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Pursued by "Them", a bend of dedicated Indian medic Mystery Large Print Edition After an evening of listening to a splendid rendering of Beethoven sonatas by young pianist Lachlan Brown, Inspector Faro is interrupted on his walk home by a terrified woman who runs from the shadows. But before Faro can An Inspector Faro Mystery - 9. MysteryLarge Print EditionInspector Faro is traveling incognito on the Queens secret business to clear the name of Bertie, Prince of Wales, who is involved in a scandal that could jeopardize his future as king.

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In an alien land where murders are dism When Jennifer Ritchie, a sheltered English girl, arrives at Corrieberg, a dilapidated Scottish hill farm, she and her new husband Alec not only have to struggle against the forces of nature. They must also contend with human enemies.

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An Inspector Faro Mystery - 8. The discovery of a beggar woman's body in the Wizard's House in the West Bow is a sombre end to what has been an unusually convivial evening for Inspector Faro of the Edinburgh police. Despite her ragged appearance, however, the dead woman's well-kep An Inspector Faro Mystery - 7. Tragedy follows a young Scottish artist's marriage to the heiress of the Rowe family business--one of Scotland's largest--forcing him into a breathless battle with the powerful dynasty in which even his closest friends side against him An Inspector Faro Mystery - 6.

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Faro's long-awaited August holiday on Royal Deeside is interrupted as his reputation reaches Queen Victoria. Flattered, he is somewhat put out to discover from John Brown that he is commanded to track down whoever killed her two favourite spaniels An Inspector Faro Mystery - 5. A suicide from the unfinished Tay Bridge throws up a trail of sinister events in one of the most baffling and personal dilemmas of Inspector Faro's career involving the future of his doctor stepson Vince Laurie, the poet William McGonagall and a seri An Inspector Faro Mystery - 4.

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  • During a visit to the island where his mother still lives, Inspector Faro learns that a family friend has died of arsenic poisoning, and his investigation leads him to suspect both his teenage sweetheart and members of his family An Inspector Faro Mystery - 2. Prior to a visit to Scotland from Queen Victoria, an unidentified corpse washes up on the rocks below Edinburgh Castle, the first in a series of baffling events that result in some suspicions that may have international repercussions An Inspector Faro Mystery - 3.

    The Coffin Lane Murders. Inspector Faro Mystery No.8 by Alanna Knight

    Inspector Faro's missing person search for Mabel Keller, whose unpleasant husband is Edinburgh's police surgeon, becomes a hunt for a missing body when Mrs. Keller's torn, bloodstained cloak turns up in a remote train station An Inspector Faro Mystery - 1. Detective Inspector Faro has reopened the case of the 'Gruesome Convent Murders' for which one murderer has already been caught and executed, although he claimed to be innocent of the second murder.

    Faro's stepson Vince is determined to help with the Quite agreeable to the strange arrangement of her marriage--wife in name only to a man she does not love--the soon-widowed Tanya Durris moves to Devenick Castle to claim her inheritance and soon finds true love When Candida decided to visit her great uncle, who lived in a crumbling castle high in the mountains of Scotland, she was unprepared for the bizarre happenings that followed. But her first night in the mountains brought an eerie encounter with an eth Brigante House was an old English mansion built on a hill near Hadrian's Wall.

    The local legend - handed down for centuries - told of a tragic pair of Roman lovers buried beneath the hill along with a fabulous treasure. When Joy Brigante moved into Isle of ancient evil May Lachlan was twenty-three and used to the sophisticated life of London, when she decided to return to the bleak island of Clodha where her father was born.

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    The small island with its odd customs fascinated her. After a terrible row with her daughter, Anthea, Claudia Shand had later witnessed a terrifying attack on Hannah, a young Dutch girl, in St Magdalen's Churchyard. But worse was to come - not long after she arrived home two policewomen had come to her Built by Queen Victoria, it is now the home of Dr. Calum MacRaven, last Laird In her nightmares she could see again the accident that had wiped out Jeremy Faro is looking forward to a restful break in County Kerry with his writer-companion Imogen Crowe.

    On his arrival, he discovers that the peace of the rural community has been shattered by the brutal murder of a young couple at a family wedding View on the Mobile Site. Murder Lies Waiting Historical Mystery Jan For Rose McQuinn the invitation to holiday at a luxury hotel on the isle of Bute is an unexpected delight until she discovers the real reason is to investigate a twenty year old non-proven murder case.

    Murders Most Foul Historical Mystery Feb The body of an unknown woman is found in an Edinburgh close and the police are quick to label it as a random act of violence, until that is Detective Constable Faro finds a playing card, the nine of diamonds, planted on the corpse. Murder in Paradise Historical Mystery Feb An Inspector Faro Mystery - 13 The year is , and Inspector Faro has been transported back to one of the darkest moments of his career — the chase of the notorious Macheath across the Scottish border to the Kent countryside.

    Dead Beckoning Suspense Sep Annie Kelty - When Annie Kelty travels to the tiny seaside village of Stormer in search of her past and the mother who deserted her, she finds herself attracted to a drifter, enmeshed in local folklore, trapped in a cave, and almost killed before she finds what sh The Monster in the Loch Suspense Jun Annie Kelty - Finding her attempts to deliver a valuable goblet to a buyer at Castle Roy thwarted at every turn and having been accosted on the train, stranded by broken-down bus, and capsized while rowing across Loch Roy, Annie Kelty wonders if she will make it t The Royal Park Murder.

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    The Coffin Lane Murders. Inspector Faro Mystery No.8

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