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May 26, Rating It's better to know, then, isn't it? Andrea, moderator Wow, I didn't realize that he was so vehement in those views.

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That is FAR more rigid than I would have ever expected from one who was otherwise so expansive in his thinking At least, now that it is out in the open, anyone who might be offended by his stance can be forewarned! Many New Thought-ers believe in Jesus as a man the Unity church does. Joseph Murphy took a slightly different approach and said our subconscius mind is "God.

They couldn't understand his message. But he was really onto "something" revolutionary, I think. Annie Brown For years I've had questions about scripture. I would overlook Neville Goddard's books thinking he was just another author spitting out books.

The Law & the Promise by Neville Goddard

Till one night I prayed for more understanding and knowledge, and the next day I just opened one of his books and I could not believe what I was reading! There it was in front of me -- everything started to make sense to me, and I have not stopped reading since.

I love the message and I know it was the answer I was looking for. His writings have saved my life. Oct 08, Rating Powerful testimony, thank you! I can completely relate to what you say in having your prayers for clarity and understanding answered -- thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story!

Blessings and love, Andrea. Wondering about something else? Try the search bar: Assert the supremacy of your Imaginal acts over facts and put all things in subjection to them. Hold fast to your ideal in your imagination. Nothing can take it from you but your failure to persist in imagining the ideal realized. Imagine only such states that are of value or promise well. To attempt to change circumstances before you change your imaginal activity, is to struggle against the very nature of things. There can be no outer change until there is first an imaginal change.

Everything you do, unaccompanied by an imaginal change, is but futile readjustment of surfaces. Imagining the wish fulfilled brings about a union with that state, and during that union you behave in keeping with your imaginal change. This shows you that an imaginal change will result in a change of behavior. However, your ordinary imaginal alterations as you pass from one state to another are not transformations because each of them is so rapidly succeeded by another in the reverse direction.

But whenever one state grows so stable as to become your constant mood, your habitual attitude, then that habitual state defines your character and is a true transformation. How do you do it? That is the secret. You must abandon yourself mentally to your wish fulfilled in your love for that state, and in so doing, live in the new state and no more in the old state. You can't commit yourself to what you do not love, so the secret of self-commission is faith — plus love. Faith is believing what is unbelievable. Commit yourself to the feeling of the wish fulfilled, in faith that this act of self-commission will become a reality.

And it must become a reality because imagining creates reality. Imagination is both conservative and transformative. It is conservative when it builds its world from images supplied by memory and the evidence of the senses. It is creatively transformative when it imagines things as they ought to be, building its world out of the generous dreams of fancy. In the procession of images, the ones that take precedence — naturally — are those of the senses.

Nevertheless, a present sense impression is only an image. It does not differ in nature from a memory image or the image of a wish. What makes a present sense impression so objectively real is the individual's imagination functioning in it and thinking from it; whereas, in a memory image or a wish, the individual's imagination is not functioning in it and thinking from it, but is functioning out of it and thinking of it.

If you would enter into the image in your imagination, then would you know what it is to be creatively transformative: Every image can be embodied. But unless you, yourself, enter the image and think from it, it is incapable of birth.

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Therefore, it is the height of folly to expect the wish to be realized by the mere passage of time. That which requires imaginative occupancy to produce its effect, obviously cannot be effected without such occupancy. You cannot be in one image and not suffer the consequences of not being in another. Imagination is spiritual sensation. Enter the image of the wish fulfilled, then give it sensory vividness and tones of reality by mentally acting as you would act were it a physical fact. Now, this is what I mean by spiritual sensation. Imagine that you are holding a rose in your hand.

Do you detect the odor of roses?

Well, if the rose is not there, why is its fragrance in the air? Through spiritual sensation — that is — through imaginal sight, sound, scent, taste and touch, you can give to the image sensory vividness. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Neville Goddard has written many books in the early 's sharing his wisdom and insight of spirituality. His teachings are shared by many followers into modern day.

The Law & the Promise

Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Sep 18, Sonia Miller rated it it was amazing. Goddard Neville was a metaphysical teacher in the mid 's. In this book he teaches how to use visualization so that it really produces manifestations in one's life. An inspiring blend of real-life case studies and clear explanation about how the imagination IS the medium that creates one's reality.

Pick it up, read a random section. Do it again next time I need to. We create our own lives. Read Good Positive Thought book! Keeps me at the process.

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Jul 25, Nancy Rector rated it it was amazing. Short and powerful book teaching yet again the power we have to create the life we want. Comparing with power of awareness and feeling is the secret, this book is notas great as them. I felt those book are more inspiring and describing more clearly the ideas that Neville wanted to convey. May 27, Tim Gillen rated it liked it.