Manual Investment & Trading Comics (Series 2)

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Once the three criteria of value are met, the next step is grading the comic by the condition of the cover, the pages, whether it has been creased, etc… For the older comics, there are very rarely pristine copies, which plays into the demand and the skyrocketing cost.

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But those comic books tend to be priced well out of the range of most comics enthusiasts. Very few comics in the last twenty years have become truly valuable. For example, the first printing of The Walking Dead 1 has greatly increased in value because the TV show has made it even more popular and there were only a few thousand copies of that printing. The subsequent printings of The Walking Dead 1 are worth far less to the collectors because there are so many of them that it is no longer a rare comic.

There are often thousands of copies of the same comic coming out month after month, but there is very rarely a new comic of historical significance that strikes a chord with collectors and fans alike.

ASMR MATH: Investing in Comic Books: A Primer and Two Spreadsheets, Introduction, How to

Or even half of the price back. So why buy comics at all?

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Well… there is this crazy notion that comics were meant to be read. If the only enjoyment that you derive from your comics is the pleasure of seeing them placed between a CGC slab with a grading number then you may want to reexamine your priorities. Unless you have some of the truly rare and in-demand comics then your collection is only a monument to the money that you spent on it.

Like most forms of investing, stock investing is hardly a sure-fire path to riches, but one that seems to come close might be comic book investing -- if you invest wisely. For example, 80 out of a selected comic book titles outperformed the stock market since its lowest point during the downturn until the beginning of So just for fun -- and hopefully for profit -- I asked an expert for advice: Check this out for an in-depth look at John's entrepreneurial journey. The premise was simple.

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His job was to advise. My job is to hunt down the books he recommends. I could have bought them from Torpedo Comics So far I've found two books for the right price at the grade he recommends: Incredible Hulk who doesn't love Wolverine? If you were my client I would recommend buying one book with your entire budget, but that's not as much fun. Do not buy ungraded books online unless you are an expert-level grader or are buying from an Overstreet advisor.

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  4. It's extremely undervalued right now, mostly because Marvel has essentially cut mutants from the current universe. I presume this is the same ploy being used to force Fox to sell back the Fantastic Four movie rights to Marvel, who have nearly erased those characters from the present Marvel comic book universe. Wholesale trading for a nice 2.