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Both the CEO and Chair can be contacted using the details below: Telephone Facebook Flying High Partnership. Please click here to access key Trust documents including: Click here to meet the Flying High central team. Click here to meet the Members. Click here to meet the Trustees.

Jealousy is a bad feeling, and there is no need to be jealous of anyone. Parents and teachers, please teach your children or students the value of true friendship. Do You Know the Secret of Learning About Autism Through Kids. This short story is about a little boy befriending a classmate with Autism. This books encourages kindness, acceptance and awareness.

When a dog arrives at her new home, what does she think and how does she feel?

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An easy to read young children's storybook about embracing two different Asian cultures Korean and Taiwanese. Bilingual English, Korean and Mandarin. Introduces different Asian foods like noodles in black bean sauce, soup dumplings, kimchi and more! Fun to read and enjoy for all! Bubbles Finds A Home. A change in circumstances has brought Bubbles the rabbit to school. Although he enjoys being a classroom pet, he often wishes for a home of his very own.

This is based on a true story. Our first book was published last spring called Hope the Optimist Bear. This is our second book and bear we will be delivering to local hospitals for pediatric patients. The main character in this years book "Christopher" was based on a little boy who actually received last years Hope the Optimist Bear book and Hope Bear. Please know it was made with love and our students are always so proud to see that their hard work will touch the lives of so many sick children.

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A bedtime story about the animals at the zoo after the sun starts to set. The rhyme was written by an expectant father for his unborn baby daughter. The Zebra and the Giraffe. A zebra and a giraffe are best friends but they are showing off to each other because one can do something that the other can't.

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Then they remember that they are two different animals and they can both do things that the other can't and they put all there differences behind and become best friends all over again. Thanksgiving With My Family. Many of the holidays throughout the year bring out the very best in each and every one of us. For one day love can be so powerful that we smile until we all meet again.

Princess Rose and the Golden Bird. A classical style fairy tale full of romance and triumph of good over evil. Hope the Optimist Bear. It is a bear we deliver to local hospitals with a story book written about her.

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We do a school wide competition for a story about Hope. This story is to help the children in the hospital feel better and leaves them with a snuggly friend for the rest of their stay and beyond. A Life Cycle Adventure. This story is about a little caterpillar's journey to discover what it is and what it does. Join us to find out about the butterfly life cycle and to meet some other mini-beasts along the way!


He runs with animals in the forest, pilots an airplane, and rides a wild horse. This extraordinary little boy does not know that he is growing up to be a superhero. E the Elephant Overcomes. Cleopatra and the Magic Flute. Cleopatra finds a magic flute that whisks her to the land of fairy tales!


She has to get home soon or she might run out of time. Sports Around the World. A Home For Highway. How a lonely dog named "Highway" finds a safe,loving home. Based on a true story. With a roll and a bounce this wind blown pumpkin takes an unexpected journey. Doofy does not want to be a hippo any longer. Does he change or accept himself? The Legend of the Crystal Dragon. A ferocious dragon guards a precious crystal until some heroic scientists befriend him and go on a journey to bring the crystal home.

The Adventures Of Brave Eagle 2. A brave, smart, and wonderful Indian Princess and the greatest horse of all time. More Alike than Different. A young boy with down syndrome teaches other kids that no matter how different someone seems, there will always be things that make you alike. The Adventures of Brave Eagle. Pippy and the Stereotype. Bobby Bear Goes Green. Why am I not happy?

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Can the separation of powers in Santa's workshop improve the quality of the Naughty and Nice List? A Gift for Mom. Oscar and Career Day. Oscar is having trouble finding out what he wants to be for career day in his kindergarten class. She believed she's depriving them of an important childhood experience, but she's only doing what most American parents are doing. Forty years ago, 41 percent of children walked to school; now only 13 percent do. Kids have also lost ten to 12 hours of free play per week.

Many aren't allowed to roam in the woods or even play in their own backyard; instead, they sit indoors near their parents, watching TV or using the computer.

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Parents are trying to do a good job of raising their children, but our constant focus on safety is making us anxious and suffocating our kids' capacity for independence. A high-school swimming coach told me that her tenth-graders show up at meets without their goggles and say, "My mom must not have put them in my gym bag. Every child needs to practice being independent, and every parent needs to practice letting her child be independent.

Independence is like high jumping: You have to run and jump and sometimes fail, and then put the bar back up and run and jump again. As a parent, you'll wince when your kids hit that bar, but you can't jump for them. Ultimately, they'll have a lot of sweet moments without you there to see them. But if you believe that your job is to raise your children so they will be ready to leave you, you need to be able to let them go and watch from a distance.

Parents may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on this website. Raise an Independent Kid. It may be hard to hear, but there are times when your child is better off without you. By Michael Thomspon, Ph. We can't make our children happy. We can't give our children high self-esteem. We can't make friends for our children or micromanage their relationships. We can't successfully be our children's manager or coach. We can't compete with our children's electronic world. We can't keep our children completely safe, but we can drive them crazy trying.

We can't make our children independent. Originally published in the May issue of Parents magazine. Comments Be the first to comment! Pinterest Raise a Good Citizen: Teaching Civic Values Pinterest How do I say 'no' to irresponsible parents who want me to supervise their kids overnight?