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You just have to rise above it and keep your cool. Going out with a thirtysomething when you are barely into your twenties is the coolest thing a man can do. The car lights are extinguished and we stand in the blue shadows and cooling dust. There are lots of cool ones to choose from. They just want to make something cool. We were the coolest thing in the valley. Its evaporation from the skin cools the body. It was me who looked away and walked out into the cool night air. My wife says it has been kind of cool. Some say that managerial cool is both his strength and his weakness. Temperatures will cool down a little bit.

There is something cool and businesslike about you and people take what you say seriously. They are really cool and more edgy than the shopping centres. This means cool air is able to burrow down into the lower layers of the atmosphere. Will the weather remain cool and unsettled in the week ahead? You have to try to keep him cool and calm by blowing on him. Example Sentences Including 'coy' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. This year they are being a little more coy about buying.

Curiously, Mercedes appears a little coy about telling us what it is. Hollywood said he'would be interested' in being involved in the programme but remained coy about whether there were any plans for him to take a part. She has also chosen to remain coy when it comes to her love life. The women have to be a bit more coy. But both clubs yesterday remained coy about whether they were still interested. For now, he remains coy. So it was surprising that he was a little less coy when it came to the subject of appearance fees.

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She remains coy about how they met. Think you're being coy and modest? Both sides yesterday remained coy over the apparent mix-up. Glorious triumph against Scotland and a coy little collapse against Ireland? She emerged smiling but remained coy about her vote. The Liberal Democrats are also being coy and modest. The mayor remains coy for now.

Example Sentences Including 'crisp' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. The morning was cold and crisp. Coming of Age in the Arctic Bake in the oven for min until the topping is golden and the pizza bases are crisp. Bright red blood in crisp white snow. By the morning the slices should be crisp. It is perfect for classy snacks and impromptu meals with baked potatoes and a crisp chicory salad.

Roll in flour and fry until crisp and golden. Serve alone or with thin, crisp dessert biscuits. Team with a crisp white shirt and a pair of canvas boots for a more casual look. The physical toys and the game graphics look crisp and clean in their comic book treatment. Turn over the bacon and crisp the other side. You can feel the crisp chill of a glass of white.

You want the bottoms to become nice and crisp. Each wake was scratched crisp and white upon the azure ocean. Len Deighton Bomber Something crisp and crackling was wrapped around her. A Plague of Angels The air was crisp and dry. It was really sharp and crisp. The skin needs to be dry if you want it to crisp in the oven.

There were two bunks with purple blankets and crisp white sheets. Its research found that people were likely to snack on crisps and biscuits for three days if their kitchen cupboards were full. Lunch would be a big tuna mayonnaise or cheese sandwich, crisps and biscuits. The crisps will stay fresh and crunchy until next time. Two pints of vodka please and a packet of cheese and onion crisps. We just want to make crisps. He also grabbed a packet of crisps from the bar area.

The afternoon was crisp and beautifully clear. Marsden, Philip The Crossing-Place Example Sentences Including 'cross' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Within seconds she disappeared into a cross street. A Reader, Rhetoric and Handbook So the pair kept their fingers crossed this time. From a standing position bend your left knee and cross your right leg around your left leg, hooking your right foot on your left leg. One in four people worry about how cross they feel and almost a third of us have trouble controlling our anger.

The challenge is to help people to understand the new direction and work in concert rather than at cross purposes. WHEN offered the opportunity to cross something off your bucket list you do it, right? Drivers wanting to cross those routes can expect longer waits at the lights as a result. The winger crossed either side of halftime to take his tally for the season to six. They also face accusations of crossing another line. Two things crossed my mind. Why did the marshal cross the road?

Football may not yet fingers crossed be about to lose one of its favourite sons to retirement. Women will cross the street to ask you where you got your dress. Our paths crossed by chance one morning and we chatted about old times. She has a bright red scar in the shape of a cross on her forehead. That means you have space out wide and are able to get in more crosses.

The trust has been attacked by animal rights groups for allowing legal hunts to cross its land.

Form di ricerca

The whole thing about crossing their legs and what they should wear. They moved miles to Cornwall where the collie cross vanished and spent all their spare time trying to track her down. This suggests we have crossed a boundary. When the camera is off you can see his face crossed with pain. One squadron took two days to cross a river, the men working the whole time quite naked.

They belong to the poppy family, and have four petals arranged in the shape of a cross. They chose a red cross on white field for their banner and symbol. The idea of writing something had crossed my mind. The only other play areas involve crossing three main roads. Where the two cross, you will find your site. A Guide to Megalithic Ireland Example Sentences Including 'daft' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.

To pretend otherwise and act all hurt is plain daft. All over the country we are voting for the party leaders - and for reasons that are just plain daft. And daft ideas and practices receive no opposition. But daft names aside, it's an absolute belter. But it is daft to think that you can change your habits just because you've changed your calendar.

I look at my big daft name on the back wall and nervously come down the stairs. In fact I could see that putting an orange in the middle of something is actually plain daft. It is daft to think you can get away with eating rubbish and not gain weight. It was a bit daft. She could make a Panasonic instruction manual compelling, and was at least watchable while going through this rather daft and unbelievable story of class. THIS is not the work of a band but rather a solo artist with a daft stage name. At this stage of the campaign, removing your leading scorer is just plain daft.

The latter is a daft thing to say. Without this unspoken accord, the entire thing is rather daft. The world breathed a sigh of relief and gave him a rather daft Nobel prize. I just hope her daughter can forgive being lumbered with the obligatory daft showbiz name. Now with his daft prison ideas he is worse than a menace. The funny thing is that both of those daft ideas have come to life. The storylines are a bit daft but transport you to another world. The unexpected sunshine left some people looking a bit daft.

We laugh at the daft things he did. We want him to say daft things that make us laugh. We're absolutely ready to be silly and wear extremely daft things. When is he going to realise he looks a bit daft? This good but faintly daft idea is not new. To pretend otherwise is plain daft. Who was so daft as to think it was about anything else?

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Example Sentences Including 'damp' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. I always think of this time of the year as wet and damp! Arrange on a tray, cover with a damp tea towel and set aside to rest. Cover the sponge with a slightly damp tea towel and set aside until cold. Cover with a damp tea cloth and leave to double in size, about an hour. Not a total damp squib but still too soggy for our liking. The house smelt of damp then and still does now. The problem is damp air and freezing cold nights.

There are damp patches on the ceilings. They particularly favour low, damp patches at the edge of lawns where there is some shelter from trees. Tie damp hair in a bun and allow to dry naturally. Use a few drops on slightly damp skin to trap moisture. We go and lie down in the corner and place a damp towel over our forehead. We had a major problem with damp in the house. Other drivers reported that it was becoming very difficult to pick out the dry line between the darker damp patches.

When the weather is cold or damp you will hit about ten to fifteen yards less. I remember it as being still slightly damp. Set aside, covered with a damp cloth in the fridge if you are doing this in advance. Smooth through damp hair for five minutes once a week for visibly healthier hair. You should be able to wipe away superficial dirt with a damp not wet cloth. In damp, dark woods there is a flower that glimmers in the shadows.

It is dark and damp and the smell is unbearable. It should be kept in damp conditions to be stable, but some teachers have left it in dry cupboards, making it volatile. The fire was caused by a neighbour who placed a damp towel over a lamp. There is hope in the damp air at last. Wipe it with a damp cloth and dry with soft kitchen roll. Wipe leaves with a damp cloth to remove them. They need protection from cold and damp. Use one to wipe up the vomit and the other to put over the damp patch.

Good Habits, Bad Habits I steadied myself with a hand on the damp wall. The regiments that had spent the night marching lay down to sleep in wet clothes and probably woke up to fight the battle still very damp. Example Sentences Including 'dank' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. It was dank and dark. Place it somewhere cool and bright and out of the sun, but not in some cold, dank corner with no air passing round it.

Yesterday we spied her, as her own funeral played out, bereft in a dank cellar. It was followed by fillet steak in a dank, dark sauce made of ancient balsamic vinegar. Perhaps we were unlucky, but instead of an open top double-decker we got a dank and dark coach. And bright and open plains are mixed up with dank caves. The pictures also show the dank, dark conditions the miners endured for two months. The room was cold and slightly dank. Example Sentences Including 'dark' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.

Her dark lustrous hair was cut short and parted in the centre of her head. John Cornwell Seminary Boy Apply the dark colour underneath your cheekbones and the paler highlighter on top. Dark means not evading the sad and inexplicable complexities of life. In the final two rooms, something darker and more visceral occurs. It was a dark and stormy night. My tip is always to go a shade darker than your hair. The moment passed but the darkness is so dark, the pain so painful. The pale colouring makes it useful for lighting up dark corners in partial to full shade. The tonal range of the earlier embraces the very light and very dark.

There was something very dark going on there. Until a dark secret is unearthed that sends the romance plummeting out into orbit, that is. You experience all your negative rejections and all your dark places. The Potters have suffered as their use of the dark arts has been outlawed. What a dark shadow that man spreads. If you have dark skin, purple is glorious. It comes in dark brown or clear. One has yellow undertones and is ideal the darker colour is good for blemishes. Sun damage can often lead to unsightly dark patches of skin.

There was one message that stood out like police lights on a dark city street. Use medium to dark shadow at the outer corners. In one scene, six people emerge from the same dark blue tent. It's hard to find the dark when darkness has no keep. One was blue and white plaid and the second was dark blue with red dots. The room was all dark and gloomy. There is also a darker side to the years of campaigning.

They suit pale skin and dark hair best. This little pen disguises dark circles by bouncing light away from the face. Use the darker tip to line the bottom lip. You were forced for years to carry this darkest of secrets. My hair is growing back the same dark brown colour it was before. Those with darker skin were left standing outside. Example Sentences Including 'deaf' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. The narrator makes himself deaf from playing the drums and settles into a gentle life.

Others were unable to identify the stick carried by deaf and blind pedestrians. He is so deaf you will hear all our secrets. Elizabeth Gaskell North and South As I was deaf it was hard for them to explain it to me. He is now profoundly deaf. Numerous studies have found that loud guitar music makes fans go deaf and that concerts encourage drug-taking. She is a grandmother, partially deaf and takes out her hearing aids to swim.

Almost nine million people in Britain are deaf or hard of hearing. Although he began to learn sign language at just 15 months old, being deaf made it hard for him to make friends. And pity the nine million partially deaf people on these islands. Don't let jealousy make you deaf or he may get fed up with reassuring you.

He says he is partially deaf because of listening to music on headphones. It will also help protect the deaf and people who leave their homes empty. New ones must help people who are deaf or blind. Others have been left deaf or blind. She said they showed deaf people could be more proficient in jobs which involved seeing a wide area of activities quickly.

She's a partially blind and deaf thalidomide victim awaiting spinal surgery. The problem left him partially deaf. They are deaf and blind to public dismay at the cultural tsunami heading their way. They ticked the boxes but were deaf and blind to the possibility of injustice. Week 1 Puppies are born blind and deaf and with a limited sense of smell. When you are too cosy with the money interests you are going to become tone deaf to the people. The Times has received a number of complaints from deaf people about unfair treatment.

Dearest Paul Carissimo Paul. Example Sentences Including 'dear' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. But the mortgagebacked securities scandal has also cost the banks dear because of the huge fines they have faced as a result. Car insurance could also cost motorists dear if they buy it through their bank rather than shopping around. Failure to capitalise on branding opportunities can cost firms dear. Tom Cannon Basic Marketing. Principles and Practice My dear fellow, is that you?

This failure to understand the business cost the company dear. Do come back dear soon. She was a dear little thing. Max Arthur Lost Voices of the Edwardians: It got me thinking about other brands dear to my heart that improve my physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Mercury promises success when you write about a topic you hold dear.

My daughter followed him upstairs as she heard him saying 'Oh dear' and shut the door behind him. Oh dear - this just won't do. Will send money soon, dear. Everything is so much dearer in a town. It is so dreadful to think of our dear Arthur in prison! The dear fellow wanted to see if the missing piece were at the scene of the struggle.

But poor running between the wickets and rash shot selection cost them dear. How have my dear old Scotland not won a game? It made me think about what we hold dear. Leicester looked second best all afternoon and their lack of discipline, with three yellow cards, also cost them dear.

These five days have cost Arsenal dear. It might be an idea to leave your dear old maiden aunt behind. Maybe I should get that hypnotist back dear! This is a subject dear to my heart. Across from the flat was a dear little shop.

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And that momentary fantasy costs you dear because as you land, you twist your knee. Despite what the executives say, the credit crunch has reduced bank liquidity to a trickle and money itself is dearer. We had to hold on for dear life. We welcome those who are prepared to make a stand to defend all they hold dear regardless of the cost. You introduce them to the new godparents as you would introduce any other dear friends.

My 'oh dear' was involuntary. Oh dear, it's geography fail time again. Our unique role also becomes dear when leaders surface to carry out a particular ministry and when resources become available. Example Sentences Including 'deep' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. There is a deep sense of unease about the future. In the hidden reaches where memory probes are sorrows too deep to fathom.

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Love and Power in the Gilded Age The deepest mines are four kilometres underground. It does cut deep that no one will get to see the real me. No one could doubt their deep love for one another. Petrol blue or deep claret will brighten the skin. Set deep in space in the distant future, only two humans remain. Showing belief in a partner will lead to a deeper commitment. Take a deep breath and just go with it as you join the busy traffic. There are love surprises when you discover how deep feelings now go. This room has two deep window seats below the tall windows in the front and side walls. To probe a world as alien as the deep also takes sensitivity.

We are borrowing the billions we give away and so are just getting deeper and deeper in debt. Yet I feel a deep sense of being unfulfilled. He was a deep shade of green. The graphic shows the back four sitting deep in a Because we lived in different countries, there was a year or two of deep anxiety. It spoke to their long and deep taste for cruelty. The feeling of betrayal goes far deeper. He was deep in debt and facing ruin. The history goes a lot deeper and further back than those three and a half years. The one where you use drop caps, sometimes up to ten lines deep.

Yet there seems to be something deeper at work here. You might play it cool in a love bond but deep down you long for something more settled. Your deeper understanding of a partner could upgrade your love life. How much deeper are the anxieties of millions of my fellow citizens? The Quins squad is relatively deep, with good cover in the back row. The deep sea has almost no light and very low temperatures. We have to begin further back and deeper in. Love led to activity in four areas buried deep within the older parts of the brain. A Journey Through the Science of Feelings Take another deep breath and imagine the colour violet as you breathe out.

Everything you have always known about positive thinking but were afraid to put into practice Example Sentences Including 'deft' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Her deft handling of the crisis prompted Fortune magazine this month to name her the most powerful woman in business.

And maybe with a wry, intelligent eye and deft hand, it might have been. So, too, do the sanitary pioneers she tracks down and whose characters she wryly sketches with a few deft flicks of the pen. The year-old proves just as deft in his handling of contemporary concerns. He made deft contributions with hand and foot and was instrumental in five of the tries. The Brazilian met it with a deft, flicked header. Then there were the two deft passes that set up Ireland's second and fourth tries. A deft flick of the switch and my virtual French nurse vanishes into the ether.

Getting this right will require deft handling and we look forward to seeing the detail of the Government's approach. He played a deft hand. It will require strong leadership, deft footwork - and a united government. There could have been a big problem here but thanks to some deft footwork by the Panel, it is not. But this power is harnessed to their speed, handling skills and deft footwork.

Example Sentences Including 'dull' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. The weather was dull so he said we'd better wait a while to see if it got any better. These practices will not make dull jobs and dull people interesting. They are betting that monetary policy will go back to being rather dull. Her ability to make a dull subject interesting makes her stand out. A dull ache or sharp pain in this area? But after a while, the same old things can become a bit dull.

If you thought weather systems were dull, this is the man to set you right. It was seen as dull and boring. Q I have a rather dull granite kitchen worktop. The result is a dull ache in your chest which may spread to your jaw or left arm. Their bright red beak and legs will also get a bit duller. There's barely a dull moment. This may on the face of it sound a little dull. We're that splash of colour in a dull world of grey. Which is not to suggest for a minute that his show was by any means dull.

Your attitude to love is more practical, which may sound dull, but helps you to build a partnership that will fulfil your dreams with some interesting twists. As when he plays, rarely a dull moment. British publishers just could not see any future for a book in which something as dull as regional French food played a significant part. It was a very dull and grey colour behind the gold.

Sounds pretty dull but this is what it would mean if Mrs May gives it the nod. Tell your wife you love her but your relationship has become dull. The show would be pretty dull if both families were identical. This country drama has become rather dull with too much emphasis on the older characters. This issue sounds dull but is vital to free speech. It's kind of grown dull and slow and boring. I was so dumb! Example Sentences Including 'faint' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.

When the writing is at its most mundane we feel faint biblical echoes in the background. Most would agree that the spuds would carry the faint whiff of moral complicity. Beech trees are showing the first faint signs of spring. I became faint and weak. The sudden change of focus gave me a moment's faint nausea. What to say I'm feeling a little faint.

Her face had a little faint colour in it, and the very exhaustion after the examination gave it a peaceful look. There's a scratching noise and your voice is so faint. Typically, apart from faint nausea, the drug has not the slightest effect on me. For the first time, all the European nations can look at these fixtures not with faint hope but with proper expectation.

There was one faint hope that they would see the light. I almost fainted with shock! I become dizzy and faint when I walk past them because the urge to knock them over is so unbelievably strong. Not for the faint of heart, but ridiculously cheap. To catch and carry out those who fainted in the heat. It is a faint hope. None of us had the faintest idea what was about to take place. One volunteer fainted when they discovered a body. There may also be the faint patter of drizzle on canvas. This is no time for faint hearts.

Such things have a faint whiff of murder. This list is not for the faint of heart. Example Sentences Including 'fair' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Her skin was as fair as the skin of young deer in the wilderness. Where the Waters Are Born Less often considered is the fact that the imperial critique was a fair one.

It is a fair question as to how one can base a political practice on such thoughts.

Gesù lava più bianco?

Actually, that's not quite fair. It would make it fair for the people who have grafted all their life and paid in. She also added a fair bit of other stuff that wouldn't do well on notebooks. The general view is that things are now just a little bit fairer. Then it is fair enough to be branded a socialite.

There is a fun fair and entertainment for all the family. Your bargaining skills are turned on but ensuring a deal is fair also makes it lucky. Your firm but always fair approach gets good results. I have spent a fair amount of time on all that. It's about giving people a fair chance. It's fair to say we got well and truly hammered last night. Things would be so much easier and fairer with a tweak to his terms of reference.

Which to me seems fair enough. Age is no barrier to being tried as long as the trial is fair and the evidence is clear. It also wants to double the amount of UK food it sells and increase fair trade products. It could be a country fair or a public school open day. It is fair to say that his players will not be sticking their win bonuses on it. They are now demanding a fairer share of the catch.

This opened the way for really quite free and fair elections. To be fair though after years of instability that's not a bad place to be. We came here thinking he had a really solid place chance but he has won fair and square. We feel we both have a fair deal. What matters is that government should feel fair and that the country should be comfortable with it.

You need to be fair both ways. But the rulings are fair and just. It is a fair question. Just a howl of 'It 's not fair. That is fair, just and manifestly necessary. His golden skin and fair hair were artfully set off by the theatrical costume. Eddison, Sydney A Patchwork Garden: Unexpected Pleasures from a Country Garden Example Sentences Including 'fast' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.

It just needs to be tended to and tended to fast enough. Oman's gentleness can make your home country feel a bit fast and loose. Sometimes we get pangs for a return to the fast pace of life. The language drifts round and about fast by the day. There is no reason to be rigid with intermittent fasting either. Fast forward to this weekend and there was real aggravation in the dressing room. He is at his best in big fields with a fast pace. He talks, walks and eats fast and is neat to a fault. Many of her rivals had facial hair and astonishingly fast times.

No certainty there of a fast surface. The questions came thick and fast and they concerned only one man. They are one of a number of teams who play fast football.

We have moved fast in a short space of time. Walk fast enough to increase your breathing but not so you get out of breath. Average wages are growing almost three times as fast.

Hollywood lava più bianco. Il manifesto della pubblicità spettacolo

The country has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. The tip just got away with the fast ground there and will enjoy these conditions. The very slow and very fast drivers are the most dangerous. They could be the fastest on the field while running in a straight line. This emergency trigger would allow them to literally pull a fast one.

This is a beast that mainly exists, of course, while the rest of the country is fast asleep. Time to restore polish is fast running out. Too hot and it goes off too fast. Who gets sick driving fast and presents a car show? Workers were delivering an outdoor chiller unit to the fast food restaurant when the vehicle toppled over. You have smaller odds of it going fast than if you plump for either of the others. The deacons called on the church council to join in prayer and fasting. Virtually anything is possible if you hold fast to a dream. Austin, Valerie Self-Hypnosis You can be fast asleep all night and still wake up tense and sore.

Hambly, Dr Kenneth Banish Anxiety - how to stop worrying and take charge of your life They have pulled away fast in periods of growth to be followed by the other regions. Example Sentences Including 'feeble' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. A1 per cent rise in underlying sales might seem rather feeble from a company that usually grows four times as quickly. The productivity performance he has inherited is particularly feeble.

The ending is particularly feeble. This is a feeble argument. This is a feeble effort. We were left with a rather tame and feeble story about film production. She suddenly felt shy, when the little feeble light made them visible. Years went over, and the Giant grew very old and feeble. Derby toyed with City's feeble efforts in the second half and were content not to take chances. It was a feeble effort from Gloucester and it could have been worse. It was a feeble effort.

Mostly they have failed, and in the search they have awarded the jersey to a large number of rather feeble performers. Their feeble efforts this summer have added weight to the view that this tour should not have taken place. She is still the sort of aunt who makes one feel rather feeble. But apparently we are too weak and feeble to survive on our own. By then there were so few home fans left that the boos which greeted the final whistle were weak and feeble. In the olden days you retired because you were simply too old and feeble to carry the coal to the surface any more.

An unusually weak and feeble recovery? The rather feeble explanation is that the promises would have taken longer to implement if they were extended to all brands. I invited a few old friends ho invitato alcuni vecchi amici.

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I know a few ne conosco alcuni. Example Sentences Including 'few' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. Demand for this style of investment has grown considerably in the past few years. It is set to close a further three acquisitions in the next few months. With few hard numbers to go on, investors have to rely on guesswork and emotion.

Get those last few away to the compost heap or tucked up under shrubs. Lower heat and simmer for a few minutes. Only a few days left of our least favourite month. The show is set to be piloted in the next few weeks. There are a few good laughs here. They are now expected within the next few weeks.

They keep plaque at bay and brighten teeth after a few uses. We captured a few small ones and took samples from them and then put them back. You will need to appoint a few people as executors of your will. Home celebrations began with the last few singles still out on the course. They have certainly earned these last few weeks of unbelievable memories. But crunch a few numbers and things get more interesting. She lives a few hundred yards away from my flat.

They were just a few feet away. You could save a few pounds in a few seconds. Claims that such systems make pets anxious and scared mean few owners use them. It is understood the five men were all recalled into custody within the past few months. Probably for a good few years yet. She appears to have had few close friends. She would stop for a few seconds and then bite again.

The arrangement lasted only a few weeks. The reaction was similar to the one when we found remains a few days ago. They are then asked questions by people they have only seen before for a few seconds. Very few people are instinctively good at maths. The faces grow older, the numbers are fewer and the memories fade. The police have suffered a good deal of criticism in the past few years. You need to pay fewer people more. They felt he allowed few opportunities to use their abilities.

Only a few people close to me have had anything happen. Stanko, Elizabeth Everyday Violence There may be a few small acne scars from adolescence. Example Sentences Including 'fierce' These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content. There were fierce little battles as companies of the two battle groups worked side by side in the last stages of the process. Richard Holmes Dusty Warriors: Modern Soldiers at War For fierce footwear look no further that the leopard print pumps. I often say gorillas are like that: Northern France was battered by a fierce storm yesterday.

Strong brows complement this fierce eye look. The celebs got a soaking when a fierce storm hit the camp as they made dinner. Their rivalry is fierce but loyalty is second to none. There is something about very small and very fierce that always gets to people. They are fierce competitors, always have been and always will be. It's always fierce and a game with that bit of edge to it. Those who make it possess superlative skill and fierce competitive will.

He wants her to look fierce. But the competition is fierce. Competition has been fierce, with writers submitting their works. Foxes would also benefit from the removal of a fiercer and stronger competitor with the same diet.