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This, in my experience, is flatly untrue.

All of our data is GONE!

The MSM-doubting new left is absolutely addicted to overwrought stories, grain of truth or none. In June , the Canary ran a story headlined: Far from establishing a conspiracy, the story merely set out a series of unsurprising relationships between former senior employees of the Blair and Brown governments who had moved into lobbying. There were no memos and no evidence of meetings, strategy or instructions for this scheme, only dark innuendo.

Nevertheless, the story spread across social media.

Was it right for the Canary to create such a provocative story with so little basis in fact? There was no retraction and the Portland conspiracy still crops up in Labour forums. I turn to another questionable Canary story: This item claimed that a TV station called WCRB had somehow inadvertently published the predetermined results of the November American presidential election.

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We are human beings and we make mistakes. I check the page after our conversation ends. The story is still up on the site, the only apparent correction a statement from WCRB, confirming that the graphic was indeed meaningless test data. Otherwise, its baseless speculation remains intact and live on the internet. People do make mistakes.

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  • But a mainstream media site would remove every trace of a false story like this. These also appear online. Many more smaller corrections are made to web stories, each one carefully footnoted so the reader is in no doubt what changes have been made and when. If one story exemplifies how news and information move in the world of alternative news it is the tale of the Grenfell D notice. The blog repeated claims that unnamed firefighters had seen up to bodies in the ruins of Grenfell, far more than the official total so far of 30 dead police now estimate there were 80 deaths in the block.

    The story had everything: It duly received uncountable shares and furious denunciation across multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts. If they were foolish enough to try, it would be about 20 seconds before the story got out. I speak on the phone to Steve Walker, the self-employed Merseyside businessman who runs Skwawkbox.

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    • Walker launched Skwawkbox in to write about the NHS, the welfare system and the state of the left, then found new impetus with the advent of Corbyn. How could it have been right for Skwawkbox to spread unsubstantiated rumour at a time when riots were considered a genuine possibility? That story went viral because people said, why is nobody talking about what we are seeing on the ground?

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      People deserve the chance to make their own mind up. Which raises the question: The response of self-defined insurgent media is: For professional journalists, this is a nightmare prospect: The truth will become what the most, or the loudest, people want it to be. Similarly, in the United States in the 60s, the cultural and political crisis of Vietnam brought on a slump in the credibility of a similarly stuffy and obeisant mass media. The journalism of the s proved to have rather sharper teeth. Just ask Richard Nixon. The answer to bad journalism can only be good journalism, from the widest pool of professionals.

      Fund and deliver it in the most innovative ways you can, but let the material be its own advocate. Andrew Harrison is editor of the Remainiacs Brexit podcast; remainiacs. Journalism has a responsibility to society and great journalists have a responsibility to inform people and make news. To blame any one outlet is dangerous and to lose trust is dangerous, too. If we forfeit the responsibility of the media to keep us from being abused by the structures of power, then we become victims instead of citizens.

      Matt Dolan, 47 I have always been slightly suspicious of the media and over the last couple of years, the idea of responsible reporting, accuracy of news and fact-checking seems to have been pushed aside. I fact-check by looking at a range of media sources, trying to piece together what I believe is the truth from various outlets.

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      That is the danger, I think, of either having dubious press outlets or of allowing people to make unsubstantiated claims. Steve Williams, 33 People have definitely lost trust in the media because theyhave distorted the truth. I know a few people who lived there [in Grenfell Tower] who actually got out, and we know that there were hundreds of bodies. Clearly, with the way the fire took place, how can you then say there were only 80 people that died?

      It feels like there has been a major cover-up. This editing is supporting the council as far as the public is concerned. There is no doubt in my mind that there has been a media cover-up [of the number of Grenfell Tower victims]. Everyone here knows there were people living in that block. We just wanted a true indication, to be treated like humans. Interviews by Jade Cuttle. Topics Media The Observer.

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