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Read this book, and be inspired! Feb 26, Karl rated it it was amazing. What I am saying is that previous books written by Wayne Dyer focus on an idea, issue, etc. Wayne starts out with the early days in Detroit where he lived in an orphanage, his days in school and then he progresses through his post-secondary years, his time in the navy, and then through the creation of his 41 books. Mother Teresa, Ken Keys Jr.

The names however, are not as important as the messages that came with them. Some of the encounters were pleasant, some not so much, yet all the encounters contained new seeds of experience that helped Wayne expand his consciousness. To emphasize some of my previous ramblings, I Can See Clearly Now is definitely written from different perspective than Dr.

Jan 31, Kristi Duarte rated it it was ok. I'm so sad I read this book. I used to think of Wayne Dyer as one of the most spiritual people on this planet. I was in awe of him and his wisdom. But then I read this book. And I almost came to despise him. I've never read anything so self-indulgent and egotistical - and anti-spiritual. He acts as his spiritual experiences were unique to him, when - as a self-declared spiritual leader - he should know that anyone open to the source have the same experiences. This book is awful. He should have wo I'm so sad I read this book.

He should have worked with a ghost-writer, or at least hired a good editor, to remove most of the bullshit. But then I read that he doesn't like to work with editors because they criticize his already perfect writing, and he can do it so much better himself. I hope to one day forget that I ever read this book, hope to be able to read some of his writing without a sneer of ridicule on my face. Because deep down inside I do think some of his book have something important to say. Aug 12, Bryan rated it it was amazing.

I was in the middle of reading Dr. Dyer's autobiography when he passed away. I was so saddened by his sudden passing, but felt so connected to his spirit while reading this book. Safe to say this man is a personal hero of mine. He has inspired me so much and it was such a pleasure to read his autobiography.

It is extremely well written and the whole thing just flies by. He had an amazing life and he will always remain a beacon of inspiration for me to follow my dharma and live my life in the pre I was in the middle of reading Dr. He had an amazing life and he will always remain a beacon of inspiration for me to follow my dharma and live my life in the present moment to my absolute fullest. I highly recommend this book. Dyer is an inspiration and a force! His physical light will be missed in this world, but his spirit will always be around. Sep 04, Laura Anne rated it it was ok Shelves: Let me explain my two star, quit book rating.

I really enjoy Wayne Dyers self help books. I have so much respect for the man who has helped me through a few of my issues and was there when I needed to grow as a person. That being said I could not deal with this "everything happens for a reason" philosophy. It reminded me far too much of Pangloss, the philosopher in Candide, to the point that the book felt foolish.

After a few chapters I could not go on with out jeopardizing my love for his self Let me explain my two star, quit book rating. After a few chapters I could not go on with out jeopardizing my love for his self help books.

Aug 14, Erfan rated it it was amazing. I was listening to a talk that she gave in October and someone in the audience asked Abraham if Dr. Dyer was evolving in the afterlife or how he was doing- because none of us really know what goes on over there. Abraham assured the crowd that Dyer was doing better than ever and he mentioned this book.

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Then he said something like "That title is truer for me now than I could have ever imagined. I Can See Clearly Now is a fine autobiography but it suffers from repetition.

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Dyer's 12th best seller and his explanation about how he produced it, I began to suffer from some 'haven't-I-read-this-before-itis'. I'm certain that if I wrote a biography of my own life, readers would feel the same sort of disconnect. The thing about a meaningful life is, in my opinion, that it is best experienced in the living of it. No description, however colorful or lively, can put that life in your head like you lived it. It ran long but it was jam-packed with meaning.

Dyer's over arching message about finding what ignites your passions and then following those sparks to fulfill the reason that you came to this existence. I am a big supporter of folks living their dreams and discovering their passions. Can you imagine what sort of world this would be if we all indulged in that sort of life building? I can and it's heaven on earth. Dyer's other numerous books and lectures. It's funny, I've listened to so many of Dyer's lectures that as I was reading this one, that little narrator voice in my head which is usually my own was Dr.

The world lost quite an excellent teacher this year with the death of this man. Read his last work to really experience what he was all about and his life. Sep 23, Nedal El-ghattis rated it really liked it. May 08, Tara Brabazon rated it it was ok. This is Wayne Dyer's autobiography. But - to be fair - in all of his books, he is the subject, object, trope and theory. He is the clearest example of experience substituting for expertise. Page after page, he insists that readers get over their current bout of anger, rage, depression, sadness or disgust because if he can manage it - through orphanages, the 'burden' of tenure in a US university, the lack of a father and alcohol - then we all have no excuses.

Where his ideas have value is his commi This is Wayne Dyer's autobiography. Where his ideas have value is his commitment to focus on the present.

I Can See Clearly Now

Ironically he does not perform that technique. But reminding readers that the past has gone - it cannot be changed - and only we can change how we think about it - that has value. I am not sure what it is about that Wayne Dyer's books do that resonate so compellingly within whenever I read them. Perhaps it is what he says, and how he says it just makes me feel good. I am not sure I would describe Dyer as a spiritual dabbler because he never seems to tie himself down to one particular religious or philosophical thinker.

Although that is what I found myself thinking at times throughout the book. At such moments, it occurred to me that, some people might consider him a 'spir I am not sure what it is about that Wayne Dyer's books do that resonate so compellingly within whenever I read them. At such moments, it occurred to me that, some people might consider him a 'spiritual lite' writer. That thought never gained traction because it seems to me that what Dyer really does is to draw parallels from great thinkers who have come and gone throughout Human history.

Sometimes Dyer's writing style seems a little formulaic or perhaps even redundant, but his writing style works at reinforcing whatever particular theme he has chosen to explore and share with his readership. For instance, he intimates, quite tangentially, about a spiritual mentorship he received from a man whom he identifies as Shri Guruji.

Dyer never really goes into much depth about that relationship. Gaps of information in his timeline notwithstanding, Dyer has piqued my curiosity. More importantly though, he has awakened in me a spiritual curiosity that has long been on a dusty shelf. While I really have no major complaints about my life, I have been given some pause lately, mostly because of chronic pains that seem to be entirely of my own making; I have ignored my body, and now it screams out for attention. As a result, I have experienced a precipitous drop in weight, mostly because of a recent change in my work status; same school, different job description.

The fallout from this promotion has left me seriously re-evaluating the neglect which has nearly crippled me since I took on my new responsibilities. It seems I may be a workaholic. I suppose there is some merit to the aphorism that all work and no play make Johnny a dull boy. Well, my body certainly seems to be articulating that point quite dramatically.

But while pain manifests itself physically, it also awakens me to the reality that I have been neglecting my spiritual development. Perhaps that is why Dyer is reaching out to me far deeper than he did in the last book of his that I read. My take-away, and recommendation for any of you who reads this review is that we need to pay attention; to our bodies, our minds, our spirits and to all those whom we depend upon, are depended upon, the ones we love and who love us as well.

This is why I am recommending this book. It will not be a waste of your time. Wayne Dyer's words will not bring you any harm, and will actually serve your personal interests well. Consider this read as an investment in yourself. Oct 09, Pegah added it. Apr 29, Janette Fuller rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dyer reflects on his life, beliefs and writings in this autobiography. The book begins with the author's difficult young years growing up in foster homes. The author clearly sees how these difficult times helped him learn to be self-sufficient and independent.

As a young man, Dr. Dyer spent several years serving in the U. During these years, the author determined that he wanted to go to college and eventually become a teacher. The author reflects on how he wrote his first book, Your Erroneous Zones, and traveled around the country promoting the book and selling it. His love for teaching and writing led to the publication of over 40 books and his wildly popular appearances on PBS television stations.

The author touches on his personal family life but mostly focuses on his writing and teaching accomplishments. The book ends with his recent diagnosis of leukemia and how he is dealing with this chronic disease. I have been a fan of Dr. Dyer's writings since I read Your Erroneous Zones back in I have not read all of his books, but I have a pretty nice collection of Dyer books on my bookshelf. This book provides a behind-the-scenes look at the man who became a best-selling author, teacher, speaker and a mainstay in PBS' membership drives. I feel like reading this book was like turning back the years.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Amanda's book gave me the courage to step up, be real and know I have a message that will help others. I'd always had a fear of public speaking and this book became my 'go to' book when I was unsure of what to do.

I'm now totally comfortable on stage and running my own workshops and events. It seems a lifetime since that 'fearful' time.