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Specifically, what is wrong with eating beef and chicken that has NO hormone or chemical toxins used? After watching your videos, we are now prepared to eat strictly vegetarian but would like to know the answers to questions above first. The issue with meat is more the direct effect the meat itself has on your body regardless whether it be organic or conventional.

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Here are a few videos that go into detail. Dr Greger, do you have a recommendation for the percentage of the 4 vegan food groups Grains, Legumes, Veg, Fruit we should be eating? Or how many servings of each we need? I saw something that said vegans need 8 servings of grains 4 cups but only 4 of veg 1 cup , that seems backwards to me. I think the general recommendation is to eat complex carbohydrate based meals brown rice, whole wheat, beans, sweet potatoes, etc with other veggies mixed in and fruits to snack on as well.

The easiest way to follow a whole foods plant based lifestyle is not to regiment it. Some groups focus entirely on fruits and non-starchy veggies and have excellent outcomes. Grains are relatively low in nutrients compared to fruit and veggies. I try to limit whole grains to 2 cups a day and pile on the phyto-nutrient rich alternatives. My 4 year old pre-K student will be taught about MyPlate this year.

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His teacher knows our dietary preferences. What is the best way to help her present an unbiased view of MyPlate? She has agreed to teach that the protein section includes animal products as well as legumes. I would love to be able to send her a link to education regarding plant based diet, which would you recommend in this situation? Thank you so much for your work.

Some suggestions for you: You know what happened with the suggestion. But maybe showing the Power Plate would be helpful? Here is an article about the Power Plate which I think might help: You are already doing so, but maybe some of the references below would provide the information you are looking for. As you probably know, there is a TON of data showing how unhealthy dairy is. Also, note that PCRM has been trying to deal with the dairy problem. I remember reading some articles about it, but do not have something in easy reach.

But you might root around on their website. You are on the right track and doing what is best for your child. I have some resources that should help you get started on being able to bolster your case. Here is a post that I often share with people:. First, note the following quote from a position paper from the ADA: Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.

Also note this quote from Dr. Benjamin Spock, the most esteemed pediatrician of all time,…died at ninety-four, he advocated children be raised on a plant-based diet with no exposure to meat or dairy products.

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So, it really is worth spending some time reviewing accurate, evidence-based information on the topic. Greger has mentioned Dr. Barnard and PCRM favorably in posts and his book. Their articles are usually very well researched and Dr. Greger has mentioned VRG favorably at least once. VRG has a whole section on kids on their website. Scroll down to the Nutrition section: That book is a great over-all reference book for the whole family.

It also has an entire chapter on children and what to feed.

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It also includes an age-based chart where you can get ideas on how much of each of the main nutrients your child needs at various ages. The authors of that book have been guest bloggers here on NutritionFacts. They are very well respected and extremely knowledgeable about nutrition science and how it applies to all ages. I really hope this helps you to get your people on board.

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Consuming animal products and junk food puts your child at risk. I believe that the current website has many summaries and videos on specific topics about health and certain food groups that can help. For example, for dairy, you can find the summary here — which can then be explored to look at specific evidence. Alternatively, you can see PCRMs link.

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However, if you do wish to present a summary, I suggest presenting the AND Position Statement , as well as Hever et al guide to a plant based diet. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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