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For starters, ask for beer.

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Go for it all, go for the gold, go for Thirsty for your own wassail? Stock up on sherry and wine and try this traditional recipe from The Williamsburg Cookbook. Some of the most frequently used words in the English language must have been created by someone with a devilish sense of humor.

The answer to that last question is a bit complicated.

There is another possibility, though: Bodacious Words Your Dictionary Forgot. The word is pronounced PEE-si-lo-nim , according to Grambs, who pays homage to its obscurity. It's an old synonym for synonym that you'll find in these pages.

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But many words in this dictionary have no real counterparts in today's English. However, it says both of these terms are rare. To add another dimension to this question, some have argued that there are no true synonyms at all, as every single word carries a different shade of meaning.

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Big Questions christmas hanukkah holidays language News Words. Subscribe to our Newsletter! Before the Battle of Hastings in , English soldiers reportedly sang: Pass the bottle and drink health.

Need more Christmas Gifts Ideas? Look no further:

Drink backwards and drink to me Drink half and drink empty. Our wassail cup is made Of the rosemary tree, And so is your beer Of the best barley. Keep asking for that beer. Call up the butler of this house, Put on his golden ring. Let him bring us up a glass of beer, And better we shall sing.

Jolene provided many tips for avoiding conflict, such as ways to help improve daily living issues, like i ncontinence, and she asked us to work out the root cause of agitated behavior to find a solution to them other than medication. Throughout both the morning and evening sessions she created an environment of sharing so we could learn from each other, too. Her words will stay with us for a long time and hopefully not just make our own lives better when we put her suggestions into practice, but enrich the lives of the people we care for, too.

If you missed the presentation, you can find information about Jolene and her books about caregiving at her website.

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This post discusses recovery issues. Marilee stressed that there is a significant increase in morbidity and mortality if the wandering person is not located within twelve hours. Be prepared to provide as much of the following information as possible:. Early publicity efforts are likely to be important, urging anyone who has seen the individual to report. Patrol area roadways, paths, sidewalks, rail lines, and other travel aids nearby.

Systematically and thoroughly search nearby areas, including dense brush. Repeat searches of the home and surrounding area and roadways, making sure to look in possible hiding places. Early use of trackers and tracking dogs, preserving any verifiable clues, and video surveillance from area businesses may be important.

Check with your local agency. Marilee discussed the characteristics that are common to most critical wanderings. They tend to stick to a defined path, however. They may misinterpret sight or sound cues, and their fear or anxiety may increase as a result. For example, a woman may mistake the concern of a passerby or a rescuer as being a threat. A war veteran may hide from search aircraft. The median distance traveled on foot is one-half mile.

What to Really Eat on Cinco de Mayo

Nearly one-quarter of those found are within 35 yards of a travel aid, such as a road or trail. They may be trying to travel to a former residence or a favorite place. The third prevention component addresses Exit Control: Our next post in this series will be on March 20, It will discuss the characteristics of wanderings.

The final post will address recovery issues.

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It is important to note that all wandering prevention tactics must be balanced with the need to ensure fire safety, along with access and ease of use for caregivers and emergency responders. T he second prevention component is Environmental: Marilee distinguished between wandering and critical wandering during her presentation.

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Put down the margarita and tacos and pick up a chalupa

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