupted when he was born. Somebody needs to change it. A human heart is not made that way. Yamato was born with extraordinary abilities, different than other normal children he bore responsibility of the transcendent bound by restrictions.

Alcor makes his final attempt to stop Yamato by bounding themselves together in his tentacles. Hibiki laments this screwed up trial by Polaris when Yamato appears before him. As the world begins to fall apart, Yamato leaves his demons to keep Hibiki company while he takes the transporter to the gate to meet Polaris.

Daichi and Nitta summon their demons to keep Nebiros and Zao Gongeng at bay. They want Hibiki to meet Polaris.

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So he has to go. He is their last hope. Hibiki makes his way to the transporter as the void devours his friends and everything else. Yamato is surprised that Hibiki has made it here. The world is gone. Only both of them are left. Hibiki is without hesitation anymore. He will beat Yamato and see Polaris. Episode 13 As the tiger and lion clash, the guys still have time to debate on their ideology. Yamato still believes had he not taken control in the first place, nobody would have survived.

Great powers come… Complete the sentence. Receiving a death clip that is meant only to be given to only friends proves that he is still human. Yamato views that if Hibiki is his friend, then he must kill him. At the same time, Yamato is starting to weaken. He combines Nebiros and Zao Gongeng to form Satan! Nobody has ever done that before. He thought he had blown Hibiki to bits but is surprised Black Frost protected him. Even surprising, Hibiki suddenly receives all the demons from his dead friends!

How is this even possible? Hibiki also does the same. Because he has more demons, he combines and combines and combines all of them into one big angel called Lucifer. Both the angel and demon clash. In the end, I suppose Hibiki won because we see the guys hugging each other. Then he tells Polaris his wish. Hibiki is hanging out with Daichi like how we see them in the first episode. Daichi shows him the Nicaea site but it looks comical than real. At the train station, Hibiki and Daichi spot Nitta and the former calls out to her, making the latter fluster.

He wanted to be friends with her, right? Nitta talks with them and finds them friendly. Is it because he is happy? When the train arrives, no disaster happened. Hibiki then suddenly remembers. He rushes out just to confirm something. He remembers the full week and how humanity ended. Humanity has to change gradually by choice and not by force.

We get a glimpse of all the other characters in their daily lives had not they been subjected to the screw up of judgment day. His car just pulled up beside him. The rest wonder if Yamato knows this kid. Something tells me he too remembered those 7 days. Hibiki starts crying that everything is alright. Alcor too is around and remembers what happened. After watching humanity for so long, he feels happy and sad he is not needed anymore.

Humanity has shown its will. Living is anxiety and pain. He is confident humans can still walk down the correct path because they can create miracles. Dial Hotline To Hell… ? Well… what does look like upside down? I guess humanity has got another chance. I suppose Polaris must have gotten this idea that it would be more fun and amusing to watch humans screw up than to completely erase them from history and memory.

If humans are no more, what would big Gods like Polaris do for entertainment? What would His existence mean if there are no low life creatures like humans to govern and watch over? Better to leave it just like that. And so I thought in the end everybody was going to die seeing how they tried to kill off all the main characters. Otherwise, viewers can become Polaris and vent their frustration by wiping out this production house.

But the way they eliminate the main characters seemed somewhat rushed. And to a point it felt unconvincing. I thought it would have been better if they spread them out instead of having group deaths. Then on the final day of judgment, it felt like they counted how many survivors left and realized they need to reduce that number quickly. And you thought cute girls and sexy babes usually get to live in the end in survival genres, eh? Since there is nothing that would kill him, why not have killed via sacrifice?

And then if there is anybody left standing on Earth, why not just wipe them out via the void? As I said, I am too insignificant to understand what or how Polaris thinks. And why send Septentriones to do the job instead of Himself? But that is just on my part because I assume Polaris to be God and made comparisons to the Almighty just to grasp and understand what is going on. Maybe Polaris is not exactly God. Not the kind that we know of. Otherwise, why would Alcor being a Septentriones himself suddenly develop emotions and feelings after watching over humans for so long?

Throughout the series, it is about mankind doing all they can for survival. Doing what needs to be done to survive. Basic law of the jungle. Survival of the fittest. As you can see when judgment day approached, it brings out the best and worse in all of us. We can see who the cowards are. We can see who the heroes are. We see what we are made of.

Despite humans being fragile and frail creatures, the drive to survive is totally unbelievable. Our survival instincts push us forward but at the same time it is causing us to go spiralling out of control into self-destruction. That means everyone is like robots, right? Humans should decide for themselves. Even if our choices are bad and detrimental in the long run, what Hibiki is saying that it is those choices that what makes us human.

We are not perfect but we learn and grow gradual. But we must do it ourselves. Like the life we are living now? Wake up early in the morning, prepare yourself for work, get in line with the rush hour crowd to your workplace, spend the next handful of hours at your job. Is this the life we want? Well, some excitement may be too much to handle…. Yamato is easily portrayed as the antagonist that you will love to hate because of his no-compromising stand and unyielding ways. He is blunt to tell it to your face that he believes the strongest will survive and rule over those who are weak.

If you look in a moral way, of course that is wrong but then again, define what it means for something to be moral? But even if you could save some, how many can you save? But saving some is better than killing all, no? Yamato had seen the greedy and selfish side of the world. He knows there is no hope if humanity is to carry on like this and that it is better to start anew.

Because humans think and feel, there is a rebellious side in us. The reason why Yamato strongly believes the strong to lead. If everything was fair game, then greed and selfishness would never have occurred in the first place. Thus Yamato planning on ruling with an iron fist in this context seems right. If carrots cannot keep humans under control, the sticks will.

Humans need to know and be instilled with fear if you want them to be obedient. Thus Yamato had to be steadfast in his ideals to show that he really believes this is the only way humans can change for the better. The rest of the other characters just feel rather average. Their significance in the anime is very limited. But eventually she did at the hands of the void.

Nothing deep about Ronaldo, Joe and Otome either and so with bratty unreserved Airi and slow peace loving simple soft spoken Jungo. Those two are sure as different as day and night. One so tall, the other so short… One talks too much, the other with limited vocab… Need I go on? Fumi is pretty amusing because you always see her with her droopy eyes like as though she is going to fall asleep any time.

Maybe spending too much time in front of the monitor has made her eyes looking sleepy. Besides, I think she is the coolest character ever. So cool staring at the face of death that it just looks creepy. Makoto is one big guilt trip going to explode anytime. Alcor is just bumming around and watching… Sometimes I begin to feel he is a bushy eyebrow version of Accelerator. I know he wants to give humans a fighting chance against Septentriones but what the heck is the death clip for?

I think the characters would have done much better had they not receive any death clips because seeing your friends die just zaps your motivation. And then you will because you keep worrying of trying to avoid it without knowing you are actually working your way towards that fate. So again, what in blazes is this death clip for anyway? It was a pretty amusing concept to see the people using their handphones to download demons and then use them in their fight. How do you bring the demons from the underworld or hell under your control?

What happens if you dial a wrong number? Will you get the wrong demon? Will the interruption cause your demon to disappear? Handphones are such useful devices. Next and coming soon, using your handphones to cast magic spells! I remember some years back there was an anime about using programming to cast magic spells. But now you may do it on your handphone and downloading the right app. Everything is at your fingertips these days. In each episode, there will be at least one demon introduced to us. But I doubt it would do any good for casual viewers like me to remember them because the way they are being used to fight battles just feels cheap.

Hey, what happened to Bifrons anyway? You plant a plant in the ground and then you let them do their own stuff to take care of the zombies. You summon the demon and then you let them take care of the enemy. Of course what do you want them to look like? It gets harder and harder every Septentriones you defeat. Action wise, nothing really to shout about because mostly you will see is the characters summoning their limited demons to the fore. Even high ranking ones like Byakko or Cerberus. These demon beasts could mostly just jump and round around with lightning speed and power and the most claw and gnaw back at their enemy.

Therefore the more exciting part of the action is seeing how the Septentriones destroy everything in its path. Because you know, they are unstoppable until you learn their traits and weakness. By that time, I think lots of people have died and the surroundings annihilated. Or so I assume. So it was just a side distraction that nobody should be losing sleep over.

Speaking of funny, for the comical stuffs, Airi herself is already a big little joker… Haha! For the voice acting part, I recognize many of the seiyuus of the main cast. The opening theme is mixed with a bit of techno. So it makes the song sound a little so. Therefore to have such a somewhat lively song for an anime which is going to be mostly in the grim and dark, it is somewhat unsuitable.

The ending theme should be more like it. Be by Song Riders is a slow metal rock which befits the overall theme of the series. So in the penultimate episode, the ending credits was like empty and void since everybody except Yamato and Hibiki died. One long vacant space in between our first character Hibiki and Yamato at the end. Of course when everybody got revived, the scene now is filled with all of them like how it started out. There is your happy ending. The next time God decides to give us our trial and do some judgment day that ends the world in a big scale, maybe He could have warned us beforehand so that we can prepare ourselves instead of just plunging us into chaos.

Or maybe the signs were there but we just chose to ignore it. I guess the sudden arrival of judgment day is to prove to see if we are ready for survival. Imagine the surprise when the teacher says the quiz is now! Keep calm and cool? Well, those who can adapt fast enough will get to continue.

More importantly, I want to know instead of summoning demons, can I download an app that summons pretty bishoujos? Might as well make it last paradise on Earth before hell comes. Say you are at the prime of your life. You have many things you want to accomplish, yet to accomplish. Suddenly you are killed by some unfortunate circumstances. Will you move on to the next world or reincarnate into something else, say an animal?

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Instead, we have him in his new dog form and his sadistic-cum-abusive owner. So for those of you who are pure and extreme dog lovers, you might want to stay away from this anime because despite the dachshund looking cute and will probably melt the hearts of every girl in town okay, maybe not , many of the so called funny bits come from the near abusive ways the owner gives her pet dog either for his wise cracks or just to flaunt her scissors cutting skills.

How can abusing an animal be funny? Leave it to anime to turn cruel into fun. I know there are animal rights but they are not as punitive as much as the laws set for humans. Episode 1 Kazuhito Harumi the dachshund hound is happily reading his book when his owner Kirihime Natsuno wants him to die!!! She whips out her scissors but I guess this must happened a lot for him to dodge her attacks. As an avid book lover, he currently is staying by himself in Tokyo at Sumiya Hall after he decided not to follow his parents transfer out due to their work.

His room is filled to the brim with books and his favourite author turns out to be Shinobu Akiyama. Her real identity is unknown but she took the nation by storm with her best-sellers and wrote many books under many genres. He is particularly interested in her Deadly Sins series that changed his life.

He really wants to read it. As he tells the customers to stand up, the girl in the next table ignores him and continues to write. Feeling pissed, he is about to shoot her so Kazuhito fends him off. As they struggle, she continues writing like as though she is unaware of her surroundings.

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Next thing he knows, he is in a cage and the afro guy goes to get dog food for him. Then he realizes from looking at the mirror, he has become a dog! What are the withdrawal symptoms for that? Just then, Natsuno waltzes in like a heroine and buys the dog. At first the afro guy tells her it is not for sale he picked up the abandoned dog but she cuts the metal cage with her scissors, Hasajiro! However… Kazuhito is tied up back in her apartment mansion and she is going to kill him! Seems she can hear his thoughts and this occurrence is only restricted to him.

She can hear no other animals thought nor has she heard of such cases before. She wants him dead because his voice has been ringing in her head for the last few days.

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She followed that voice to the pet shop and found the source. Natsuno continues to be arrogant and dominant over the dog. But she calms down after hearing about his robbery victim case. She takes a shower and comes back in her lingerie. Does it turn a perverted dog on? Well, Kazuhito is only into books so I guess he prefers his porn in the form of text, huh?

Thought he was a goner there. She suggests he lives with her for a while. Where has he got to go, right? Better accept her hospitality or else she gets this urge to find out how dog meat tastes like. He learns another surprising fact: This sadistic scissors user is Shinobu? Kazuhito gets demanding and tells her to finish up that last volume of the Deadly Sins series. As he lives with her, he notices she is good in cooking, cleaning and even martial arts. Then he hears the news about the cafe robbery.

The suspect, Touji Nakahara is still at large but the police are still keeping vigilant. Kazuhito gets nostalgic thinking about his past life and that awful day he had. She is puzzled it is the wrong room number. Next day, after feeding doggie with kebab, she takes him out to Sumiya Hall to settle their score. Episode 2 Going a little back in time in the morning, Natsuno and Kazuhito argue about the latter being given a dog collar. Outside Sumiya Hall, she wants to enter room but Kazuhito says he lives in room and room is used as storage for his books. Apparently he was told he could live here for free if he took care of the place so he turned into his own library and moved into He never told anybody since they might send him less money.

That means less money to buy books, right? Natsuno has the keys to because she used her influence to get them. Her sister is a policewoman. Inside, a newspaper with a front page article of the shooting. Natsuno deduces the suspect fled and his hiding somewhere. When he shot Kazuhito, he stole his wallet and noticed his address. Nobody, not the police or his family went to room because it was documented as nobody living there. In short, the suspect is hiding there. He even padded himself with them as protection!

So this guy read her books and changed? I guess during his hiding, he read many of her other books too as he employs other fighting techniques created by the author herself! And the author gets owned! Just when it looked like Natsuno is done for, she was just looking for a chance to strike back. Using her scissors, she cuts his pockets so that the books drop out. She deals the finishing blow and he is left hanging precariously on the edge of the bridge.

One push and he will fall to his doom below. Natsuno wants Kazuhito to kill him because after all, he killed him, right? He must hate him. To her surprise, Kazuhito pulls him back down. Because he loves books too. The part of being killed is already done and over. Natsuno will kill him then. Kazuhito pounces on her to make her come to her senses.

He did it because he wants to. Although he loves books, he is not willing to go as far as kill for it. On the way back, Natsuno has developed some sort of feelings for the dog. Because she wonders if she could understand his feelings if she cuts open his chest!!! While Natsuno gets embarrassed ranting away about children she actually thought of doing it with a dog? Since Natsuno is still in her fantasy, he insults her small chests to get her attention.

After the sixth time she counted it too , she turns into a mad woman and is going to cut him up! Episode 3 Kazuhito dreams about his sister Madoka. But too much of Natsuno means he sees her in his dreams too! Waking up, he sees an unfamiliar woman sitting by the table. This zombie woman, Suzuna Hiiragi seems able to hear what Kazuhito says! Or so he thinks. Because she starts acting in some fantasy delusion of taking over the underworld. When Natsuno returns, Kazuhito learns Suzuna is her editor. Judging from her latest writing, Suzuna gives the thumbs down.

Natsuno is recently in a slump. She is suggested to do different things for a change but steps on a landmine when she suggested breasts implants. Natsuno almost cuts her but slightly rips her shirt. Suzuna is impressed and loves it. I guess this proves she is a masochist and looks forward to more of it next time. As she leaves, she warns about the recent serial slasher case and to be careful. Later Kazuhito asks Natsuno about her slump. It started about 3 months ago. Suzuna returns another day to check up on her. She is still in a slump. Suzuna also has more information about the slasher and other signs.

Natsuno suggests she be the bait herself and draw out the slasher. So in the mean time, Natsuno and the dog will look for their own clues. Asking around, it seems that the victims had one thing in common: They were reading a book from Shinobu. Taking a closer look, Kazuhito remembers and recognizes her as a famous idol-cum-author. Natsuno will shave her head and make her shine more while Maxi will polish her breasts till it becomes really flat. He has become another victim of the slasher, although a portion of his afro was just cut.

Natsuno chases after a suspicious hooded character. He dreams about Madoka. Increaser tono Tatakai Bloody Warriors: Soreyuke Daiundoukai Dragon Scroll: Famista '90 Famista '93 Famista '94 Flipull: Sansuu 1 Nen Keisan Game: Kiteretsu Daihyakka Koufuku o Yobu Game: Anpanman to Oekaki Shiyou!! Operation Wolf Palamedes II: Nepal Daibouken no Maki Soreike!

Minna de Hiking Game! Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Rugrats in Paris: Ouya Rogues Episode I Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Sticky Sticky Street Basket: Zombies On The Run. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Hirata Shogo Interactive Ehon: Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2: Iida Joji Nightmare Interactive: Moon Cradle- Igyou no Hanayome. Iron Angel of the Apocalypse: Jikki Pachi-Slot Simulator Vol. Kero Kero Keroppi to Origami no Tabibito. Mirai Shounen Conan Digital Library.

Naoko to Hide Bou: Sansuu no Tensai 1. Sansuu no Tensai 2. Nemurenu Yoru no Chiisana Ohanashi. Nishimura Kyoutarou Travel Mystery: The Need for Speed. Vengeance of the Blood Angels. Tokimeki Mahjong Paradise Special. Virtual Cameraman Part 1: Sawada Naomi and Juri Anna. Virtual Cameraman Part 2: Kawai Natsumi and Tachihara Kimi. Virtual Cameraman Part 5: Jazzy Billiards 3D Professional. Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate.

Band Brothers P - Shimobe Tool. Majo no Sumu Yakata. Odekake Moshasu de Battle. Escape to the Big Blue Special Edition. Greco Kara no Chousenjou! Eitango no Shima to Obaketachi Step 1. Eitango no Shima to Obaketachi Step 2. English Joutatsu no Kotsu Riron-Hen. Ouyou Jouhou Gijutsusha Shiken.

Nanami to Issho ni Manabo! English Joutatsu no Kotsu. Oto no Ma ni Ma ni. Nikoli no Sudoku 3D Dai-ni-Shuu: Sakura-hime to Karyu no Himitsu. The Gem of Blessings. Alice to Mahou no Trump. Quest for Cool Stuff. Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. Art of the Sword. The Mystery of the Frozen City. Super Street Fighter IV: Tamagotchi no Doki Doki Dream Omisecchi. Kiken na 5-tsu no Misshitsu. The Denpa Men 2: They Came By Wave. The Misshitsukara no Dasshutsu: Asobi no Tengoku Kumadonaru Bowl-Hen.

Fushigi na Kuma Donaru Burger Hen. Gakkou no Kyuukousha Hen. Nangoku no Resort Hen. Telebi Kyoku Micchaku Ji Hen. The Phantom Thief Stina and 30 Jewels. Christmas Chuushi no Oshirase. Kaseifu ga Kenta Uwaki Genba. Tongari Boushi to Mahou no Machi. Yoru no Majin to Ikusa no Kuni: Dance Dance Revolution Extreme. Dance Dance Revolution X3 vs. Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix. Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale. Extreme VS Full Boost. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Clash of Super Heroes.


The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. The King of Fighters ' The King of Fighters Unlimited Match. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4. World Club Champion Football: Millennium Fight Pro. Tomoyo no Video Daisakusen. Hikari to Yami no Tougoumono. Communication Logic Battle Daisessen. Cyber Troopers Virtual On: Dengen Tenshi Taisen Mahjong: Game Creator Yoshimura Nobuhiro no Zunou.

Nezu no Izuki no Shita de. The Ark of the Matter.

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    Okusama wa Joshikousei Director's Edition. Episode of the Clovers. Tanaka Torahiko no Uru Toraryuu Shogi. The King of Fighters: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: A Topsy Turvy Life: The Turvys Strike Back. A-Ressha de Ikou DS: Imashi ga Tame Ware wa Tsurugi o Toru. The Age of Kings. Yasoukyoku - Hon ni Manekareta Satsujin. Chapter 1 - From the Abyss. Chapter 2 - From the Abyss. Chapter 3 - From the Abyss.

    Another Time Another Leaf: Kagami no Naka no Tantei. Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Arthur and the Invisibles: Minna no Nurie Inu-Hen. Minna no Nurie Joukyuu-Hen. Minna no Nurie Musha-Hen. Minna no Nurie Neko-Hen. Minna no Nurie Shokyuuhen. Asonde Igo ga Sara ni Tsuyokunaru: Ginsei Igo DS Chuukyuuhen.

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    Shadow of the Templars - The Director's Cut. Eigo Listening Sokushuu DS. Choco Ken no Omise: Chocobo to Mahou no Ehon: Chotto DS Bungaku Zenshuu: Sekai no Bungaku Chou Gekijouban Keroro Gunsou 3: Chuugaku Eijukugo Kihon Go Master. Chuugaku Eitango Kihon Go Master. Chuugaku Kihon Eitango World Puzzle. Arashi o Yobu Cinema Land. Banchou - Yoshimune DS. Chou Chikun no Tsumego. Watanabe Akira no Tsume Shogi. Datenshi no Amai Yuuwaku x Kaikan Phrase.

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    Gakkou no Kowai Uwasa: Aquarian Age Perpetual Period. Arino no Chousenjou 2. Dai 1 Kan - Touen no Chikai. Toukai Douchuu Ooedo Tengurigaeshi no Maki. Ganbaru Watashi no Osaifu Ouendan. Isshoku Sokuhatsu - Gunji Balance Houkai. George of the Jungle and the Search for the Secret. Gin-san ga Tenshoku shitari Sekai wo Sukuttari. MM Town de Miracle Change. Guitar Hero On Tour: Gyouretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudansho. Haneru no Tobira DS: Tanshuku Tetsudou no Yoru. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1.

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Harukanaru Toki no Naka de: Heisei Kyouiku Iinkai DS: Zenkoku Touitsu Moshi Special. Hello Kitty no Gotouchi Collection: Koi no DokiDoki Trouble. Hello Kitty no Panda Sport Stadium. Doko Demo Sugoroku x Salem Secrets - Witch Trials of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kizuna: Dai Ichi Kan - Tatari.

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    Koukou Eitango Kihon Go Master.

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    Kuniya Burete Sanga Ari: Hills and Rivers Remain. Kurayami no Hate de Kimi o Matsu. Hirameki Training - KuuTore. Kyou kara Hajimeru Facening: Kyou wa Nan no Hi? Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole. Lego Star Wars II: Little Twin Stars to Minna no Nurie.

    Littlest Pet Shop 3: The Flower Shop Garden. Love, Fashion and Friends: Shijou Saidai no Zunousen. Wizards of Phantasmal Forest. Mahjong Kakutou Club DS: Ayakouji Kimimaro no Happy Techou. Saikyou no Kanji Drill 5-Man Mon. Mainichi Sodateru Nikki Calendar. Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro: Neuro to Miko no Bishoku Sanmai. Major DS Dream Baseball. Hanbaishi Kentei Shiken 2-Kyuu 3-Kyuu.

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    Miyamoto Sansuu Kyoushitsu no Kyouzai: Kashikoku naru Puzzle DS Ban. Moji to Koe de Tanoshiku Kaiwa: Akachan ga Umareta yo. Machi no Konchuu Monogatari. My Melody Angel Book: Curse of the Ancient Spirits.