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Prior to that I had to eat every hours otherwise I would have really bad cravings for sugary food. Sorry for such a long comment! And I would love to spread the message further, so more people can benefit from your work. Please contact me if you be interested in any collaboration. You have done so much awesome work on your website and I would love to help to spread the word around! Look forward to your reply! This looks like me writing this comment. Also about to go try strictly high fed low carb and yep my 4 years old suffered with horrible eczema which I thankfully managed to clear through nutrition.

The only things what bathers me now is the mouth full of amalgam! I do feel like nutrition freak who tries to convince people to look into their diet unfortunately this is not always easy. I am in in process to get certified as a nutritional therapist to see if people specially my family — my mum and sister suffers from migraine takes me finally seriously.

Good luck in spreading the wise words about healthy nutrition! I work in a small rural Pediatric clinic. I suggest your page to the parents of kids who have elevated insulin levels. We see this almost weekly. Love the info you have and I am happy to share it with them!

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Candi this is amazing. What a superb comment to read this morning. I am working on a kids book as we speak, so stay tuned. Thank you so much for taking the time to let men now about your clinic, what lucky kids to have someone like you to help them, and recognise high insulin needs to be seriously addressed. I have been eating Keto for about 1. He just started today is day 3 , and I plan to approach it similar to you, in that things at home would be controlled, but some allowance when out and about.

He would be allowed more fruit though he was never a big fruit water. He misses milk and I know my hubby is concerned about calcium. Looks like whole Milk has the same carb level with lower fat obviously. I truly believe that is why it us sustainable for us for so many years.

My children use to drink bottles of milk until I discovered how many of their carbs where coming from the glass and glasses of milk. Many are saying it has been over-stated how effective dairy is to produce strong and healthy bones. Yes—and now there is cashew milk no carbs-Silk brand and this tastes fantastic with some heavy cream—my treat! I read your comment last night and had a crack at this in my morning coffee. I am struggling with knowing if I should restrict my kids at all or just let them eat whatever everyone else is having, when what everyone else is having seems so excessively full of sugar.

I know hat you said that you do not restrict your kids at parties and such, and I love that idea, but I live in the US and it seems like everyone wants to give my kids sugar!!!! Church, grandparents or aunts, small group, are all weekly activities that we do. Any thoughts would be much appreciated! I completely understand, this is such a tough one. Can you ask your children to limit how much they accept? Most people understood and are happy with that.

As time went on, they know the rule is now definitely zero soda and only a small juice if that is all the host is giving. I also believe it is important for us as parents, to tell these shops it is no longer acceptable to hand our sugar. The message is getting through.

One last tip, when soccer season started last year, I send a private message to the coach asking them not to reward every single game with cupcakes and chocolate as it makes parents life so hard if we are giving up junk food. They were so delightful and said yes. It became occasional, not a regular thing. And it was so easy to do at the beginning of the season rather than stop it halfway through when there would have been an outcry. My kids are low carb not keto so there will be things in there you want to avoid but leftovers are king! Go for grain free KFC but use a small amount of coconut flour instead of almond meal, make the grain free granola bars but with seeds not nuts, ham, cheese, boiled eggs, low carb sushi etc etc.

I have 3 children at 3 schools, all with different rules. Even my nut free kale pesto is a good one to try. Also take a look at my recipe search for ideas. We have started a LCHF way of life as my daughter is overweight even though we have always eaten healthy with no soda drinks and rubbish food, I suspect her body cannot handle Carbs such as bread, pasta and rice.

We have started properly a week and a half ago and now she has a bladder infection. Is this a side affect and should we add some of the above carbs back in to her diet and go a bit slower? She has had protein at every meal, should we have a bit less and up the veges even more? I have never heard of a bladder infection when you go low carb, in fact many people say they actually stop getting them because of the reduced sugar in their urine, perhaps it was a coincidence?

Not sure what to cook?

Drink plenty of water to help flush the bacteria out. How quickly you reduce your carbs is up to you, if you do want to go a little higher, do so by choosing nutrient dense carbs such as leafy greens, berries etc. Less carbs and sugar means bladder infections go away, as well as yeast infections and athletes foot which I had a problem with. Maybe your daughter is sneaking candy or other high carb treats, from friends or buying them at school.

My 10 year old recently told me she and a friend of hers often switch snacks or parts of their lunches. When I was 12 I would leave for the bus stop early and walk to a gas station a little ways away, use my lunch money or allowance to buy candy, go back get on the bus etc. I found your page by googling the whole low carb diet for children.

My daughter is 7 years old and severely over weight. At first I though by cutting a little of this and a little of that would make a difference. Do you have any ideas for me on how to start and stay consistent so I can get her to a healthier weight? Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Will she talk to you about this? Does she want to change the way she eats and help get herself healthy?

At some point you may have to commit to being strict, but start with one thing at a time, with no going back. So for example, improve her breakfast and no more cereal, juice, flavoured yoghurts or toast ever again. Then improve dinners, then finally the hardest will be the snacks and school lunches. Show her my recipe archives and get her to plan a weeks meals? Plan some treats for the weekend?

Is she old enough that you could treat her to the movies or a manicure instead of food when you go to them mall? It is such a difficult dilemma as a mother. I was put on the Scarsdale diet when I was 11 and hated every minute of it because it was all about deprivation, LCHF is completely different as she can increase her healthy fats to feel full, cheese, cold meats, avocados, eggs, bacon, fully loaded salads, coconut cream ice cream etc etc.

Good luck CC, she is in good hands. That was when she was in kindergarten. My husband, other daughter, and I did not have weight problems so I think she the doctor truly thought she my daughter would grow Into her weight. Now she is She has not grown into it. She weighs more than I do, and I am currently 20 weeks pregnant.

She is obese, and I wish so much that I had not listened and had acted back when she was younger. It would have saved her the embarrassment, frustration with clothing, creeping blood sugar levels we monitor them. I cleaned her room out recently and found hundreds of candy wrappers. Now that she is 12, it is MUCH harder to control this behavior. She has money and is old enough to buy candy without me knowing about it. Every time she wants to go for a bike ride, I worry she is riding to the soft serve joint a few blocks away, or to the convenience store.

But giving her bread and pasta was making her crave the sweets, and it was just an endless cycle. Yes…this pregnant woman, too. Turns out that is probably the healthiest diet for pregnancy, too. I do eat fruit, and allow her some watermelon everyday after she walks the dog for 30 minutes. That is her big treat. It is working, but I cry at night sometimes, worried and feeling guilty about this.

I believe some people are just more sensitive to sugar, and those are the kiddos you see who become obese, cannot stop eating carbs. These poor kids with this sensitivity. It has been torture for her. I think you are right to do something now. I do allow her to eat things if, for example, there is a birthday at school. But this Friday she knows they will get donuts in band class, and she asked if she turns it down, will I get her Starbucks instead. This would be a sugar free latte. I said yes, for sure. And I trust her…I have no choice. Thankfully next year she will be in Jr. High, and probably have less snacks at school.

I am trying to switch her to Hemp milk rather than the oat milk she has been drinking since she was 2yr old on medical advice shes now 5 years. Can she tolerate nuts? Almond milk you can even make your own easily so you know exactly what went into it. What about goats milk, sheeps milk etc? Can she tolerate eggs? Boiled eggs, poached, crustless quiche.. You might even find a local butcher who can make them for you. She likes vegetables and meat. Hi, I really want our entire family hubby, 7 year old, 5 year old and 2 year old , but it seems so expensive. Is it possible for these families? Dreams of low carb, low cost book or resource, I really do love your low carb kids recipes.

We are planning to follow your meal plans this weekend. What advice would give to ensure we implement safe practice with the children? Hi Gabrielle, I totally understand, it does appear to be more expensive but it is because junk food and processed food has become just so cheap. I cook for our family of 5 and I believe our food bill has remained the same as I no longer buy crisps, bread, cakes, sweets, ice cream, snacks …. There are some great tips in that article from readers too. There will be a transition phase where you are still buying some of your old foods and now buying new low carb real food, so it may appear to be more expensive to begin with.

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My readers are a really helpful bunch. Introducing low carb diet to kids is a good choice because we want them to have a balanced meal, nourished their diet and it is not about weight loss only. I love your story. I have recently moved to a low carb diet and I really want to go that way with the kids.

My biggest issue will be weaning my 5 year old off sugary drinks. My seven year old has always loved milk and water but my five year old has always had a sweet tooth and has very weak milky hot chocolate ie sweetened milk! Well done on deciding to get them off their sugary drinks. That helped my children be aware of what we were working towards I used this technique more with certain foods than drinks, they loved water anyway.

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This also has the benefit of letting your children know that even if they get a diluted drink, it is better than next week when there will be none — and you must mean it. Part of the ethos of going sugar free and low carb is to give up our sweet tooth. We want our children to learn from an early age that sweet tastes should be rare and not a daily occurrence.

A milky hot chocolate could be made occasionally with cocoa and stevia, but not to be relied on otherwise they have just swapped one sweet taste for another. Hi, what do we give babies when we introduce them to solids? I would be grateful for any ideas.

I am not allowed to give advice but I can tell you what I would do if I had my time again. I would never give them juice or dried fruit. When I was weaning my babies, I pureed our own meals and froze them spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, roast dinners, soups, curries, chilli. I would feed them avocado, real meat, cheese, whole fruits, berries, pates, vegetables galore and nuts and eggs when it was considered age appropriate. I would also start as my children developed, pureeing less until there are lumps in their food. I am convinced too many feed pureed food for too long which sets children up for disliking certain textures.

I completely understand some children have sensory problems and I empathise with those, but for most, it can be turned around. No child will starve if you feed them lumpy foods as they get older, they may get incredibly hungry, but they will know that dinner is a bit lumpy tonight and there is no second option. I also believe this is true for new flavours. My children ate curries and chilli con carne from a very early age. Teaching them different food textures, tastes and smells set them up for a much easier childhood.

I remember sleep training my children they slept through the night at months so try to take the same approach to feeding. It takes a little time, there will be tears and tantrums probably from the parents too , but in the long run — incredibly worthwhile.

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One of the twins has bad reflux and both have eczema. They are happy and sleep well. This is a good thread to read about what some mums wean their babies. And this is a good article on what to wean and when. And one final article. Hi Libby- My 2 year old was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes 1 week ago.

The diet the dr has put him on is really starting to bother me. As someone who has followed a not strict paleo diet for 2 years I am basically having to feed him the complete opposite of how I eat and how usually feed my family. I am finding that I am counting out goldfish trying to get to the amount of carbs to match the insulin he is taking. I feel like his new diet is all carb and hardly any nutrition. I am not sure what to do.

Get a new Dr! Seriously, read this article and join this group. You have been given incredibly outdated and ridiculous advice. Why feed someone carbohydrates who is intolerant to them? It really makes no sense whatsoever. Well done Andrea for being switched on enough not to make advice blindly.

I was just wondering if I could get your advise on something. He is a good LC eater eggs, sausage, veg, cheese but wants about 2 servings of fruit at each meal, and now that he can talk he will ask for it. My gut tells me I should hide the fruit and dish it out times a day only, and not give in when he asks for it.

What would you do? I allow my children to eat more fruit than I would as they are active, fit and healthy, but pieces at each meal is too much and he clearly has a sweet tooth. How about cutting him back to 1 piece of fruit only after each meal, and cutting back on the bananas. Does he like them frozen? How about apple slices but with nut butter to keep him fuller for longer? Otherwise, I am using many of your suggestions for my clients who are kids and need to eat healthy in the low-carb, low-grain, low-sugar way. School has begun and I need to get back to menu planning or weeknights will be stressful.

With three kids involved in various activities, we are out and about almost every week night.

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Dinner needs to be planned or I will succumb to unhealthy take out, which I want to avoid at all costs. Many of these fabulous meals can be made in the Crock-Pot and many are quick enough to make in under an hour. Brenda Bennett is the cookbook author, homeschool mom, writer, photographer, cook and blogger behind Sugar-Free Mom.

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