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Most of my newborn hate for M. Beaton can be boiled down to this one so-called character: I felt like I was being tortured every time I read a sentence in her point of view. Lady Jane was bad? Just leaves me wondering why the more bearable character was murdered. Then again, I wanted them all to die. Darling Beaton, you do know that undercover research would require to keep a somewhat low profile? As in, not to spill people's secrets and not to alienate them, in order to obtain more information? No one tells their secrets, or part of them, to a jerk. I swear, I started thinking he was mentally deficient in some way.

Not that I stopped. Then again, I will never like a character who pinches people's asses for a "joke". No, not even jerk's asses. You just don't do such a thing to a person, it's disgusting. Ever heard of sexual harrassment? Not to mention that all he did was guesswork, and he only went by motive to look for the murderer.

Everyone always has a motive. It is the one who has the opportunity that is most suspicious. Which only tells me that M. Beaton wouldn't touch research with a ten foot pole. I hate those authors most of all. Those who don't do research do not belong among authors. I said it once, I will say it again: Twisting a before unimpressive character to a sociopath is bad writing and sheer laziness on part of the author. Let's just make the murderer a sociopath! You can just as easily cheat your way out of the work, now can't you?

It just makes me rage. Unrealistic plot, unrealistic characters, and on top of that this subtle misogyny that makes me burn as though I was a Fantastic Four member or an X-Woman. It starts on page two, "Heather tactfully hid her greater skill [from her husband]", and it only tumbles downward from there. Alice is a character that can only be written with misogynystic thoughts - she's like a caricature of everything a woman-hater hates in women.

I better stop here, for I am ready to hurt someone or something. I can not believe how much this book angers me. I better burn my copy. If only I could demand my money back. Not that it'd make it any better. Not as long as M. Beaton is still out there, scarring unsuspecting book-lover souls who were only looking for a nice read. I won't even say "Please, Beaton, stop writing". There are those authors that write bad books who deserve to be asked nicely. And then there is Beaton. And if you do read it, keep an Agatha Christie novel nearby for emergencies.

Trust me, you'll need it.

Death of a Gossip

Jun 13, An Odd1 rated it it was amazing Shelves: A nasty old fat tabloid reporter reveals others' guilty secrets. Which victim was provoked enough to strangle and drown her? I remembered who and why, but not the reveal, and savor re-reading descriptions. Much is from the viewpoint of the naive secretary seduced by the blue-blood playboy, rather than hero, Scottish highland cop Hamish Macbeth.

Reader may grin, snicker, and sigh in sympathy with the not-so stereotypes. Outwardly slow simple, inwardly clever cunning, generous Macbeth also poaches A nasty old fat tabloid reporter reveals others' guilty secrets. Outwardly slow simple, inwardly clever cunning, generous Macbeth also poaches, insults, and hides under his beloved's covers. Distinctive shock of red hair on six foot gangly lanky scarecrow somehow attracts a bevy of susceptible beauties, even icy cool blond Priscilla Haliburton Smythe.

The series are holidays for me, inspired by author's own visits, quick reads full of action, mystery https: I was really looking forward to this one. Sadly, it's been a disappointment. The characters, with the exception of Macbeth, are awful people with the women being the absolute worst stereotypes imaginable. The misogyny just went on and on and ruined the pleasure of the mystery. I have the next one in this series but I don't know if I'll bother reading it.

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Mar 04, TJ rated it liked it. This is a refreshingly simple, direct murder mystery in an interesting setting with some eccentric characters. The setting is the highlands of Scotland at a vacation school that teaches tourists how to fish for trout and salmon. The guests all despise the obnoxious, intrusive Lady Jane who seems to find the vulnerable areas of each guest.

When she is reeled in dead instead of a large flopping salmon, the small village policeman, Hamish Macbeth, begins an investigation. Lady Jane has fishing line This is a refreshingly simple, direct murder mystery in an interesting setting with some eccentric characters. Lady Jane has fishing line tied around her neck and chains wrapped around her legs so it appears to be a murder case.

Everyone hated her so suspects abound. Macbeth is quickly displaced, however, by Detective Chief Inspector Blair and two other detectives from the city who treat Macbeth like a lazy, stupid, bungler. Macbeth is indeed, rather lazy and something of a moocher but he understands people and is quite clever in his humble way. He is an appealing character who will continue as a protagonist in many subsequent Beaton murder mysteries.

The plot could be more complex. We could have been offered some clues or information that might have allowed us to make an informed guess regarding the identity of the murderer. Some of the characters are rather stereotyped such as the superficial love seeking secretary and the callous manipulative playboy. But I was looking for an enjoyable, escapist novel and not a Jane Austen masterpiece, and this is what was delivered. The highlander small town constable, Hamish Macbeth, was developed enough to arouse my interest in other novels featuring him so I will explore some more Hamish Macbeth Murder Mysteries as they are called.

I read this book because one of my favorite writers, Jack Vance, in his autobiography, indicated that M. Beaton was his favorite author. Vance was a master writer of science fiction and fantasy but also wrote fourteen mystery novels and he read mostly mysteries. Beaton is also famed for her Agatha Raisin series, which features a Cotswold's setting rather than a Scottish one.

I'm glad to have encountered M. Beaton Marion Chesney and look forward to exploring some of her other novels. Oct 20, Greg rated it it was ok Shelves: I started with the Hamish Macbeth television show and enjoyed it immensely. I couldn't find the first two books of the series, so I started with 18, 19, and By accident, I did stumble upon the first two books in this series. I knew that would eventually happen because I like to browse used book stores and yard sales, etc. But I'm glad I started with 18, as this first one is on the weak side as far as plot and characterizations. I don't know if Beaton had written earlier books, but this I started with the Hamish Macbeth television show and enjoyed it immensely.

I don't know if Beaton had written earlier books, but this does feel like a debut. I'm certainly no prude when it comes to books, but it felt to me that Beaton threw in more sex and sexual innuendo than is normally found in this genre: But maybe that's what she needed to get this first work published.

And I'm glad it was published, as Beaton's later Macbeths are better. And now, on to Macbeth 2 through 17! Hamish is a fascinating character. Feb 27, DeAnna Knippling rated it really liked it. On a fishing tour in Scotland, a nasty gossip winds up dead. On the principle that it'll be less work to solve the case than wait for someone else to do it, local police officer Hamish Macbeth fashes himself to find out who dunnit.

An easy, low-key read celebrating human foibles. Oct 22, Cyndi rated it liked it. Cute story by one of my fav authors. Hamish Macbeth is a simple policeman in a simple Scottish village. He reads people while quietly finding the answers. He isn't overly handsome but is unassuming and pleasant.

Feb 06, Dawn rated it did not like it. I couldn't get past how stupid the main character was. Dec 09, Colin Garrow rated it liked it Shelves: Gossip columnist Lady Jane Winters rubs everyone up the wrong way when she joins a fishing class in the quiet village of Lochdubh. Her hero is a very laid-back and slightly work-shy individual who has an appealing and comic sense of dialogue. Apart from the canny copper, the rest of the cast seem stuck in a bygone age of repressed emotions and romantic ideals that would have been perfect if set in the s, but stand out like a row of sore thumbs in this scenario.

The first Hamish Macbeth mystery and a fun read. A disparate group of people come to the Highlands for a fishing holiday; one woman is nasty, brutish, and mean to everyone and shockingly she winds up dead. Hamish Macbeth solves the mystery, despite being dismissed as a rural, not-too-bright constable. Why have I never read any Hamish Macbeth books? They have been recommended to me several times over the years!

I finally checked the first one out of the library after watching several episodes of the BBC TV show. Having just finished the first book in the series, I feel like I could dive into the series and read them all one right after the other. I can't do that since I have other books slated to be read first, but it sure would be enjoyable!

Speaking just of the book, it reminded me quite a lo Why have I never read any Hamish Macbeth books? Speaking just of the book, it reminded me quite a lot of an Agatha Christie mystery - including an ensemble cast of suspects who each had an equally compelling motive for killing the very annoying gossip in their midst. Because of seeing the TV show first, I had a hard time picturing Hamish Macbeth with red hair and his dog as a "large slavering guard dog of indeterminate breed.

After finishing the book, I felt like I'd taken a quick trip to the Scottish Highlands! I wish I could plan a trip there for real sometime soon, but I guess I'll have to settle for reading another in this series. I look forward to reading Death of a Cad sometime in the very near future. I chuckled quite a few times while reading this book. While this one didn't make me chuckle, here is a favorite quote about Hamish Macbeth: All criminals were the same whether it was a theft in the school or poaching deer on the hills.

Hamish Macbeth - 301 - The Honourable Policeman

You talked, asked questions, and listened and watched and waited. Set in Scotland, Hamish Macbeth is the local constable who, it appears is a not well liked by the gentry; b considered a moocher by the hotel owners; and c kind to small children and petty thieves.

I think I like him as a character. I thought there was little exposition of clues that would help the reader solve the puzzle often called "playing fair" and while there usually is an antagonistic relationship between the series detective and the "regular police" even though Macbeth is a constable , the relationship with the CID Inspector was even ruder and more dismissive than usual. This is the first book in the series.

I'm not sure but I think M.

Death of a Gossip (Hamish Macbeth, book 1) by M C Beaton

Beaton realized she wrote a cozy mystery but didn't want to be thought of as a writer for mystery-loving grandmothers so she threw in some naughty words, implied some sex and figured she had now written a spicy mystery. Unfortunately for me the language and sex came off as just stuff she added on to an otherwise interesting mystery.

I think I'll read one more to see if it flows better. Sep 25, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: The Cartwrights have had a fishing school for three years. Everyone at the school hates her, and want her to leave. No one is really surprised when they find her body, especially not the local constable Hamish Macbeth.

Everyone, including the chief inspector that comes to investigate the murder thinks that Macbeth is just lazy and unintelligen The Cartwrights have had a fishing school for three years. Everyone, including the chief inspector that comes to investigate the murder thinks that Macbeth is just lazy and unintelligent, and he is soon taken off the case. However, Macbeth is investigating anyway, and surprises everyone by solving the case.

I really enjoyed this, and never guessed who the murderer really was. I was surprised by the ending. I had never even thought of that character as the murderer. I hope to read more books in the series soon. I got this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review. Feb 01, Elaine Cramer rated it it was amazing Shelves: I just love this series. Hamish is a handsome redheaded constable in a small village in Scotland.

If I were single Poor Hamish does not have a lot of luck in love. Plenty of murders happen in and around this small village, and it is up to Hamish to get to the bottom of things.

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His methods are pragmatic and inspired. The results are always satisfying. I read the first Hamish somewhere in the middle of the series, but went on to read every last one of them. I choose book number one, I just love this series. I choose book number one, but I can't remember the details as it has been sometime since read. However, I confidently give it five stars because I have loved every story. I'd love to read them all again, but, so many books, so little time.

Nov 25, Jonathan rated it really liked it Shelves: This book is one of the most well-known cozies there are, so I bought it awhile ago when I found it on sale,a nd I don't regret it! This was a fun, fast-paced book that I devoured.

See a Problem?

I loved the characters, especially Hamish. The fact that he wasn't the only POV this story was told from made him more likeable, in my eyes. Alice annoyed me, but I think she'd annoy anyone. The setting was great, and so was the mystery. I wasn't too surprised at the killer, but there really weren't many suspects. I really loved the way Hamish went around finding the killer, though, it really was a puzzle.

Overall a really good book I'll be looking for the next one! Beaton spoilers - September 9 19 Sep 15, Beaton no spoilers - September 3 14 Sep 12, Beaton 16 27 Jun 29, Like her on Facebook! Learn more on her website! Marion Chesney was born on in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, and started her first job as a bookseller in charge of the fiction department in John Like her on Facebook! While bookselling, by chance, she got an offer from the Scottish Daily Mail to review variety shows and quickly rose to be their theatre critic.

She then moved to the Scottish Daily Express where she reported mostly on crime. This was followed by a move to Fleet Street to the Daily Express where she became chief woman reporter. Anxious to spend more time at home with her small son, Marion, urged by her husband, started to write historical romances in After she had written over of them under her maiden name, Marion Chesney, and under the pseudonyms: Ann Fairfax, Jennie Tremaine, Helen Crampton, Charlotte Ward, and Sarah Chester, she getting fed up with to , she began to write detectives stories in under the pseudonym of M.

On a trip from the States to Sutherland on holiday, a course at a fishing school inspired the first Constable Hamish Macbeth story. They returned to Britain and bought a croft house and croft in Sutherland where Harry reared a flock of black sheep. But Charles was at school, in London so when he finished and both tired of the long commute to the north of Scotland, they moved to the Cotswolds where Agatha Raisin was created. Other books in the series.

Hamish Macbeth 1 - 10 of 33 books. Trivia About Death of a Gossip Quotes from Death of a Gossip. Lady Jane soon learns that each of her fellow guests has a secret in their past that they would prefer to remain unknown. When her Ladyship is found dead in Keeper's Pool, no-one is surprised and everyone is relieved. Hamish Macbeth , Lochdubh's local policeman, has to search for a murderer amongst the many suspects. No-one is willing to talk. With the assistance of Priscilla Halburton-Smythe, the love of his life, Hamish solves the mystery in his usual unorthodox style.

Hamish's success does not endear him to Chief Inspector Blair, a senior detective from the nearby fictional town of Strathbane. At the end of the novel they are all brought together in a drawing room where one by one each person is shown to be innocent and the guilty party is exposed.

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