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I've written a basic rasterizer that supports mip-maps. I'm calculating the dot size and estimating which mip level to use The problem in my naive implementation, predictably is that there are large changes where there are seams in the UV texture, causing visible seams. LW used to exibit exactly this problem in its open GL preview. Example The seem is caused by the wrong mip level, the smallest, most blurry one being selected where there's a seam that falls somewhere between the 2x2 pixels. Not sure I see any questions Think this happens in most 3d software to be fair, unless you have UV mapped textures with 4 or 5 pixel padding around the edges.

The padding helps fix these seam problems. One thing to note and I'm definitely nowhere near an expert in this, but I've read a few docs online is that Normal Maps can be dealt with in a more sensible way, in terms of the way mips are handled. Wonder if this can be carried over to other textures too?

Wonder if this paper can be adapted for real-time applications? I'm trying to make it as clear as possible that this is a fault of the screen space gradient being wrong due to discontinuity across UV coordinates, such as where the UV coordinates wrap around from 1 back to 0 like where an aluminum can is joined at the seams and not from the different issue of the actual texture being slightly inaccurate due to mip levels.

It's two different problems. Scaling and universality in statistical physics Self-organized criticality and the perception of large events Dynamical aspects of sandpile cellular automata Steady state selection in driven diffusive systems Earthquakes and faulting: Turbulent flows and coupled maps New Monte Carlo renormalization group method for phase transitions of lattice systems.

Mipmap seams and dot size

Applications of Neural Networks Schuster, H. Neural Networks for Analysis and Classification. The Avalanche Diode 5. The Gunn Diode 6. Thermal and Electrothermal Instabilities. Theory of Autosolitons Part Three. Pattern formation outside of equilibrium Cross, M. Theory of Fiber Acoustic Waveguides Chapter 4: Autoparametric Systems with Pendula Chapter 9: Nonlinear Oscillations Nayfeh, Ali H.

Conservative Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems 3. Nonconservative Single-Degree-of-Freedom Systems 4. Parametrically Excited Systems 6. Stability and Bifurcation of Dynamical Systems Chapter 2. Numerical Methods of Chaos Investigations Chapter 3. Regular Attractor Bifurcations Chapter 4. Autonomous Oscillation Regimes in Oscillator Chapter 5. Two-Frequency Oscillation Breakdown Chapter 7.

Synchronization of Chaos Chapter 9. Reconstruction of Dynamical Systems from Experimental Data. Biochemical Oscillations and Cellular Rhythms The molecular bases of periodic and chaotic behaviour Goldbeter, Albert Justification of Neural Modeling 3. The Basic SOM 4. Physiological Interpretation of SOM 5. Variants of SOM 6. Learning Vector Quantization 7. Hardware for SOM 9.

Glossary of "Neural" Terms. Complexity Hierarchical structures and scaling in physics Badii, R. From Linear to Nonlinear Thinking 2. Complex Systems and the Evolution of Matter 3. Complex Systems and the Evolution of Life 4. Complex Systems and the Evolution of Mind-Brain 5. Complex Systems and the Evolution of Artificial Intelligence 6. Complex Systems and the Evolution of Human Society 7.

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Epilogue on Future, Science, and Ethics. Spiral Waves Part Two. Chemical Wavedynamics Part Four. Fluctuations and Chemical Waves.


Molekulare Reaktionsdynamik Levine, Raphael D. Part 1 What Is Ecology? Part 2 The Problem of Distribution: Populations Part 3 The Problem of Abundance: Motivation and Emotion 7. Fractal geometries 2 Natural fractal structures 3 Natural fractal structures Quantum Manifestations Reichl, L. Three-dimensional Dendrite Growth from Binary Mixtures 9. Some Experimental Phenomena of Granular Materials 3.

Concluding Remarks and Outlook. Key to Dynamics and Spatial Patterning? Instabilities in space and laboratory plasmas Melrose, B. Nonlinear waves, solitons and chaos Infeld, Eryk Rowlands, George Array of Cylinders Invited Lecture: Free Stream Turbulence Invited Lecture: Singular-perturbation theory An introduction with applications Smith, Donald R.

Biochemical Oscillations and Cellular Rhythms The molecular bases of periodic and chaotic behavior Goldbeter, Albert Incompressible computational fluid dynamics Trends and advances Gunzburger, Max D. Mechanics of swimming and flying Childress, Stephen The vortex force 10 The swimming of fish 11 Some aspects of the aerodynamics of birds and insects 12 Interactions. Paladin, Giovanni Vulpiani, Angelo Chapter 1 Turbulence and dynamical systems Chapter 2 Phenomenology of hydrodynamic turbulence Chapter 3 Reduced models for hydrodynamic turbulence Chapter 4 Turbulence and coupled map lattices Chapter 5 Turbulence in the complex Ginzburg-Landau equation Chapter 6 Predictability in high-dimensional systems Chapter 7 Dynamics of interfaces Chapter 8 Langarian chaos Chapter 9 Chaotic diffusion.

The Development of the Social Amoebae. Elements of Fluid Mechanics 2. Modeling the Behaviour of Materials 4. Two-Dimensional Elastic-Plastic Flow 5. Sliding Interfaces in Two Dimensions 6. Sliding Surfaces in Three Dimensions 8. Fractals, scaling and growth far from equilibrium Meakins, Paul Basic Option Theory Part Two: Numerical Methods Part Three: Further Option Theory Part Four: Interest Rate Derivative Products.

Basic Types of Convective-Flow Structures 5. Selection of the Wavenumbers of Convection Rolls 7. Peculiarities of Stratification and Vertical Structure of Convection 8. Chapter 1 Semiconductors as continuous nonlinear dynamic systems Chapter 2 Concepts of nonlinear charge transport in semiconductors Chapter 3 Pattern formation and oscillatory instabilities in semiconductors Chapter 4 Impact-ionization-induced impurity breakdown Chapter 5 Nonlinear carrier dynamics in crossed electric and magnetic fields Chapter 6 Stationary and oscillating domains in superlattices Chapter 7 Spatio-temporal Chaos.

Dissipative Structures Part II. The Structure and Physics of Chaos. Mathematical Foundation for Wave Physics 2. Oscillations of Mechanical and Electrical Systems 3. Waves on Stretched Strings 4. Light - Physical Optics, Refraction 6. Nonlinear Waves on Water - Solitons 8. Nonlinear Phenomena - Chaos. Detecting and Computing Bifurcation Points 4. Branch Switching at Simple Bifurcation Points 5. Bifurcation Problems with Symmetry 6. Center Manifold Theory 8. A Bifurcation Function for Homoclinic Orbits 9. One-Dimensional Reaction-Diffusion Equations Reaction-Diffusion Equations on a Square Normal Forms for Hopf Bifurcations Homotopy of Boundary Conditions Bifurcations along a Homotopy of BCs Les ecrans plasma et quelques autres technologies d'ecrans plats III.

Principe de fonctionnement des pap alternatifs IV. Modelisation d' une decharge dans un panneau a plasma V. Description du modele bidimensionnel fluide et resultats VI. Influence du melange gazeux neon-xenon, helium-neon et de la geometrie du systeme sur le claquage. Boccaletti, Stefano Ramazza, Pier L. Preface cum introduction 2.

Classical solitons and solitary waves 3. Monopoles and such 4. Classical instanton solutions 5. Quantization of static solutions 6. Functional integrals and the WKB method 7. Some exact results 8. Collective coordinates and canonical methods 9. Semiclassical methods for Fermi fields Instantons in quantum theory Some more instanton effects. Linear and Nonlinear Oscillators 3. Bifurcations and Onset of Chaos in Dissipative Systems 5. Chaos in Nonlinear Electronic Circuits 7. Chaos in Conservative Systems 8. Characterization of Regular and Chaotic Motions 9.

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Further Developments in Chaotic Dynamics Linear and Nonlinear Dispersive Waves Korteweg-de Vries Equation and Solitons Other Ubiquitous Soliton Equations From Theory to Technology. Die Bedrohung aus dem Weltall 2. Die Ordnung des Menschen - eine Illusion? Die Theorien der Naturwissenschaftler 6.

Die Welt - ein aufregendes Chaos 7. Ein Hoffnungsstreif im Chaos Der Zwang zur Ordnung Expeditionen in das Wirrwarr An den Grenzen der Naturwissenschaften Die Insel des Lebens - allein im Universum? Der Kontakt mit fremden Welten In Zukunft ohne Naturwissenschaften? Before We Proceed 2. Games and Numbers 3. Toward a General Setting 7. Constrained Generating Procedures 8.

Samuel's Checkersplayer and Other Models as Cqp's 9. Levels of Description and Reduction Metaphor and Innovation The Irish Idea of a Hero 2. The Revolt of the Old Turks 3.

Photoshop CC - Nahtlose Texturen erstellen! (deutsch)

Secrets of the Old One 4. Master of the Game 6. Life at the Edge of Chaos 7. Peasants Under Glass 8. Waiting for Carnot 9. At Home in the Universe 2. The Origins of Life 3. We the Expected 4. Order for Free 5. The Mystery of Ontogeny 6. The Promised Land 8.

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Organisms and Artifacts An Hour upon the Stage In Search of Excellence An Emerging Global Civilization. Leben - Dynamik zwischen Ordnung und Zerfall 2. Biochemie - Vom Gewinn durch Chaos 3. Die Welt ist harmonisch 7. Urknall - Idee oder Materie? Altern und Sterben - unsere Zeit 9. Theorie nichtlinearer Netzwerke Mathis, Wolfgang Quantum dots Spin dynamics Transport and excitation transfer Polaritons in microcavities Photonic and plasmonic crystals Quantum well polaritons Excitations at high densities Excitations in cuprous oxide Excitations in quantum wells and bulk systems Ultrafast phenomena Terahertz phenomena and intersubband dynamics Nanotubes, nanorods, and nanorings.

Rekursive Netze Teil IV: Schwingungen der Systeme 5. Evolution and Stability, Basic Concepts Chapter 3. Instability Mechanisms Chapter 4. Thermal Convection Chapter 5. Low-Dimensional Dynamical Systems Chapter 6. Beyond Periodic Behavior Chapter 7. Characterization of Temporal Chaos Chapter 8.

Applications of the Envelope Formalism Chapter Dynamics of Textures and Turbulence. Grundbegriffe der nichtlinearen Dynamik 3. Elemente der nichtlinearen Zeitreihenanalyse 5.

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  4. Analyse raumzeitlicher Strukturen 6. Methoden aus der Informationstheorie. The Phenomenology of Chaos II. Measures of Chaos IV. The Interplay of Physics and Geometry 2. Fractal Surfaces and Interfaces 8. Fractals and Experiments 9. The Phenomenology of Chaos 2. Toward a Theory of Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos 3.

    Dynamics in State Space: One and Two Dimensions 4. Three-Dimensional State Space and Chaos 5. Quasi-Periodicity and Chaos 7. Intermittency and Crises 8. Many Dimensions and Multifractals Pattern formation and Spatiotemporal Chaos Chaos in dissipativen Systemen Leven, Ronald W.

    Koch, Bernd-Peter Pompe, Bernd Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Basic notions: Light-Physical Optics, Refraction 6. Chaos und Herzdynamik Rekonstruktionen und Charakterisierung seltsamer Attraktoren aus skalaren chaotischen Zeitreihen Liebert, Wolfgang Introduction to the Physics of Distributed Bistable Systems 2.

    Increasing Absorption Bistability 3. Hybrid Bistable Devices 4. Driven Nonlinear Interferometers 5. Nonlinear Radiation Reflection 6. Bistable Laser Schemes 7. Comparing Different Types of Optical Patterns. Turing and Turing-like Patterns Part Three. Chemical Wave Dynamics Part Four. Plasmaphysik und Fusionsforschung Kaufmann, Michael Optical Solitons in Fibres Hasegawa, A. Lightwave in Fibers 4. Bei Raumtemperatur wird das Material ultravioletten oder infraroten Lasern oder durch ein Fotonegativ hindurch dem Sonnenlicht ausgesetzt.

    Es erscheint klar, aber sobald es wieder erhitzt wird und Temperaturen nahe dem Schmelzpunkt erreicht, wird das Bild wieder sichtbar. Das Volumen und Wie organisieren wir ein vereinheitlichtes. In ihrem Buch Materiology von gestehen sie mit Ungeduld ein: Form Gewebe und Eigenschaft korrosionsresistent. Nachhaltigkeit , konstruktiv, performancebezogen z. Weichheit fasziniert, weil sie an etwas Lebendiges erinnert.

    Davor praktizierte er als Architekt in Deutschland und leitete u. Bauforschungs- und Entwicklungsvorhaben bei Hochtief. Schwerpunkte in seiner Forschung und Praxis sind Materialperformance, Entwurfsstrategien und Nachhaltigkeit in der Architektur. Viray ist der Autor von Beauty of Materials: When Surfaces Start to Move Tokyo: Phaidon Press, beteiligten Kritiker. Viray war Jurymitglied in vielen internationalen Designwettbewerben.