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She tracked a group of female hotel housekeepers, all of whom were highly active and spent most of their time at work on their feet. She wanted to see what would happen if she could change their mindset to help them recognise they were active. Half were given a presentation about how their work was good exercise and detailing how many calories they were burning. When they retook their measurements four weeks later, the women who didn't receive the presentation hadn't changed in weight or body fat.

Start changing your life for the better to reach greater success and live a fulfilling happy life.

But the women who had received the information dropped weight, reduced blood pressure, and dropped body fat. University students were told they were drinking either a luxury, decadent milkshake or a fat-free diet milk shake. In the students who thought they were drinking a decadent shake, the hormone that tells the brain you feel full increased significantly. But for the students who were given the fat-free, diet version, their hunger satisfaction hormone increased just slightly. The first group believed they were getting a filling, luxury drink and felt fuller, while the diet shake group thought theirs was a slimmer drink, so they felt less full.

In other words, it was their mindset, not the reality and facts, which was key to how their bodies reacted in both studies.

Changing your mindset could be the key to changing your life

So that means telling yourself you have time in your life, and the ability to achieve whatever you want, really is the first step to making it happen. What if you shifted your mindset to accept it's OK to be busy and that it won't stop you reaching your goals? In fact, being busy and having a full life could actually move you closer to ticking off your to-do list and projects.

Instead of seeing busyness and potential stress as a negative, I resolved to see it as enhancing, invigorating and essential towards drive and performance.

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

So from now on, as we hit the middle of the year, I'm focusing on my mindset and accepting that, yes, I can be busy and still move towards my goals. Sophie Scott is the national medical reporter for the ABC. Her blog is at www.

Transitioning Your Life - Change Up Program

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A Surgeon's notes on Performance At the start of this year, did you do what many of us did?

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Myself included We make great plans and set out an impressive agenda for the year, with key goals, important achievements and projects to undertake. There's a sense of optimism and renewal that comes at the start of each year. I spoke about this recently to a lovely group of people. One woman who came up to me after my talk said it summed up her life completely. But what if changing your mindset was the key to changing your life?


Change your mindset, change the game - Dr Alicia Crum. Health in your inbox Get the latest health news and information from across the ABC. Topics Health Lifestyle Australia. Looking for a low-gluten beer? Here's what you need to know New prostate cancer treatment guidelines show early success in stopping its return 'We had to sacrifice for this': How a mother's quest for children led her to Ukraine Ring the bell if you've finished your chemo treatment What's happening inside your body when you have food poisoning?

Top Stories Leyonhjelm struggling to find colleague support in Hanson-Young defamation case. This test is FREE to take and a great tool to help you plan your next move. Take the Success-GPS now!

About the Change Up! Program

Imagine not having to feel overwhelmed or exhausted all the time. Remind yourself of who you really are: Program and transition your life to the next stage. My clients tend to contact me for help after reaching a point of desperation, frightened by their own sense of confusion and unable to discern the next best step.

Considering your options is about learning to unblock your thoughts about your future, to let your own ideas surface about the direction you want your life to take.

Knowing what the big picture looks like includes assuring that your personal and professional life mesh well. Together we will work through the process of figuring out your own dream, even if it seems unclear to you now. You will learn that there are both positive and negative forms of stress, and begin the process of learning how to abate the worst effects of negative stress. Using the latest research from neuroscience and some simple techniques that are literally thousands of years old, you will understand what happens when your mind gets hijacked and how to stop that from happening.