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Love and teamwork are closely related, but understanding that relationship is vital. Love makes teamwork possible and teamwork makes love functional. Love brings people together, but teamwork is required for them to stay together. Love can come naturally, but teamwork must be learned. To help us understand this relationship, consider the case of the simplest of all human relations, that between two people, a husband and wife.

When they were originally introduced and spent time together they were attracted to each other and had a desire to be together.

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As a result, when I studied Christianity, I looked at the behavior of billions of followers of Jesus and asked why they were doing what they were doing. That is very different from the traditional view of Christianity which is usually about our personal relationship with God. My view leads to a broader understanding of Christianity. A 21st Century View of Christianity based on my observations of Christianity in the current world.

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Frank The recent PBS documentary about the Mayo Clinic produced by Ken Burns and his associates is a reminder of the teamwork between science and Christianity that has often moved civilization ahead in large steps. Today the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester involves a 2, bed hospital with operating rooms located on three campuses. The documentary also showed how important teamwork was for their achievement. Originally, the doctors maintained the Clinic and the nuns maintained St. Over the years, the doctors at the Clinic were noted for their exceptional compassion for their patients and treated them as their number one concern.

They were also very open in their efforts to find solutions to medical problems and shared with each other and with doctors from all over the world. It was their ability to weave together a wide variety of medical skills supporting each other that made the Clinic the institution it is today. The website for the documentary about the Mayo Clinic is: Christ's Team at 5: Frank An observable and indisputable truth is that civilization improved very slowly for thousands of years and now it is improving very rapidly.

My view of why this is happening is that the rapid improvement is being produced by the teamwork between Christianity and science. The servant leadership teaching of Jesus Christ during his life on earth made humans aware that every human life was important.

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He healed the sick regardless who they were and taught people to take care of each other. His death and resurrection brought forgiveness that provided healing of human relations. Churches United in Gratitude. The Role of Science in the Celebration of the Reformation. What is Christianity's Goal?

The Lord is My Coach. A Time for Christians to Refocus. Understanding the Relationship Between Love and Teamwork. The Missing Part of the Apostle's Creed.

Teamwork is needed to Replace Anger and Hopelessness. Celebrating the Dawn of the New Creation.

Christ’s Team: A 21st Century View of Christianity

Christianity without Teamwork is not Christianity. Christianity in a Maturing Civilization. Creating a Peaceful Civilization on Earth. Christianity is About Human Relations.

Christianity Team-Taught in Three Days. What is it Like to Be on Christ's Team? The Face of God. Understanding a Changing Christianity. Co-Creators in the Kingdom of God.