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It's a great resource to refer to when you are trying to make a point about Rand. The seller was honest and fast.

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One person found this helpful 2 people found this helpful. OK, we know that the journals have been edited, but I'm not enough of a "True Believer" in Rand's god-like status to get offended that the editor would mess with the gospel. In fact I found the philosophical sections in this book boring enough that I skipped over most of them. What I did find really interesting was the insight into Rand's fiction-writing process -- for example, starting out with the characters and detailed notes on their background, motivations, and development while often not sorting out their roles in the plot until much later.

I got a laugh out of the alternate-universe ending to "The Fountainhead" in one of the draft plot outlines, and for "Atlas Shrugged" it was fascinating to see that some details of setting and dialogue were set very early while other things didn't fall into place until much later.

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For instance, it appears Rand originally had a different and larger role for Ragnar in mind, and ended up turning him into a pirate when she dropped that plot line and couldn't figure how else to fit him into the story. She started out with a lot of clear ideas for individual scenes that eventually made it into the book, but in her notes it was clear she hadn't worked out the plot connections between them yet, nor all the personal connections between the characters.

I'm used to thinking analytically about the technical and nonfiction writing I do myself, so from my perspective it's interesting to see how one might approach a large-scale work of imagination instead. Her intelligence is always in command and I have read almost all the book, and honestly this is my first thought Ayn Rand is a remarkable complete writer, even though you haven't complete her reading writing, you assert the incoming of values, integration, and creation of new love instantly.

Her intelligence is always in command and resolving with clarity, or convey on a new assumption to express the philosophic contest. Rand brought a new open horizons to future to come, and resolving pernicious plot I was so content to read her perception of Her Journals that, I was feeling on top of everything, felling so recharge of energy that facilitated approach life and have more confidence, motivation to reach conclusions that, things were not intimidating like before. The Journals was e great inspiration and understanding of the greatness of Rand.

There are reflections and conclusion that Rand philosophy is a new open for new philosophic arena of the future to come. The new vision and Objectivism, create additional structure for society, and a great amount of cultural education to explored and developed for the goodness od human being and society as well. Jennifer Burns, after spending extensive time in the Ayn Rand Archives, demonstrated in her book Goddess of the Market what had long been suspected: David Harriman has edited Rand's journals in a most misleading fashion, even deleting entire sentences and names without telling his reader.

He has also changed the wording of things Rand wrote. For example Burns says, "[m]any of the edits involve small words that carry great weight, such as 'if' and 'but.

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Unfortunately, this has also been done to at least five other books of Rand's posthumously published material. It is truly shocking. Rand worked hard to keep the integrity of her published work intact. What some of her editors have done to material published after her death is a disgrace. See all 18 reviews.

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The Art of Fiction: A Guide for Writers and Readers. Written for the Los Angeles Times. The Art of Nonfiction: Both those inspired and those irritated by Rand's radical individualism will find support for their response in her journals. Sympathetic readers will enjoy sketches of unfinished projects Rand , the controversial author and founder of Objectivism the philosophy of rational self-interest , continues to have a loyal following.

This current work consists of her previously From Journals of Ayn Rand, we gain an invaluable new understanding and appreciation of the woman, the artist, and the philosopher, and of the enduring legacy she has left us. The Journals of Ayn Rand. What kind of thinking was required to originate a new system of philosophy? The book is an extensive selection of notes that Miss Rand wrote, across the span of decades, for her own clarity.

Journals indicates the diligent research and planning that Ayn Rand undertook in preparation for writing her best-selling novels.

We can observe her identifying philosophic questions to answer, and her progressively more precise answers to those questions. Then ask [AR interrupts her thought, crossing out the preceding two words]. Or—begin by asking whether a moral code is necessary? Prove that it is—for a rational being. What comes across in Journals is the growth of a philosophic pioneer, an edifying exemplar of the method of reason.

There are also passages she cut while editing several of her landmark essays, and potential themes for essays that she considered writing.