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Mineral Deposits 30 5 , Acta Petrologica et Mineralogica 33 1 , Guangxi Chongzuo Daxin Co. Pitchblende ] Min, M. Geology and Exploration 46 4 , Ore Geology Reviews 10, Mineral Deposits 30 1 , Acta Mineralogica Sinica 21 2 , Geochemical Journal 32 2 , Guizhou Guiyang Kaiyang Co.

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Journal of Geosciences, 54, Kutna Hora, issue 1 ]. Canadian Mineralogist, 42, ; Sejkora, J. Praha 24 2 , in Czech with English abstract. Construction of new houses on a uranium vein outcrop: Nukleonika 61 3 , Praha 24, in Czech with English abstract. Gahnite inclusions in beryl in pegmatites of the Sowie Mts. Acta Universitatis Carolinae — Geologica, , vol. Metasomatic wolfeite and associated phosphates from the Otov I granitic pegmatite, western Bohemia.

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  7. Editions Ouest-France, 33 pp. Savantes, , 2, pp. Pitchblende ] Minerallium Deposita Minerals, 8 9 , Le Cahier des Micromonteurs. The Okelobondo natural fission reactor, southeast Gabon: Geological Society of America Bulletin, , Precipitation of uraninite in chlorite-bearing veins of the hydrothermal alteration zone argile de pile of the natural nuclear reactor at Bangombe, Republic of Gabon. Coffinite and ningyoite from the natural nuclear reactor at Bangombe, Gabon.

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    Arbeitsbericht des Bundesamtes für magische Wesen: Migration, Heimat und Herkunft (German Edition)

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    Pitchblende ] Lis, J. Instytut Geologiczny, Wydawnictwa Geologiczne, Warszawa, pp. Thorian Uraninite ] Mochnacka, K. Allanite- Ce and other epidote-group minerals from the Karkonosze pluton. Mineralogia - Special Papers: Mineralogia - Special Papers, Mineralogia ; Muszer A.

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    Chemical Geology, , Goldschmidt Conference Abstracts Greigite from the Lojane chromium deposit, Macedonia. American Mineralogist 51, Pitchblende ] Radusinovic, D. Zletovska Reka uranium deposit. Romanian Journal of Mineral Deposits Physicochemical model for the genesis of Cu-Ag-Au-Hg solid solutions and intermetallics in the rodingites of the Zolotaya Gora gold deposit Urals, Russia. Ore Geology Reviews, 93, Geology of Ore Deposits 50 6 , Pitchblende ] Golubev, V. Geology of Ore Deposits 50 7 , Geology of Ore Deposits Geology of Ore Deposits 48 1 , Mineral composition of uranium ore at the Dalmatovo deposit, Russia.

    Geology of Ore Deposits, 51 6 , Minerals of the gadolinite- Y —hingganite- Y series in the alkali granite pegmatites of the Kola Peninsula. Geology of Ore Deposits, 56, Nauka, Leningrad, pp. Thorian Uraninite ] Pavel M. Are you an author? Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Learn more at Author Central. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Avg. Available for download now. Available to ship in days. Roman German Edition Jun 01, Goldene Ewigkeit German Edition Sep 24, Goldene Lichter German Edition Sep 24, Goldene Jagd German Edition Jul 24, Goldene Asche German Edition Mar 26, Goldene Spuren German Edition Jan 23, Goldene Kuppeln German Edition Nov 26, Goldene Federn German Edition Sep 25, Persephones Erbe German Edition Oct 05, Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

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