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Neuroscientists have identified effective ways to forget unwanted thoughts.

Remember back to a day when you were stressed out, paperwork all over your desk We've all had days like these. When you're stressed, the blood vessels in the body tighten and your breath shortens and becomes shallow - thus preventing normal flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. The brain begins to literally "starve" for more oxygen and nutrients.

The harder you try to become un-stressed the worse it gets , because it's like tightening a "noose around the neck" of your blood vessels.

How to Clear the Mind of Thoughts

The only solution is to step back for moment But, why don't we do what we know how to do? Because habits control our behavior more than we like to admit. The Comfort Zone Effect causes more Dreams to die before they're ever launched than any other single cause.

The Secret To Clearing Your Subconscious Mind, Optimize Your Mind Power, Law of Attraction, Wealth

The power to possess an entirely clear mind. Sub-power of State of Mind and Spiritual Meditation. The user's mental boundaries and limitations are completely erased allowing their mental abilities memory, calculation, learning, creativity, etc.

This exponentially enhances one's integration of knowledge and can store it in more than a single interpretation, before accurately deducing which interpretation would best fit the scenario. Their mind is unrestricted and uninfluenced by any internal or external factors.

Unleash the power of a clear mind. Sudafed - online presentation

It is a state of total awareness and reaction not impeded by higher mental function or emotion, a mind more open and reactive to subtle sensory input, intuition, and spontaneous action. It is a mind that is totally calm - a mind not influenced or caught up in events or others emotion, thus a mind more able to freely perceive and respond to any situation for the advantage of the user.

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Upon mastery, the user has essentially reached the ultimate mental pinnacle. User's minds are clear and free from all that normally would inflict them as they achieve a state of mental clarity, awareness and enhanced perception sensory and intuitive known as pure mind, produced by the absence of conscious thought, ideas, judgments, emotion fear and anxiety , pre-conception, or self-consciousness.

It is not a state of relaxed, near sleepiness, instead, the mind could be said to be working at a very high speed, but with no intention, plan or direction. This grants the user an unbelievable mental ability; the complete clearing of knowledge acquisition mediums, causing no limitations.