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Also, the entire twelve-kilometer stretch of waterfront could be enhanced with a continuous bicycle path. Matthijs Bouw from One Architecture in Amsterdam is part of the project team: What else do the people of Manhattan need?

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Can we combine our water management measures with solutions to other problems? A large-scale integrated flood protection system to address the vulnerability of New York City to coastal flooding won the Global Holcim Awards Bronze.

Project Summary

The infrastructural barrier incorporates a range of neighborhood functions that foster local commercial, recreational, and cultural activities. Mohsen Mostafavi praised the project for turning a problem into an opportunity. On the other hand, the issue was raised as to whether the project was not more reactive rather than proactive, addressing the effects of climate change instead of its root causes.

Debate aside, the project makes a political statement by means of an architectural and urban proposition, arguing that climate change indeed can no longer be suppressed or discarded as a figment of environmentalist imagination and that tangible solutions truly exist. All 15 finalist project teams were asked to submit an updated and more comprehensive entry that was evaluated by a global jury in March View project entry posters - Global Holcim Awards.

The results of the global phase of the 4th Holcim Awards competition were announced on April 20, Read full media release - Sustainable design improving communities. Bjarke Ingels says that architecture is not just about decorating a box, but also about reconfiguring things for the better: The building was also the site of the 3rd Holcim Awards ceremony for region North America in The winners of the global phase of the 4th International Holcim Awards competition will be revealed on April 20, The results will be announced via the Holcim Awards website www.

The USD 2 million Holcim Awards is the most significant international competition for sustainable design. The jury composed of renowned specialists from around the world and headed by Mohsen Mostafavi , Dean of the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University USA will evaluate 15 projects out of more than 6, submissions.

The finalists are the winners of the Holcim Awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awards in each of the five competition regions of the world. They reflect a broad variety of the current interpretation of sustainable construction combined with architectural excellence and enhanced quality of life beyond technical intervention. The winners of the global prizes will share prize money of USD , Members of the Global Holcim Awards jury Finalist projects for the Global Holcim Awards Videos of all Global Holcim Awards finalists. The Swiss-based Holcim Foundation promotes and illustrates the strength of diverse strategies of achieving greater sustainability of the built environment.

The Dryline

As part of its approach, the Foundation publishes booklets on outstanding examples of applied sustainable construction. The initiatives of the Holcim Foundation include the USD 2 million Holcim Awards — the most significant international competition for sustainable design. Since it was established in , the Foundation has been supported by Holcim in more than 70 countries worldwide and is independent of commercial interests.

The BIG U was one of four recipients of the award for , along with: The BIG U consists of three components: BIG Bench is a continuous protective element adapted to the local context that mediates new and existing infrastructure. The Battery Berm weaves an elevated path through the park, enhancing the public realm while protecting the Financial District and critical transportation infrastructure. The Bridging Berm rises 4 meters by the highways, connecting the coast and communities with greenways. Funding supports environmental and economic resilience.

The bridging berm provides robust vertical protection for the Lower East Side from future storm surge and rising sea levels. The berm also offers pleasant, accessible routes into the park, with many un-programmed spots for resting, socializing, and enjoying views of the park and river. Both the berms and bridges will be wide and planted with a diverse selection of salt tolerant trees, shrubs, and perennials to create a steadfast urban habitat.

The overall proposal protects ten continuous miles of low-lying geography that comprise an incredibly dense, vibrant, and vulnerable urban area. The proposed system not only shields the city against floods and stormwater, it also creates and provides social and environmental benefits to the community through an improved public realm. The competition has produced regional, cross-disciplinary collaboration between state and local governments, the ten design teams, regional non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and the public.

The Rockefeller Foundation has been the lead financial supporter of the competition.

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  4. Teams worked to create coalitions with local and regional stakeholders to develop locally-responsive proposals to improve the tenacity of waterfront communities. To propose a large-scale flood protection system by means of a set of small-scale interventions was viewed by the jury as an ingenious solution that could easily be transferred to other similar conditions — in an age marked by climate change and rising global sea levels. Here, local neighborhoods actively engage in defining specific programs, functions, and public amenities along a line that acts as a civic infrastructure belonging to the public at large.

    The BIG U project addresses the vulnerability of the city of New York to coastal flooding, as experienced during the catastrophic impact of Hurricane Sandy in , and proposes a protective ribbon around lower Manhattan. The infrastructural barrier incorporates a range of neighborhood functions and as a result offers multiple design opportunities, fostering local commercial, recreational, and cultural activities.

    The federal government issued Rebuild by Design , an unprecedented call to action to not only repair but to enhance preventative measures and encourage collaboration across agencies. BIG U mediates between perceived opposing forces growing cities and exposure to extreme weather so they can work together.

    Project Timeline

    Neighborhoods in the floodplain can strategically grow to provide coastal protection while improving commercial, recreational, and cultural resources. The project proposes a protective ribbon around Manhattan: BIG U bundles infrastructure with localized civic needs, improving at-risk waterfront communities for well-balanced living.

    It consists of multiple design opportunities; each on unique scales of time, size and investment; each neighborhood tailoring its own set of programs. In the initial phase, the focus is placed upon LES and the Battery. BIG U consists of three components: BIG Bench is a continuous protective element adapted to local context that mediates new and existing infrastructure.

    It is designed like street furniture: The Battery features protective landscape anchored by an iconic museum. The Berm rises 4 meters by the highways allowing a park-scape to connect coast and community with harbor paths and greenways. Ultimately, The Berm will cap the highway. From Bangkok to Venice, coastal cities are at risk. Residents designed their own waterfronts through drawings and interactive models. BIG U is community-focused, offers more smart growth for cost, and uses land more efficiently. Community micro-grids and water management plans create redundancies to decrease storm risks and allow incremental climate change adaptation.

    BIG U could also bundle renewable energy systems to further increase reliability. Segmented, BIG U is able to incorporate various financing models. The reason for this is uncertain. Two reasons for this have been put forward: Merrifield stated that he did not protect them as he wished them to benefit humanity. Kruger alleges that Merrifield received incorrect legal advice: The name is derived from the Afrikaans word dolos - plural dolosse.

    This word has two given derivations. Rosenthal states it to be a contraction of 'dobbel osse', or 'gambling' Afrikaans 'bones' from Latin. Boshof and Nienaber state it to be a contraction of 'dollen os', or 'play' old Dutch 'oxen' Afrikaans. The first is a meaning-shifted reference to ox knuckle-joint bones used in divination practices by sangomas , Southern African traditional healers.

    They somewhat resemble these bones.

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    The second is a reference to ox or lamb knuckle bones used by African children at play. The name was attached to the objects when Kruger's father, Joe Kruger, who also worked in the harbour, came upon his son and others playing with small models of the objects and asked him Wat speel julle met die dolos? What are you playing at with the dolos? The similarity between these and dolos is beyond question.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the spirit in Greek mythology, see Dolos mythology. This article includes a list of references , but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

    Retrieved 26 February Archived from the original on 26 February The drawings for the first dolos were completed in , based on the shape devised in wood by Aubrey Kruger. But recently the student at the prestigious Lee Strasberg drama school in New York has been seen around town with naughty lothario Benicio del Toro. In the vain world of pop he is something of a rarity: But despite music mogul Ashley Tabor's unshowy demeanour, he has scored. Yesterday he secured the rare feat of having two of his artists at the top of both the single charts and album charts at the same time. The new Tory leader was put on the spot at his party's Scottish conference the other day and asked to share details of any gesture that confirmed his love for wife of ten years, Samantha.

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    Simulation of breaking waves and associated loads to off-shore structures

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